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so i took some pictures while in barcelona i went to the cathedral but couldn’t take pictures bc i was in a tour and i was so shook that i forgot and then we had to leave pls dont hate me


Days 15 - 19 of BNHA Inktober (prompts by @todo-dorky)

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Hello! Even if I'm not a fan of Got7 or BTS it's still very interesting to read your posts. I would like to know if you could do the same for B.A.P?(of course if you have time). Thank you for your hard work. Have a nice day!

Hey there! Thank you so much for appreciating my ramblings even when I’m not talking about BAP, that means a lot. <3 I’m addicted to their music but didn’t know that much about their personalities for a long time - but recently found out Himchan’s birth time so I’m excited to read his for you guys (I’m hoping there’s more BAP stans out there that’d like it lol). I started watching their shows and stuff like that since my vacation began so I’m falling more and more in love with them~ Thank you for dropping by to be so sweet and I hope knowing that I’ll do his chart makes you happy. :) Also I hope you’ll have an amazing weekend!

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there is a kernel of truth to dan's article - not his nasty spin or the fabricated quotes - but the fact that harry was the one to suggest a break. That has been consistent from all 4 boys, including H. it's interesting that most larries sort of ignore it. it's a little tricky, considering the others have said they didn't want the hiatus at first. I wish there was more open discussion about it that didn't include either completely villainizing harry, or completely glossing over the facts.

That’s certainly become sort of the official narrative, as Harry’s team included it in his own promo’s big articles, too (was it RS?). Whatever the reason they all agreed on it may be, I personally doubt that’s what really happened and I’m quite confident they all had plans to give a try to their solo careers by the time they announced the hiatus. I don’t buy the harry suggested it and the others were shocked and initially tried to resist little picture. I tend to believe they knew that was the right choice in that precise moment - something probably connected to their contracts, too- and went on with it.

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I read about that girl that supposedly kissed Camila. The guy claims that the friend didn't kiss her at first, there's where I knew he was lying. If a girl like Camila throws herself at me, I would fucking marry her in the spot! Haha, not really but who would resist a girl or a booty like that? Anyways, I guess I am one of the few that actually thinks Camila is straight, so I didn't believe that BS.

I don’t even think that Camila is 100% straight but even I don’t believe that bullshit rumors lmao.

But yeah hahahaha who could resist that gorgeous jawline omg even if I was still straight if she fucking tried to kiss me I’ll offer my womb and bear her child

Interview with the Vampire {Sentence Starters}
  • "Do we forgive each other then?"
  • "But now it's time to end it. Now it's time to leave him."
  • "The world changes, we do not."
  • "Please, how shall I put you at ease?"
  • "Do you think of anyone but yourself?"
  • "Forgive me if I have a lingering respect for life."
  • "I assume I need no introduction."
  • "If I leave you here, you die."
  • "Your evil is that you cannot be evil. And I shall suffer for it no longer!"
  • "That's really where we should start, don't you think?"
  • "I only have myself. You taught me that."
  • "I'll put you in your coffin!"
  • "You made us what we are, didn't you?"
  • "You condemned me to hell!"
  • "Don't be afraid. I'm going to give you the choice I never had."
  • "You should consider yourself lucky."
  • "No one could resist me, not even you. And the more you tried, the more I wanted you."
  • "Evildoers are easier... and they taste better."
  • "And what if there is no Hell, or they don't want us there?"
  • "What if all I have is my suffering, my regret?"
  • "Does this make you happy? Is this fitting, proper enough?"
  • "Your body's dying. Pay no attention, it happens to us all."
  • "Which one of you did it? One of you did it!"
  • "Tell me about him. You must've learned something from him."
  • "I'm flesh and blood, but not human."
  • "I learned absolutely nothing. I wasn't given a choice, remember?"
  • "But what if it's a lesson I don't care to learn?"
  • "That noise. It's driving me mad; that noise!"
  • "Why should I know these things? Do you know them?"
  • "Here, all one needs is a pair of fangs. Heh."
  • "But you must know something about the meaning of it all!"

It’s easy to say that I left as Kate and came back as Batwoman. The truth, though, is that I left as your lost little girl and came back knowing exactly who I am. I came back as Kate Kane.

