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Jikook Fic Rec!

Here you go @jimincentric and the other anon who asked for the long, mpreg Jikook fanfics! I tried my best to find my favourites, so I apologise if you’ve already read them? (Almost all of mine are bottom Jimin, too, so I’m sorry if you wanted something more diverse.)

Pregnant Jimin. 

(I had a hard time finding ones that were long, so please bare with me.)

Hold Tight; Hold Me Down by leegaae. (This is one of my favourites! It’s very angsty and emotional, so, be aware.)

War of Hormones by staycute1234. (Very cute and my very first mpreg fic. So, thanks for popping my mpreg cherry, haha.)

Milk and Honey by fatal (cumrich). (First off, I love this author so, so much. And second off, this fic is absolutely filthy.)

I like how desperate you seem (in the way you look at me) also by fatal (cumrich). (This one has no mpreg in it yet, but it is so well written that I think you’ll like it all the same!)


(This is going to be so, so long. I literally have like, 400 bookmarks that I went through and found my favourites from. And also, I’m sorry if I don’t mention you! I didn’t want this to take me all night.)

Before I start listing off fics, make sure you check out these authors for their Jikook fics. (Also it’s more convenient so that I don’t have to keep listing off multiple fics from the same author.)

Levetrate (Ahhhh. I can’t.)

fatal (cumrich) (Cries.)

empressium (Cries times 2.)

gangbang (Cries times 3.)

cocksluts (Sobs.)

wordcouture (Sobs times 2.)

goog (I love them.)

subjimin (Yes.) 

snarcsics (Please?)

Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita) (A legend.)

Staycute1234 (Jikook Queen.)      

And, also, check out these Tumblrs that also have really good Jikook headcanons and even drabbles! 




(Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I have such a bad memory. I can’t think of anymore recently. If I didn’t mention you, please remind me? I forget things so easily.)


Payback Bitch ;)) by dreamciclejimin. (An older fic, but a good one, nonetheless.)

You’re My Achilles Heel by miskeen. (My innocence was officially gone with this one.)

Phase One by TheHalesNyx. (I love hybrid Kookie so much.)

Alphas Office by Vanill4candy(?) (Typically I don’t read anything on AFF, but, I really love this story so.)

Glass Diamonds by GinForInk. (We know I don’t do angst. But this story was still really good.)

two sides; same story by namjoone. (I actually haven’t finished this yet, but from what I have read so far, it’s so good.)

listen to my heartbeat (it’s calling for you at its own will) by poplolli. (Haven’t read this in sooo long. One of my first Jikook fics.)

8 ball by suga_trash_queen. (This one is really cute, too.)

For_Yoongi.avi by strangedesires. (Technically it’s Yoonminkook.)

a boy like that by jikookah. (Honestly. This probably is one of my absolute favorites.)

Follow Me by novilunar. (Jinminkook.)

Baby Relax by write_the_impossible. (OT7 with Jimin as the centric. So. Still Jikook, haha. I’m sorry.)

Who Let His Boyfriend Be so Fucking Hot? by Halottie. (Ahahaha. Filth. And one of my only Top Jimin exceptions.)

Swamp Magic by GinForInk. (READ THIS!)

Stupid Batteries by Zelupsi. (Ahh, the A/B/O.)

Starstruck by SugaTheTurtle. (Okay, but I recently re-read this one and it is gold.)

White by KookieChim. (Accurate, to be honest.)

Beautiful by nerdybrofian_to_the_rescue. (Fuck. This one.)

Painfully good by JikookTrash. (My innocence is pretty much gone by now, haha.)

Play Fair by lunamaia. (Okay, but tease!)

Beaded by fancypinkdick.  (I can’t anymore.)

Play house (put my favorite record on) by rapsucka (sonyeondanbiased). (This is Minjoonkook.)

(Alrighty! That wraps up the smut! Not too much, but enough, right? I hope you all enjoy and please, I apologise once again if I didn’t mention anyone.)


(Not as much as should be. I’m sure I have more somewhere, haha.)

Scribbles and Drawings by evil_pandabear. (Cute.)

E[Love] by yuuami. (Cute times 2.)

Flower Talk by soranosuzu. (Soooo utterly adorable.)

(Okay. That’s it. And wow, can I just say that this took me so long! I really, really hope you all enjoyed this and found some new readings to keep you busy! I love you all so, so much! And also, thank you for being such amazing friends and actually making it this far?)

RFA+SV - sensitive MC cries because of a book

I’ll be a little flexible with this, because I wanted to tie in actual books with different MCs.  And the sad part isn’t always at the end.

SPOILER ALERT because I’m referencing books!  I’ll mention the title with the person…but yeah.  You’ll know that something tragic happens.  So.


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Exo Reaction (Finding you asleep after trying to stay up for them to get home)


Would find you still fully dressed, curled up on the bed. He’d climb  next to you, trying not to wake you as he cuddled up to you.

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Would find you sleeping on the couch in an uncomfortable position and immediately feel bad. He would pick you up and take you to bed so you could at least sleep comfortably.

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Would find you sleeping soundly and swoon over how cute it was that you tried so hard to stay up for him.

Originally posted by dayafterdae


“She looks so peaceful. Do I move her? Do I tell her I’m home?” 


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty


Would kiss your forehead and cuddle up next to you before going to sleep happy that he has someone who cares so much about seeing him. 

Originally posted by blondejongin


Would be confused to why you were asleep on the couch until he remembered that you said you were going to stay up for him. He would then wake you up sweetly so you could go to bed together.

Originally posted by myeoneandonly


He would be the type to wake you up, sweetly. Kissing you to let you know he was home.

“Jagi, I’m here now, let’s go cuddle.”

Originally posted by exomystyle


Would find you asleep in the living room and find it adorable that you tried so hard to stay up for him. He’d be the type to grab blankets and cuddle next to you on the couch so you could wake up in his arms. 

