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Seventeen reaction to you refusing to take pictures with them

Hoshi: When you block your face or try to maneuver around the camera. Hoshi will look at you questioningly since you always took pictures with him it become your couples thing. “Babe? Are you okay?” He’d ask closing his phone and coming closer to you. You’d try to look away he’d grab your chin to make you look at him. “I don’t feel pretty enough to be in pictures” he would get a little upset “y/n.. But your beautiful if you don’t want to take pictures that’s okay but please know that you are extremely gorgeous I love you” he’d move a little piece of hair from your face and place a kiss on your forehead while snapping a little picture just cause. 

 Woozi: Youd be cuddling after his early morning practice. He doesn’t take many pictures so when your refused to take a picture he didn’t mind but he was a little concerned onto why you didn’t want to take one. “You’re okay right babe? We always take pictures” you didn’t quite answer so he got up and asked more firmly. You explained why you didn’t want to take one. He grabbed your hand in his and started rubbing it with his other hand. “I’m not very good at this but listen to me babe.. You don’t have to be self conscious especially around me. I love you and I think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen please believe me. I will always make you feel special because you are” after this he wouldn’t ask for another picture for a while because he wasn’t going to push you to do something you didn’t want to.  

Dino: When he held up his phone to take a quick selca of you two your smile faded and you hid your face in his shoulder refusing to even look up. He’d pout a little and looked at you, pushing hair from your face and rubbing your cheek he’d ask. “How come you don’t want to take a picture?” “Because I don’t feel pretty enough” he’s heart would break. he’d grab you and hold you in his arms while you cuddled up to him. “How can you say something like that babe? You ARE pretty youre beautiful for that matter why can’t you see yourself through my eyes. Please believe when I tell you..” He’d feel bad that you feel like this and hed think he can’t help much but over all he’d try to make you feel better as much as you can 

 Mingyu: This little visual tree seems like he would always take couple selcas, so when you refuse he’d be confused a little. “Why we always take pictures we are visuals!” “I don’t want to I don’t look good in them anyways” he’d become a little saddened by the fact you don’t think your pretty enough. He’d pull your body into his arms and he’d start to name all the things he’s loves about you and how beautiful you are. He would go on and on until you finally believed. He’d probably ask for a picture and make you shine that big bright smile because a smile is the best makeup

Joshua: You were on a date and he tried to take a picture to savor the moment you two never get with a picture when you tried to hide your face behind your hands “Y/n just one!” he cutely whined “Im not pretty enough for a picture” his heart dropped a little “what?.. You’re gorgeous you know that please don’t think any different its a picture only we will see.. but if you don’t want to take a picture its okay” he’d close his phone and he’d move to give you a hug. He’d run his hand up and down your back “I love you baby more then you think” he just wants you to be confident in your own skin 

 Vernon: He’d be so confused. Why would his beautiful girlfriend think so little of herself? He would wish that you saw the beauty he saw in you. He’d pull a puppy face, pouting and taking your hand gently in his before pulling you closer and showing you all the candid pictures he has of you on his phone. With each picture, he’d point out every little thing he loves about you in them. This sweetheart would do everything he could to convince you that you truly are beautiful, inside and out. 

 Jun: He’d think you were joking at first. He’d scoff and say, “Okay really, y/n. Let’s take the picture now.” When he realized you were serious, he’d raise an eyebrow at you, unable to believe what he’d just heard. He’d be heartbroken on the inside, but he’d hide it. He’d tell you you’re beautiful straight out. “I fell in love with everything about you, y/n. In my eyes, you’re perfect.” He’d defend you from yourself in a sense. If you still didn’t believe him, he’d pull you close against him and kiss your nose, your lips, your eyes, you chin, your jaw, your neck, your hands, everything. And after each kiss, he’d tell you what he loved about it. It might be cheesy, but he’d mean every word.