i tried okay i really did try

I’ve been thinking about how Yang Hyun-suk actively tried to destroy 2NE1. 

He ignored the talents and wishes of one member (Minzy) by refusing to give her a chance as a soloist; she didn’t even get one single to herself like her group members did. Someone who works at a MUSIC COMPANY, A PLACE THAT LITERALLY EXISTS TO MAKE MUSIC, should not have had to try and make demos on her own and upload them to soundcloud just so fans could hear her voice…

He cast aside and alienated one member (Park Bom) by throwing her to the wolves when a ridiculous scandal was resurfaced after years, an issue in which she was cleared of all charges. He did not defend her against public backlash and humiliation, and instead abandoned her when she needed support the most. And while she got two solo singles, she never got to release the solo album that we all know was recorded. 

He put the weight of the world on one member’s shoulders (CL) by putting immense pressure on her to succeed in the US so that, if she did, 2NE1 could join her overseas as well, while at the same time giving her 0 support and no clear plan to achieve this goal. By isolating the group’s leader from the other members this caused an inevitable schism in the group dynamic, something none of the girls could help due to the way her solo preparations were approached. 

And as for the final member, Dara? I’ll let her quote from this past August, do the talking: 

Yang sajangnim also told me, ‘Hey, I think you became brighter after getting close to Yoo Jae-suk.’ That was the first time I ever heard a compliment from him.“

He has picked on these women throughout their whole careers (anyone who has seen 2NE1 tv knows this as fact) and for every compliment or positive thing he has said about them, there are many more slights, insults, and poor management moves to cancel out anything good he’s ever said about them.

This was not a group that wanted to disband. Quite frankly, they were sabotaged and betrayed by the man who was supposed to help them build long and successful careers; the man who, as their boss, should have kept their happiness, wishes, thoughts and concerns a top PRIORITY (especially considering the money they have made him) rather than kicking them to the curb and letting them die after a two year hiatus, one that was full of nothing but false hope and lies. 

YG did not deserve 2NE1, and 2NE1 deserved far better than YG. 

Unpopular opinion - Sherlock TFP Spoilers

Unpopular opinion… Especially after looking at the posts on this site. But I actually really enjoyed this episode. Yeah, okay, completely off the wall, and some parts were a bit iffy.

I loved the flashback with Moriarty and the reveal that Redbeard was actually his best friend. Okay they didn’t have to do what they did to molly hooper but for God sake people, they are trying to show how fucked up this woman is. After all, she spent over 30 years in (mostly) solitary confinement in a prison, with no contact with her family (other than Mycroft). I thought they wrote her exceptional well.

Mrs Hudson made me laugh as always.

The way Mycroft tried to make sherlock kill him so that he’d still have John, his best friend, like fuck! That really got me! In this one episode they have managed to show more emotion in both Holmes brothers than they did in 3 seasons. That to me is incredible and very well placed.

I love the video with Mary at the end with the montage of family. That is what this episode was really about. It’s what all three episodes have been about, I feel.

All in all, I don’t understand all the shit that people are giving it. I bloody loved it.


Requested: Is there like a proper request format or do I just like? Go for it? Can you please do bts is having a bad day so they pick a fight with you and you’re like okay when you’re done with this fuck shit you let me know k bye

Pt. 1.


A/N: Is it a good try for a first angst? Ey? I tried i truly did, I’m sorry if they suck. However there’ll be a pt. 2. bc i can’t live with the boys’ guilt for not apologising y'know.
I hope you enjoyed these!!

P.S.: just go for it really, and hope for my brain to catch up, lol

2p’s and Their New Year’s Resolution

Mun: Okay funny story, before I made this blog I tried to “try out” so to speak to be a co-admin on another blog by turning this in (I don’t remember which one, but I remember being a huge fan and I fixed this up a bit). Anyways I’m pretty sure they never really did anything with it so I wanted to see if you guys would enjoy it. Hope you like it!

2p America: “My New Year’s resolution is to go and make the world a better pl-*starts to laugh* Pfft! Nah, I can’t say it, anyways I’d probably to pick up more chicks this year than I did 2016 *wink*

2p Canada: “Oh wow people actually still do those? I guess it would be to uh… . I dunno beat the crap out of more poachers?”