Originally posted by daenso


Would find you sleeping in one of his sweatshirts and would immediately start smiling. 

“Aww my Jagi is the cutest thing ever.”

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Taemin looks soso small and skinny but his cheeks are still round as ever. he doesn't like that so even when he loses weight they won't go away. it must be so hard for him;; pbs twimg com/media/C4iwWFoUcAEIrPp jpg

Ah… he’s so beautiful. Tbh, these last days I’m thinking a lot about Taemin, about what he feels. I didn’t see any people shocked about what Taemin said about boygroups concerts but there’s so MUCH behind about what he said, but… 

(There it goes my opinion because you got me ready to write in my personal blog about this LOL) I guess we get worried because we can’t forget the fact that Taemin is a human being and that he also has his insecurities and he also finds flaws on himself even when he doesn’t have them - it’s something that we all do. So I feel these days Taemin is trying to search for a more manly image, because he’s tired of being defined as cute, because I also feel he gets the meaning of cute as something femenine. I read someone’s opinion around here and it made me think about how Taemin tries really hard to create a cool and adult image from himself not only to show himself as a great singer and performer, but also to protect himself. Like… after all this time he might feel insecure about his image, because he has been exposed lots of times as “beautiful as a girl” instead of just saying he’s beautiful as the way he is. He has an image in how to be cool on his head, and it looks like he’s too focused on his chin, like you can feel he feels that having a well defined chin makes him cooler, while having cheeks makes him look cute.

The reason I was thinking about posting my thoughts was because of this, because I wish someone could stop Taemin and tell him he doesn’t have to force himself to say or act in the ways he does just to create a forced image of himself. It’s true that there’s still people who believes Taemin is cute (in a childish way) or that he’s beautiful (in a femenine way), but the true is that Taemin is cute (sensitive, adorable, funny, shy) and beautiful (handsome, has very beautiful eyes, and a special and unique mouth, etc.). This is why it hurts me so much to see him feeling so insecure about this, because you can feel how he’s actually a very confident person, but he’s fighting against the stereotypes that still follow him. Taemin has such a special beauty and personality, but he’s too focused on being manly to the eyes of everybody, for what manliness means to the public, when there’s no need to do that. It’s really hard to understand because he has been since really young - as the rest of SHINee members - exposed to the media playing a paper that wasn’t his. And I don’t know, lately it’s like he’s going again to search to create a different image just to make people forget about that old image.

Same happened with Jonghyun: he was like the cool, badass and sexy voice of SHINee but he’s a lovely piece of sunshine with a big heart and a big open mind, and some people still don’t want to accept his real self because they go like “ah, I miss the muscles of Jonghyun” like they were something that actually belong to him as a person, you know? Also Onew is not the type of leader who will go to the others and say to them how to act, he’s just a sweet person who just loves his members a lot and just loves to play with them; Key is an incredible person which such a great mind and creativity, members just enjoy playing with him because he’s such a funny and random person, and Minho is not that flaming charisma but also a cutie pie full of love and passion for life.

Ah… I’m so sorry for this long post, lmao. But I wish I could hug him and have at least 10 minutes to talk to him to tell him that he’s just purely beautiful outside and inside. Many people might believe Taemin is rude or cold, but he has such a big heart full of sensitivity and sweetness, I feel he keeps looking for an image to protect himself. Like, “bah, I don’t want to go to boygroups concerts”; he’s himself a die hard stan of Bi Rain, but he’s not the type to expose his feelings that easily. Also, this obsession toward his face… At the end he’s a normal human being full of flaws, fears, dreams… but I wish so hard to tell him that everything is ok… that he doesn’t have to try to follow the rules of genders to look cool. He’s so cool the way he REALLY is.

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Could you do HCs for Ryuji and a S/O who owns a coffee shop?

Me: can always go for some good Ryuji fluff:

  • Ryuji is not one for coffee, and as time passes distaste just turns into less obvious distaste
  • But when someone like his S/O is making coffee for him, how could he refuse?
  • He comes often to the shop to visit his S/O and the excuses he makes sometime are just a tad unbelievable
  • “I came here to study, that’s all!” “You know if that came from someone other than you I would have bought it.”
  • His S/O finds it cute that he tries so hard to please them
  • His S/O isn’t offended by the fact that he doesn’t like coffee either
  • Instead they take it as a challenge to find the blend that he might not mind
  • Hint: it’s a version of mocha
  • It takes them well over a year of testing brews for them to figure that out though
  • However Ryuji’s always liked the smell of coffee, so having his S/O basically smell like coffee is real nice for him
  • He does this thing where the moment he smells them there he grabs them and pulls his S/O into a tight hug and buries his head into the crook of their neck to take in their coffee scent
  • One time completely on accident he mistook Akira’s scent for his S/O’s and without looking just took our nasty crimeboy in a very intense embrace out of habit
  • Let’s just say the Phantom Thieves have turned it into a meme
  • Whenever Ryuji hugs his S/O in front of them Akira always makes a reference to that incident
  • “Aw Ryuji, no hug for me?” “Sh-shut uP”
  • “Hey Ryuji you gonna hug that barista?” “Guys come on!”
  • “Do I get no hug today because I put on perfume instead?” “S/O not you too!”

Also a small note of apology for the lack of requests being pumped out; my internship started and it’s getting BUSY but I’m super excited to answer some of these asks I got  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


@jccaylen @KianLawley how bout u get ur lazy ass outta bed & come to the gym w me. Subway after. then after that get ur ass beat at Mario kart again

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I love supercorp, but it'll never be canon and it will never happen and that's okay. karamel is my life. It's so hard to find karamel fans and supercorp fans.