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If you do requests, could you do the 11th Doctor × reader? With The Doctor finding out you either have bullies or abusive parents (sorry, I'm in the mood for angst), but the reader tried to hide it because they didn't want to burden him?

Pairing: Eleventh Doctor x reader
Warnings: Mentions of bullying/abusive parents.
A/N: this is a request. I know you said either bullies or abusive parents, but I couldn’t resist the angst. Hope it’s okay! ^_^

Ever since you left your home and started travelling with the Doctor, things changed. You felt… different. Better. More alive than you had back at your hometown. You were finally free to be yourself when you were with him and laughter and smiles came easily, no longer a smoke screen to hide your traumas and scars but something real, something concrete.
He hadn’t known you before you started travelling with him so he couldn’t see the difference but you felt it, and every day with him only became better and better. He quite literally gave you life, and you wanted to continue travelling with him forever.
All good things must end though, as the saying goes. On a day that initially seemed to be just like any other, you woke up and were all smiles in spite of your drowsiness as you went to greet the Doctor, smoothing down your shirt and stifling a yawn in your hand as you walked up to him in the control room of the TARDIS. He looked inexplicably happy to see you, and his grin was rivalled by none other you had seen on him.
“Y/N! You’re awake!” He stated the obvious as he turned to face you, but you couldn’t find it in you to tease him as he just looked so happy with himself.
“Yeah, I am,” you said smilingly. “What’s up with you? You seem to be far too bright for this hour of the morning,” you said, emphasising your words with another yawn.
“It might be morning for you, but it is the middle of the day for someone else. We’ve been over this again and again, but time is a confusing concept.”
You rolled your eyes in response and leaned against the first empty surface you found, sighing.
“Okay, okay, I get it - I can be repetitive. But I promise you the place we’re gonna go visit is one I’m sure you’ll love. It’s going to be the best surprise ever.” He sounded so confident that you didn’t ask him anything about where you were going. You blindly trusted his judgement; he said jump and you asked how high. He had saved your life multiple times, and never given you any reason to mistrust him, ever.
“Okay, Doctor, okay. Just give me an ETA and I’ll find a way to occupy myself without knowing where we’re going. Oh, by the way, what should I wear?” As you were travelling in time and space, you had to change out of your casual clothes and wear something different more often than not, so his nonchalant response of ‘what you have on is fine’ as he fiddled with the controls was unexpected.
It was alright though, because not having to change or do research about your next escapade left you time to do something you liked a lot. Observe him. He always was at his best when concentrating, his brows furrowed just so and his eyes so intense you felt like you were burning under his stare if it was directed to you. Merely seeing him like that made you smile most of the time, and it was no different then. That smile would quickly get wiped off your face though when you reached your destination. Excited as a child who got what he wanted for Christmas, he bounded over to the door and opened it, his excited demeanour washing over you and making you feel that warm excited feeling in the pit of your stomach as well.
“So, here we are! Y/N, I present to you: home,” the Doctor said, smile wide and happy and honest, and he walked outside happily, proudly.
Feeling as if you had been doused in ice water, robbed of your positive feelings, you stood frozen, clutching the rails in front of you so tightly your knuckles turned white.
The Doctor was already far from the TARDIS when he noticed you weren’t following after him, and when he turned back only to see you pale as a sheet, he frowned in confusion.
“Hey, why aren’t you following? We’re here to see your home. You said you’d been studying abroad, so… I thought…” He sounded progressively more uncertain as he frowned and walked back to you, paling when he saw just how much you were shaking.
“I… can’t. There’s a reason I left, and… please. I can’t go out there,” you mumbled, eyes wide and your grip on the rail so tight it was painful.
“What’s wrong?” The Doctor was next to you now, gently taking your hands in his and looking at you with concern in his eyes. He was even gentler as he let go of your hands to hug you, pulling your quaking body close to his, running a hand over your back comfortingly.
“I don’t wanna go. Please don’t make me. Please.” You were begging now, and you didn’t like it, but you had no other choice. He had to understand that there was no way you were going to get out of the TARDIS, and if you had to drop on your knees and beg then so be it. This was bigger than your pride.
“Hey, hey, I won’t. You don’t have to get out there. Just… tell me why?” He asked, sounding confused and bewildered, but also so, so kind and supportive.
“A bad childhood,” you murmured, closing your eyes and burying his face into the closest part of his body you could find, inhaling shakily and hugging him tightly. “I want to escape the memories. It was bad here for me… very bad. I like it here, now. With you. I’m not alone anymore.”
You were still trembling occasionally, but your heartbeat had calmed down, and your grip on the back of the Doctor’s jacket wasn’t as tight as it had been. The distress was obvious in the taut lines of your body and the tears staining the Doctor’s shirt, but he said nothing.
“Alone? Why were you alone?” He sounded disbelieving, like nobody could ever leave you alone, and that gave you some hope because you knew he thought highly of you. You didn’t want to explain, but you felt the burning need to confess to him, to admit to this like you never had before.
“My parents, they… got into a lot of fights with each other. My mum slept around and my dad was angry even though it was his fault. So they fought; even got violent sometimes. And I… got caught in the middle of it. Constantly. They didn’t care, so I had to hide my bruises and limp my way to school, where things weren’t any better. They…” You trailed off, shuddering and choking back a sob. “They smelled weakness in me, so they bullied me. I returned home with more bruises and more scars, but the physical harm wasn’t what hurt the most. It’s passed now. It’s what I feel that’s been damaged. I hated myself so much… I told myself I deserved what I got for being weak and worthless. I guess I’m no different now…” You finished, sighing miserably. You shouldn’t have said all this. Now the Doctor would think you weak as well, and you couldn’t have that. Not from him. Not when you felt so strongly for him.
The Doctor just shook his head and put his thumb beneath your chin, making you look at him. You reluctantly met his gaze, which was still soft and tender, and sighed.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. You’re not weak, Y/N. You’re strong. So strong. And so, so amazing. You’re the best,” he declared and leaned in, impulsively brushing his lips against yours. You almost melted in his arms, sighing contentedly and deepening the kiss, not believing this was happening. If this was a dream, you wanted to make the most of it.
Apparently, it wasn’t a dream, because the Doctor in front of you was warm and solid and smiling. “You’re strong. So strong. That’s why I like you so much, you never give up. You’re amazing. Never forget that.”