2p France: *stares up from phone* Eh. *goes back to phone*

2p England: “Well, I guess my resolution would be to spend more time with the family and learn more from each other?”

2p Russia: “It’s pointless to make up a holiday to get drunk and act like your past mistakes didn’t happen.” Yeah…he is not a big fan

2p China: “My resolution is to party harder than 2016!!”

2p Germany: “My resolution is to eat as many of those bratwursts over there without throwing up.” Lutz actually does think of ways to improve himself so he doesn’t annoy everyone around him, but he gets so wasted on New Year’s Eve that he goes back to normal.

2p Italy: “*sigh* If I have to decide on a resolution it would be to get more things done and if anyone bothers me they’ll have me to deal with.” Yeah work gets piled on at the end of the year for him, so he is not too happy.

2p Romano: “Hm? A resolution? Honey I’m already fabulous enough, I don’t need to improve on anything!”

2p Prussia: “I guess to be m-more confident?”

2p Japan: “My resolution is to make more hentai. Nothing more. Nothing less.” (-_-) what did you expect from the perverted ice queen?

2p Austria: “Duh, my resolution is to put Flavio in his place and make him realize I’m more fabulous than him!” Mun: *facepalm* I don’t even know where to begin with this one. 

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2p Spain: “Resolutions are dumb.” Spain is one of those people who believe if your life sucked last year it’s gonna suck this year.

TFLN request from @harryslittlepumpkin: I had an idea and no one ever did it. Maybe harry knew yn when they were younger and he friend zoned her and maybe he sees her at a party (like today) and he messages her and tries to get her to go out with him and she kinda blows it off and then considers it


Harry You

It was really great seeing you tonight, love. Haven’t changed a bit x

If it’s okay, I’d like to catch up sometime, maybe go for a coffee or something x

Just coffee? You’re not gonna try anything?

Wasn’t planning on trying anything, just wanted to see my friend is all

Please? My treat

I know it’s been a while since we’ve had a proper chat but am I only ever going to be a friend to you? 


No, Harry, I can’t meet you for coffee, I’m busy

No you’re not, don’t lie to me. Why don’t you want to see me? I’m a big boy, I can handle it

Given our history, I think you know why

Are you still on about that time it accidentally slipped that you had feelings for me? Because that was a long time ago and it’s time to move on

Excuse me?

You have no right to tell me how to feel or what to do or anything else for that matter

Now I really have no desire to see you

I’m sorry I upset you, I didn’t mean to x

Can we please talk?

I’m sorry, Harry, but I don’t think so. It’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable for me to be around you and I already feel like enough of a fool the way it is. I don’t need to heighten that feeling. I’m sorry. 

I understand. But if you ever do want to catch up, you’ve got my number x

I’ll wait as long as you need

I’ll think about it, I’m not saying yes or no, just give me a bit?

Ok. x

…Two days later…


What’s up, love?

After thinking about it, I guess it’d be okay if we met up for a coffee or something and caught up a bit

Really? What changed your mind?

I don’t know, to be honest, I was just thinking about all of the time we used to spend together and I miss my friend Harry, with whom I almost sabotaged a relationship with by letting my feelings get in the way. I owe you an apology for that

And I’m sorry I snapped at you. You were right and it was a long, long time ago and I should’ve moved on but I need you to know where I was coming from too

I do know where you’re coming from… More than I’d like to admit…

What does that mean? 

It means I’m an idiot who doesn’t know a good thing when he’s got it. I didn’t mean to muck everything up and I’m sorry that I ruined us for you

I’m sorry that there’s so much lost time between us, that’s mostly my fault and I’d really like to make up for it

Don’t be ridiculous, H. I avoided you because I felt like you wanted nothing to do with me anymore

Again, I’m an idiot. You don’t need to be sorry

We can move past this, yeah?

No harm, no foul. Promise. 

Meet me at the coffeehouse on the corner in an hour, the one that has those blueberry scones you love?

I can’t believe you remember the blueberry scones

Of course I do! Remember when I tried to impress you and make the recipe? (And epically failed)

Oh my gosh, I do remember that! You were so sure yours were gonna taste better because “I used to be a baker”

Will you let that go already? Good grief. 

