i tried out a new coloring

Retelling an old tale.

I don’t know why but I get VERY excited when I see other people have the same things I do?

I got Rainbow Dash at the Goodwill a couple years back. Her hair was nasty, she’s HUGE, and I’d never seen a pony that size before, so I picked her up. Her hair was even worse than it looked. When I unbraided it, the pink in her mane was completely matted up in one huge wad.

Which I didn’t take a photo of. Because I do that.

On the left is the texture of the hair after I had combed it out, on the right, my first attempts at straightening it.

Left here is where I stopped mucking about with it then. It didn’t look great. Not too long ago, I decided to try retexturing the pink AGAIN since I’ve had more practice and tried new things since then.

It’s a lot better now, but the pink still has a slightly different texture than the other colors.

And I am giddy excited to see someone else have a go at prettying up the same Rainbow Dash.

The star of the show of my cosplay work today!!!!

Tried fixing up the triangles (with little good results) but I DID fix up the lighting successfully.

Moved the solid white lights to the outside, and added new strips inside that flash, fade, strobe, and have 20 different colors.

I also figured out how to finally secure them without 8 million safety pins. I just hope to one day reduce the battery boxes to just one, because right now the skirt has four.


skam meme:

[4/4] scenes ➢ it’s your girl

The Signs as I've Known Them

Aries: Really cool, fun to hand around. Kind of annoying, but you get used to their sexual jokes and bad ance. I associate them with drag racing with really old cars and ending up busting its engine entirely.

Taurus: Usually sweet and caring, will never hesitate to tell you if something’s wrong and would love your help. I associate them with foreign languages that make you sound mature while talking to your dad on the phone.

Gemini: Very bubbly but fun to be around, especially if you can poke fun at them and make them laugh. I associate them with the color yellow that shines on your bed in the morning when the sun rises.

Cancer: Cute, very easy to tickle and tries really hard to make you laugh, but they don’t need to suffer as much as they do. I associate them with paint on the walls you were forced to paint as a grade, but ended up making multiple new friends along the way.

Leo: Stands out in a crowd like a pleasantly-dressed sore thumb; they tend to be touchy-feely, but its comforting when they’re quiet. I associate them with bright stage lights that have gotten too old for their hinges and now just gather dust from pleasant memories.

Virgo: Cares, but it doesn’t seem like it. They can be a bit harsh at times, but they’re total sweehearts when you get closer. I assocoate them with silent walks in the rain with your best friend.

Libra: Very polite and kind, knows everyone the best because they’re always in the background watching all the drama unfold. I associate them with the suburbs and video games that aren’t supposed to make you laugh, but they find the best things in them.

Scorpio: Not as sexual at the stereotype comes across as, but still makes a lot of innuendos if you don’t pay close enough attention. I associate them with rolled up jean shorts and summer days that are too hot to go outside but you just can’t stand being inside anymore.

Saggitarius: Very strong emotionally and mentally, will be there to listen to your problema, but probably can’t give the greatest advice back. I associate them with late afternoons with friends, just playing games strategically and kicking ass.

Capricorn: Builds a hard wall between reality and their emotions, really really tries to do good for others, under appreciated. I associate them with shimmering gold rings and hair streaks, having inside jokes with everyone.

Aquarius: Quirky and cute, but can snap and be a bitch the next second no matter how close you are. I associate them with cloudy days and lazy mornings where you don’t want to go to school but you prefer that over chores.

Pisces: Open and honest, loves attention and affection and respects your opinions, very aesthetically pleasing. I associate them with black out curtains and not realizing what time it is while in a call with your best friend at four in the morning.


5.19.16+12:55pm // 55/100 days of productivity // here’s this week’s spread! spiced it up with bold-colored magazine cutouts and tried out some new lettering and doodles. good luck to everyone taking finals in the coming weeks, just in case i won’t be able to see you until then!


If chap 117 was a bit more shoujo manga.

(This was partly inspired by that Mattsun x Mari scene in Nijiiro Days, one of my favorite shoujo manga.)

