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Elizabeth of York aesthetic for @margarettudor

   Endearingly called “the Gracious Queen” by her subjects, one clear demonstration of the English people’s love for her can be recalled: while progressing over a carpet of woolen cloth that watching crowds were permitted afterward to take as a souvenir, a riot ensued and some died in the ordeal, all to obtain a piece of the cloth the Queen had tread on.

   After her premature death, the Tower – where she had died – ceased almost entirely to be used as a royal residence. Her family and subjects genuinely grieved her loss.

Preference "How we find them drunk and they admit sweet things about us"

(Sorry for posting so late, there are so many characters XD but anyways Yay for our faves being all cute and giggly people in love :3 PS. I tried my best to make them all different types of drunks XD and tbh I love them all!!! Pls read all of them!!! Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owner.)

Negan-He had decided to reward everyone and let you all party. As the night went on, he was hoping to get you drunk knowing how hilarious you where usually but in the end, he himself was drinking so much he started to be all loud and was stumbling all over the place. As you noticed, you went to help him but as you approached him, he turned Lucille upside down and as if she was a microphone and in a loud voice, started to confess his true feelings for you so everyone could hear. “Y/N! I love you!Like i’m in love with you! I’m serious! You’re amazing! Truly the best! You care for me so much and you’re sooooo cute! And Hot as hell too! I like that! I want to live the rest of my life just with you!”

Daryl-You were all having a fun party late at night and naturally drinks were being passed around. He kept pushing it onto you all but in the end, he was the one crazy drunk. He was stumbling all over the place and was looking for you. He kept calling your name sweetly and was hanging onto other people, mistaking them for you or just taking time to tell them about you. Eventually, you heard your name and as you approached, you heard him telling Rick about you. “Rick? You know I gotta tell you, i’m like really in love with Y/N! She’s amazing and really pretty! She genuinely cares for all of us and takes good care of us…and that’s what matters! You think we should get married or something?”

Rick-You were all having fun at the diner table and everyone was talking with loud voices. He was handing drinks to them and you as well. However, as the night went on he eventually started to drink as well and had drank so much he could barely stand up straight. You noticed and approached to help him but instead he signalled and told you to wait as he had announcement to make before leaving with you. He suddenly climbed on the table and in a loud voice talked about you. “Y/N before we leave! I-I have something to say! Listen closely! I love you! I’m serious! I know I tell you that every day but I want everyone else to hear it as well! So I love you!”

Merle-It was one of The Governor’s party and everyone started to drink and drink. As the night went on, Merle had left your side to drink with the other men. However, you got a little worried and then walked to search for him. As you found him, he was hanging onto a truck nearby and appeared to be real drunk with the others as well. As he looked your way, he immediately smiled and turned to grab a megaphone nearby and climbed on top of the truck and started to talk about his feelings for you. “Alright…listen up everyone! Y/N over there is the best thing that has ever happened to me! She cares for me and i’ve never been more grateful than to have her in my life! I love her…I love you Y/N…Can you hear me?”

Glenn-You were celebrating all together and although he was reluctant to drink with the encouragement of Daryl, he ended up accepting. You noticed him drinking and drinking and eventually got worried over him. You got closer and tried to take his cup away from him. As he noticed, he just felt and thought you were trying to be affectionate with him and couldn’t stop giggling and started to ramble on about his feelings for you as everyone listened. “Aww Y/N! You care for me so much, you remembered how drunk I can get! That’s so nice of you…Just like the rest of you! I love you! you know that? I love you!!”

Carl-The two of you were allowed to have a few drinks but eventually you both got tipsy from it. You were a little lost but clearly not as drunk as Carl. You had decided to go to your room and sleep but as you did he followed you without you noticing it. You got in your bed and closed the door but suddenly it opened and him thinking he was whispering , started to yell at you about all his feelings. “Y/N, I know this is awkward but I just had to tell you that! I’m in love with you! You hear me! You’re adorable and I enjoy looking at you! So yeah I’m in love with you!”

