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~Koogi’s Note/Epilogue~

***Very rough translation***

Good morning! Killing stalking’s Koogi here!

I think it’s the second time I’m saying hello. As I announced last time, today is the season’s end! As the season ended, I finished my college graduation ceremony (yuhu~)

I wanted to finish Season 2 immediately without a break, but I’m really sorry I did not. I am sorry to have caused you so much trouble preparing for Season 1 and I am sorry to have caused unreasonableness to the uploading team again… Something seems to have been a series of hardships and apologies.

However, as I have tried hard, my readers have been interested and liked it, and it has become a good thing!

Thanks, dear readers… (nod)

So about when season 2 starts! 

The exact comeback date will be announced via sns!

I am aiming for about the middle of March or the end of March!

In fact, I thought it would come out early March, but if I prepare too hastily, I have an ominous feeling… that I will have to take a week rest. I think that if I ended up taking a week rest, the flow would be cut off…

I hope you enjoy the story that will be heard in the future!

I want to see you soon!

Please expect the middle of March!

Thank you!!

How I learned to love math.


This time last year I was suffering because of math. My grades were literally shit and I failed every single test. Math was the most stressful thing in my life. I felt so stupid bc I tried really hard but nothing changed. It came to a point where I didn’t even care anymore. I stoped studying and was like YOLO before every single test. I didn’t hate math…but it made me suffer so much.

But now I am in college, studying something that has A LOT of math (really A LOT). And guess what? I love it. I just discovered a beauty in math that high school didn’t show me at all. Now I know why 1+1=2 and why 8x7 is the same as 7x8. It is amazing, and everyday I discover new things and I see math everywhere. 

But don’t get me wrong, I’m still not a math genius, I don’t study a lot, and I procrastinate bc I don’t want to do my algebra homework. But my grades are getting better, not perfect but I understand the topics and I am able to think about new creative ways to solve problems. And I am in love with math. Yes, I still suffer, but it’s like eating something spicy…I suffer, but I can’t stop, bc I just love it so much. 

What I want to say with this post is that whatever you are struggling right now with in school might be your favorite thing next year. And maybe it is just going to change alone, bc I did nothing to like math, I just didn’t let it intimidate me and even if I was bad I continued doing math. Don’t give up. Specially with math, if you are not good at math but you want to study something that has a lot of math, don’t give up. You will get better at it, little by little, maybe you will be slower that the rest, but you can do it. I know. 

Remember when doing long multiplication was hard? One day limits won’t be hard, geometry won’t be hard, calculus won’t be hard.

“It is work, but you can do it.”

- Juliana

anonymous asked:

orchestra stereotypes - go!

piccolo: i don’t always play, but when i do, rip ur ears
flutes: can we please do something else than imitating birds
oboes: quack quack was that me warming up my reed or an actual melody who knows
clarinets: we have one melody in this entire piece and you can’t hear it over the trumpets so why would we not warm up with rhapsody in blue
saxophones: thank you lord for inventing maurice ravel. oh and while ur here lord can you stop the rest of the orchestra bullying me
bassoons: deep poot
horns: just when ur admiring us for our infinite hotness and gorgeous tone quality we’ll start playing mahler cuivré with 8 of us in unison watch out BAAAAAA
trumpets: *slides into violin 1 section* which one of u lovely ladies wants a night with me ay the trumpet isn’t the only thing i can double tongue alalalalalalala *puts two fingers up to mouth and starts imitating cunnilingus*
trombones: the bottle i’m clutching onto is definitely water and not vodka i promise. gotta stay hydrated. no you can’t have any why d-
tuba: *tips fedora* m’lady
timpani: i went through 4 years of music school just for this shit 1 5 1 5 1 5 1 5 1 oh tricky bit coming up there’s a triplet but don’t worry there’s 92 bars of rest for me to prepare for it
other percussion: 1 gay guy, 1 straight girl who’s his best friend, the rest just fuckboys
harp: you may not be able to hear me in the orchestra but you won’t be laughing anymore when i forcefully transport you into a dream sequence just watch
piano: why am i here. i chose this instrument to get away from other musicians wtf i can make all the notes by myself i don’t need you
organ: now i can really make all the notes by myself you want a trumpet here’s a trumpet you want a clarinet here’s a clarinet badabingbadaboom just give me a church and i’m invincible
concertmaster: bow down 2 me
other violin 1s: we promise we’re just as good as the concertmaster see here’s us warming up with the sibelius concerto look loOK LOOK
violin 2s: i tried so hard and got so far but in the end it didn’t even matter
violas: you think you have it bad violin 2s we have to come into every rehearsal just for pizzicato ostinati
celli: 70% boring basslines 30% passionate melodies 100% fuck me
basses: plonk plonk plonk
conductor: let’s have some fun this beat is sick everyone pay attention to me and my stick

