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can you show us your favorite hottest gifs/pictures of John plsss


but because tumblr is a pain in the arse and it doesn’t let me put enough pictures, i’ll link my favorite gifs. maybe a few pictures if i can. or you can look through my tags.


i stopped here so you can continue if you want.


doing this reminded me that john’s jawline is really hot lol. i looked through my old posts and was like damn.. he’s manly as hell.. anyway. i think john always looks hot/attractive/beautiful so it was hard to choose. this one is definitively my top one right now, though. 

if you need something else just ask me!! :)


I heard her screaming from her adjoining room. Another night terror. It was so loud it was like she was right next to me, or maybe I just wished that she was. She always refused to stay in the same damn room with me, even if I slept on the floor. I knew I shouldn’t want her next to me. She wasn’t normal. Sometimes I wondered if she was even 100% human. Y/N was telepathic but she never hid that fact. Not since I met her right Sam left for school. Not since I ran away from Dad for awhile to be on my own and get my shit together. Now Sam was back and Dad was gone but bad shit was after her and I promised to help when I got her out of that warehouse full of monsters years ago. I never was one to break a promise. 

I shot out of bed and ran into her room, dodging flying objects as I went. This was a bad one. It wasn’t her fault. Whenever she had a night terror this bad, she couldn’t control her own powers and shit had a tendency to fly all over the room. She was trying to protect herself in the only way she could. Couldn’t really blame her for that.

I sat down next to her and put my hand on her face when she let out another scream and a knife came flying toward my chest. I ducked just in time, watching it fly into the wall as she thrashed around and screamed. “Y/N, hey! Come on! It’s me! It’s Dean!” No response, just more screaming. “Y/N!” I shook her hard, ducking as more flying objects came at me. I tried another approach, pulling her up off the bed and hugging her, burying her face in my neck. I heard her draw in a long breath and I hoped maybe she knew it was me. 

“Dean?” she mumbled and I sighed in relief, running my hand up and down her back. “What’re you doing here?” 

“You were screaming. Shit was flying all over the room.” I pushed her back, brushing her hair out of her face. “What was it this time? Monsters again?” 

She nodded silently and looked away. “They came after you…they…they killed you, Dean. And I couldn’t stop it. Then they killed Sam. They said they wanted me because I was special. I’ve never seen monsters like these.” Tears were running down her face and she was shaking worse than I’d ever seen. I’d never seen her so shaken up.

I tightened my grip on her hands. I had to know more. Almost everything she’d ever seen was true, even if I couldn’t admit that out loud, I knew it. “What’d they look like? Did you see ‘em?”

She nodded and swallowed, squinting her eyes shut, crying harder. “Like…like people.” She sobbed. “Two had jet black eyes…but one…one had yellow.” She dissolved into sobs and I pulled her close, lying down with her and pulling her into my chest, running my fingers through her hair. I’d never heard of anything like that. Maybe she was wrong this time, but if she wasn’t, we’d have to figure out what we were dealing with and do it soon. 

“Shh. It’s ok, Y/N.” I tried to comfort her, soothe her. “Nothing’s gonna kill me. I’m just too good.” She let out a tiny laugh and rested her head on my chest, her ear right up against my heart. 

“Is this ok?” She questioned. 

“More than ok. Go back to sleep, Y/N/N. I’m not goin’ anywhere.” The truth was, I loved this girl, even if she wasn’t normal. She was no monster. She wasn’t what we hunted, and I damn sure wasn’t going to let anything tear us apart. 

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