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cardigan-carm  asked:

Love your werewolf au, but question. It say final chapter, but you said you'd​ continue with the other bros making an appearance. Will the be still under the same story or will it be a spin-off (a series on AO3)?

Hey love <3 

I plan to make it a separate series entirely. The story will  of course be connected, and the characters will stay as they are, but the feel of the story will likely be very different. While I tried to give In Sheep’s Clothing a darker, older feel, the sequel will be considerably lighter and focus on the Pack and the drama/love …squares? that take place there. 

Thoughts so far: (under the cut)

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Victuuri Week Day 02: Historical AU

Anyways here’s my contribution to victuuri week: Victor and Yuuri in random eras because I wanted to draw historical outfits (sorry  for any historical inaccuracies)

Victuuri Week

Day 2AU: Historical, Time Travel

Something like an AU where Victor and Yuri are treasure hunters and can travel in time to find lost relics and learn about the different cultures along the decades. Also I tried to give them a Steampunk look because I thought it would fit in the prompt ;D


I wanted to doodle outfits in theme of some of the places they traveled;;


everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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[shadowhunters lookbook]: hair + clary

I did say I was gonna draw class 1a kids in stuff I own didn’t I? todoroki is the only one i have finished with colors so far cus im biased but other sketches will be done soon!

this was supposed to be clothing practice but my wardrobe is so very plain lmao

me @ myself,,,,,, you failed,,,,,,,, i trusted you and you failed me like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i thought you cared,,,,,,,,,, i thought you had my best interest at heart,,,,,,,, where,,,,,,,,,, where is any dirkjake reference in your lastest pic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, where is it marcia,,,,,,,,,,where is it


In which Bakugou is me


Another meme I won’t finish: [3/?] favorite outfits:

You look really nice.