imagine your otp hogwarts edition pt. 2
  • i’m in the hospital wing because of a potions injury, and i’m just trying to strike up conversation, and i don’t think you really meant to tell me you’re here because you tried the engorgio charm on your dick, and i certainly don’t mean to be laughing this hard, and yet, here we are
  • i’m a quidditch player, and you’re the announcer, and i am trying really hard not to notice that your comments about me are becoming less and less about how i’m playing, and more and more about how i look in my quidditch uniform
  • i forgot to finish my history of magic homework, so i took a puking pastille to get out of it, but you are actually worried about me, and insist on escorting me to the hospital wing, and omg, after class you brought me soup from the great hall, i cannot ever tell you that i was faking it
  • i’m muggle born, and your pureblood and know nothing about muggle culture, and i’m so sorry, but i get just such a delight out of telling you elaborate lies, like, yes, electricity really is run by small rodents that power whole cities by running on wheels underground, don’t listen to what they said in muggle studies class, trust me
  • you just received a howler from your parents, and you look so embarrassed, and i can’t handle it, so fuck it, i’ll just moon the whole great hall, that’ll get the attention off of you
  • we’re in between classes, and we both hear a fourth year calling a first year a mudblood, and neither of us are having any of that prejudiced bullshit. unfortunately, my impulse was to hex them, and yours was to punch them in the face, and my jelly-legs curse hit you instead, i’m really sorry, and we both are probably getting detention now, but hey, plus side, you’re kind of cute
  • you’re muggle born, and you insist on wearing your muggle clothes on the weekends, and i just cannot get over the way you look in those jeans, like, god help me
  • i invited you on a date on our next visit to hogsmeade, too bad i can’t seem to do anYTHING RIGHT. SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO SPILL HOT BUTTERBEER ALL OVER YOUR LAP, I PROMISE I’M JUST NERVOUS
  • you are already dating someone else, and during our love potion unit, you get asked to explain what you smell, and of course you’re gonna be smelling things that describe your partner right? uhm, but then why are you explicitly describing me…?
  • we stumble into the mirror of erised together. we look into it. neither of us know it’s anything special. we just see our reflections

part 1

I did the “stay as group” with a couple of cool dudes, and we all naturally were checking each others career profiles while waiting for a match.

When they found that I was a Mercy main, their reactions added ten years to my lifespan:

Guy 1: “OMG Vivid is a Mercy main! I never thought I’d meet one in the flesh! Holy crap, guys, we lucked out!!”

Guy 2: “Wait, really?!” (Checks my profile) “OOOOOOHHHH this is gonna be good! I just gotta say, I am a BIG fan. I tried Mercy once, I have no idea how you do it.”

The third guy was new to Overwatch, and asked what a main is. I explained, and the other two guys told him that it was really hard to find a good support. After hearing about what Mercy can do, the new guy asked if he can try Mercy in the next match.

I consented, and spent the match as D.va beating would-be assassins off of him, giving him escorts up to balconies, and patiently tutoring him in the secret arts of support. After the match, he commented that playing Mercy was a lot harder than he thought it could be. (I privately lol’d. If he thinks it’s hard playing Mercy with a pocket D.va pampering him, he better not play her in soloque!)

