i tried so hard and got so far in the end it doesn't even matter

Angsty Yurio: working out his emotions in a healthy way...
  • Yuri: Victor, recently I've been thinking that Yurio's actually really upset that Otabek lost to JJ.
  • Victor: Oh? What makes you think that?
  • Yuri: It's just, I don't know how to explain it. (pauses) Just follow me.
  • The pair arrive at Yurio's dorm room. Music thrums mutely from behind the door. Yuri knocks then pushes open the door.
  • Yuri: (singing loudly, slightly off key) --TRIED SO HARD AND GOT SO FAR. IN THE END, IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER~ (Lying in bed staring at Otabek Altin poster on opposite wall)
  • Victor: ...
  • Yuri: ...
  • Victor: (thoughtful)When did he get that poster?
  • Yuri: (shocked)That's what you're worried about!?
  • Victor: No, no! I'm just kidding. *Laughs* It's okay, he is just working out his emotions in a healthy way.
  • (Music cuts abruptly)
  • Yurio: HEY! Shitheads, what the fuck are you two doing in my room?! (Storms over, red-faced)GET OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! *Pushes Yuri and Victor out by force* (slams door in their faces)AND STAY OUT!!!
  • (Sounds of Yurio kicking things)
  • (Yuri and Victor exchange bemused looks)
  • Yuri: (frowns) Is this healthy? When I was younger, I don't recall ever being that worked up about anything...
  • Victor: (laughs) Nyet, it is! I remember I was the same when I was his age. It's totally healthy!
  • Yuri: ...Oh, I had no idea. Okay
  • (Inner Yuri: This is probably a cultural difference. Russian youth are scary.)

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An opie imagine where the reader gets his crow as a teenager and they break up and after many years (prob in their late 30s) she goes back to charming and he doesn't recognize her, only when he sees her tattoo (but not on purpose tho) I don't have any ideas for an ending so do whatever feels right, thank you!!!!! <3

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Keep Swimming:

“Breathe. Deep breaths. It’s just water, it’s just a pool. You can do this.” You whispered to yourself as you looked into the pool of water in front of you and as you looked closer into the water the memory just flooded into your mind.

“Come on babe, you’re the greatest swimmer on the team. You don’t need to practice so hard.” Opie said as he splashed you with water causing you to laugh “And I didn’t become the greatest by just sitting on my ass now did I?” You asked raising and eyebrow as he shrugged “I don’t know maybe you slept with Coach Daniels.” He said smirking causing you to gasp as you swam near him “You think I’d sleep with that awful man?” You said laying your wet arms on his legs as his feet were in the pool of water “I don’t know baby, you sleep with me don’t you?” He asked teasing you as you stuck your tongue out “Harry you’re far from horrible like that man.” You said looking at him as he fixed the strap of your bathing suit.

“You know, you’re truly the most beautiful girl I’ve laid eyes on.” He said smiling full and bright “You know what would make me even better?” You asked as he tilted his looking at you “Your crow right here.” You said pointing to your shoulder blade, his eyes opened wide in shock “Baby, I’m not patched yet, shit I’m not even done prospecting.” He said shocked “We both know you will Harry, and I want to get it for you, for us, for this.” You said now leaning on the ledge to get out of the pool and looking at him “Okay, what do you want it to look like?” He asked as he grabbed your hand towering over you “Something that only we would know about.” You said softly “How about a crow in a water cage.” He said as you smiled “Because I’m a swimmer? You’re so corny Opie.” You said tiptoeing to kiss him.

But you weren’t in that time when you were once so young and happy, you were in this time alone and cold. You gave up with a sigh making your way back to the lockers when you bumped into someone causing you to slip and fall into the water, you flailed your arms trying to swim back to the surface only your arms didn’t find the energy or force to push you up to the air. And just when you thought it was all going to be over you felt a strong arm grab you pulling you up as you’d both reached air you gasped for air, swimming out of the pool as if it was on fire. “Hey! You okay? I didn’t even see you!” The man yelled as you began to speed walk off to the lockers trying to calm yourself down.

