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This a requested imagine, I hope you’ll like it and thanks for requesting. I’m very sorry if you spot any spelling mistakes x

Also I’m taking the time to give a shoutout to this blog : @fandom-imagine-me :) this blog does all kind of imagines including Harry potter imagines and other fandom imagines, so make sure to check it out if it interests you!

Summary : the reader (Draco’s girlfriend) jumps infront of Draco when Harry tried to hit him with the Sectumsempra curse.

(Y/N : your name
Y/F : your friend
Y/H : your house)

“He’s been acting so strange lately–I don’t know what do..” I said to my best friend, Y/F, while we were both sitting at the Y/H table.

I let out a long sigh and played with the end of my sleeves while she placed her hand on my shoulder in a comforting way, “boys are strange creatures, you just got to find a way to deal with it,” she said while she winked at me, making me chuckle, “It’s going to be okay Y/N..”

“Thank you,” I said as I gave her a smile, she smiled back for a second but her eyes landed on something behind me, making her smile fade away. I turned my head and immediately understood her sudden seriousness. Draco Malfoy had just walked into the great hall, with his eyebrows raised and lips curved down into a frown. He suddenly stopped walking and stood frozen in his spot, staring at something ahead of him. I looked at my boyfriend in worry and wanted to walk towards him, but he was already gone. Draco sped out of the great hall and Harry Potter, confusingly, followed him not short after.

I looked at Y/F and she looked right back at me with a confused expression. “I’m going after them-” I said to her and walked away before she could try to stop me.

I walked out of the great hall and tried to walk past the groups of students. I almost lost Harry out of my eyesight but I soon fastened my pace again.

Harry walked towards the bathroom so I’m positive Draco went there too. I tried to keep quiet as I hid behind a pilar, grabbing my wand and holding it secure in my hand for protection. I peeked my head out from behind the wall and saw Harry slowly walking towards Draco. I felt my heart skip a beat when Draco suddenly started sobbing but it soon stopped when Harry broke the silence.

“I know what you did,” Harry said while he stood firmly in his spot, “you hexed her, didn’t you?” Draco’s head shot up as he looked at Harry in the mirror. He turned around and looked at Harry while shaky breaths escaped his lips. Out of nowhere Draco threw a spell at him, making me gasp. Luckily, Harry jumped to the side and dodged it.

“Bloody hell–” I muttered as I moved from behind the wall and tried to get closer to them while Harry got back up and tried to attack Draco, but he also failed, shattering a couple mirrors instead. Draco quickly moved away and so did Harry as they both tried to hide themselves from each other.

I ran further into the room and saw that Harry almost got hit while he rounded the corner. They both got away again, and I lost them out of my sight for a second. I can’t believe they didn’t even notice me following them.

I heard another loud noise and footsteps running around. This is going too far, I need to stop this. I ran around, trying to find Draco when I suddenly saw him standing straight ahead of me with his wand firmly in his hand.

“Draco-” I whispered as I tried to get his attention. He turned around, pointing his wand at my body before he noticed it was me. He lowered his wand and spoke up, “Y/N? What the hell are you doing here?!” He asked me while his eyebrows arched down, making him look rather angry.

“I-I saw you at the great hall, y-you ran off so quickly,” I mumbled quickly, searching for the right words to say, “I’m sorry, I was worried about you..” I said. Draco’s face expression softened as I walked closer towards him.

“It’s fine, I don’t deserve your apology-” he said as he looked down at me. I smiled at him and was about to kiss him when our little moment got ruined and we heard those footsteps again.
We looked straight ahead of us and at the exact same moment Harry rounded the corner, “Sectumsempra!” Harry shouted, startling the two of us.

“No!” I shouted and pushed Draco’s body away from me before he got hit by the curse. “Y/N!” Draco cried out when the curse hit me instead.

I clutched my hand to my chest as I looked down at my body. My uniform was covered in blood stains that were getting more red by the second. My whole body was hurting and my head was pounding. It felt like hundreds of blades were piercing through my skin. Everything was blurry and all the sounds around me were faint. My knees started to feel weak and before I knew it, my body collided with the wet floor.

