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flights in distant tides, a jack gilinsky fanfic; part 3

part 3

Gilinsky’s p.o.v.

There were only 30 VIP tickets on sale, and we have two hours, which give us 4 minutes per person. But how can I get enough of her in only 4 minutes? I saw her waiting outside, and I’m pretty sure she was coming to the Meet and Greet. She was gorgeous, different, mysterious. I’ve never seen anyone like here coming to our shows. We were about to let the first person come, and then it was when I saw her again. I could see the excitement in her eyes, and as she came closer, I could smell her perfume in the air.

“Well this is awkward. I know it would be. I mean, how can I pick someone to hug first and not look like a total bitch for not picking someone else.” She said with her deep voice, and then smiled broadly. Her accent has different from any other I’ve ever heard.

“Naww, come here, beautiful. How are you?” I managed to say, as she came even closer, and hugged me tightly.

“I’m great, thanks. Probably better than I’ve ever been before, since, um, you’re here.” She said, smiling at the ground.

I touched her chin and lifted her head up. “Smile like that, princess. Don’t let the tiara fall.” Her cheeks immediately turned into a shade of pink.

She walked towards Johnson and gave him a hug too. “What’s your name, baby doll?” Johnson asked her. 

“Antigone, but I really don’t mind if you can’t pronounce it. It’s Greek, and yeah, I’m used to nicknames and stuff.” She said, laughing slightly.

“That’s such a beautiful name, Antigone. Antigone, wow. Isn’t it like the book?” I said, and then smiled broadly. I actually taped that and posted it on snapchat.

“Yeah, exactly. I don’t think I’m any similar to the character though. Anyway, um, Gilinsky? Can I ask for a big favour?” Antigone told me, her eyes glowing.

“Sure princess, what is it?” I didn’t even care what it was. I’d do anything for her.

“Uh, I don’t really how to ask. But, well, can we take one of this pictures that are so cute and I always see on tumblr and go crazy. You know, the ones that look like you’re dating the girl or something. Oh shit. That sounded weird. Just forget it. Let’s just take a normal picture.” She said, as she nodded at her friend, who was filming and taking pictures of the whole situation. I smirked, and after we took some normal pics, I kissed her cheek. Then I told her to do the same, but right when her friend was about to take the picture, I turned around and kissed her on the lips. I’m so getting in trouble for that.

Antigone’s p.o.v.

 Wow. That was, um, unpredictable, but totally desirable. I kissed back and we did that for a while, until we both pulled back. Jack winked at me, and gave me his phone, so I can write my number. He gave me his too. I had totally lost my mind, and I could see both Johnson, and Sammy from a distance smirking at me. I took some pictures with Johnson, and a group one with both Jacks, and then I walked up to Sammy and Nate. I hugged both of them, talked for a bit and took a few pictures, and then Sammy whispered to my ear “Go for it babe. He fucking likes you.” I blushed and walked through the meet and greet area, and waited for Luke. He was taking pictures with my camera, and then he would give it to the person that takes them for you, if you can’t. I was shaking from this whole thing. Was it even real? I kissed fucking Jack Gilinsky. He also likes me. I have his number too. Wait no, this isn’t right. I got a kind of dizzy, when Luke finally came through the door. 

“Dayuum girl. What was that?”Luke said and I had no idea what to say.

“I honestly don’t know. He asked for my number and then gave me his, so I guess there is gonna be more? And then Sam said that I “should go for it” and uh I have no idea.” I said, while I was trying seriously hard not to cry. Luke hugged me.

“Baby girl, calm down. Just enjoy the show, and whatever comes with it. Dreams do come true.” Luke said, winked at me, and then started walking towards the entrance of the concert. “You’re coming, or what?”

Gilinsky’s p.o.v.

We just finished performing Tides, and now Sam and Nate were up. I saw Antigone, she was sitting in the second row. I tried not to stare too much but I couldn’t help myself. It’s the first time, a random fan has made me feel all these emotions. After Sammy and Nate, it was fan-fiction time; I brought her to the stage. 

“The party was still going on, and a slow song started playing. Jack grabbed her by the waist and said ‘Hey beautiful, wanna dance?’” Foosh narrated, and both me and Johnson did that to our girls. He had picked a short, skinny, blond, but my girl was tall, with beautiful curves and amazing brown hair.  Our taste in girls is completely different. I tried to be as close to her as possible, and I reached the point when our bodies were actually touching. I could feel her heart beating so fast, ready to jump out of her chest in any second. Mine was beating twice as hard though, and I’m pretty sure she noticed. During the entire song, I was looking deeply into her big brown sparkly eyes. When our slow dance was over, she bit her lip, and I seriously couldn’t help myself. I leaned closer to her, our foreheads touching. I quickly licked my lips, and then smashed them with hers. The butterflies in my stomach returned, as I was experiencing the second best kiss of my life, the first one was a couple of hours ago. 

“Mhmm GIlinsky getting some!” Foosh practically yelled through the microphone, the audience was going crazy. I pulled back, and mouthed to her “I’ll text you”, as she walked back to her seat, along with the blond girl. 

A/N: sorry for taking so long, i was seriously busy with school coming up and stuff, also my gilinsky feels made me rewrite this like 5 times haha. sorry if it sucks, I’m trying my best. over 30 notes for the next? xx