“Yeah I’m fine thanks.” You said waving off as you made your way to the locker room to change. He isn’t here anymore (Y/N) you thought as you got dressed. About ten minutes after you had finished getting ready you had stepped out of the locker room to be met with the stranger who had saved you from your death “Hey, I wanted to make sure you were alright. I didn’t see you and felt horrible abou- wait.. (Y/N)?” The man said leaning down towards your face as you moved back into the wall “How do you know my name?” You snapped now scared, wait if he had hired someone to finish what he started, how could you run now?

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In these latter days I’m talking only “Ok” and “If you say so”. I dunno where does that lead. I don’t want to go to next  exam session. It’s a waste of energy, money and time. It’s pointless. But “blah-blah-blah”, so ok. So I just will try to get only minimum threshold. Like really. Gold medal, excellent diploma. I have it, so what? Pff.
I have my own path. Cause I haven’t another.
Achieve something, or be destroyed. Simple choice, isn’t it?

  • Shiro: Keith you okay?
  • Shiro: Is this about the 'I cradled you in my arms' with Lance thing?

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I saw your post linked at your latest ao3 fic and I was so happy that you're taking prompts. :) There's a post in the hony instagram which goes: 'we started out just hooking up but then it got serious and that was weird so we stopped dating for awhile, but then we realized it's ok so we started dating again and now it's great. I hope that doesn't sound bad. That sounded bad. I mean, it was the correct information but I presented it in the wrong way. This is weird. I look like a dick. Ask him--

(cont) a question now.’ it’s an 18 January 2016 post and the picture’s cute: instagram.(.)com/p/BAqErPgtrCI/ You can do whatever you want with the prompt (gender reversed, or just a snippet of their story, or a social media au). Thank you thank you thank you for doing this!! I love your fics it always brightens my day when I find one in my inbox <333

ahhhh that’s so sweet of you! thanks for sending in a prompt and for reading! hope you like it <3

ao3, HONY post

The sound of Bellamy’s phone ringing wakes her up far too early for her liking.

“Make it stop,” she mumbles into his arm, doubly disgruntled when he shifts beneath her to reach for it on his bedside table.

“I’m trying,” he grunts, the electronic beeping growing louder as he tries to decide whether he’s going to answer it or throw it across the room. Eventually he must decide, because right after the ringing stops, she hears him bark, “What do you want?”

“I’m coming over.”

It’s Raven’s voice coming through the other end, and on some level Clarke knows she must have a justifiable reason for calling this early. But her brain hasn’t quite gotten there yet, so she groans, “What the hell, Raven?”

There’s a pause on the other end of the line, Bellamy stiffening beneath her.

“Is that Clarke?” Raven asks, and shit. Clarke lets out another groan, pressing her face into Bellamy’s chest. After a beat, his arm comes around her, petting her back soothingly.

“Yeah, it’s Clarke.” He sounds much more awake now, though his voice is still raspy. “Keep talking, Reyes, or I’m going back to sleep.”

“Alright fine, we can circle back to the obvious when I get there. I did something to my ankle and Octavia said you have a brace I can borrow.”

“I do, yeah,” he sighs.

“Great, thanks. I’ll bring coffee for your trouble.” She pauses. “Two coffees.”

“It is the least you can do.”

His thumb is still tracing light circles around the base of Clarke’s spine after he hangs up, in a way that makes her shiver a little and want to start something, but she settles for kissing him on the underside of his jaw instead.

“I guess the secret’s out,” he says, morning stubble rough against her forehead.

“It was bound to get out eventually,” Clarke sighs. “Raven won’t say anything if we ask her not to, though.”

Bellamy is silent for long enough that she has to look up at him, has to try to read his thoughts on his face. When she does, he’s not even looking down at her but staring intently at the ceiling. She smiles and reaches up, smoothing his forehead with her thumb and smacking a kiss to it when she’s done.

“Quit worrying; Raven knows how to keep her mouth shut when it matters. I’m going to shower before she gets here. You coming?”

She almost thinks he’s not going to follow her, but as soon as she steps under the spray she feels him crowd in behind her, and her anxiety evaporates with the steam.

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