i tried really hard not to cry again

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Truth or Truth (Souji route. Good ending) Souji. Do you ever miss the guys from the shinsengumi?

Okita’s face falls. “All the time,” he says, quietly, and with unusual solemnity. “I love Chizuru, but she’s not them. She tries, but…” His voice trails off into a sigh. “I know it’s stupid, and life was hard more often than not, but I still find myself missing the old days now and again. I dream of Shiei Hall more than I dream of our days in Kyoto, but sometimes I’m fighting with the Shinsengumi in the war, like I couldn’t when it was really happening.” His face twitches into a frown that looks almost frightened, like a lost child. “They’re not really nightmares, but they still make me cry. I don’t know why, but—” He stops abruptly. “The bottom line is, not a day passes where I don’t think of everyone else in the Shinsengumi,” he finishes, letting out a rueful laugh. “They always say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, and they’re right. I never really let myself think of them as my friends, even though that’s what they were, and now it’s too late to tell them how important they are to me.”

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I was listening to Jungkook's playlist last night and for some reason it really reminded me of written on the sky. I literally cried so hard for over an hour as I tried to sleep but everything was just so vivid in my mind and I was so overwhelmed with emotions. I didn't cry when I read the story, but thinking about it again and listening to those songs just did something to me. The world ending is my biggest fear, and coupled with your beautiful imagery and the songs? I was an utter wreck TT-TT

AHH REALLY?? I have yet to go through all of the songs but aslkjd I bet I’m also going to get really emo when I do, writing that story was very emotionally draining. but wow I’m glad you were reminded of it, and that it stayed with you somehow hehe (even if it made you cry) 


#A Commission from Kuma!and this is for Hana and【Gold】#

Disclaimer: These pictures belongs to Kuma,and【Gold】belongs to Hana

→Original paragraph from Gold:

“But for now, she was still a child.

Even as she raised Ember and was the one responsible for her care-taking, Yang was a child.

Even as she made her own meals every morning and night, Yang was a child.

Even as she cleaned up the house and garden and car every day, Yang was a child.

Even as she started her job, started making money for herself to pay her parents and cover expenses,Yang was a child.

Because every day, Yang still refused to contact Blake herself.

And every night, she went to bed crying.”

Hi Hana,me again:D 

Do you still remember I promise you that I will draw another picture for【Gold】?(it’s been a long time….ahaha

Sorry I have tried so hard but I can‘t satisfy of my own drawing,so instead,I ask Kuma for help!XD 

Well,I mean I really love【Gold】as well as Kuma’s art,I just feel so happy to see she draw something for your story~


Thank you for your wonderful story,you really are the best writer of RWBY fanfic that I ever know.

And Thanks for the best commission too,kuma~

Gyaaa I Love you both!【Hey!

So I was thinking about Act 12 and how the senshi reacted to the Shitennou being killed right in front of them.  I really don’t like their reactions to it because it all the same. Here’s what I think each girl should have reacted.

Mina- Fall on her knees while crying and saying his name.She says “I finally got you back only to lose you again.” You can really tell that she’s shaking as she says it.  I think it would have affected her the most since she tried so hard to get him back. 

Mako- Finds the closest rock wall and pound her fist into it a multiple times while putting her forehead down on the rock as she tries to hold back the tears.She says “ Damn it! They can’t be gone. They just can’t be. You owe me a sparing match Nephrite. I was going to kick you ass again.” She pounds her fist again to the wall. 

Ami-  She starts typing madly in her computer to scan the area looking for any signs of them. She keeps scanning the area  with her googles and it keeps on coming out negative. She throws the computer to ground which is very uncharacteristic for her. She says “ stupid computer. They are not dead. We just healed them. How can you not find them?” She starts to cry and say Zoisite’s name. 

Rei- Stands tall but you clearly see that she’s shaking like a leaf. You can also see heat coming from her. She’s trying not cry but the tears are falling like a waterfall. She’s saying" Jadeite You Baka. How could you be dead. I don’t supposed to cry over you. Go to hell you baka. “ We all know she’s doesn’t want him to go to hell tho. 

Rei,Mako, and Ami all go to Mina who they can clearly tell took it the hardest. They all give her words of encouragement and told her that now they have to make sure their princess is safe.They have to defeat Metallia so the Shitennou deaths would not be in vain.  Also in honor of the Shitennou they have to make sure their prince will be released from the evil that’s inside of him. They all hugged each other, dried up their tears ,and started to look for their princess. 

So while I didn’t have a problem with them crying, I really wish each girl was different. You could have really showed their personalities which would have really made them stand out. 