Draco and Harry came running towards me with panic written across their faces. Draco kneeled down beside me and held my head in his lap while he kept yelling at Harry that this was his fault. I looked up at Draco through my half closed eyes and noticed that the tears were brimming in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry..” Draco sobbed as he ran his fingers through my hair, “It’s going to be okay..” He whispered as a single tear rolled down his cheek and landed on my blood stained forehead.

“I love you so much– I’m sorry..” He said as he kissed my forehead right before professor Snape came running in and pulled Draco away from me.

( * ✝✝. ⦙  LEKXNG’S THIRD THEME —— like i would.

it has been awhile since i’ve released a theme to the public, so this is definitely long overdue !! i hope that you all find great usage for this little theme, i tried my best to make it as user friendly as possible & give you as many choices as i could. all i ask in return is that you keep the theme credit intact & that you L I K E or R E B L O G if you do end up using it !!

if you have any questions, do not hesitate to come ask !!

CODE LINKAGE: theme previewpastebin.

TWO built in sidebar images ( 60px but will size down ).
THREE built in links ( each optional ).
400px sized posts.
customizable colors ( even for things like bold & italics ).
infinite description ( scrollbar will appear ).
do NOT, however, make your title longer than TWO lines.

Fresh Air: revamp

preview + code

The original Fresh Air theme was really buggy and this was the best I could do to fix it. It’s not as simple of a design, has new effects, and a much bigger font. It came out simpler than I’d like, but still much better than the original.

The main effects are posts sliding down as the page loads and the reblog button and tags slide in from both sides.


  • 400px posts
  • background image, sidebar image, and custom favicon
  • 10 color options
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New Features:

  • hover tags
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Please let me know if there’s any problems with the theme and likes/reblogs if you’re interested are really appreciated!


okay, so. in honor of my birthday and shinee’s upcoming anniversary, i’ve decided to release this skeleton theme ! *throws confetti* i tried to make my codes as organized as possible, but there might be a few bumps. if you come across something and you aren’t sure how to fix it, feel free to shoot me an ask and i’ll help you sort it out. other than that, image dimensions are on the preview & i hope you guys like it !


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  • 2 link options
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Damon fucking Salvatore brought flowers to Bonnie Sheila Bennett. She is the only woman Damon Salvatore brought flowers to. 

Damon Salvatore is also almost 200 years old & yet Bonnie Sheila Bennett is the only woman who managed to leave him speechless & take his breath away. 

She means so much to him I can’t deal !

So who exactly is Bonnie Bennett to Damon Salvatore?

She was once his enemy. They tried to kill each other numerous times. “Everything that happens it’s his fault, Elena.” -Bonnie

She was once his ally. They saved each other’s lives lives. They brought each other back to life. -“I’m not goinna make it. But you are.” -Bonnie

She was once his second choice. “If it comes down to you and the witch again, I will gladly let Bonnie die. I will always chose you.” - Damon. Even like this, he always managed to save both Elena and Bonnie.

She became his first choice. “Then I remembered, you’re my best friend. And if anything ever happened to you, I would lose my mind.” -Damon

She was his conscience. She never stopped him from making his mistakes, but made sure he knew the consequences of his choices. “There’s always a choice. Everytime you make one, someone else suffers” -Bonnie

She was once his best friend. “You’re not supposed to die for me, Bon. Do you know what I would’ve had to go through if you died today? Years of self loathing. Crippling guilt. Not to mention, I’d have to break in a new drinking buddy.” -Damon

She was the last person he saw before he desiccated for three years. “This hurts me. And as you dessicate, as you feel the pangs of hunger as the blood drains from your body, that’s what I want you to remember. That you hurt me.” -Bonnie 

Who is Bonnie Bennett to Damon Salvatore? 

Bonnie is the woman who will make all the suffering Damon’s been through worth it. The entirety of the Vampire Diaries so far has been the prequel to their love. A love that has moved through time and space. A love that has survived the tearing apart of worlds.

Bonnie Bennett will be Damon Salvatore’s ever lasting love. And no one, not even the writers, can convince me otherwise.

It’s been seven years since our KING passed away. I miss him so much and I will never stop loving him. He was everything to me since I was a little child. My king, my master, my role model. Michael Jackson was not only the best musician that this world could ever seen but also true humanitarian, loving father an the man who tried to heal the world and make it a better place for children. I love you so much.