The Governor-It was one of his parties and he was handing drinks to the people but of course he had to drink as well. The night went on and you had lost sight of him while he eventually ended up drinking so much he could barely stand up. You decided to look for him and you then found him sitting by one of the benches. As you approached, he raised his head up and smiled at you, he then called your name sweetly and got up to hug you tightly. “Y/N, I missed you so much! I know we saw each other earlier but as soon as you’re away I miss you! It’s because I just love you so much!”

Abraham-The night went on for a while and you both gladly drank everything your friends were mixing for you. As you sat next to him, you clearly noticed him as he was way more drunk than you. You wanted to help him get up to go to your room but as you did he fell on the ground. However, instead of grunting in pain, he smiled and laughed and pulled you along on top of him and started to speak in a rather loud tone about his feelings. “Oh Y/N, how clumsy can you get! But that’s what I like about you! Actually, I am in love with you! You’re just great and you’re so caring of me, it’s hard to not be in love with you!”

Eugene-You were all having fun together and you wanting to see him drunk for once, managed to get him to start drinking. As the night went on, you expected for him to get all tipsy and loud but instead he just sat by the couch by himself staring blankly at floor. You went to sit next to him and as you did, he put his hand on your thigh and in his serious tone, you could hear hints of drunkiness and he started to ramble on about you. “Y/N…I love you…I really do…I think i know what love is since I met you…I really wouldn’t know what to do without you…”

Ron-It was a late party and as everyone drank they let you both have a few drinks with them. As soon as you both started to drink, you eventually got tipsy together. The others noticed and thought it was enough for the night and they helped you both get to your room. On your way there, he then started to tell you and the person helping about his feelings for you. “Hey listen up…I’m in love with Y/N! She’s the best! Did you hear me Y/N? I love you! I'min love with you! For real!”

Jesus-There was a party in Alexandria and you had been both invited to join with them and stay for the night. As you both arrived, you were convinced to have a few drinks and eventually got separated as you went to talk with some other friends. When time came to go to sleep, you went to look for him and found him jumping on the bed of your room. He was smiling and laughing and as he saw you, he got excited and started to ramble on about his feelings. “Y/N! You’re here! Finally! Ever since I’ve met you I’ve been super happy! I think i’m really in love with you! No! I know i’m in love with you! and it’s an amazing feeling!”

Dwight-Negan had let you all party together and as you did, Dwight had no problem drinking the night away. It got late and you heard him mentioning your name from afar. It made you worried and you went to look for him. As you pass the others, you got to him and all you saw was him laying on the floor laughing and speaking in a loud voice. As he caught a glance at you, he smiled and sat up to call your name sweetly and threw his arms up at you like a child and ended up telling you about his feelings. “Y/N! There you are! Come hug me babe! I love your hugs! They’re the best! Please! I love you! I’m in love with you! I’m not getting up until you come hug me!”

Morgan-You were all simply sitting by the table eating and drinking and he was just next to you and was having a few beers here and there. As he did, he clearly got a little tipsy and kept staring at you lovingly. As you noticed you turned and smiled at him. He then suddenly lunged at you and kissed your cheek. It surprised you but not as much as when he started to bang his beer bottle on the table to get everyone’s attention and speaking about you in a loud tone. “I love you Y/N! I really do! I like how you care for me! The way you look at me and the way you hug me…Actually everything about you! Yeah I love you…”

Shane-You were having a little party around the campfire and eventually started to drink. You were talking with the others while he and some of them were having fun playing drinking games together. As it got late, you had made your way to your tent to sleep before him. As you prepared both of your sleeping bag, you suddenly heard the zipper door open and him calling for you sweetly. He then tried to get in but instead tripped inside the tent, laughing and speaking about his feelings. “Y/N, you caught me! Thanks…You know I love you right? Like i’m in love with you! It’s serious…You’re just so…pretty to look at…and you care for me…It’s hard to not love you!”