The whole experience was something I had ever only dreamed about having… I can now die with no regrets.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story (Critical Role Vr.)

Okay so after ep 103, I stayed up until 2 am writing lyrics to match with the possible end game here. So I’m really sorry for the pain this will cause. P.S listen to the original hamilton song with this for extra pain.


Let me tell you what I wished I’d known

When I was young and dreamed of glory 

You have no control

Who lives, Who dies, Who tells your story

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Serpent Sister / Jughead Jones

Anon: Hi! I was wondering if you can write a jughead x reader where the reader is Archie’s younger sister and Jughead has to help her through their dad getting shot?

@loverofmusic25 : Hey I was wondering if I could get an imagine. It can either be Cole or Jughead but what I had in mind is more Jughead. Okay the reader is Archie’s twin or younger sister like a year younger and shes part of the Serpents so shes never around Archie or her dad. So when Fred gets shot she comes back in her jacket in the hospital and Jughead sees it and yeah I don’t know where to go from there. I’ve been really wanting and imagine like this so if you do this I’ll be so happy thanks! J

Warnings: spoilers for season 2, swearing, mention of death
Word Count:
jughead jones, archie andrews, fred andrews, veronica lodge, betty cooper, mary andrews, pop tate
Authors Note:
id just like to say that im sorry for being mia. ive had no inspiration for some reason and i’ve tried so hard. now that riverdale is back, hopefully i am too. also, i’d like to mention that archie’s twin sister has a look, and she is a *name insert*, but she has specific looks to match in with being archie’s twin. i do apologise x


Dad’s been shot.

As soon as those three words were mentioned by your brother, your phone was immediately hung up, thrown in a backpack along with some other things; some cash, your phone charger, a water bottle, your purse and a pocket knife (you can never be too sure).

Slipping on your attire that you wear for duties and meetings; black ripped jeans, a black t-shirt, your dad’s flannel and your South Side Serpents jacket over top. It was especially chilly, so you threw on a pair of thick socks and your black Doc Martins. You slung your backpack over your shoulder, grabbed your car keys and headed out the door.


It was about a 10 minute drive from your trailer to the Riverdale hospital, and the whole time your phone was going off every 30 seconds with Archie asking where you were or how long you were gonna be. Parking your black Mitsubishi Lancer in the car park, you quickly got out the car, shut the door and made your way into the hospital.

The sight of a nurse mopping up blood made you a little bit nauseous, but you stomached it, kept your back straight and head high as you walked to the waiting room. The first thing you noticed was that there was a lot of teenagers about your age in the room, but a familiar redhead caught your eye.


He was wearing his letterman jacket, which was covered in blood and you assumed it was your dads. Opening your mouth to call out to him, your brothers best friend, Jughead, had already beat you to it. Placing his hand on Archie’s shoulder and motioning to you, your *older* twin brother was already walking towards you and wrapping his arms around you, silently crying into your same coloured, red hair.

“Hey, it’s alright,” you whispered into his ear, holding him tighter as his hand slipped under your serpent jacket and balled the flannel in his fist. “Come on, Arch. I need you to tell me what happened.” You pulled away slightly, taking your brothers face in your hands and forcing him to look at you. “Or we can talk about it later. Just, please, calm down.”

Archie nodded as he let out a deep breath, closing his eyes and letting go of you. You let your hands drop at your sides as Archie went back and sat down next to Jughead and the infamous Veronica Lodge. Letting out a sigh, Jughead stood up and came to greet you.

“Hey there, Strawberry Shortcake,” Jughead laughed a little, making you smile. “How’s life been in the fast lane?” He raised an eyebrow as he embraced you. Looking over his shoulder, Betty Cooper was watching him with a raised eyebrow, but you ignored it and pulled away from the hug.

“It’s been good,” you smiled, looking into the eyes of the boy that was at your side all the time when you were younger. “Hey, I have to grab some things out my car. Mind letting Archie know?” You let your hand rest on Jughead’s bicep and he nodded, turning around to go back to Archie. Letting out a breath as you turned on your heel, you walked back down the hallway to retrieve an item from your car.