Long Live The King

Anonymous said:
Can you make a Nate imagine (dirty) where he is your best friend and you hang out and some and end up having rough sex after he confesses his fantasies about you and him dating and fucking? Thanks ily 💘

Warning this is my first actual smut on here &I I wrote this at like 3:30 in the morning last night, so I apologize in advance if it sucks but hey I tried 😇.

Sexual Vibes

Lately my bestfriend, Nate, has been acting pretty weird if you ask me. I’ve been trying to hang out with him for the past month and all I get is excuse after excuse as to why he can’t hang when he dam well knows he’s not doing anything except kicking it back smoking blunt after blunt. After so many tries I convinced him to finally hang out with me and I’m gonna get to the bottom of why he really hasn’t been answering my requests to see him. I walked into the fancy decorated elevator headed straight to Nate’s apartment, I was wearing some black joggers with a black crop top and some black shoes. I got out the elevator and knocked on the door, I heard fumbling and him take a deep breath before he opened “hey kid” I said smiling and pulling him in for a hug, his arms wrapped around me tight but a protective kind of tight. We pulled apart and he flashed me his million dollar smile. “So what’s the plan for today?” I asked throwing myself down “I got everything we need here and even got some movies” he smiled slightly avoiding eye contact, something made me want to ask him why he’s so nervous but i barley got here gotta give it some time then ease into some questions. He brought in our favorite snacks and set the movie “what are we watching” “fifty shades of grey” I nearly chocked on my spit “why?” “I don’t know, I heard it’s a good movie, full of all that sappy shit you like, so I just decided to get it” he said sitting in the opposite sofa across from me. I don’t think he realizes what fifty shades of grey really is about. Should I tell him, should I not? Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes “Nate…” “Hmp?” He said throwing his head up like a little kid “thanks” I smiled, guess we are going with no. He relaxed in the chair “why are you over there come here” I said patting the seat next to me with a blanket. He rubbed his hand in his hair before dragging his feet over to me. He sat down eating some chips before leaning back. I threw the cover over us and put my feet on his. It was towards the first sex scene when I decided to record his reaction, I quickly opened snapchat and the scene started at first he was calm and quiet but as soon as the sex started he freaked out, I laughed while recording him as he jumped up trying to shut the tv off “okay let’s not watch that” he nervously laughed as I ended the video. I bawled out in laughter as he sat in the same sofa he sat in the beginning, I got ticked off and decided to confront him.

“Whats wrong with you?” I asked sitting Indian style “what do you mean?” He said avoiding eye contact “there you go again! Stop avoiding eye contact and look at me dammit, I’m your bestfriend” he took a slight breath “that’s the thing….” He chuckled a bit, kinda psychotic if you ask me “what do YOU mean?” I asked furrowing my brows “ that’s all your gonna ever be my best fucking friend” “what are you trying to say?” He took a long breath this time “ I” “you” “I -I.” “Spit it out Nathan!” “I fucking love you” I sat there processing what he just said. “ I fucking love you dammit!….. I love everything about you, your smile, your body, your eyes, the way you bite your cheeks when you get nervous. Every fucking thing” I just looked at him watching his movements. “At first I thought it was a stupid feeling you know like that feeling when I see a fresh bag of weed, I get excited and once it’s gone it’s kinda like oh let’s cop a new bag” he fumbled his hands, I just nodded “but time passed and it wasn’t just a feeling, I found myself falling for you and needing your opinion on everything, I got jealous seeing you on guys that wasn’t me and dammit I found myself yearning for your approval! I put myself in denial, nah it couldn’t be love, it’s just a crush. I told myself sun up to sun down… But then the dreams happened” “dreams?” I asked tilting my head “I mean I’m already in too deep so this isn’t gonna really do shit” he laughed “ a while back I started having these dreams, dreams of us being together and doing other things…. I had dreams I was holding your hand, taking you places and even smoking blunts with you… I also had dreams I was fucking the shit out of you, dreams I was fucking you everywhere, dreams you were moaning and screaming my name, dreams of you not being so innocent and dreams that you would feel some type of way under my touch.” He looked at me looking for a reaction but I couldn’t offer anything “I wanna be able to do shit to you, shit that only we know about, I wanna be able to fuck you whenever and where ever I want to. But I don’t know how you feel and that’s what made me push you away, the more I saw you the more I fell and the more dreams I had. I didn’t know how you felt so why put myself through this if you don’t feel the same?” I leaned back in his chair. I didn’t know how to react, he just laid this all on the table without giving me a heads up. I don’t remember much that happened, I remember getting up and taking everything off except my bra and panties, I remember walking towards him as he looked at me in shock, I remember straddling him, I remember kissing him all over his jaw then moving to his lips. He didn’t know what to do he was shocked, I took both his hands and placed them on my ass, I kissed him hard and at first he didn’t but that changed. I was in control or so I thought. He lifted us up with my legs wrapped around his back, he took me to his room lying me on the bed slightly, he broke the kiss, kissing my jaw then my neck going down my tummy, he stood up removing his shirt and pants. I looked up glancing at how hard he was and knew this was gonna be one hell of a night.

