i tried okay


Hanzo: brother no.

Genji: brother yes.

Based off that one ask from @cryptidsp00n ’s blog.


Note: I don’t speak bisaya at all. I just asked my friends for random phrases HAHAHA so please have mercy, I’m sorry if any of the bisaya is wrong.



“Maayong buntag!” - Good Morning!

“Kita ta ugma” - See you tomorrow!

“Gimingaw sad ko sa imo.” - I missed you too.

Hiligaynon( Ilonggo /?/):

“Ah, ti anhon ta na?” - So what are we going to do about that?

(He looks sarcastic what, if he’s genuinely asking or is being sarcastic its up to you.)

(Its the shortened version of Palangga ta ikaw which means the same thing)

“Bilatsing amay! Ka damak! Yuck, ka lain!”
- (this needs some context in it, so Bilatsing is a combination of two words Bilat and sing which mean Female genitals and your [In this context ] respectively, amay means parent. So bilatsing amay means “Your mother’s genitals” and is used like “Son of a bitch!”. It’s also a swear word so yeaaah,,, while we’re at it “ka lain” directly translated would be “how awful!” But here it’s used to portray disgust towards something.)

“Your mother’s genitals! That’s gross! Yuck, how awful!”

“Ndi angayan wtf…”- (this also needs context ajdjfkfx directly translated it’s “Not suiting!” Here its used more like to portray distaste towards someone doing something, or someone acting out of their usual character. Also “ndi” is “hindi” which means “no” or used indicate your refusal. [Its used as the words for “Don’t” “Can’t” “Won’t” “Bad” “No” and the like.])

“It doesn’t suit you, wtf…”


“Ginahigugma ta ikaw” - I love you.

(I’ve seen this has also been said to be in Hiligaynon too, but idk??)

“Hindi ko takun ya…” - No, I don’t want to.


Imagine Savatar Killing You Instead of Iris

Warnings: death, stabbing, sadness

This was not requested


Team Flash had been working on ways to save Iris from Savatar for what felt like years. And nothing seemed to be changing the time line the way everyone wanted it to.

You came along a few weeks before the whole thing with Savatar began, and the team took an instant liking to you. Barry became like a brother to you, Caitlyn a sister and Cisco just wouldn’t stop flirting with you. So when your meta human powers were revealed, everyone thought that you had come into their lives at the exact time that they needed you.

Barry has his speed and Cisco can Vibe, whatever that is, but you, you don’t need to touch an object or person to see the future. Being a telepath has some upsides. The gift of sight, was a bit more of a curse.

You could see the future, but only in short time spans, and once you look at a moment you can’t see before and after the event.

Barry wasn’t going to ask you to look and see if their efforts were paying off. Only if you offered. Which you did, but you didn’t think as to what you would be seeing.


“God this is so weird,” you mumble knowing the team can hear you.

“What is?” Cisco asked.

“Seeing you guys here, but hearing you guys there.”

“What do you see (Y/N)?” Barry asked.

I see you talking to Savatar. Wait he just ran off. You’re looking around, I think for Iris or Cisco. Wait he’s back.“

"Does he have Iris?”

Should you tell him that Savatar is now holding you? He didn’t ask if he had anyone, just if he had Iris.

“No. He doesn’t.”

And you snapped out of the future.

Maybe you were wrong to not tell them that Savatar kills you instead, but they had been working so hard on saving Iris you couldn’t ask them to do anymore. That’s final, you’re not going to tell the team that you are going to die.


When the day came for Barry to face Savatar you were ready. You had left them all note saying why you didn’t tell them what you saw. That you were thankful for your time with them and that you care for them a lot, you even left one for Harry.

You were swept out of the lab and now are being held against Savatar’s armor, Barry was in front of you in his Flash suit, eyes wide.

“(Y/N)?” Barry asked with worry evident in his voice.

“I’m sorry.”

“You think you can change the time line, that you can save them all. I may not take Iris from you, but I will take one of them. She will do.” Savatar said and pressed his arm against your neck tighter than it was before. It was getting hard to breathe.

And then it wasn’t. Because Savatar dropped you.

Barry and Wally started chasing him around the city, while you were left on the ground. It was then you saw the blood staining the street. Your blood. Savatar didn’t kill you, but he managed to stab you pretty well. If you didn’t get back to STAR labs soon you were going to die from blood loss.

You pulled out your phone and pressed the panic button Cisco put on it.

A few moments later Cisco, HR, and Caitlyn stepped through a portal and carried you into the lab. By that time, you were unconscious.


A few days later everyone had found their letters, but you were still asleep. Cisco wasn’t leaving the med bay, Caitlyn wouldn’t stop checking your vitals every five minutes, Barry couldn’t sleep, Iris blamed herself, and Joe felt like he lost one of his kids, and Julian was just panicking.

Barry was out stopping a petty thief when you began to flat line.

“Bar, get back here! (Y/N) is flat lining!” Cisco yelled into the com unit.

Caitlyn was trying to stabilize you while Julian began CPR. Barry rushed into the room and froze.

He felt like his little sister was dying in front of him.

And then your heart picked up again. It was slow, but it was there, and everyone let out a breath.

You heart only beat for three minutes before you passed. But it was enough for you to get in all their minds and tell them that everything was going to be okay. That you would be fine, and maybe they will meet another you on another earth.

When you passed Julian was holding Caitlyn back as she tried to stabilize you again. Barry crumpled to the ground and cried, Iris and Joe were hugging and Cisco stood frozen, emotionless as he tried to process what just happened.

You were gone.