Milton-It was one of the Governor’s party and although he was reluctant to drink, he eventually gave in when you offered it to him sweetly. He ended up having fun time and got real drunk with the others. You then got worried and decided to walk him back to your shared room. As you sat him on the bed, you decided to change him in his pj’s and he started to chuckle. As you got to his shirt, he suddenly hugged you tightly and started to ramble on about his feelings. “You’re so soft Y/N…I like that…well actually I love everything about you…I mean I am in love with you…I’ve always been…And I don’t think it’ll ever change!”

Aaron-You were all crashing his house for the night to party and you were having fun drinking. Although, he was reluctant at first, everyone had convinced him to drink and he gave in. He ended up having fun and was looking for you all over. He stumbled over and eventually got a little too wasted. You looked for him all over and found him sitting nearby a plant and talking to it in a rather loud voice about his feelings for you. “Listen here, you! Y/N is great and i’m lucky to be in love with that person! I don’t think i’ll ever get better! Do you hear me! Y/N cares for all of us and always has me as a priority…I love you Y/N…”

Gabriel-You were all partying together at your house but he was reluctant to drink until the others convinced him. He ended up having fun and it wasn’t even late at night yet but you lost sight of him during the party. You searched all over and as you walked into your room expecting for him to wait for you, you instead heard your name being called from outside and as you looked through the opened window, you saw him barely standing up straight and he raised his voice so you could hear him or rather everyone. “Y/N, can you hear me? I love you, alright! You’re the most beautiful woman I ever laid my eyes on and…I enjoy making love to you! I-I don’t care if everyone knows! I’m too in love with you to hide it!”

The Wolf-You were drinking with your friends and having a good time around the camp fire. The night went on for a good while and you noticed him staring blankly at the ground. You went closer to wave a hand in front of him and it made him look up at you. He smiled and was teary eyed. He grabbed your hand and thinking you couldn’t hear him, he raised his voice. “Y/N, I love you, alright! That’s what i’m trying to say! You’re perfect in every aspect! It’s hard to believe how I got this lucky to be with you!”

Noah-You were having a little diner party in the house and you both got excited at the idea of finally drinking. As you both started, you were having fun playing drinking games and suddenly you went to the bathroom. As you came back, you found him asleep with his head on the table, you went to shake him awake and he started to mumble about his feelings for you. “Y/N…I-I love you…You’re amazing…Great..And you’re beautiful…I just want to hug you when you smile at me…I just really love you…”

Simon-Negan had let you all party together and were allowed to drink. Simon was keeping it up with the others and eventually got wasted. You got slightly worried over him as you lost sight of him and started to look for him all over. Eventually, you found him, shirtless and hanging onto your pillow tightly. He kept kissing it all over and complementing it, obviously mistaking it for you. You went to tap his shoulder and as he turned around he giggled and pulled you in for a hug. “Y/N! You’re here! Let me kiss those nice lips of yours! Please! I want to! I’m in love with you! What i’m saying is let me kiss you because I love you!”

Ezekiel-You were all allowed to have a little party and eventually everyone started drinking. As you drank together, you had never expected for him to down some so easily. He made you laugh and smile but eventually someone had distracted you from him and you both separated for the night. As it got late, everyone went to their room and you did the same. You walked in and found him laying on your bed spread all over like a starfish and laughing. As he saw you, he said your name and started to talk about his feelings. “Y/N?! Come closer to me! Please! Your bed is very comfy it’s a shame to sleep on it without you! You know, I just realized how much I love you…and every time i think about it I can’t stop smiling!”

Benjamin-There was a party at The Kingdom and you were all permitted to drink. Feeling bold, you challenged him to a drinking game in which he gladly accepted. You both got serious about it but he seemed to have gotten even more drunk than you but suddenly you left to go to the bathroom. As you came back, you found him crawling on the floor and calling for you. You answered back and he turned his head to look at you, smiling. “Y/N, I thought I lost you for a second that’s why I am here…but you’re back! I just wanted to tell you that i love you! Like seriously in love! It’s hard to imagine a day without you!”