While you were gone, you became the gossip of the hospitals waiting room.

“Did you know she was a Serpent, Archie?” Betty asked as she watched you exit the hospital, the doors shutting behind you.

Archie nodded his head, keeping his eyes on his bloody converse. Veronica and Betty looked at each other with wide eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell us that your sister was, first of all, a Cheryl Blossom lookalike, and also, a part of the Southside Serpents?” Veronica crossed her arms over her chest as she raised an eyebrow at her boyfriend.

“Why does it matter? She’s my sister and she only left so she could protect dad and I after the whole ordeal with Jason Blossom.” Archie looked at Jughead, silently begging for help.

“Well she obviously didn’t do a very good job at keeping you both safe did she?” Veronica scoffed and Jughead looked at Veronica with a piercing stare.

“Why don’t you just back off from (Y/N), alright? Fred has been shot and you’re both arguing over why (Y/N) is wearing a Serpent jacket. You’re both being pathetic,” looking at Betty, Jughead shook his head and scoffed. “I can tell you’re thinking the exact same as Veronica, Betty. So don’t even try to defend yourself.” Jughead stood up, patting Archie’s back as he walked down the hallway and out the doors, looking for your familiar, fiery hair.

Seeing you rummaging through the boot (trunk) of your car, he walked over to stand next to you, but immediately noticed the tears streaming down your red cheeks. “Hey, are you alright?” Jughead held out his arms and you wrapped yours around his waist, starting to sob into his chest. “Shh, it’s alright,” he hummed softly, rocking back and forth gently. “What’s going on, (Y/N)?”

“I said I’d protect them,” you cried, trying to steady your breathing, but failing. “That’s why I left, Jughead. I was going to protect them both from everything. I was receiving threats from someone and I just wanted to protect them, but I didn’t.”

Jughead took a deep breath, not knowing what words to form together to calm you down, so he just stood there, holding you close.


After calming down and having a chat with Jughead, you had gone back inside, eyes a little puffy but cheeks no longer red. You had been lead to your fathers room by Archie, and here you were, sat on a plastic chair while Archie went home with Veronica so he could change.

Watching your dad’s chest rise and fall, you draped your Serpent jacket over your lap and traced the green embroidery on the back. Jughead had gone back to FP’s trailer so he could pick up his laptop and a few other pieces.

So you were here, watching your dad breath with the help from a machine.

Standing up and placing your jacket on the chair, you stood next to his bed and let your fingers trace his knuckles. “I’m so sorry, daddy,” you whispered softly, biting your lip. Looking up as you heard the door open, you saw Jughead standing there, a bag crossed over his body and a smile on his lips.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” Jughead asked as he closed the door behind him, placing his bag on a plastic chair. Almost ready to start crying again, you sat down and bit your lip.

“I just want my dad back…”

Some protag headcanons I wrote at 2 am

Minato is really the most open with his depression. He kinda stopped caring if people knew or not. The notion of nihilism at first provided comfort but soon began to envelop most of his waking thoughts. Similar to the movie, the dark hour is one of the few things that have gave his life meaning and he’s conflicted on letting that go or not

Souji tries so damn hard to hide his emotions and very few people ever get him to open up. He firmly believes that people only care for him for the support he provides and for the masks that he wears. The moment people realize he’s not the perfect honors student and friend that they believe and want him to be they’ll leave him. Souji can’t let that happen

Akira is just full of an impatient rage. His efforts to be the good samaritan left him with an assult on his record and feeling empty. He’s fed up with the world and just wants to get back at it. Conflicting emotions arise when he starts to consider if he’s acting as a phantom thief to save others or to satisfy his needs for revenge or as a way to channel that anger. The world turned him cold while simultaneously setting him ablaze

Profile Preview

Profiles to look forward to!

1. Azula: ENTJ [Avatar: The Last Airbender]

Azula came in second in the 2017 ENTJ poll, but will still get a profile by popular demand. I love her and she is so interesting, so get ready for that profile.