First of all you are a heavenly person thank you for existing!!! Second, I FELT THE EXCACT SAME WHEN I FIRST SAW LENA!!!! I STILL THINK THEY WOULD BE SUPER CUTE IF MON EL WANSN’T THERE BUT HE IS

In the beginning I tried posting both SC and karamel but it just kinda went badly bc a lot of scers attacked me for my ship preference along with sc. Just wanna let you know that technically I do ship both. I just can’t say it bc scers (not all of them by any means) are very nasty and bitter if I don’t have the same beliefs as me. 

Here you go I am someone who supports both but do it silently. 

I’m very glad you know what is happening in the show and supported it. I’m sorry if anybody doesn’t treat you right bc you have this belief. Keep doing you ily <3

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BTS when you’re fangriling over their new songs


While listening to “Fire”:

*screams his parts with you*

*is happy af because he got so many lines*

*dances with you for few minutes and after falls on the ground in desperate*

“Aish, I can’t imagine, how am I going to survive live performance of this song…”

While listening to “Save Me”:

*at first shakes his head to the rhythm, sings*

“Ah, this is such a western song, we were trying something new for a-”

*notices you crying*

“Jagiyaaa, don’t cry, why are you crying so much, stooop!”


While listening to “Fire”:

*nods his head in agreement, that he has done really good work*

*smiles at you jumping around with that gummy smile*

*tries not to follow you in your actions*

*after few minutes you’re jumping together*

While listening to “Save Me”:

*at first carefully listens to this song to find any possible thing, what he would like to fix up later*

*notices you crying just after some time*

*takes you by your shoulders while looking straight into your eyes*

“I was doing this song while thinking about your smile, don’t make me think about your tears when I will perform it, please.”


While listening to “Fire”:

*watches carefully MV to see, how does the choreography look like on screen*

*finds mistakes and immediately points them out*

*learns you a bit about their dance by showing some moves*

“Aish, I think, I should’ve been invited you to dance in our MV, you’re learning even quicker than some… persons…”

While listening to “Save Me”:

*knows that you will get emotional, tries to make fun of it by overplaying*

“Ah, I’m trying so hard to make you laugh but you’re still crying, what should I do…”

*hugs you*

*hugs you very tightly*

“Remember? You’re my light. Don’t ever darken, for me, okay?”


While listening to “Fire”:

*cutely smiles while watching you fooling around*

*does some strange dance moves when his rap part comes on*

*tries to follow dance on the screen but is still too tired after dancing to that choreography on the dance practises*

*feels like dying*

While listening to “Save Me”:

*even if he wrote some lyrics, he’s still listening to them with his usual deep expression, what means, that he’s philosophiing about life again*

*notices you crying only when you’re half dead with very dead heart*

*backhugs you with small sigh*

“I told you already, I hate to see you crying to our songs… but thank you… for your tears.”


While listening to “Fire”:

*jumps on the sofa with you*

*every time, when it’s his screen time, he points that out*

“Look look, jagi, don’t I look cool? Am I sexy enough?”

*kills you even more than you deserve*

While listening to “Save Me”:

*tries to make you calm down by slow dancing to that beat even if it’s like not the right dance for such song*

*when you’re not stopping your teary waterfall, he’s trying to menace you with some cute things*

“If you’re not going to stop crying, I’m going to kiss you all over your face until the morning.”


While listening to “Fire”:


*wants to dance with you so badly*

*but he can’t because he’s palsied after such schedule of his*

*changes into some grandpa-style dancer*

While listening to “Save Me”:

*begins to sing it for you*

*holds your hands while dancing in his grandpa-style*

*singing for you intensifies*

“Ya, jagiya, don’t cry! It’s such a pretty moment, don’t ruin it!”

*cutely smiles, squishes your cheeks and dances more while hugging you*


While listening to “Fire”:


*dancing some absolutely different shit*


*ayeee all the time*

*laughs his soul out because of your dance moves*

While listening to “Save Me”:

*is really surprised by your reaction*

“Oh my God, are you crying? Is that song that good? Really?”

*can’t help himself but smiles because he’s happy, that their songs can make someone that emotional*

*with some new meme face hugs you and tries to dance with you previous stupid dances once more*

Master list

BTS reaction to their s/o rapping all the cyphers

Thank you for your request anon, I hope you like it!


V :: Of course Taehyung would be nothing but impressed, perhaps even a little bit jealous with the fluidity and rythme that you managed to fire out the words. Still, he’d probably be completely stunned and in awe the first time you show him, making him grow just a tiny bit more in love with you. After that though, you two would always be rapping cypher together around the house and in car-rides.

J-Hope :: Hoseok would be uber proud of you and a little bit flattered to be honest, he’d be pleased to find that you rap his part the most comfortably out of all of them. As you showed off your practiced skills, he’d probably find a way to join in softly without overpowering your voice and you can bet he’d pop up at random times and ask you to say a verse or two.

Suga :: Was not expecting that. At all. To say he was impressed is an understatement as Yoongi would most likely be incredibly happy as well as amazed by the fact that you could rap so well. He’d most likely try to give a few pointers for future reference, but would immediately get to work on writing a piece for you two to do together.

Rap Monster :: Namjoon would no doubt probably crack a laugh once you started rapping, not in a mocking sort of way, but because he was hit with a sudden sense of happiness at the realization that you two could both share a passion. He’d clap loudly once your performance was finished and no doubt compliment you on your abilities. Really, he’d just be happy that you took the time to learn something that was so close to him.

Jungkook :: Jungkook would be shook when you decided it was time to show him the fact that you knew all the cyphers by heart, his eyes would probably go wide and maybe he’d even blush a little as he listened to you. Afterwards he’d lay on some heavy praise and probably ask you to teach him.

Jimin :: Jimin would probably be giggling cutely when you rapped, covering his mouth in both surprise and joy. He himself had never tried to learn all the cyphers, but judging from Taehyung, he knows how hard it is to get them perfect and the amount of practice that would take. He would hug you tightly and say “That’s so cool, y/n, I could never do that!”