Caesar-You were having a party in Woodbury and you drank all together. As you handed out the drinks, he stayed close to keep an eye on you. However, he ended up leaving to join his friends and was drinking as well, getting obviously drunk. You got worried and went to look for him. As you found him, you saw him sitting by a bench playing a guitar, rather awfully, and singing along with the others. As he noticed you, he smiled and got up on the bench to sing about his feelings for you. “Y/N, you beautiful woman! I love you! I love you, do you hear me? You take good care of me…and I like that! Are you looking at me?”

Heath-During the party in Alexandria, you were trying to convince him to drink and obviously he ended up giving in. You left him for a moment as someone else called for you. However, as you came back, the others had made him drink much more and he ended up being drunk as well and was singing along next to the karaoke machine. As he saw you, he smiled and started to serenade his feelings to you. “Y/N…You’re so beautiful…and I know for sure…I’m in love with you…I love you…Everything about you…Can you hear me talking into this microphone?”

Spencer-During the party in Alexandria, he was trying to see your drunken side and had challenged you to a drinking contest. To his surprise, you never got drunk but he did. You laughed at him and left to go get something. As you came back, he had fallen backwards on his chair and decided to just stay there. You approached to help him and as you tried to get him up, he laughed and started to ramble on about his feelings. “You’re helping me again? Y/N! You’re too much! Well I actually like that that you’re like this! It makes you an even more beautiful person! And i love that, I love you!”

Michonne-After a long day out, everyone had decided to drink together. You were having a little party in your house but you all ended up drinking. As you did, Michonne surprised you with all the drinks she down. However, as she got tipsy it all changed and you laughed at her. As she heard you, she shot a deadly gaze at you and pointed at you, only to start talking about her feelings for you. “You…Don’t you dare laugh at me…Because I love you, alright! I’m serious Y/N! I’m in love with you! You’re the greatest! I really do love you…You can smile at me but don’t mock my feelings!”

Maggie-You had decided to have a little party and you all started to drink. As the night went on, the drinking got heavier and eventually Maggie had gotten real drunk. She got up and made her way to the bathroom. Worried, you followed her, only to find her laying in the bath tube and staring at the wall laughing. As she saw you, she started to ramble on about her feelings. “Y/N! You’re here! Come closer I have something to tell you! I-I’m in love with you! isn’t it great! I mean i know we’re together but I Just had to say it out loud!”

Andrea-It was the party in Woodbury and you were allowed to drink. Although, she was reluctant at first you managed to convince her. As she did, she eventually got drunk and you found her laying on a bench. She was looking up at the sky and as she saw you she smiled. “Y/N? Is that you? Hey! I have to tell you something…I think i’m in love with you…Like I have feelings for you and I can’t stop thinking about you all the time!”

Jessie-You were at the party in Alexandria together and you noticed her drinking quite a lot. You tried to get her to stop as you got worried and as she noticed, she got away from you. She started to run away for you to catch her but as you caught her, she smiled at you. “Y/N, you caught me! That’s nice of you! Well actually you’re always nice! That’s what I love about you…I love you…”

Beth-You were having a little party in the prison and luckily had a few drinks. You both drank together but she got a little more tipsy than you. You tried to get something for you but she held onto you. She then pulled you closer and went to whisper in your ear. As you couldn’t hear her you told her to raise her voice and she got away from you and with her hands around her mouth repeated herself in an extremely loud tone for everyone to hear. “What I said was! That i’m in love with you Y/N! Like i love you! I’m not joking! You’re an amazing person and i’m lucky to have you!”

Sasha-You were celebrating together and you had managed to convince her to drink with you. As the night went on, she eventually got drunk and it worried you. You helped her up to her room and as you got there, you laid her in her bed. However, she started to chuckle and as you tried to leave, she pulled you closely to her and told you about her feelings. “I-I love you Y/N! I really do! I don’t think I ever felt this way for anyone before you! And it’s great! Like I really love you…please tell me you feel the same…”

Rosita-You were simply drinking beer together for fun but suddenly she suggested to get to the heavier booze. You accepted and as the night went on, she ended up way more drunk than you. You wanted to help her up to her room but she held your arm to keep you from getting up. She chuckled and smiling started to ramble on about her feelings for you. “Y/N, you know I love you, right? No like i’m in love with you! It’s serious feelings here! I mean just being around you i’m happier! So it must mean I really love you!”