This can’t be the end, but it is. We used to love each other so much and now the only thing we know how to do is make each other cry. We tried so hard to save what we had, fix all the damage, and give it another shot, but we were beyond fixing. We both should’ve known that. I didn’t want to say goodbye, and neither did you, but by staying together, the only ones we were hurting were ourselves. Oh god I wish it could’ve been different, because I really loved him. Maybe one day, when we’re right for each other and we are completely different people, we’ll have a fresh start. We can try again, and I swear next time I’ll love you right.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #53

[ENG SUB] 150919 Super Camp - Eunhyuk’s message to Donghae

Exo reaction when you caught them crying during a movie

Sehun: I wasn’t crying, I had salt from the popcorn in my eyes. Stop saying I was crying

Kai: I’m upset at you for making fun of me that I cried. If you give me a kiss I may feel better.

Tao: Y/N:Do you need more tissues Tao?

Mind your own business and your own tears and snots.

Kyungsoo: Just shut up and watch the drama

Chanyeol: But it was just one lonely tear why are you like this. it was really necessary to text baek and tell him that?

Chen:*turns against you* It was an emotional scene, what? you didn’t tear up while watching it?

Baekhyun:*gifs talks for himself*

Lay:*acts like kid* I will hide my eyes  so you won’t seeme crying anymore

Suho: But it so so sad that it broke my rich  big heart in two

Kris:*almost crying again* I tried so hard not to cry but have you seen how much she was crying in there?

Luhan: What are you laughing at? you still have a piece of tissue stuck to your face

Xiumin: Y/N:You were crying like a baby

No I wasn’t. Y/N:I saw you, don’t deny it. 

You saw badly, I wasn’t crying. 

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You know. The one thing that really hit me hard this episode was when when chiaki tried getting up. Like its so heartbreaking SHE IS LITERALLY DYING RIGHT IN FRONT OF IZURU and she’s determined to at least sit up. Her whole dialogue was really pulling at my heart strings like SHE REALLY JUST WANTED TO SEE HER FRIENDS AGAIN SHES SO PURE. :,) but honestly fuck this episode BYE


I did a thing.  Here toxixpumpkin take this fluff and my heart and just sit in the corner cause look what you made me do.

Tachibana Makoto.

He smiles and kittens feel fluffier at the sight.  Angels get wings when he laughs.  Small children are in awe.  Hell, adults are in awe. 

And Rin… Well Rin is in love.

He thinks that he’s always kind of known it somewhere in his mind.  Even through the years apart and their rocky reunion.  Even as he pushed and pushed and pushed so hard to keep everyone out.  Even when they started talking, finally friends again, part of him knew.

It probably showed too.  Actually he knew it did to a degree.  Sousuke had commented one time not long before graduation that he knew the moment Makoto had wrestled the phone away from Nagisa over in Iwatobi because Rin’s voice had softened ever so slightly.  Gou told him after their last practice that Rin always seemed more relaxed around Makoto than the others.

It’s always been there.  Building slowly over the years.  A foundation set on childhood innocence that should have crumbled and shattered so long ago.  But it was simply reinforced every time they came together.  Every time throughout high school they talked somehow these feelings for Makoto had grown a little larger.  Every text he got, every email, every video chat, every letter.  All building up inside him and every time he saw Makoto’s name on a screen or envelope, every time he heard his voice or saw his face, he felt like he was scrambling to keep all his emotions in place.

So when he steps into the airport and spots Makoto standing there with their friends, sees those broad shoulders and that angelic smile and that glint in his eyes that always seemed to be just for Rin, he freezes.  Then Makoto waves and Nagisa and Gou shout in excitement.  He hears Makoto laugh and then everything seems to come tumbling out and that’s it: he’s fallen in love with Makoto all over again.

He’s across the airport and wrapping his arms around Makoto’s neck before he even realizes he’s moved.  His face feels like it’s sunburned beyond all reason and he buries it against Makoto’s neck as he pulls him into the tightest hug possible.  He thinks he hears Sousuke mutter something about “I see how it is” and Gou is pouting because “Hey I missed you too you know” but he doesn’t really care right now.

Because Makoto is hugging him back just as tight and murmuring soothing words in his ears and it’s taking everything Rin has to keep his tears from streaming down his cheeks. 

Especially when he whispers, barely loud enough for Makoto to hear, “I love you,” and Makoto’s arms tighten around him as Makoto whispers back, “I love you too.”


My attribute to Cry Plays Undertale series?!?! Muffet is really fun to draw so I chose this part. I tried very hard on this one (still can’t believe this took not so long time (am i even making sense))

anyway i bought undertale it was amazing!! 10/10 would play again (still haven’t beat the final boss though.

also glowy stuff are fun.