i tried okay

Tour Thoughts

summary: dan and phil can’t sleep one night while on tour, so they occupy themselves with blowjobs and dirty talk

genre: smut, tiny bit of fluff

warnings: blowjobs, dirty talk, grinding

word count: 859

a/n: i feel kind of glad writing smut again, or actually, just writing in general again. it’s been so long and i actually freaking love writing okay. i missed getting prompts and filling it out and oh gosh i have so many prompts to fill out and i will get to that after i start pbb and finish finals and agh i’ve missed doing this whole thing - hell, this is the reason why i’ve written so much over the summer in the first place, i don’t know why i ever stopped. anywho, you can ignore this rambling i’m so sorry, but i hope you guys enjoy. it might not be as good as the other one’s for now, but i’m looking to improve this summer. okay bye and good night <3

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