Enid-During the party, you were both allowed to drink and you managed to convince her to try some. As she did, she quickly got drunk and went to sleep as you both sat on the couch. You tried to wake her up but she pushed your hand away and to your surprise started to talk about her feelings for her. “Y/N…I-I love you…I’ve always felt that way…Please tell me it’s the same for you! I don’t want you to reject me…that would be terrible…”

Tara-You were having a fun party in Alexandria and were talking to your friends. As the night went on, you both drank separately and eventually you walked around to look for her as you got worried. You the found her laying on the grass with her sunglasses on and with a big smile on her face. As she noticed, she called your name sweetly and started to ramble on about her feelings. “Y/N? Hey! You know, I really love you! You’re just so great! It’s hard to imagine my life without you…Gosh I just love you okay! Now don’t just stand there lay down with me!”


until dawn au - everyone survives, including josh

sam never leaves josh and mike in the mines - she insists on staying with them and ensuring they all come back in one piece. when things go wrong and wendigo starts to drag josh away, the thought of abandoning her friend doesn’t even cross her mind. she succesfuly distracts it and, with help of mike and his shotgun, they all manage to get away, ultimately surviving events of the game together with everyone else.

myvhenanisyours  asked:

Since there's not a route yet (come on Cheritz), any headcanons for dating Saeran?

i’m not too confident with saeran, but i tried my best!! i, too, dearly hope he gets his own route too tbh -will

  • saeran would be pretty clueless, as your relationship would be his first. he wouldn’t know things like how long to wait before holding your hand, or whether he should kiss you on the first date, and he would probably overcomplicate things.
  • he would definitely want to take things slow with you, as some things could get overwhelming for him at times. if you were dating saeran, you would have to be incredibly patient with him, and take it one milestone at a time. this also means that if you held his hand one day, he may not be willing to do so the next day.
  • he would feel incredibly lucky to have a partner, especially one who was so sweet and patient with him. he would be incredibly thankful towards you, and may not voice this a lot, but would show it through his actions, whether this be a small smile given to you, or a compliment on something such as your eye colour.
  • saeran would try to be gentlemanly to his significant other, just using small gestures. he would open the door for you, or give you his coat whenever it was cold out. the last thing he’d want you to believe is that he’s mean or harsh.
  • as the relationship progresses, saeran would grow to love holding his s/o in his arms. he would adore prolonged hugs, and soft cuddles, and falling asleep wrapped around each other. it would make him feel warm and safe.

@markiplier Been subscribed to you four years now and I can’t think of a single moment you’ve ever let me down. I wouldn’t be where I am now without you, and I’ll never be able to pay you back for that. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and so many others. <3

heartfatality  asked:

Name some of your favorite Tumblr blogs, please! (I love yours btw!)

Thank you so much! Sorry this took me a decade to respond. Here are some awesome people who are awesome to talk fandom with who I’m bad at keeping up with (i’m really the worst) but would 10/10 recommend

@lucreziaborgia @eggosforeleven @sarahlinden @fincherdunne @looksforloveinallthelonelyplaces @willa-fitz 

And here’s some I admire from afar lately bc they post awesome movie related things and gifs (and here I am for the first time probably telling them lmao) hi

@panslabyrinth @lynchoid @chanw00kpark @x-dolans @henricavyll @directedbydeltoro @sarahconnor @eggogorgon @shesnake @homicidalbrunette @rickgrime @miawllce @megans-fox @spankjonze

I know I’m forgetting people but I tried I did. @ all my mutuals tbh you’re the best <3

happy birthday aymi my love ♥