Not a chance ;)

If you keep taking the piss out of me, you’re not getting a scone

Okay, okay shutting up now. Don’t get your panties in a pretzel, Styles

It’s good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor, even if you are making fun of me

I can’t help that you set yourself up for these things…

Yeah yeah, guess I had it coming 

How about we actually try talking face-to-face instead of through the phone now?

I think I’d like that, see you in an hour?

See you in an hour x


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adlethstillio  asked:

Oh hey! I'm finally watching Storytime With Wil from.. ya know... a week ago.Yay audition! How did it go?

I wasn’t able to go to the audition, because I got a job that worked all day long. I’m bummed, because I really wanted to try out for the role, but it’s okay, because I loved the job that I did. 

I tried to reschedule the audition for the day after, but they weren’t having any more sessions, so I probably won’t get a chance to read for that show. Hopefully, there will be others.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY♡♡♡♡♡ @seoulraindrops

okay i really did try like i //really really did// and this is my first every aesthetic moodboard that i struggled dng bECAUSE H O W but pls accept my white sweet gift because u r a pure angel and ur aesthetics ((are goddamn amazing trust me)) but it can never match ur effort and talents to do all these ONCE AGAIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER♡♡♡♡♡

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How long did it take for you to practice doing wheatley's voice?

Surprisingly little time, actually.

I’ve always been fascinated by accents and try to practice them in my spare time. I’m a decent enough mimic that I can usually reproduce what I hear.

I hadn’t really ever tried the Wheatley/Stephen Merchant/West Country English accent before the audition notice for the Portal 2 musical came up. But I listened to Wheatley quotes, did my best imitation, and Fairlith was impressed! So then I just kept listening to Stephen Merchant periodically and kept doing what I was doing.

Seemed to work out okay, eh?

anonymous asked:

Hello! I am a huge fan of your writing! You are so talented and your Nyx/Noctis stuff is incredible. If you accept requests I'd love Nyx to Noct, "All I wanted was to save you."

I hope it’s okay that I did this in the Oracle!AU. I’ve been discussing it, exhaustively, with @ckyking and I have a mighty need to write more of it! I apologize that it got really, really away from me, and it’s not nearly as pretty as the trippy sylleblossom scene you were probably hoping for, but… enjoy? =)

The salty tang of the water pressed against the top of his mouth, overwhelming the desperate drag of air he tried to pull into his lungs before another blast of the waves rushed over his head. He went wheeling into the current, smashing his mouth shut and trying to decide which way was up and which way was down while he was buffeted through the blue-green tide. When he fell out into less turbulent waters, his arms pumped furiously towards the golden pool of sunlight he found above.

His eyes were burning when he found air again, blurred to the monstrous power swirling all around him. He made out the shape of a solid surface and didn’t stop swimming until he felt broken marble beneath him. Nyx coughed out buckets of salt water and squeezed his eyes in tight blinks to banish the sting of it from his eyes. When he could see again, he could assess where he’d washed up… but everything was so broken and submerged in the swirling might of Leviathan’s wrath that the district was impossible to recognize.

The Goddess screamed furiously at the Queen of Light’s assault, Her Majesty only a crystalline streak whirling about the serpent’s head. Airships skirted the edges of the typhoon, and Nyx hoped one of them was Aranea’s. The second he found Noctis, he wanted to put Altissia in the rearview as quickly as the Commodore could ram the gas pedal.

Heavy with water and throbbing with the bruises from carving his way through a hundred MTs before the waves engulfed the plaza, Nyx pressed on. He climbed the slippery slant of the marble and picked through the rubble until he could find a view of Leviathan’s battleground. A crumble of drowned buildings fell between him and the Oracle’s altar. It took Nyx far too long for his patience to trek across them, constantly jerking his head to Leviathan as she thrashed and sent surges of water up to his knees that threatened to drag him back out again.

Nyx persisted, cursing at every tug of the water around his clothes, but was finally rewarded when he clambered up to the high pillar where Leviathan had been called. The scream in his legs was eclipsed by the scream of panic in his voice.