2. Moana: ENFP [Disney’s Moana]

I feel despite being runner-up in the ENFP 2017 poll there are still a lot of misunderstandings of ENFJ and ENFP, especially when it comes to Moana’s character. Many mistype her as xNFJ, which I think comes from a misunderstanding of Fe, Ni, and Se in an ENFJ AND a misunderstanding of the functions that make up an ENFP. I hope with this profile to not only clarify Moana’s character, but clarify the functions and the ENFPENFJ differences. 

3. Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel: INFJ [DC Comics]

Me and others have typed her as ESFP, so INFJ may seem out there. Which is why I am excited to work super hard on this INFJ profile so it is a strong argument, sound, and a deeper understanding of this iconic DC character. Trust me. I’m not crazy. INFJ for Harley after my profile is finished is going to make a whole lot of crazy sense. 

MBTI Series

1. MBTI Quotes

I have the series for each type of character quotes that really embody in their type in their own way. I am always editing with retypes and new types. 

2. MBTI and Hogwarts Houses

This series looks at each house and tries to describe what each type would be more like in that house. Especially, since any type can be sorted into any house. Your type does not indicate your house. I am working on finishing this series.

I have only finished Slytherin House.

3. MBTI Tropes

I am working on fictional tropes each of the types. Each post looks at the tropes the types have a pattern of falling into. 

ISTJ Tropes
ENFP Tropes


“Melody, do you remember how to walk?”
“Not really,” she responded with a laugh. 
“Well it won’t be easy, you’ve been under the sea for years now…”
“Oh how hard can it be? I won’t be up here for long!”

when I first started my blog, I had a request for the scene with human legs as Melody. I tried it again and I am much happier with how it turned out! ❤

Koogi’s Note for Season 2

When I first saw the author’s note it was saying “epilogue” so I asked of you to what does it means. Luckily I got a reply by @sangw0ah who is so kind translate the whole thing. So here is the koogi’s note:

Good morning! Killing stalking’s Koogi here! I think it’s the second time I’m saying hello. As I announced last time, today is the season’s end! As the season ended, I finished my college graduation ceremony (yuhu~) I wanted to finish Season 2 immediately without a break, but I’m really sorry I did not. I am sorry to have caused you so much trouble preparing for Season 1 and I am sorry to have caused unreasonableness to the uploading team again… Something seems to have been a series of hardships and apologies. However, as I have tried hard, my readers have been interested and liked it, and it has become a good thing! Thanks, dear readers… (nod) So about when season 2 starts! The exact comeback date will be announced via sns! I am aiming for about the middle of March or the end of March! In fact, I thought it would come out early March, but if I prepare too hastily, I have an ominous feeling… that I will have to take a week rest. I think that if I ended up taking a week rest, the flow would be cut off… I hope you enjoy the story that will be heard in the future! I want to see you soon! Please expect the middle of March! Thank you!!

Whose to Blame (Part II)

So, as requested, here is a second part to Whose to Blame. I tried really hard to not make this part 2 suck like usual, but let me know how much it sucked, ok? Thank you for reading my loves. <3

Pairing: Isaiah x Reader; Tommy x daughter!Reader

Warnings: Blood, but not really; super fluffy; bad language words

“Get back to your fucking bed.” I heard my fathers voice. I stopped making my tea and turned to him, a maid standing to his side refusing to look in my eyes.

She told my dad on me.

“I am perfectly capable of making myself a cup of tea.“ 

"Yeah, I know. But we also have people in this house, who I pay by the way, that can do it for you.”

“I’m almost 19. I don’t need anyone to do it for me.” My tone calming. I know he was just worried about me.

It’s been a month since the incident and he, my uncles and all the Blinders have been plotting nonstop against a new and unknown threat.

“There’s a meeting in my office at noon. Feel free to stop by instead of sitting outside of the door eavesdropping.

I tried to hide my growing smirk, unsuccessfully, and finished making my tea, glaring at the loose-lipped maid as I walked out of the kitchen.

