i tried my best short of sticking a rutabaga in there

Fic: Naming and Knowing

Kurt and Blaine learn that grocery shopping and baby naming shouldn’t be done on an empty stomach. PG-13. Read on AO3 here. Fits into the same ‘verse as Zig and Zag but can be read on its own. 

The fruits and vegetables section of the grocery store makes Kurt and Blaine sentimental now. With a fetal development chart that compares their baby’s size to produce and nothing else to call her, Kurt and Blaine settle on using affectionately fruity nicknames. She’s grown from Poppy Seed to Sweet Pea to Blueberry and beyond. This week she’s Rutabaga. On a carefully planned pre-show afternoon with a brief window for chores and enjoying each other’s company, Kurt and Blaine cause a scene at the grocery store by crouching down to admire how tiny and adorable the grapes are. Blaine lovingly strokes a peach. Kurt cradles a watermelon to see how it feels. 

“How do you feel about Kiwi?” Blaine asks. 

“To eat or name our child?” The options Kurt lays out speak to how well they know each other. 

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