i tried out a new eye style

i did the art thing w dane dehaan’s face. it’s v emotive and nice and i rlly like it so here’s to to u dane dehaan thanks for having a drawable face (please do not delete the caption!!)


Something about the man’s eyes were impeccable. They were beautiful and pure…but Hamilton knew the power behind them, so he rolled his eyes and looked away from the man.

Jefferson, also, was lost in the infuriating man’s eyes, but for a moment, he felt something. He was unsure of what in the hell that zap of feeling was, but it was something.

Here’s my entry for @burrn‘s art contest!! I had chapter one of their CYMFH series :) I tried out a new coloring style for this and I think it turned out pretty well!! The total time put into this was about 8/9 hours!!



Sorry for sucking at everything.

This is mostly just an overview of how I use one particular app. Stay tuned for a video to come of a couple different app options for Android tablets or phones, as well as pros and cons to each.

For today’s video I tried something new, which included no recording of myself, and only recording the screen of my tablet instead. Not sure how much I like it, so I’ll try to go back to the other style soon. Mostly I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things.

For this video I used:

Keep an eye out for upcoming videos including

  • Lecture notes on a tablet
  • What else to use a tablet for in school
  • A review of my tablet and my stylus
  • How I organize my paper notes
  • Class binders
  • And more!!!!!

I always wanted to draw Rae from Always Human. She is so pretty, I am in love with her ❤ Her new eyes made me think about cosmic kitty look 😂

I hope you ll like it  @walkingnorth @alwayshumancomic

I tried new coloring style and i am crying because it turned out pretty o.O Mostly i am too lazy to finish drawings, i always make doodles and never color them crieeeeee


Update in the new wig, also tried eye shaping for the first time. Starting to feel like my idea of masculinity may deviate from the norm lmao. Still figuring out whether or not I like the way I cut n styled it :/