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sageandginger  asked:

(okay "no spoilers" yada yada BUT you did write that wonderful 'what Viktor was thinking' post so maybe? I have a chance?) Anyway: why was Viktor looking for Yuuri? as far as I know he's never done that before? is it just that their relationship has gotten warmer recently and he feels more comfortable trying to talk to Yuuri in public (since Yuuri's not going to fricking bitchslap him if he tries? probably?), or was there something specific he wanted? idk i'm really curious

Sorry, I broke my rule for the Viktor post but now I’m back to keeping closed lipped until the companion fic!

Life Changing Encounter

 Author’s Notes: WOW okay this is long. …and kinda all over the place?? Sorryyyy I tried my best. I’ve been in a huge huuuuge writer’s block lately so I’m soorrrryyy!! ^^;;;; I really did try though. The beginning was really good, but then I realized “wait, this can’t all be angst” and said “…heh….let’s throw shit in there and hope it aligns”. So I did. And this was the result. So sorry! I hope it’s still good enough for you @the-floofinator ^^ <3

Word count: 2,329

Summary: Two boys meet, both in pain, and both lost in confusion and trying to find reality, and when they do, it’s a changing experience for the both of them. Who knew Yoosung, the Forever Alone, would end up with a boyfriend just like that~?

Prompt/reason to write: Happy RFA Valentines 2k17 Emma-chan~!

It was just a normal day, really, for Yoosung. He had just been playing LoLol, not expecting to get a boyfriend, or to get a scene pretty much out of a horror movie happen. But it just kinda happened, what can you do? It started with a text in the chatroom.

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although i love your olaf/kit fics, i think it would be interesting to read #2 on esme/jacques

hey anon, thank you for the ask! i have basically never thought much about this pairing before, so when i sat down to write it i realised that i didn’t really know anything about them.

whatever i tried to write didn’t feel realistic, so i started trying to write some sort of backstory, and then…i got carried away. basically this is just incredibly long, but i quite like it the way it is so i’ve decided not to cut it down. i hope this is okay!

edit: this also only very vaguely even follows the prompt (look for the reference in pt 10 if interested). basically i’m just sorry.

(ps. i also now ship this so much why did you do this to me)

send me a character/ship and a number for a mini (or in this case extremely long) fic

summary: in thirteen short parts, the story of a relationship that never changed anything.

characters: jacques snicket, esme squalor, lemony snicket, kit snicket, jerome squalor, count olaf, mentions of others (duchess of winnipeg, beatrice baudelaire, bertrand baudelaire, the baudelaire children)

words: 6640

rating: character death, some profanity, absolutely tragic scenes in general.

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BTS reaction to their extremely sick girlfriend refusing to take her medicine

requested by @kinginkblot


“Please take your medicine, love. For me?”

*puppy eyes*

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“Why don’t you take your medicine?? Do you want to stay ill??”

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“Be a good girl and take your medicine, okay? Let Oppa take care of you.”

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“It’s really not that bad, I promise! Look, I’ll try it first.”

*tries it and almost chokes because it tastes absolutely disgusting*

*asks himself what he did to deserve this*

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“Please take your medicine. It hurts me to see you in pain like this.”

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“Come on baby! Here comes the airplane~ Take it and I will sing for you later.”

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“See? It’s not that bad. Fighting!”

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-Admin Krümmel

Feel Better (Baekhyun) [Smut]


It was about 7 p.m and the doorknob twisted. In came Chanyeol. He quickly shoved off his shoes and hung up his sweater before storming into the kitchen.

I got up to follow, wondering what was wrong.

“Chan? Are you okay?”  I asked, getting him a glass of water. He waved my hand off when I tried to hand it to him.

“It’s not any of your business now is it?” he snapped back. My eyebrows furrowed at his attitude.

“I was just wondering and see if I could help..” I muttered back. He spun around to face me. The look on his face did not look happy and that only made me want to tell him to calm down because I didn’t do anything to him, why should I get yelled at for making sure he was okay?

“Really? Cause it sounds like you’re just trying to get into my personal life. You’re my girlfriend, not my mother.”

“Chanyeol! Why are you acting this way? I didn’t do anything. Why are you angry?” I argued back, trying to get him to listen.

“Well maybe I wouldn’t be angry if my girlfriend wasn’t so annoying every time I returned home.” he growled back, stepping right up to me. Now I was mad. I huffed up at him, crossing my arms.

“Do you want me to leave? So I don’t continue to annoy you?” I challenged. He smirked.