Jin :: Momma Jin coming out. He’d watch you the first time with a constant proud smile and give you a large round of applause when you were finished. Afterwards, he’d go and find his camera, telling you to do it again so he could capture the moment on film.

Lavellan being genuinely impressed that Josephine can speak any Elven at all

Josephine showing interest in learning to speak more Elven

Lavellan offering to teach Josephine Elven

Lavellan and Josephine staying up late into the night as she tries to grasp a particularly difficult phrase

Josephine accidently muddling up her words and getting so embarrassed, but Lavellan is genuinely touched she’s trying so hard and assures her that she’s doing well

Josephine greeting Lavellan in Elven

Romanced!Josephine learning what Lavellan’s Elvish pet names mean and finds some of them to be truly affectionate and others ridiculously embarrassing or even humorous

Josephine learning elvish.

Mixed Dates

Hello again! Here goes my second Harry oneshot, hope you like it! :) Btw, sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, english is not my first language.

If you didn’t know… REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!! so if you want me to write you something feel wellcome to ask :) the main character can be any of the boys ;)


This was another of Harry’s and Melissa’s typical afternoons.

Their cushy living room, a record player and their company were the only things required for having a great evening. Maybe it didn’t sound exciting for anyone else, but for both of them was haven.

Right now they were sprawled on their narrow couch; the vague light the chimney flames emitted was the only thing which allowed them to see each others faces. ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams, played on the background, giving the atmosphere around them a romantic hint.

While Harry hummed to the lyrics of the song, Melissa lifted his characteristic white t-shirt, revealing his tattooed chest. She began tracing the shapes, taking her time on her favourite one: the cute butterfly in the middle of his torso. It was quite usual of her to do that. Tracing the drawings made her recall those moments at the beginning of their relationship, when they had late night conversations about the significance of each of them.

As Melissa finished with one she left a feather kiss on it and moved to another, this brought goosebumps to appear on the curly-haired boy’s body. Their eyes met when she looked up to him.

“You’re so beautiful Mel”

Those four words made her flush. Although they were on their way for being three years together, every single touch, sweet-nothing or look felt like the first one.

“I love you little cupcake”

He chuckled, Melissa gave him that nickname since the beginning of their relationship. At first he did everything to change it, he wanted to prove he could actually be a really manly guy, but completely failed on his attempt. According to her, whenever he tried it he only showed more his sweetness. 

Harry caressed Melissa’s pomule, sliding down to her lips. He leaned in and kissed her. The kiss was smooth as well as slow, they took their time enjoying the moment and expressing their love with it. As if it were possible, he pulled her closer, finally breaking the contact when air began to lack.

“Can I have this dance, m’lady?”

His petition made Melissa giggle. They were the worst dancers ever, yet they always danced when the opportunity showed up. It didn’t mind if everyone saw their ridiculous and arrhythmic dance moves, or their constant almost trips. When dancing they just focused on each others orbs without caring about what others would say or think, that was something Harry taught her when he came into her life.

He picked her hand and brought her into an embrace. Placing his big hand on her waist and intertwining his long fingers with her small ones. They began moving back and forth throughout the space the room offered. As always, every now and then, Harry stepped on Mel’s bare toes, receiving a shudder and ‘Ouch!’ from her “Sorry love, I’ll be more careful” Her head was placed on Harry’s hard chest from where she could smell his scent. She filled her lungs with the fragrance and closed her eyes, getting the most of the moment. Harry’s lips fell on top of her head leaving a soft peck.

Before the song’s guitar solo he sang to her ear some of the lyrics,

“She won’t forsake me… I’m loving angels instead”  

With that he made Melissa spin around and abruptly brought her back to his hold, this made her let out a snicker “It would be better if I had a rose on my mouth” “Sure if you had one you would already have pricked yourself with it” “Shhh… I know” he was about to kiss her again but, when the gap between their lips was almost inexistent, her phone interrupted such a cheesy moment “Ughh, honestly, I’m beginning to hate your ringtone” she bit her lip, thinking the same as him “It’ll just be a moment” her boyfriend pouted and sat cross-legged on the sofa, watching Melissa talk:

-“Em, what’s up?”

-“Hi Mel. We’re waiting for you to come” her answer made her furrow her eyebrows

-“To come where?”

-“Jeez, did you forget, again!? Today’s Zoey’s birthday. She’ll come anytime soon!”

-“WHAT?! Wasn’t it on friday?”

-“No you absent-minded it was today… Don’t worry, if she arrives before you we’ll make up an excuse, but you gotta hurry up”

-“Fuck… okay, see ya.”

She rushed to her bedroom taking her clothes off on the way “Hey love, chill. We’re supposed to kiss a little before taking our clothes off” she glared at him “Shut up you sassy cupcake, I’m late” the volume of her voice lowered as she got nearer to their bedroom. Harry followed her “Late for what?” while sliding on her pants she answered “Today’s Zoey’s birthday. I thought it was on friday but Em told me I was wrong… again” she shook her head, Harry couldn’t help but chuckle.

Melissa was that kind of person who always forgot or mixed up with dates. In fact she warned Harry about it since the very first day they started dating. Once, she even forgot her nineteenth birthday and didn’t realise it until she got home, where her parents and friends surprised her with a party. At first Harry found it a bit odd, but with the flow of time he got used to it and now saw it as another of her unique characteristics. He knew she tried hard not to forget them though, and didn’t mind whenever she failed to remember.

