i tried pt.2 *

The prison has been decommissioned.

Took us a little longer than the first three, but a SLAM first full Bastion of the Penitent clear with @the-salad and @pentzski-gw2! \o/

Deimos was a tricky challenge and literally a single misstep could murder the whole crew, but with adjustments and practice and a cleric revenant completely out of left field, Deimos was defeated.  

Bastion of the Penitent was a fun ride.  It’s weird, gritty, and dark, and it’s got a feel that edges on otherworldly.  Like Stronghold of the Faithful, it’s a gorgeous zone, but there’s a point at which you realize things are going downhill rather quickly.  The GW1 player in me was also much pleased with the loose ends that were tied up, although here’s to hoping that some of the plot threads that are still loose won’t just disappear forever.

I will, as always, be more than happy to open cleared instances of Bastion of the Penitent or any of the Forsaken Thicket maps for exploration after we’ve cleared them out for the week.  I might make a post about it later (like the others), but you are more than welcome to shoot me a message here or in-game! :>

Onwards to challenge motes! /o/


He’s, doing his best ,