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Jack is a certified douchebag

     Neil could handle Kevin’s condescending critiques toward his exy’s performance. He could stomach Aaron’s resentful glares and could even deal with hates and sneers from public. But he couldn’t stand anyone shit talked on Andrew. Especially when it was Jack.

     Jack had been in the foxes’ team for months. Most of the foxes could barely stand the sight of him. Jack’s first day being recruited and he already rude to the original foxes.

     He said “I’m not a fag” to Nicky when Nicky greeted him and killed his enthusiastic smile right away.

     "Women should not be the lead of a group. They should stay quietly behind.“ Such an insolent remark almost earned him a backhand from Allison but Renee stepped in front of her just in time. He even dared a daring once-over to Andrew which Neil thought was stupid and brave both at the same time. Thanked to Andrew’s indifferent manner, he didn’t give a shit about it. 

     And Neil, too, had gotten low blows from Jack. He and Sheena, another exy player of Palmetto State University with vulgar mouth, always sneered whenever Neil opened his mouth and snickered at Neil during scrimmages. He snapped at some point but he would calm down later. 

     But that didn’t happen on one Thursday afternoon when Jack had gone beyond the limits. 

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You seem familiar. Ain’t I killed you before?

once in eternity i drew something , it took so long that this thing is “finished” only bc im too tired to continue lmao… i love cowboys s much…,, 

The signs as Norwegian bands/artists
  • Aries: Black Debbath
  • Taurus: Röyksopp
  • Gemini: Kaizers Orchestra
  • Cancer: Seigmen
  • Leo: DumDum Boys
  • Virgo: Vamp
  • Libra: Susanne Sundfør
  • Scorpio: Turbonegro
  • Sagittarius: a-ha
  • Capricorn: Darkthrone
  • Aquarius: Ulver
  • Pisces: deLillos

can we stop trashing enjolras in e/r
i’m all for monstrous enjolras characterization, but more along the lines of ‘this bar is now only serving molotov cocktails’ instead of being written as verbally abusive

i know the ‘incapable of thought belief life death etc etc’ section is maddening my first thought was ‘mon ange you shot a man like three chapters ago but that will not deter me from punching you in the face’ but people use that scene to justify cruel, horrible enjolras when the context is grantaire harrassing and bullying a waitress on a battlefield completely wasted while the rest of them prepare for war. it’s not as pointlessly harsh as people make it out to be, it’s the last fucking straw.  the revolution is what enjolras has been working towards his whole life, why do people take this line and act like it’s a regular occurrence?  

he’s disdainful, and (ironically h a ha) skeptical of grantaire, and hugo lets us know he’s rebuffed him many times but I don’t see a basis for interpreting him as the kind of guy who delivers an Ego Eviscerating speech for anything less than ‘I’m literally preparing to fight and die while you’re being a useless dick’ hugo says he felt ‘lofty pity’ not ‘you’re the worst and i fucking hate you’

i think it’s pretty obvious from hugo’s earlier drafts that enjolras didn’t expect OFPD (his ’thank you’ holds so much surprise & gratitude) i don’t think enjolras knew and understood the extent of grantaire’s loyalty (i don’t think grantaire did either: ‘without being clearly aware of it, and without any notion of explaining it to himself, he was spellbound––’)

yes, several passages talk about how “sweet” and “tender” he was but that tenderness is also accompanied by sass, bullshit, and melodrama, would you expect sincerity from someone who follows you around saying shit like ‘what marmoreal magnificence?’ unreal

i would think they’re fucking with me, not ‘maybe we’ll die holding hands’ and grantaire offering to help with your revolution when he goes around whistling monarchy tunes to piss you off is like a troll blog offering to help you with your latest politically progressive news article, you’re gonna sideeye the fuck out of it.  why people think enjolras knows how grantaire feels about him when he ‘barely perceived roses, he was oblivious of spring, he did not hear birds sing, etc etc’ and would go out of his way to be cruel even knowing that is beyond me 


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Think all ya want, but you’re out of time~ You’re so wimpy, you should grow a spine~

Make a wish, ‘fore I end your life~ Cuz you’re goin’ ghost, for the laaaaast time!~

Cuz I’m EM-BER! And I’m coming for all of you… coming for all of you~


CS AU Week - Another Time Period: 1950s

In which Emma and Killian are best friends who work at a BBC News programme.

“You know, some nice girl needs to rescue you.”

“Who? There’s only ever been you.”

For my darling Julia (@shoedonym​) and her The Hour inspired 50s AU

1:30 am its time to fling some more zomsai into the void

The signs as Adults in RWBY
  • Professor Peter Port: Aries
  • Headmaster/General James Ironwood: Taurus
  • Headmaster Ozpin: Gemini
  • Taiyang Xiao Long: Cancer
  • Summer Rose: Leo
  • Professor Glynda Goodwitch: Virgo
  • Qrow Branwen: Libra
  • Cinder Fall: Scorpio
  • Raven Branwen: Sagittarius
  • Winter Schnee: Capricorn
  • Doctor Bartholomew Oobleck: Aquarius
  • Roman Torchwick: Pisces
  • ---
  • don't like your sign on this post? see also; RWBYJNPRSSSN Horoscopes
  • miss-nerdgasmz.tumblr.com/post/130182851149/the-signs-as-rwby-jnpr-and-sssn-members


Drew isn’t one to dress up but Mardi Gras is definitely an occasion to dress up for. For the parade, he has decided to go as “The King”. Drew is wearing purple suit pants and a purple suit jacket, but no shirt. Let’s not forget it can be very hot in NOLA. Drew is also wearing a string of beads around his neck and a small costume mask. 

I love Garnet but omfg her hair and gauntlets are a nightmare to draw properly.

Anyways we’re back with more Veopala Ona AU stuff, this time with Toa Gatai. Decided to give her a veil instead of shades or bandages, but I’m still not sure with the whole thing. Bio under the cut.

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concept: Iris returns wearing Laverre City Boutique attire and joins the XY quartet. She and Serena (and the rest of the cast ofc) get along wonderfully over cake and other delicious cafe treats.

@ pokeani when will Iris return please tell me