“Okay, so… how do I look?” “Stunning” “Harry I’m just wearing some jeans and a shirt, how can I look stunning?” “It really doesn’t matter. If you were wearing a bag I would find you as beautiful as always” he replied while shrugging “Awww, you’re so cute!” Melissa walked towards his green-eyed baby. She couldn’t like more the way Harry showed his love. He didn’t try hard with gifts, fancy dates or stuff like that; his sweet spontaneous words and all those little things were the ones which gained her heart every single day. Between pecks all over his face she mumbled “Promise when I get home we’ll cuddle and kiss all night long” “Yay! but… can I have an advance?” He fluttered his eyelashes and pouted, how couldn’t she call him cupcake? “C’mere” They began a smooching session which went for a bit too long, when she realised it she pulled away “Noooo, one more” “Harry, I’m not gonna get on time” Before leaving she took her car keys and blew one last kiss to the pouty boy who waved her goodbye “Love you!” said both at the same time.

*Two weeks after*

Melissa squeezed her eyes, trying to clear her vision.The feeling of a wide awake Harry spreading kisses all over her body tickled every inch of skin he got to brush with his plump lips “Wake up sleeping beauty” she groaned, trying to get rid of him “Hazz… just lemme sleep” he ignored her and trailed all the length of her neck with his lips, finally, reaching her soft spot, right on the area where her jawline and ear met, making her huff. With a chanting voice he whispered on her ear “Happy third anniversary beautiful! I love you so much!” That comment made Melissa to fully wake up, freaking out on the inside ‘What the hell?!’  Harry frowned as he didn’t receive any answer back “Mel, are you okay?” she abruptly propped herself up “Uh? yeah, I was just recovering from my sleep… Happy anniversary cupcake! I love you endlessly!” He smirked, then picked her bottom lip with his tooth and kissed her, beginning slowly and intensifying as time went by. He straddled her legs and cupped her face; Melissa’s hands roamed underneath his t-shirt all over his chest, while his caressed the exposed skin of her legs, as she was just wearing his white t-shirt. He moved to her neck, paying careful attention to it. A trail of wet kisses led him to her collarbone, where he left a love bite provoking Melissa’s soft moan. Her hands travelled to the hem of his grey jumper, but, before reaching a point where there was no turning back, he stopped her attempt “Love, as much as I’d love to continue I gotta go to work” She sighed but nodded “Yeah, you’re right, we can leave it for later”


After Harry left, Melissa felt the worst girlfriend ever to be. He was so nice and sweet, and she couldn’t even remember such an important day after three amazing years with the love of her life. He didn’t deserve that. 

She cursed her bad habit of mixing dates, and, as misery tool control of her body, wiped a tear streaming down her cheek.

Some minutes later she calmed down and realised she neither had a present. The one she ordered a month ago was planned to arrive a week later, when she thought their actual anniversary took place. “What am I gonna do now?” The best idea which came up to her mind was searching if it was out there in any shop in the city.

On one trip to France, while they were strolling, they came across a boutique window where Harry spotted a coat which took all of his attention. He looked amazed as a kid with a new toy when he admired for the very first time that long black Saint Laurent item. In the moment he placed his eyes on its price all the thrill felt dropped and was replaced by the resignation of not being able to own it ever. Words were not necessary, his face spoke itself. Since that moment Melissa would save money whenever she could to buy it for him.

In a matter of minutes, after in depth research, she found out there were only two coats left in the whole city. She wrote down the location of the boutiques, took a quick shower and headed straight on its search.


Having driven for an hour and a half, Melissa made it to the first Saint Laurent store. Her legs were sore from being sat for such a large amount time, so when she stepped in the street she had to stretch her limbs subtly, trying not to be seen by pedestrians.

As soon as she got in she eye searched the coat. Frowning, because she didn’t find it, she approached to one of the shop assistants “Good morning. I was wondering if you still had this coat. I did some research and found out this was one of the shops which still had it on the market” handing her phone to the middle aged woman she waited to hear an affirmative answer “Of course, let me guide you to where it is” she couldn’t believe how easy she got with it. Honestly, she reckoned it was going to take longer time. However, she was grateful, it would have been worse if she hadn’t found it.

Her bliss soon went away when she walked past a man carrying the exact same piece of cloth to the till “Wait… isn’t it the coat I’m looking for?” the woman turned to where Melissa was facing “Oh… yes it is. What a shame” the young girl was raging on the inside ‘My luck sucks’ she thought. Despite her upset she answered in the most polite way, after all, it wasn’t the woman’s fault “It’s okay… I guess I should’ve been faster, anyway… thank you” the assistant gave her a compassionate look “Hope you find it. Good luck”

As she got nearer to the exit door she watched how the coat which was supposed to be Harry’s was taken by another man. This one tilted his head on her way and grinned mischievously, making her mumble an ‘idiot’.

Melissa began her way to the second store, praying the coat was still there. She didn’t want to ruin Harry’s and her’s day, and this was her last chance to make it possible.

After two long hours of driving and putting up with a long traffic jam, she was standing in front of the boutique. Although she knew she had to get in sooner or later her feet didn’t feel like it. She couldn’t believe she was that way just for a coat, but remembering Harry’s bright face when he saw it and how it changed when he realised it was impossible to have it made her comprehend the reason for her tension: It wasn’t about the coat; it was about how bad she wanted to make him just as happy as he did with her every single day. She was genuinely thankful for everything he did over the past three years and wanted to express it in the shape of a gift.

So before entering she took a deep breath and got in.


“Thank you so much, you made my day!” “Have a nice evening with you boyfriend, and, happy anniversary!”

Ecstasy occupied every inch of Melissa’s system. She wanted to jump, scream, dance, do whatever to express her joy. The Saint Laurent bag she carried felt as the trophee gained after a long day of driving and stress, but it was worth it for her cupcake.