“Go ahead. And you know what, on the way, just take your things and consider this relationship over.” he yelled at me. I didn’t cry as I turned towards the door. On the way down the steps, I dialed Baekhyun’s number, telling him that I’m coming over.

Knocking on his door, he welcomed me in. I noticed that he had already set up his couch with blankets and pillows. On the coffee table was some junk food and the TV in front was paused on some movie.

Sitting on the couch, I explained everything to him and he was there to comfort me. After I was calmed down, he played the movie.

During the middle, there was a very inappropriate scene and we turned to look at each other, blushing madly. Our eyes caught one another as we slowly leaned in. Our lips met and we didn’t pull away. His arms were soon around my waist as mine were around his neck. Fingers were sliding under my shirt to peel it off as I took off his. Both of our shirts were behind the couch as he picked me up from behind my knees and carefully walked upstairs.

My back hit his bed as he climbed on top, lips back on mine as he hooked his fingers around  the belt holes and pulled my pants down and off. I was left in my undergarments and noticed that he was still in his shorts. At this, I tugged them off and he straddled me. His hands then slipped behind my back to unclip my bra and take that off as well. The growing warmth in my core was getting hotter.

Long fingers were playing with my nipples, causing me to moan into the kiss. He twisted and gently pulled on the bud, making me arch my back for more contact. His mouth moved away from my lips and towards my jaw. Down my neck and towards my chest, he placed his mouth over one boob and sucked it, tongue tracing circles around the nipple as he twisted the other with his fingers.

By now, I knew I was wet when I rubbed my legs together, trying to create friction down in my core. He noticed this and smirked pulling away from my chest and started to pull down my underwear.

“My, my. Look at how wet you are.” he bit his lip at the sight. I turned red and tried to close my legs but one of his hands stopped me from doing so while the other traveled towards my sex. Two fingers slowly rubbed around my clit, causing me to shut my eyes and moan.

Without notice, he quickly slipped those two fingers into me and pumped in and out. My hands were gripping his sheets as his fingers moved faster. I was moaning nonstop but just as I was going to reach my climax, he pulled his digits out and examined them. He then looked at me and brought his fingers towards my mouth. I knew what that meant so I opened my mouth, allowing him to slip the two fingers through.

My tongue was cleaning up his fingers while he disposed of his bottom. With his other hand, he took hold of his dick and moved his way between my thighs.

Suddenly, as he pulled his fingers out, he plunged his shaft into my pussy. A loud moan escaped my lips as he pulled out and drove back in.

“Baek…Baek..m-more..” I breathed out as he kept thrusting his hips towards mine. Hearing this, he took hold of my hips to get better leverage and kept on pushing in to me.

“You’re so..tight.” he groaned out. His head was leaned back, eyes closed in pleasure, mouth slightly opened as moans came out. I felt the familiar bubbly feeling inside my core once again but he pulled out, causing my eyes to open in question.

Before I could ask why he stopped, he flipped us over and whispered in my ear;

“I want you to ride me, baby.” and then leaned back into his pillows. I took hold of his dick and angled it at my entrance. When the tip was in, I sat down and the two of us let out a string of moans. My hands were on his chest as I lifted my hips and brought them back down. The process repeated itself as we kept on moaning each other’s names.

I knew he was getting close when he held my hips again, bouncing me on his large length. His hips forced up to meet me half way in a thrust. For the third time tonight, I felt the same hot feeling growing near my core as I clenched around him.

“Come for me.” he demanded. At his deep tone, I couldn’t hold back when he gave a particularly hard thrust and let the knot loose. He moaned as he came as well, releasing his cum inside of me. Without energy left, I fell forward and on top of him. He caught me in time and wrapped his arms around me.

Pulling out, he gently placed me next to him and planted a kiss on my forehead. The covers were drawn over the both of us as we slowly sunk into sleep.


I am so sorry this took a millennia. I don’t even have the right to apologize to you guys because I’ve been so lazy. But my writing is shitty, I don’t know why you’re all still wanting me to write.