I hadn’t been watching where I was going. My eyes were fixated on my hands, trying to keep the liquid from teetering over the lip of the cup.

"Fuck.” I cursed when I collided with someone, making a bit of tea fall to the carpet.

“What are you doing out of bed?” I looked up at Isaiah and struggled to figure out if I wanted to grin because he was here, or roll my eyes because he sounded just like my father.

“I came down to make a cup of tea.” He grabbed it from my hands and sat it on the table. I stared at him, his smooth skin practically glowing in the sunlight.

“There are a million fucking hired maids and cooks in this place and you decide to make your own tea?” His hands reached for my waist, pulling me closer to him, practically drowning me in his presence.

“Whatever. What are you doing here anyway?” I grabbed my cup and started walking up the stairs to my room, Isaiah trailing behind me.

“Your father wanted to meet with me. Before everyone else got here.”

When we got to my bedroom, Isaiah took his coat off and laid it over a chair.

“What time?”

“We already met.” I turned to him.

“You two met in the time it took me to make a cup of tea?” he nodded curtly. “Short meetings aren’t usually meetings at all. They’re just Tommy telling someone what to do and them agreeing.”

He laughed and kicked off his shoes, laying back on the plush mattress.

“You are right.”

“Okay, so what did he say?” He turned his head to the side to look at me.

“Nothing you need to worry about love.”

“Bullshit. If it has to do with what happened, or you, I should know.” His eyes scanned over my face for a few seconds, seemingly memorizing every line and dip of my skin.

“Last week I asked if I could be the one to kill them. The men who did this to you. He said yes.” He quietly stated, turning his attention back to the ceiling.

I couldn’t find words, too shocked at what he just said.

“Isaiah… Why?”

“Because they hurt you. And they took something from you that you weren’t ready to give. And they have to pay.”

“But why do you have to do it? Why can’t it be someone else? I’m sure my father would love nothing else than to put bullets in all of those fuckers heads.”

He sat up and stood, walking all the way around the bed to pull me up to my feet. He grabbed both sides of my face and leaned down, barely letting our lips touch. I took the initiative and closed the gap, setting off fireworks all over my body. But the kiss was short lived.

“They didn’t only fuck with Tommy Shelby’s daughter. They fucked with the girl that I love.”

He thought he didn’t wake me up, but his footsteps were heavy, like there were fucking bricks tied to each of his ankles.

I peeled open my eyes just a little to see my father leaning on the door frame.

There was a bit of blood on his shirt.

“Are you sure about this?” The older man asked, his loud voice only coming down to the level of a normal persons.

The man was incapable of whispering.

Isaiah was putting his shoes on when he was asked this question, his head immediately turning to me. I kept still, keeping my breathing even.

“Just as sure as I am about marrying her.” My father nodded and a small smile crept onto his lips.

“Well that’s as sure as you’ll ever be.” Isaiah picked up his coat from the chair and Tommy put a hand on his shoulder before they both looked back at me and walked out.

As soon as the door shut, I sat straight up. The smile that I wore big enough to fill the room.

I stood and waked over to my window, watching four men, my father, two uncles, and the man I love walk away from the house and towards the wooded area. John gave Isaiah a small shove as they walked, only making my face light up even more.

The next morning, I woke up and Isaiah wasn’t in the bed with me. I stood and sighed in relief when I saw a pile of clothes in the corner of the room. I picked up the white button up shirt. There was blood splattered all over it.

I sighed and put it back down, exiting my room and walking down the stairs. The closer I got to the bottom, the clearer I could hear the voices. My family was here. The whole fucking lot of them.

I walked into the dinning room, all heads turning towards me. Isaiah was here too, the chair between him and Arthur empty. When we made eye contact, he smiled, beckoning me over with his head.

“What’s all this about?” I asked, suddenly feeling underdressed in my nightclothes and robe while everyone had on real clothes.

“It’s a celebratory breakfast.” John answered with a smirk, rolling his toothpick around in his mouth. Isaiah stood up on my side, but I was too busy trying to find out the reason everyone was here to pay him any attention.