With a wide eagerness she began walking to her car, but her way was interrupted by a familiar deep voice calling her. She froze and stood still, turning around slowly to meet his look “Harry, what are you doing here?” “I was going to catch the tube to get home. What about you? What’s that that you carry in your hand?” she swiftly shoved the bag away behind her back and tried to avert his gaze but it was impossible. She also struggled to make up an excuse but anything came up to her mind “Melissa is everything okay?” “Uhm… “ She scratched the back of her head. At that simple movement Harry knew she was nervous and all of a sudden the reason for her behaviour showed up “Hold on, let me guess. Are you here buying me a gift because you forgot our anniversary was today?” she couldn’t believe how predictable she was, and waited to see a disappointed or sad Harry but his reaction was far away from that, he was slightly grinning which made Melissa to get confused “Ehmm… yes…” her head hung low but Harry didn’t waste any time in letting her know he wasn’t mad at all “Hey love, don’t be sad. I’m not even upset” Melissa frowned “Why?” “I noticed you did forget this morning. When you were ‘Recovering from your sleep’ what my ears really heard was “oh shit not again…” “Harry, really, you don’t have to pretend you aren’t mad, it’s okay” he limited to shook his head “Don’t you understand it? I’m not mad because remembering this date isn’t important to know you truly love me-” “And I do” her interruption and the unconscious pout her lips made melted Harry’s heart making him cup her cheeks and brush the tip of his nose against hers “I know boo, and that’s why I’m not upset, because that’s what matters to me. We’ve been through so many things and even when I was at my worst you still were right by my side. That’s what should be taken into account in a relationship, not remembering to celebrate a date just because it means that you can add a number to the time you’ve been putting up with your partner” Harry’s speech reached Melissa’s heart and brought her eyes to full with tears; she didn’t know a few of them were travelling down her cheeks until Harry wiped them away.

“I’m so fortunate and grateful to have you.”

In that precise moment everything around them vanished, just leaving them gazing at each other with loving eyes. They didn’t even notice the cold breeze of the London streets cause their entire bodies were numb of love. “My angel…” Harry leaned in and brushed his soft lips against hers then whispered “Let’s go home”


After getting home instead of going out for a romantic dinner they decided to prepare it themselves, both coincided it was going to be more intimate and special. Between stolen pecks and continuously staining their aprons they ended up in front of a mouthwatering dish.

With satisfied stomachs they sat on the sofa, Melissa’s head was placed on Harry’ lap making her lay on her back to meet his eyes. He gently caressed her hair, and sometimes, tried to braid some locks, but they ended up being a mess of knots “Now that I remember… what were you carrying in that bag you had?” “Oh yeah… wait here” Melissa completely forgot about the gift and ran upstairs to take it. When Harry saw her come back with a Saint Laurent bag he kind of shocked “Open it Cupcake” Harry took the large fancy box and looked up to her, she impatiently motioned him to open it. The wait was worth it because Harry’s look was priceless “What the… Oh my dear, Mel this is the coat we saw on France!” “I know, I know” Melissa answered between giggles “Love you didn’t have to, it was really expensive” “Don’t think about that Harry. If I bought it was because I knew how much you wanted it, and you deserve the best. Put it on, wanna see how good fits on you” Harry pecked her lips thanking her, and didn’t waste any time on putting it on. He looked really hot on it; his man bun, and the outfit under combined really well “You look sexy” Harry blushed, normally she wouldn’t say that kind of comments aloud, usually her looks spoke for her “Thanks.”

With the coat on he warned Melissa he was going to the garage. When he got there he tried to turn the light on but the bulb was broken; he had to fumble for her gift, stopping when his fingertips detected a canvas.

By the time Harry came back his girlfriend was placing a disc on the record player ‘Angels’ again played, it was one their favourite songs because it meant a lot to them. She began swinging throughout the lounge with eyes closed, stopping when she crashed with Harry’s body “Finally. What’s that behind your back?” he ignored the question and motioned to the black sleep mask resting on the coffee table “Put it on and don’t take it off until I say so” hesitantly she did as ordered and patiently waited, while Harry approached to the spot he saved on the wall for his present and hung the canvas. He took her hand and guided her. After taking the mask off of her he payed attention to her reaction. A sleeping Melissa was flawlessly drawn on the material. She brought her hands to her mouth in surprise. Her fascinated stare said it all: she loved it. Everything on it was perfect; the colours made great contrast among each other and the delicate brush-strokes made her features precise. It was a masterpiece.

“Harry… it’s… beautiful… really beautiful. Thank you very much” she turned around and hugged him tightly “I love you” said both at the same time letting out a chuckle.

“Can I have this dance gentleman?”

They melted on a tight embrace and Harry nuzzled his face on the crock of Melissa’s neck, whispering into her ear:

“She won’t forsake me… I’m loving angels instead”

calum the type to

• make funny faces at you, from behind the camera, during an interview. you’d think he was just trying to get a kick out of you, when really, your laugh just calms his nerves (-:

• and when the interviewer would ask what he was staring at, calum would reply with “my everything,” cheekily smiling at the fact that you were his and only his im going to c ry shfie

• wake you up with a flurry of kisses then ruin the moment by licking you on the cheek and laugh his ass off when you complain about his morning breath. which caused you to push him off the bed, making him whine “y/n i think you broke my ass! ):”

• set a picture of you as the lockscreen on his phone because he misses you a lot on tour and loves the extra bit of happiness he gets when he unlocks his phone

• change up the lyrics during the concert like putting your name into a song

• ”y/n’s kinda hot thoooo” “y/n’s my getaway, y/n’s my favorite place”

•ALWAYS always A L WAYS ALWAYS mentioning you whenever he can, during concerts, interviews, when he’s hanging out with the boys

• ”i love this show, you know what else i love? y/n” “oh yeah the new album’s going to be great,,,just like y/n so amazing i love y/n” “i’ll probably get a sandwich to eat, y/n likes sandwiches”

• “calum shut the fuck up about y/n already”

• make out with you at the back of the movie theater, then stop abruptly because the movie “just got really good”

• force you into wearing a matching couple costume with him for halloween

• “but baaabe, what’s wrong with sugar and spice?” “calum, the fact that I’M spice”

• sponsor his new album by blasting some of his songs in the morning in an attempt to wake you up “y/n wake up and buy sounds good feels good on itunes”

• steal food off of your plate when he thinks you’re not looking

• bring home a stray dog almost every week like “can we keep him? *pouts*” and almost cries when you return it to the shelter

• speak for the dog and smush its paws in your face “please don’t bring me to the pound!! i promise i won’t pee on your couch!! i’ll try not to steal your boyfriend even thought he finds me weally weally cute!”