Merry Christmas @that-otaku-chick!! I’m your secret santa!! I’m so sorry for being late, thank you for understanding why though <3 <3 <3

I tried a bunch of different of new things while making this, I hope it turned out okay! I know you said you love the dragon slayers, but I wasn’t sure if there was one you liked more than the other, so I decided to go ahead and do the main seven!!

I hope you like it ^^ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, sweetie!!

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Something about the man’s eyes were impeccable. They were beautiful and pure…but Hamilton knew the power behind them, so he rolled his eyes and looked away from the man.

Jefferson, also, was lost in the infuriating man’s eyes, but for a moment, he felt something. He was unsure of what in the hell that zap of feeling was, but it was something.

Here’s my entry for @burrn‘s art contest!! I had chapter one of their CYMFH series :) I tried out a new coloring style for this and I think it turned out pretty well!! The total time put into this was about 8/9 hours!!


For anon…reader is female as requested. y/h/c means your hair color.

Y/N stared out the ship’s large windows and marveled at the universe. She ran a hand through her y/h/c hair. She glanced to her right as she heard approaching footsteps. She sent a smile to General Hux. Unknown to either one, a certain Sith watched from afar.

“Good Afternoon, Y/N,” he greeted.
“General Hux,” she replied with a nod.
“Hux will be just fine,” he paused, “The stars are beautiful, aren’t they?”

She raised an eyebrow at him. Was he flirting with her?

“Yeah, they are” she agreed slowly, a blush creeping across her cheeks.
“You mirror them quite well…Y/N, I was thinking,” he started.
“General Hux,” a sudden, irate voice called from the other side of Y/N.

She jumped at the sudden noise. The girl turned to see a masked Kylo Ren staring straight at the General. Hux let out an irritated sigh. Kylo Ren continued with what he was saying.

“You have been requested on the other side of the ship,” he told him through gritted teeth.
“That’s funny. I figured my men would have contacted me themselves,” he snapped back, “Not through a third party.”

Kylo Ren took a menacing step toward Hux, causing a few nearby Stormtroopers to slowly back away. Everyone in the large room could feel the tension between the two. It didn’t take a Sith to tell Kylo Ren was seething. His fists were clenched tight and his jaw was locked. Not wanting either to hurt the other, Y/N pushed her way in between them.

“Boys, quit it!” She softened her tone, “Hux, could you at least check? The last thing we need is a negligent general.”
Hux adjusted his suit slightly. He gave a nod.
“You’re absolutely right.”

With that, the General hastily walked toward the opposite side of the ship. Y/N turned toward Kylo Ren. She crossed her arms over her chest and raised a brow. After a moment, the Sith removed his mask to show his own irritation and frustration.

“What was that about?” she asked.
He scoffed as if it were obvious. “That…bantha was trying to ask you on a date.”
“And that’s a problem because…”
“I’m the only one who’s supposed to make you feel special,” he muttered angrily, “Not that irritant.”
“You’re…jealous?” she asked incredulously, “Of Hux?”

She began to laugh at the situation. She attempted to stifle the sound behind her hand, but to no avail. Kylo Ren’s eyes widened with shock.

“Heh…you, a Sith, are jealous of-of a general? A general you command?”
“Quiet,” he commanded.

Y/N continued to chuckle and giggle. Becoming fed up, Kylo Ren shut her up the only way he knew how. He gripped her waist and smashed his lips against her, silencing the taunts. After a few long moments, he pulled back. He smirked when he saw her eyes still closed. He leaned into her ear.

“I’m extremely jealous.”

Want to Request?

Day 17 - RWBY - Prompt “A cold night and Yang the comforter” from weaponscomplex

I hope this feels as warm as it made me feel while drawing ‘cause for some reason I used the Vol4 Team… makes this a little more Hurt/comfort than I intended it to be TT^TT Also I tried out a new Sign, mainly because I need a color at the bottom and I’ve seen others do it as well…

Anyway I hope you’re enjoyed this!

More and more let’s enjoy the cold!