Ask/Request: HI, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I would like to make a request. Bucky x reader where the reader is the new computer engineer for Tony and she lives in the Stark Tower. Weeks later, she has a secret crush on Bucky, but she was afraid to even talk to him because she is very shy and has a lot of insecurities, especially with her body. But all ends well. FLUFF EVERYWHERE PLEASE. I know it’s very specific, and a little silly, but it’s like my dream.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader (I’m such a fail. I read this really fast and almost made this a Tony x Reader)

Warnings: Fluff (I’LL TRY! I’LL REALLY TRY!!!)

A/N: “But all ends well.” Okay so my brain betrays me. All the fucking time. BUT I did not do what it was telling me too! I made it fluffy. I mean I tried really hard to make it fluffy. My fluff usually ends up with someone dead. NO ONE DIES THOUGH! I PROMISE. Apparently I can write fluff…

Word Count: 1476

“You’re hired.”

I stared, wide eyed at Tony, “Wait are you serious?”

Tony chuckled, extending a hand, “Yep. You’re my new computer engineer. Do you want me to call a car for you so you can go get your stuff?”

I arched an eyebrow and stared, rather perplexed at Tony, “My stuff?”

He smiled, “Yea. You get to live here now. You don’’t mind right?”

I nodded, reaching for my purse, “Oh, no, of course not. I’ll go pack now. I’ll be back later?”

“Around what time?”

I bit my lip estimating how long it would take to pack everything and load it into my car. Luckily I had a small apartment.

“Maybe 7ish?”

Tony nodded, grinning, as he ushered me outside, “Okay. I’ll see you then.”

Packing, as I expected, went by rather quickly. I had everything in boxes by 5 and everything in the car smugly at 6:30. I stood outside my apartment, leaning against my car, getting one last long look at it. From now on I would be living at Stark Tower. With all of the avengers.

I took a deep breath and got into the car, starting it up, and then driving toward the tower which was, roughly 20 minutes away.

By the time I had gotten to the tower it was starting to grow dark. I stepped out of the car sighing and opened the back seat door grabbing boxes.

“Need any help?”

I jumped, hitting my head on the roof of the car, before pulling out and turning around. A man with choppy, short brown hair and clear blue eyes was watching  me tentatively. I cursed under my breath before locking eyes with his, “I’m sorry, what?”

He came over slowly, with a worried expression on his face, “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you. You have a nice bump on your head now.”

I sighed, lifting my hand to my head and then wincing in pain as I touched the place where my head had banged against the car.

“Totally fine. What were you saying though?”

The man gestured toward the car and smiled, “Do you need some help with those? I’m suppose to be waiting for someone who’s moving into this building but I can help you in the meantime.”

I chuckled softly and handed him a couple of boxes, “That would be great.”

He smiled, “Okay. SO where to?”

I pointed behind him grinning, “There.”

His mouth fell open as he stared at me, “Wait you’re moving into Stark tower? You’re Tony’s new computer engineer?!”

I nodded shyly, grabbing a few boxes for myself before heading toward the tower, “Yeah I guess…”

I pushed opened the doors to the tower with my butt and kept it open with my foot for Bucky.

“Y/N you’re here!”

I chuckled softly as Tony ran over, “Yep.”

“Punctual I like it.”

I looked down at the ground blushing, “Ha, thanks.”

“You look great. Changed into something more comfortable I see.”

I looked down and mentally cursed myself for forgetting to change. I still had my white conversers, black sweater, and maroon jeans on. I dropped the boxes on the ground slowly and then backed up toward the door, “Yea… I’m going to go get the rest of those boxes.”


“No i’m good but thank you…”


I smiled at him, “Bucky.”

I went back to my car and piled up all the boxes so I could do this in one trip. Bad idea. I could see nothing over the boxes so I blindly made my way into the tower, which started out great. But then I dropped the top boxes in a living area that all the avengers were sitting in.

I cursed under my breath and bent down to pick them up.

“Guys this is Y/N. My new computer engineer. She’ll be living here with us too.”

I looked up and smiled sheepishly at them all, “Hello.”

“It’s me.”

Everyone groaned as Captain America sang the next part to the song causing me to chuckling lightly.

“I’m Steve. That’s Natasha. Wanda. Pietro. Bruce. Sam. Clint. Thor. And Bucky.”

I nodded looking over each of them, trying to insure that I’d remember their names.

“So you’re good with computers?”

I looked over at, Pietro, and realized his voice was dripping in a - european? - accent.