• call his mom when he tries to make spaghetti for you because he “wants everything to be perfect”

• “wait, mom, so i put the noodles where? hOW DO I TURN ON THE STOVE? the water’s boiling mom mom what do i do itS GETTING EVERYWHERE SO MANY BUBBLES

• show you really old memes he’s just discovered and laughing unbelievably hard at them

• “y/n look at this green cartoon frog!!!!!!! he’s everywhere!”


• give u neck kisses while you’re cooking, neck kisses while you’re washing the dishes, neck kisses while you’re cuddling, neck kisses all the time

• tickle you whenever he misses the sound of your laugh

• just hold you in his arms whenever you’re feeling sad because he knows you’ll talk about it when you’re ready. he’ll probably throw in some occasional kisses and only let go of you when he needs to pee or when he’s trying to get you some food to fill your stomach

• prank you a lot, like switch out the clothes in your closet with his or empty out the shampoo bottles in the shower so you can beg for him to bring you some in the shower

• possible shower sex after he gives you some shampoo

• blackmail you like “if you don’t kiss me right now, i’ll tell the security guards not to let you into the concert tonight.”

• save you from outside of the venue, earn a slap to the arm, and be given the silent treatment all night.

• *at the concert* “y/n’s backstage giving me the silent treatment because i locked her out of the concert. can you guys help me get her to talk to me?”

• *fans side with you instead and yell at calum for locking you out* “MY OWN FANS ARE REBELLING AGAINST ME”

• preconcert quickies in a random supply closet in the venue

• text you while you’re in class saying he misses and loves you a lot

• get your phone taken away by your teacher because calum WON’T stop texting you 

• “who is this calum, why is he disturbing our class time and why is he asking for a ‘bj’ what’s that”


• try helping you with your homework

• “fuck this school shit let’s have sex”



woooo tag post!!!

i was tagged by my sis @calcified-heart

nickname: one of them is buttons and i had this one really shit nickname that only lasted for a day but in third grade some girl tried to call me al-assontoilet and i remember being so hurt by it but now looking back on it im laughing so hard it was so dumb

zodiac: virgo which im chill with because i always see cute angel drawings for virgo and stuff involving flowers and im a total slut for any flower

last thing i googled: “barack obama and drake bell” i was playing a game where i was trying to find photos of random celebrities with barack obama

favorite music artist: it change so often but right now i have been super into kali uchis, cage the elephant, and gorillaz

song stuck in my head: i watched this video because my sister showed it to me and fuck that pitbull song is now stuck in my head because that video made me laugh so hard omg

last movie i saw: i wish i was joking but it was boss baby because my sister got scared late at night so we decided to calm down by watching shitty movies

what am i wearing right now: my mom’s shirt because its green which is a color im currently obsessed with and some ugly gym shorts i got 5 years ago, plus pink socks with bears on them

why did i choose my url: text post my gf showed me where a dude had a shirt that said say hey if you gay and i thought it was the funniest thing ever lmao

do i have any other blogs: i have a blog where i just post gorillaz related stuff

what did your last romantic relationship teach you: don’t date someone just because you’re too scared to say no and hurt their feelings

religous or spiritual: i wish i believed in them because i find both topics both so interesting and cool but im lame as hell

favorite color: red and pink are my favorites but also really like green

average hours of sleep: in between 5-8 hours

lucky number: 7

favorite characters: samurai jack, garnet, russel and 2d, rodrick, gladiolus, donna meagle and ben wyatt, elric, regina george, and li shang

how many blankets do you sleep with: 6 or 7 but i usually end up kicking them all off my bed in my sleep and then wake up cold or sweaty

dream job: i would love to be an illustrator and make my own web comics or just draw a bunch of pretty mermaids and flowers and german architecture that could inspire other people to draw

i tag @grandle-jams @thats-electric-shock  @rhinestxneyes @bioshockingly-wonderful and anyone else who reads this and wants to!!

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Duke tries really hard to get into Veronica's favorite tv shows, but she can't get past how silly they are, so they watch Breaking Bad instead. Instantly, they're hooked, and watch the whole show in four days. Poly squad is v concerned. Veronica loves listening to Duke rant about stuff, any stuff, because she gets really passionate and V finds it adorable. They also get into Wii games, and Chandler and Mac are just loving watching them be really competitive while playing Just Dance 3/?


Zutaran’s have been trying so hard to find some hints of Zutara symbolism in LoK. They’ve tried Makorra. Some have even tried Baraz and Ahnah. Well look no further:

I found it. 

Amoneki go to Hawaii AU

Basically me and Low (floppyamon) were talking a few nights ago, and Low said Amon should just take Kaneki and flee Japan to Hawaii and we talked back an forth about what that would be like. Low said it was fine to publish the conversation so here is the short Amoneki AU that resulted.

  • Amon tries surfing however he can’t stand up on the board it’s to difficult.
  • Kaneki however end up being pretty good at it since he’s so acrobatic.
  • Amon ends up swimming after him and they end up paddle boarding over reefs and stuff.
  • They see sea turtles and Amon picks one up to show Kaneki but then Kaneki says, “Amon-san please that’s illegal.” Amon is horrified he broke the law he just wanted to show kaneki a turtle. Kaneki laughs so hard at his reaction and then tries to make him feel better, “no one saw the turtle is fine Amon I just, it was cute I’m sorry.”
  • They end up watching it and they kinda stalk a turtle till sundown
  • At some point they find a turtle nest and mark it out and kind of guard it on and off like turtle dads until they hatched,
  • When the baby turtles hatch Kaneki scoops them all into a bucket while Amon waves his arms for seabirds to go away and then they go out to a safer area of the beach and release the turtles.