“Celebratory breakfast? Well what exactly are we celebrating?”

“Why don’t you turn around and find out.” Tommy said from the head of the table.

I turned around to find Isaiah, not in his chair where he was before, but down on one knee in front of me, fiddling with a small velvet box in his hands.

“It took something tragic to bring us together. And if you say yes, I know that only something tragic will ever tear us apart. I love you and will never let anything happen to you. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Not even when he opened the box. It wasn’t about the ring. I’d marry him if he presented me with a plastic piece of jewelry he won at a fair.

After a few seconds of just looking at each other, I smiled and pulled him up to me by his shoulders, kissing him like it was the night after the wedding.

My family started to cheer behind me. I pulled away for a second, letting our foreheads rest against one another.

“So is that a yes?” He asked. I nodded and his smile grew ten fold.

“It’s a yes.”

Sometimes I resent my mom cause I feel like she could have made a better life for herself if she tried harder. She is a hard worker without a doubt, - a great mother. But she had the same entry-level job for 2 decades and never tried to get a better job or move up in the company. I really wish she had confidence in herself to try and do better. I hate that she never tries to do anything new or come out of her comfort zone. I feel it is one of the reasons why I am basically a recluse myself.

march update and announcement

- I couldn’t wait until the holidays, so talksprites are happening now!! I decided to redraw that Arnika from scratch (that sprite was so old), and it was such a good idea. Despite being smaller, these sprites are much more expressive, and there’s more space for body language.
The only problem is Arthur, as the dude is McFreakin’ Tall. He’s supposed to be a head or so taller than Arnika, but that cuts half of his head off… so he’s drawn as if he’s standing a little further away.

Arnika and Lina are mostly done (just need to draw a bunch of expressions), Arthur’s up next. Boy, his expressions are gonna be fun (painful) to make.

Feels like I’m improving in pixel art by the hour <3

- As an extension of the nice talksprites, the overall look of the game might be getting an upgrade with custom transparent text boxes! Or maybe not. They’ll require some common-eventing, I’ll try it and see if it works/is worth the trouble. There will also be more colour variations for different areas.

- Otherwise, some small programming things were done - rest points, dialogue, etc. Music was received (thanks! :>). And… this brings me to the announcement:

I decided to make a shroom soup demo!

The final product will be quite a long game, and I’m not really sure when it will be done. Buuuut, I am dying to share at least a little bit of it with the world, get some feedback, have something sort-of-released. So, it’s gonna happen! Probably in the next month or 2, and unlike the last time I tried to set a release date, that’s actually not impossible.

I’ll work hard during my break to get it ready, so stay tuned 💖

Pet peeve: I’m a support on blue side. I put a control ward on tri brush. Enemy supp comes over to try and kill it. I try to defend it. A small war goes on at tri brush between supports, over a tiny ward. But somehow? The enemy ADC is always the one who’s able to leave lane for 2 seconds and help their supp, sometimes even gets a kill on me. Unless he’s really behind on CS, why is it so hard for my ADC to walk up that small distance when the enemy ADC already left lane? What am I not seeing here?

Artwork by @rringabel

what i did for prom

okay so there’s a ton of posts out there talking about prom and how to prep and any last minute details and I just thought I would share my experience with u all!! my prom was last weekend and it was a blast. I was actually on my prom planning committee so t was extra satisfying to see all my cool friends come together and work on something great.
Not to mention it was in the MOA and we got to go on the rides!! it’s
So I’m thicc as hell and not in my peak athletic state like at all, so I wanted to keep my workouts to a minimum and still get some really nice results. So starting about three weeks out, I would do planks (just standard, elbows On the ground) for about a 1-2 minutes and some wall sits here and their. Planks are miserable but they do work. I also am up and moving. Around at work and went on long walks about once a week. DANCE IN THE MIRROR. don’t make cardio hard.

