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“It’s hard to tell the truth, and it’s hard to hear it. It involves feelings. It could make us feel uncomfortable with each other. But, to all of us, [hearing the truth] wasn’t bad. I believe Solar’s words strengthened our unity.”


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  • ok so let me start off by saying that seulgi is gay
  • i feel like seulgi is a nickname giving girlfriend
  • “sweet heart “cutiepie” “baby”
  • but before you guys started dating she would be such a squish
  • she would be shy and nervous around you and oh lord
  • “unnie why are you blushing”
  • “shut up sooyoung”
  • she’d probably try to get closer to you as a friend
  • as soon as she’s comfortable around you, she’d drop hints
  • she’d give you so many compliments and would have a smug look on her face every time you got flustered
  • eventually she’d gather all of her courage after she confirmed herself that her feelings were mutual to ask you out
  • your first date would be so cute and simple (probably just lunch or dinner)
  • now on to when you guys are officially a thing
  • she would be super cuddly whenever you two are alone
  • super cuddly.
  • she’d always want to hug you as well
  • lots of back hugs
  • when you guys are in public, she’d want to hold your hand
  • not too much skinship, but she’ll still find a way to have physical contact with you
  • since she’s always busy, she’ll take you out on unforgettable dates to make it up to you
  • and you would always forgive her because how could you not
  • she’d always stare and admire you
  • she’ll cling on to you when you guys sleep and put her face in the crook of your neck and hold you so tight
  • she’s so adorable i can’t
  • a lot of things will remind her of you
  • wendy eats soup?
  • “oh, y/n had soup last week”
  • yeri falls?
  • “y/n fell last year”
  • but seulgi would love you a lot, and you’d love her too
  • you’d be dating an actual teddy bear
  • dating seulgi would be such an amazing and adorable romantic experience.

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