My gift for Lily ( @witheachtuboficecream ) for @hqrarepairexchange ! I hope you like it!

I chose DaiOi and the prompt “Person A walks into a convenience store really late at night to buy [insert random item]. A ended up forgetting their wallet and the cute cashier ends up paying for them and slipping their number in the bag.”

I imagined something along the lines of: Sawamura’s kind enough to pay for Oikawa, since he forgot his wallet, and Oikawa asks for his number for the sole purpose of returning the favor. Unfortunately for him Sawamura’s too dense and doesn’t oblige him, says it’s not necessary to trouble himself for just a few snacks. Dejected, Oikawa returns home but as he fishes for the milk bread in the plastic bag he finds Sawamura’s number on the receipt the cashier slipped down unnoticed with his purchase. Oikawa resisted three minutes before texting Sawamura.

Midge tho.

MIDGE THO! o(≧∇≦o)

I couldn’t resist, and had to draw Midge Klump from Riverdale! I just adore her! I was pretty excited to see her a little bit more since she was always one of my favourite characters in the Archie Universe.

Anyhoo, I did a little inky doodle of her for Inktober! My grey marker was starting to die when I was colouring in her jacket, so I had to improvise and I used water to spread the ink. o(≧∇≦o)

Anyhoo, just a quick Midge ink drawing! I didn’t think she was turning out at first, but in the end I liked her!