Missy: they’re very proud of themselves.

Low: turt god-papan and god-maman they are so proud of themselves they did a good thing.

  • Amon with swimsuit tans, he wears shorter swim trunks since he can pull it off and he has wicked tan lines.
  • Kaneki just sunburns he’s so sad. He’s switched out his eyepatch for sunglasses and an umbrella he’s too pale for this. help him. "Sun damage must be taken seriously,” Kaneki says. He has super healing the dork.
  • Kaneki slathers himself in sun screen and Amon does his back like three times. Kaneki thinks Amon is a safety freak but Amon just likes looking at kanekis muscles because they are nice. There are random bottles of 50 strength Sunscreen and books all over the house.
  • They have a beach house and they crash in the hammocks a lot. Amon usually takes the bottom side since the rope digs into your skin and Kaneki sleeps on top.
  • Kaneki ends up with a diamond print string hammock sunburn. Kaneki is so embarrassed Amon is laughing it’s terrible. Good thing there is aloe to put on that. Amon quietly complains that it’s sticky and Kaneki just tells him to rub it in more because it feels nice. Amon blushes and rubs faster when Kaneki starts humming because it feels nice.
  • Amon keeps muttering how it looks like his kagune and Kaneki thinks it’s endearing. As is heals quickly and stops hurting Amon does the thing where you touch the red part and it turns white, he draws shapes like Kaneki’s kagune on Kaneki’s back, but of course then Kaneki tells him to stop because he’s ticklish. Amon keeps doing it before ends up reaching around Kaneki and squeezing and tickling places and Kaneki just laughs really hard because face it Kaneki has a cute laugh

It’s a very Happy AU it doesn’t have to be completely realistic eh?

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RFA + MC able to wiggle their ears at will and bunny wiggle their nose(since I can do those and it mystifies all)

I can wiggle my ears and nose too! :)


  • literally is so surprised when MC does it one day while eating
  • thinks it’s the cutest thing ever
  • doesn’t ask MC to do it again but always sneaks glances just to see if MC does it again
  • sees them doing it while cuddling
  • promises himself to cuddle more just to see bunny nose and ear wiggles
  • omg who needs bunnies or pets when he has someone else so cute


  • is a literal fanboy the moment it happens
  • calm your jets zen
  • asks MC to bunny wiggle the nose and wiggle the ears whenever he’s had a bad day because cute so cute
  • will literally do things in exchange to see it
  • snaps a selfie and asks for a video of MC doing the thing
  • sends video into the chatroom because look at how cute his MC is


  • finds it super super cute
  • literally blushes after it happens
  • stares in fascination
  • asks MC to do it again and again while she observes to figure it out
  • touches the nose and the ears while it’s happening
  • asks MC to do it shyly after a while of not seeing it
  • so embarrassed but whywhywhy is MC so cute


  • is so fascinated and touches nose and ears
  • MC sends him a video while he’s stressed much appreciated
  • tries to get Elizabeth the 3rd to do the same thing
  • “you’re much cuter than Elizabeth the 3rd.”
  • tries to make MC do it again naturally
  • MC does it whenever focusing on something really hard
  • gives MC things to focus really hard on and he just watches while bunny nose wiggle and ear wiggles happen and he never interrupts
  • so cute i wonder if they do it bed let’s find out shall we


  • boops MC’s nose to make them do it again
  • MC does it because wtf they weren’t expecting that
  • laughs for a long time
  • tugs on MC’s ears to make them wiggle
  • MC does it to make him stooooooooppppp
  • literally records it and saves it on his phone because so cute
  • attempts to do the same thing fails so hard God Seven where?


  • catches MC doing it by accident
  • waits for them to do it again while capturing the moment
  • literally keeps it on his phone and plays it whenever he needs inspiration
  • taps MC’s nose and sees their nose doing the bunny wiggle
  • does it whenever he pleases
  • new way to show affection while seeing his MC act extra cute
  • wowowowowow they also do it in their sleep and before they wake up
  • wakes up extra early to see it happen in real life

Just imagine, as soldiers they never get enough sleep, and one day Eren just falls asleep on Levi’s lap and Levi can’t bring himself to move because Eren looks so peaceful and so tired, poor thing. So he sits there for a long time until Eren wakes up and then when Levi tries to stand up he finds out his leg fell asleep and collapses.

Eren tries very hard to keep a straight face while he helps Levi up, and listens to him bitching endlessly about the pins and needles in his leg.

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Can you show me some jealous! Yeol moments? Idk i never seen any before. Or maybe i didn't look hard enough.

Sure thing, anon! I think I have a few ones up my sleeve…

External image

lol idk if this one is exactly jealous!chanyeol but cute hahaha

This one though…

We can never ever forget his face when Baek tried to bite Sehun’s arm in ST omg.

External image

I can think of more, just not find them anywhere so sorry. Either way, it’s kinda hard to find jealous!Chanyeol, because it’s a bit rare. Jealous!Baek is way easier to spot.

-admin SFS

I’m not so sure myself if the first two gifs are the best example, but third and fourth, yeah. Tbh, most of the time Chanyeol hides it quite well, often behind excessive gestures or laughs, and a lot of his jealous moments hasn’t even been made into gifs. If you want to see more though, go watch Exo meets Park Jaejung the longer version if you are able to find it (especially near the end), and Happy Camp (Chanyeol reactions to Baekhyun in Kris’ arms when he saw them after doing his penalty squats).

-admin MTL