i tried so hard not to find them cute

BTS react to a foreign fan going to their fansign and tries to call them oppa

“Can you please do a reaction where a foreign girl comes to their fansign and tries to call them oppa? Thank youu” - anon

Cute! This is our first request that we’ve gotten. Sorry it took so long for us to get it back to you! You didn’t specify which group you wanted, so i guessed and did BTS. If you want a different group though, just ask us again anon!


Jin would watch as you walked up to his part of the table. He’d immediately smile when he saw your face. You were blushing so hard and greeted him. “Annyeonghaseyo, O-oppa.” You said nervously. Jin would blush and find you so unbelievably adorable with your accent

You’re V because ur so cute he wants to take you home

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Yoongi would be tired but as soon as he heard your cute voice calling him oppa he would unleash his gummy smile. He’d smile cutely at you while having his cheeks being lightly dusted with a pink blush.

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Hoseok would probably squeal out of happiness of you calling him oppa. He would find it so adorable and grab your hands. He would ask your name and try his best to speak to you even if you didn’t know Korean.

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This little destroyer would be smiling so happily at how cute you sounded when you called him oppa. He would be giggling nervously too because he didn’t know how he should respond. He’d love if you called him oppa.

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Jimin would be so shy when you called him oppa. He’d be smiling hs eye smile and be so bashful about it. He might say a flirty comment to try to hide his embarrassment but he’d be melting at your voice trying to call him oppa.

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Tae would definetly be smiling so wide. He had a lot of fans that were sometimes older than him so when he met a younger fan he would smile so cutely and make some kind of weird joke about it. He’d do anything to make you say oppa to him again.

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Jungkook would stare at you when you called him oppa. He didn’t like it when people called him oppa. He saw himself as the forever maknae. He would tell them that he isn’t their oppa and you’d have to convince him that you were younger than him. Once you convinced him he would unwillingly let you call him oppa just because it sounded cute when you said it.

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I ship Bughead so hard but also irl!! Lili and Cole would be so good together!!! I tried finding some info in wether or not there's something going on between them but I can't find anything but the pics of them together make me feel like they're really close!! Do you know if there's something? This is definitely tje biggest ship i ever had!

You are so cute! Haha! I hope your shipper heart stays this full forever!

As for whether Lili and Cole are dating; I’m not really sure. They are super adorable together and they seem to have a very close relationship, not to mention awesome chemistry! If they are happy, I’m happy!

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Your posts have helped me a lot & I really appreciate it. So I thought I would ask you for some advice. lol I'm not big into labels but I recently discovered/accepted that I'm attracted to women but I still find men attractive as well. The only thing is I don't want to date guys (tried and didn't like it) & I don't want to have sex w/ guys. So does that mean I'm still bi b/c I find some guys cute or is it okay to say I'm a lesbian? I just don't want to offend anyone. Thanks!

I think it’s totally okay to say you’re a lesbian! 

For one, being able to recognize a man is attractive is mostly a cultural thing and not always the same as being attracted to them. 

Two, lots of lesbians experience some degree of compulsory heterosexuality which makes it hard to identify when you’re experiencing genuine attraction to someone and when you’re just interpreting other feelings as attraction. Check out these posts for help figuring out if that’s what you’re experiencing: [x]  [x]

Three: I think it’s important that all questioning wlw feel comfortable trying on different terms. It’s hard to tell what feels right and fits if you’re too scared to ever try. I think a lot of us tried on a bunch of different identity labels before we settled into one, or we started using one before we were 100% sure and then realized it just made sense and grew more comfortable by the day. 

So I definitely support you identifying as a lesbian! If you find it feels right, then that’s wonderful! And if you end up discovering it doesn’t, then you can find some other word that fits your truth and this still will have been an important step towards self discovery.