He came back kissing me, he moved from my lips to my neck earning tons of moans, as he continued to suck on my sweet spot he slipped two fingers in my underwear, he teased me at first rubbing circles in my area that felt so amazing. I couldn’t help but moan louder squeezing my legs tighter with every circle he drew, I felt him smirk within my skin as he plunged a finger into me causing me to jerk forward, he plunged the second one into me as I held on to his shoulder wimping with amusement. He pulled me back down looking me in my eyes, watching my reaction and movements as he repeatedly pushed and pulled his fingers in and out slow then fast, I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head as my breaths became unsteady and quick. I pulled him by his neck about a inch away from my face looking him in his eyes, my facial expressions changing as I took breaths in, he smirked and plunged one last time into me sending my body into a mix of emotions, I layed back arching my back and he slowly pulled his fingers out of me. He yanked me by my hair and made me lick my juices off of him. He removed his boxers and I got up to go do my job when he stopped me “this isn’t about me it’s about you tonight” he layed me on my back teasing me tracing circles with his hard on by my entrance “fuck me” I begged and he listened, without any warning he plunged into me causing my back to involuntarily arch. “Fuck” he moaned as he quickened his pace, he leaned down pecking my lips. I removed my bra and he scanned my breasts, he took hold of one while slowing down his pace, after sometime he lifted me up placing my back along a wall. “I’m almost there” he said with a low raspy quick voice, I nodded my head as he entered me once again. Harder and harder he would go looking me straight in the eye to see how he was doing. I couldn’t describe the amount of pleasure I was getting if my life depended on it. I felt my back hit the wall and the silent room being filled with profanity, moans and skin slaps. He yanked my body off the wall placing his hands on my ass lifting me up and down his length fast as I moaned. His hair coming in his face blocking his eyes as he moaned and kissed my neck “I’m gonna cum” I moaned bouncing “together” he said yanking my hair. He took three final thrusts and on the final one my nails pierced his skin as I moaned slight profanities, his hands gripping my ass as he let out a manly moan while releasing inside me. He carried me still on his length and placed me on the bed,I climbed under the blankets as he layed across from me doing the same. We regained our breathing, I layed there thinking about the actions that just took place as he took my hand playing with our nails before saying something “ didn’t know you had that in you lil mama” “theres a lot you don’t know about me” I chuckled “can I be the only one to find out?” He asked “is this you asking me out? Because if so then yes” I said cuddling in his chest, he kissed my forehead and eventually we fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Asexual + books, music and photography for Anon!

Hope you like it! Feel free to come back and request a more specific one if you’d like! (I tried to squeeze all three in for you but I’d be willing to make separate ones if you wanted!)

[Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images, I got them from Google. They are all source to my best ability.]

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— ♡ @monstasx‘s birthday, february 20th ♡ —

my other half of hype duo, my favorite fish (i’m sorry), my true ride or die, happy birthday! it hasn’t even been a year since we met yet but your friendship is one of the most important and freeing ones i’ve ever had. like i feel like i say this all the time, but you’re seriously one of the most authentic and coolest people i’ve ever met, you’re incredibly easy to talk to and get along with, and every day i just can’t help but think about how lucky and beyond grateful i am to have a place in your life. i could go on, but for the sake of being not-as-sappy and not repeating myself, i’ll just say that even though your 21st is a ridiculously special day, i hope that it’s an even more special year. i hope you’ll be able to travel to all the places you’ve always dreamed of and open yourself up to new experiences and i hope that you’re met with nothing but luck and good cheer wherever you go. from the bottom of my soft cancer heart, i wish you the best birthday and i hope you’re having the best time on your trip!