I nodded, “Yep. Look it’s so great meeting you all but I should go unpack.”

Tony laughed, placing a hand on my shoulder, “You can do that tomorrow. Here have some pizza with us. Get to know us some more. I mean we will be living together from now on.”

I sighed, letting Tony lead me to the nearby couch and then plopped down next to him.

“So have you always done computer engineering?”

I shrugged, “Not really. I started a couple years ago.”

“And you’re already working for the Tony Stark? Wow, impressive.”

I blushed looking down at the ground and shuffling my feet.

“You know what’s unimpressive?”

My head snapped up to meet, Sam’s, eyes.

“The fact that you haven’t even touched  your slice of pizza.”

I looked down at the pizza that was long forgotten on my plate and bit my lip gently, “I’m not hungry?”

Everyone continued to stare at me for a while until Wanda spoke, chuckling, “At least someone around here isn’t hungry all the time.”

Natasha nodded her agreement, “These boys eat at like every minute of the day. It’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t eat the whole kitchen in one meal.”

I chuckled softly handing my plate over to Tony, “You can have it.”

Steve eyed me suspiciously, “Do you not like pizza? I mean one slice isn’t even a lot. And why would you give it to Tony?”

I shrugged, “I mean I like pizza, I’m just not hungry.”

Tony spoke through a mouthful, “I’m her boss.”

I chuckled softly, looking down at my phone. But oddly enough it wasn’t there. I did a quick search of the area around me and realized I hadn’t seen my phone since first starting to pack. I sighed and got up, grabbing some boxes.

“Leaving already?”

I jumped a little forgetting I wasn’t the only there and looked back sheepishly at Tony, “Yeah,     I really need to unpack.”

Tony nodded swallowing the piece of food he had in mouth, “Okay. Tomorrow at 8am sharp be down at the lab okay?”

I nodded grabbing the rest of the boxes, “Okay. Umm… which room am I in again?”

I’ve been working for Tony Stark for about 5 weeks already and all was going well. The avengers and I have been getting along great and I’ve surprisingly warmed up to all of them. Well, all except one. Bucky. I had sort of developed a massive crush on him and have been avoiding conversation with him. He would always try to get me to talk to him but I couldn’t. For one, I was terrified of making a mistake in front of someone that hot, and two, I knew that someone like him would never like someone like me.

“Hey doll.”

I jumped causing some of the coffee I was pouring for to spill onto the counter. I reached for the paper towels but ended up touching someone else’s hand. I pulled my hand back quickly to see Bucky grabbing the paper towels and cleaning the spill.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you!”

I gave him a small smile and moved to help him clean up the mess, “No it was my fault don’t worry about it.”

He looked at me chuckling softly, “I wanted to ask you something.”

I nodded, throwing the wet paper towels in the trash, “Okay.”

“Why do avoid me? Do you not like me?”

I froze, looking up at him slowly, “What?”

He sighed running a hand through his hair, “Every time you see me you leave. When I try to talk to you, you always say you’re busy. Do you not like me?”

I bit my lip, making a new pot of coffee, “No. It’s not that.”

Bucky watched me, confused, “Then what is it?”

I looked down biting my lip, “It’s just. I-may-have-developed-a-small-crush-on-you-since-coming-to-live-here-but-i-know-someone-like-you-would-never-like-someone-like-me-because-i’m-just-me. So yea.”

I finished in one breath and prayed Bucky had not understood what I said.

“Why would I not like someone like you? I’ve had a crush on you since you got here too.”

“Because I’m not even remotely close to being in your league-”

I looked up at him shocked, “Wait you have a crush on me?!?”

Bucky chuckled, looking at me slightly flustered, “Yes. Now that I know you like me to… do you want to go out sometime?”

“Like a date?”

“Well er… only if you want it to be one.”

I grinned, “I’ll only go if it is a date.”

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Hey, i just got approved for t and i'm really scared. i was all ready for it until me and my SO talked. any advice? also hope your day is going okay

If your significant other tried to scare you out of going on your hormones it’s time to dump that significant other and do things for you. Do not let other people rule your happiness, do this for you and no one else and shame on them for trying to take this from you.

I’m so sick of pleasing others, I did it for 27 years, please learn from my mistakes.