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Ahhh I'm crying over your answer (yes, I love it that much) that I need to restrain myself from requesting another but yup, can't resist. Can I ask for a continuation of the "I didn't wanna wake you up" headcanons? Like, headcanons on how they would make up and all that jazz. Thank you so much for indulging me and my sort of twisted imagination :)

i’m sorry i didn’t do this one sooner !! but i’m really glad you liked the first part <3 

the first half is here



  • the moment he and his s/o get a chance to talk he just buRSTS into tears
  • he tries to get the words out but he’s struggling
  • kinda collapses to the floor and sobs bc thiS CHILD IS JUST SORRY FOR EVER MAKING HIS S/O FEEL LIKE THEIR LOVE WASN’T ENOUGH
  • he would never want his s/o to feel like that
  • manages to choke out a lot of ‘i’m sorry’s between his sobs
  • his s/o would have to reply to him for him to start calming down
  • he really just needs his s/o to hold him and comfort him
  • or at least to know that his s/o still loves him
  • if his s/o just holds him for a while he will sob harder at first bc he just has so many emotions like he doesn’t feel like he deserves their forgiveness but their forgiveness is all he wants and he wants to say that he doesn’t deserve a second chance but he can’t bring himself to push them away bc he loves them too much
  • there’s just no way you can stay mad at this bby
  • he will sincerely apologise for everything and gently ask for his s/o to come back to him; he will reassure him that their love is all he ever needs and that it is more than he deserves
  • he and his s/o would have a v teary but giggly makeup hug
  • they both have so many feelings and they’re crying but they’re so happy to be together again


  • his heart shatters he sees his s/o; especially if he can tell that they had been crying
  • all of his anger disappears and he can only force out an ‘i’m sorry,’
  • sO close to breaking down in front of them but he wants to keep himself together but he’s struggling
  • he just stands there trying to stop his lips from trembling for a little while before stepping towards his s/o and asking them to come back with him
  • he’ll try to not let it show but he is actually terrified of his s/o rejecting him
  • will probably be a little overwhelming
  • stalks up to them and grips their shoulders a little too hard and kinda yells to come back with him
  • shakes them to try and get them to agree
  • he’s just v desperate
  • his feelings will probably slip out
  • ‘don’t you understand that i need you,’
  • after he admits his feelings v openly to himself and his s/o he just cries 
  • repeats what he just says in a way that seems like he’s trying to wrap his mind around the concept
  • like he’s trying to accept that he desperately does need his s/o which scares him
  • ‘… please,’
  • avoids eye contact and tries to hide his tears
  • he would fall silent and just wait for a response and he is sO stressed the entire time like what if he still gets rejected even after his confession
  • his s/o would need to either accept verbally or just hold him and nod thIS BABY JUSTS NEED HIS S/O BACK 
  • he’s so exhausted after all the emotions he’s experienced
  • he just wants to know that his s/o isn’t going to leave his side bc he does need them


  • he’s exhausted from all the crying and just kinda floats over to where his s/o is v much broken and drained
  • his friends would have had to tell him to go to his s/o and they would have had to find out where his s/o was
  • this child would have been so grief stricken he wouldn’t have been able to do any of that himself
  • his cheeks are like permanently tear stained now, his eyes are red and his normal pink blush is more intense
  • he’s just trembling and trying not to cry again 
  • when he sees his s/o he looks sO BROKEN
  • his eyes are slightly wide and his expression is quite blank but there are tears just streaming down his face
  • then his face just contorts and he breaks down again but tries to muffle his sobs with his hands
  • won’t look away from his s/o incase they disappear again
  • his s/o would have to make the first move bc he’s just frozen in place
  • right after his s/o initiates some kind of communication between them he immediately tackles them in a big hug
  • they probably end up on the floor
  • he clings onto them for dear life and just sobs 
  • they’d have to console him and calm him down
  • it would take a while but when he can finally speak again he looks them directly in the eye and would look slightly uncertain but determined at the same time and would ask them if they would come back home with him
  • his eyes are still glossy and his cheeks are red and wet and he looks so desperate for his s/o to say yes
  • his s/o gotta say yes bc this child looks so pained without them 

look what the fuck you made me do i hope you’re happy short shorts anon

(if the last whistle doesn’t load it’s a glitch with youtube, gotta spam refresh until you get it, i’ve tried to do everything about it but 50% of the time whistle is kill)

Too Hot~

Group: Got7

AN: Hi guys!!! How are you?? I hope you guys like it!!


“See you again next week! ;-)”

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“How did I know I was going to win?”

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“You’re a very good kisser..”

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“What took you so long???”

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“This is so awkward!! Oh gosh oh gosh!!!”

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“I can’t help it I have to touch you!!”

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“I knew you couldn’t resist me.”

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