Also if u want the glowy clear skin, u gotta eat right. I’m a vegetarian, so I upped my game a little bit and tried to eat vegan as much as I could. This is a hard task for some, and it’s totally fine if u can’t, but I would cut out fatty meats and red meat all together for a little bit. I know it helps w my skin. When I was eating vegan 90% of the time, it was easier for me bc I work at a place where vegan food was easily accessible. try chipotle or panera!! or a smoothie place if ur on the go. the more holistically u eat, and the less processed food u eat, the better u will feel. also obviously, drink more water than usual. drink ur coffee and tea straight up, no diet sodas.

I put coconut oil in my hair for at least 10 hours a week( overnight) and I didn’t use heat on it so I knew it had time to relax and strengthen up before I curled the shit out of it bc I have bleached and damaged hair

I got my dress from Macy’s, it was $90, which was great for my price range but if it’s too much there are always other really great stores with cheaper options. ur only gonna wear it once anyways. Sell ur old ones for cash, or u could rent one!! Check thrift shops too. My shoes I already had, and I made some of my accesories with crafty shit I found at Walmart. Otherwise, Claire’s is ur best friend.

Don’t stress about money, honies. I always look for ways to be as cheap as possible. You certainly don’t need a limo or a party bus or a corsage or a super expensive meal to have a good night. There’s no need to be the most the prettiest girl at the ball, bc in reality, girls are gonna be cute no matter what they wear. It’s about confidence and the ppl ur with. ALSO U DO NOT NEED A DATE. I NEVER HAD ONE AND I HAD THE TIME IF MY LIFE DANCIG EITH MY BEST FRIENDS. DONT STRESS.

compromise is key with ur friends. If ur going with a group, u will stress out about what ur game plan is, worry not. things will fall into place.

Please be safe if u are gonna do illegal or sketchy activities. You don’t need a lecture from me.

don’t wait for the last day to buy ur tickets


The Little house on Lexington

The coziest, little home using inspiration from a little home project I had seen late at night on TV.

 I’ve been working on this all evening; not even with the intention of sharing… but I loved it’s boho charm enough to share it with you guys.

One bedroom

One bath 

I tried really hard to place objects in a manner that would keep things free flowing and to run efficiently with daily sim lives. No sims have lived in this house; meaning it has yet to be tested by me

I have every single expansion, therefore I am not entirely sure what expansions you will need. Luckily this day and age, we have the free ultimate collection.


anonymous asked:

I don't really know if this is abuse. I'm scared of my mother to the point of not wanting to leave my room for anything other than my own basic needs, if that. My mom can be very nice and reasonable at times, but she gets really mean a lot as well. She is convinced I don't have any type of mental illness, even when I show all the symptoms for it, and she blames it on me not caring about my school work when my grades start to slip. I try really hard. (1/2)

(2/2) It’s just hard for me to focus when I start going numb or I get extremely anxious. She’s used my own diary entries against me, showing them to my doctor as proof that I have a “porn addiction” (I watch it once every few weeks, if that), tried to force me to go on the birth control chip, forced me to go to church when she found out I’m Wiccan, and refuses to call me by my real pronouns or name because she’s convinced I’m a girl. I’m transgender. Is this abuse, or am I just overreacting?

Children are not supposed to be scared of their parents, anon. If you are scared of your parents, I guarantee you there is a reason, and that reason is abuse. You are not wrong, or overreacting.

It sounds like her behavior is extremely controlling, manipulative, and gaslighting. She is denying you any kind of personhood beyond what she wants for you. That is abuse. Next time you see this doctor, or another, if she takes you back, try to speak to them in private about your situation.

It’s 2:30 am and I randomly remembered one of the girls me and my boyfriend met in line for the Party Baby concert in Paris, who barely spoke English but she tried so hard because she really wanted to talk to us, and then we lost each other when actually entering the concert hall, but when the concert was over she somehow spotted us (must’ve been Levi’s hair tbh) and ran up to us and said it meant so much to her to meet us on the best day of her life, and that she is so shy, but wanted us to know that. BASICALLY SHE WAS JUST THE CUTEST LITTLE HUMAN BEING I’VE EVER MET AND I WILL NEVER FORGET HER. I LOVE BABYZ SO MUCH.