I'm sorry

I realize that my rabbit edit looks identical to @mohkii’s, so I’ve taken it down.
I know you’re probably gonna think that this apology is crap, and that’s okay, but I’ll at least explain myself. I saw your edit you did and I really loved it, so I tried to put my own spin on it, and I now realize it looks exactly like yours and I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to look exactly like yours. You can take this apology or not, but I understand if you don’t and definitely deserve it if you don’t. I genuinely didn’t try to copy you. Again, I’m sorry.

The Final Experiment Chapter 15: Beyond Help (Avengers x Reader)

A/N: I’m finally getting around to posting something, yay! I’m hoping to get to S&I next, so be sure to stick around.

Word Count: 1,236

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Loki tried to help. He really did. But I apparently just couldn’t be helped. We trained in secret, trying to figure out how to stop me from freezing everything I touched, but nothing helped.

“Just concentrate, Kaitlynn.”

“What do you think I’ve been doing! This just isn’t working, okay. I think I should just–”

“Oh no you don’t.” Loki said, blocking my path. “I can’t let you give up this easily.”

“Loki, look, I appreciate that you tried, and it really means a lot, but it’s becoming more and more apparent that there’s nothing you can do.”

I stepped around him, muttering to myself. “I’ll just just have to accept that I’m a monster.”

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the bite

Request: Can you do an imagine where Scott bites the reader and she’s struggling with the transition?????

the pack x reader

“Aahh” You wince in pain. “I’m so sorry, Y/N” Scott said helping you with your werewolf bite.

“It’s okay, I know you only did it to save me and for that I’m so thankful” You smile trying to make him feel less horrible.

“Yeah, I just feel like I’m always saving people by biting them” He put his head in his hands.

“Scott” You tried to reach over and put your hand on his back but couldn’t when you felt a sharp strike of pain. “It’s okay, really it is”

“Liam!” You try to catch up your best friend in the hallway.

“Hey Y/N” He gave you a side hug. “So, how are you feeling about tonight?” He was referring to the full moon.

“Um…very nervous and scared, kind of like when I’m about take a test but much worse than that” You ramble.

Liam puts his hand on your shoulder. “Y/N, you’re gonna be okay. I mean its gonna be rough at first but trust me it’s going but fine after that”

You nod your head but you couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

“Okay, I’m gonna tie you to this tree so you turn into a murderous werewolf” Scott explains placing the chains on your chest.

“I hope you’re easier than the those two” Stiles said pointing at Liam and Scott. “But if you’re not please don’t go for me”

You laugh.“I can’t promise you anything”

“Great” Stiles scratches his neck. Something he only does when he’s nervous.

“I’ll try though” He looks at you and puts two thumbs up in a sarcastic way.

You feel your insides start to burn. “SCOTT, IT’S HAPPENING!” You yell.

Scott runs to you. “Y/N whatever you do just try to fight the urge”

“UHHH” You scream. You don’t want to hurt anyone. That would be the worst thing ever.

You can feel yourself getting stronger. So strong that you could hear the chains ripping off.

You couldn’t control it anymore, you attacked the first person you saw which was an elderly lady.

As you were running, you pounced on her even though you didn’t want to. She fell to the floor as you ran the other direction. You ran and ran until you blacked out.

“Y/N” You heard someone say your name in the distance.

“She’s waking up”

You open your eyes to see Liam looking down at you smiling.

“Hey” You say sitting up.

“Y/N what happened to you last night?” He asks.

“To be honest, I really don’t remember a lot. All I remember was transitioning and then attacking an elderly lady” You whisper the last part. “OH MY GOSH! Please tell me she’s okay, I never wanted to hurt anyone” You start crying.

Scott comes to your side and calms you down. “She’s okay and you will be too. It’s hard at first but with us helping you it will be okay”

The rest of the pack hugged you and reminded you that they are always there to help.

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Dad I need some help. I tried to come out as trans and my family literally brushed it off and ignored it.. I don't want to be home anymore. :c

Aa! I’m sorry that happened. Did you try telling them all together? If so maybe try telling each one individually or explaining to them that it really upset you that they brushed you off like that. I hope everything is good for you, and stays good. Stay safe okay? I’m always here if you need to talk. ♡