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I can’t tell you how happy I am that Taichi is himself, optimistic and courageous again

I totally love the Teacher Francis AU but what I love the most is that Klaus is one of his students <3 So I decided to make a drawing of this wonderful AU!

The first thing I noticed is that Lutz hasn’t appeared yet so it made me wonder if he is maybe the big bro and actually the roles are inverted with this two?!

As a result of this theory, I made this strip where Lutz comes back home late and little Klaus is waiting for him like an angry mother while he just looks disappointed at him for breaking the rules.

This was the first time I make a strip and although it looks a little messy, I hope you still like it, @thedisappointedidealist12


What can inspire more than senpai?(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
@okamix397 I’ve always had trouble drawing Error, but Okami senpai is beautiful. So I tried.つ﹏⊂
@starlumen Star senpai! I…don’t know what to say xD You are very fit these clothes. I love you (*´∀`)~♥
@rubibruh Hello, senpai? I love your art, you are amazing. I hope this is okay?ㅇㅅㅇ


Okaaaay I finally done it and took me 2days to finish this, sketch to watercolor pencil, It’s hard for me to make Fatal Error even more ERRORfying scary since I am using watercolor pencil not even helping for me, tho I did my best.

Here ya goes @xedramon senpai I tried making Fatal Horror like how I describe it on your last time stream :D Hope ya like it.

Fatal Error belong to @xedramon / @fatal-error-blog

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OMG HAIZAKI FLUFF PLS I love you writing about this bae :"D

Arguments with your boyfriend were never fun. He was a stubborn, pig headed idiot that relied on intimidation and hurtful words instead of a clearly constructed argument. You’d had just about enough when he told you that you had no idea what you were talking about and finally bit back.
“Oh shut up, you like to play the big man but the truth is you’re just a sad little boy with no friends. If it wasn’t for me you’d be on your own all the time so I’d stop insulting me you stupid worm head!”
He stood with his mouth gaping and you slammed the door to the bedroom, hearing the little click of the lock he finally zoned back in. He took long, confident strides over to the door, ready to kick it in if he had to but then he heard another noise… you were crying. He stopped his hand from knocking but pressed his ear to the wood which only made it worse; he could pick out your shaky little breaths, your tiny wails and sniffles and while he would usually be happy to make someone this upset all he felt right now was shame. You were right on the other side of the door, thinking back to his intention to break it in made his gut wrench… the thought of you being hurt emotionally or physically was unbearable to him. He took a deep breath, lightly knocking on the door once and began the first apology of his life.

“Look I know what you said is true. You don’t lie, not to me or anyone. I didn’t mean what I said alright. Shit… ___ you know I’m no good with words. Just open the door…. I don’t want you to leave me”
 Barely whispering in the end you still heard his plea and quickly gave in. You knew what you’d signed up for and felt nothing but relief when he entered the room and brought you down to the bed so you could sit in his lap. Your eyes still puffy you turned away from him, only for him nudge your cheek up with his nose, leaving a small trail of kisses around your face. Only stopping when he heard you giggling, he liked tickling you and having you so close. He never let anyone else close to him this way and he knew he needed to make sure you felt special more often. However having you trapped in his arms, in your shared bed gave him fun ideas… there was something he needed to clear up. Quickly flipping you underneath him, holding your hands over your head in one of his and using the other to tickle you mercilessly. 
“Take it back”
“ah ahaha t-take ha what ba-ack!”
“What you said about my hair. It does not look like worms”

You tried kicking at him only for him to use his legs to trap yours. You were stuck between a rock and a hard place but there was no way in hell you’d ever take it back. Your laughing kept getting more and more hysterical as you consistently denied his request until he eased for a second, offering you a chance to redeem yourself. You took a deep breath, ready for the outcome of your words. 
“Never! As you said Sho-kun I don’t lie. Your hair looks like worms. End of”

So began a tickle war that lasted the entire weekend, neither side yielding their stance on what they thought of his hair.