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The matsu's waking up in a hospital and are told by the doctor that he was in train accident and will never walk again (this hurts thinking about for Jushimatsu especially cuz of his love for yakyuu)

Oh god, this is a long one! I’m sorry if it’s bad,,,,because I’m honestly not satisfied with some of these and my language skills, so I apologise for any mistakes!
- Mod Shira

“What?“, Osomatsu asked. He laughed, but it didn’t sound positive. Osomatsu was scared. “I’m very sorry.”, the doctor said. “We tried our best – ” “If I can’t fucking walk anymore, it wasn’t your god damn best!”, Osomatsu snapped. “Uh, I mean-” “I can understand you’re frustrated.”
Osomatsu touched his legs, but no, he didn’t feel anything. “Oh god, oh.. what… how can I-” “I know it’s .. hard to take in. You’ll need a few days to actually realise it.” Osomatsu didn’t reply. He was caught up in his thoughts. If he hadn’t.. If he would have stayed home.. “Do you have any questions?”, the doctor asked, snapping him out of his thoughts. “C-can I.. do anything? Is it going to be like this forever? Do I have to get in a fucking wheelchair?” “I’m sorry, but no. You can’t do anything. It’s a permanent condition.” “Oh god.”, Osomatsu said. “Is there really nothing”, his voice cracked. He was fighting back tears, while realisation hit him. “I c-can do?” “As I said –” “Nothing.”, Osomatsu whispered, more to himself as to the doctor. “I can’t.. help it.. there’s nothing I can.. do..” Small tears began to roll down his cheeks, dripping onto his blanket. “It’s.. gonna be forever like.. this..”

“Can you.. say that again? I think I’ve – heh – misheard you.”, Karamatsu said, maintaining a sad smile. “No, you’ve heard it correct. I’m sorry.” “I, um.. No, I think, you-” “I know, I know. I understand. It’s hard to realise. Please give yourself some time.” Karamatsu shook his head. “I’m sure, you-” “Listen, Mr. Matsuno, I know it hurts. The surgery took several hours and we really gave it our all. I am very, very sorry. Even therapy wouldn’t do anything anymore. You won’t be able to walk, or simply move your legs.” “I – ” He stopped himself. This man was lying, wasn’t he? He was, he was. Karamatsu was sure. No, he was telling lies to him. But why should he lie to him? “Do you have any more questions?” Karamatsu shook his head. “No, I.. I..” “It’s okay. I understand how you’re feeling.” He nodded. “It’s been to long, right?”, Karamatsu asked. “Huh?” “Since I’ve been found, I mean. Nobody cared, right? They didn’t care. Maybe, if someone would have actually cared and called help-” “It was a train accident. Several people are injured and everyone was brought here as fast as possible.”, the doctor answered. “Y-you’re not.. answering me. It’s a tragedy that other people are injured too. But I’m talking about me.” “You were brought here an hour after the accident happened.” “That’s a long time.”, Karamatsu said. Oh, he knew it. He could literally be on the verge of death but other people would be more important. He was used to it but now it actually determined his future. “I know. It was a difficult situation.”, the doctor said. “Oh, I bet it was.”

“W- when did it happen?” “A few hours ago.” “Whose fault was it?” “It was a malfunction of the break system, so nobody’s fault.” “How many people were injured?” “About 29 people.” “Did someone d-die?” “Not yet. Mr. Matsuno, I know it’s-” “Well, I guess that is g-good.” “I know you’re trying to distract yourself with questions, and that’s okay. But you will have to realise it.” “I am fully aware.”, Choromatsu said. And he thought he was, but he wasn’t. “How long did the surgery take?” “Four hours, we-” “And now it’s .. like this.” The doctor nodded. “Please understand, we tried our best.” “I know. I appreciate it.”, Choromatsu said. “Please leave me alone for now.” “I understand. If there is anything you need, you can call up a nurse anytime.” “Yes, thank you.”
Choromatsu watched the doctor close the door. After he was gone, Choromatsu actually began to realise his fate.
His breathing went shaky, his eyes watery, he felt like his lungs were on fire. “Oh god.”, he said to himself. “Oh god, oh my god.” He kept repeating himself until he started to cry. “I’m gonna- I- I-”, he sobbed, breathing fast, leaning back in his bed. No, no, no, no. This couldn’t be true, could it? “I’m doomed, I’m done!”, he cried. “N-not.. able.. work…I-” He couldn’t even talk anymore. He was such a failure! He should have stayed at home today, he knew it. “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” He couldn’t stop crying, he couldn’t calm down. This was hell.

He didn’t answer. He just stared at the wall, trying to blind out everything. No, this wasn’t true. This was all just .. a bad .. dream.
“Mr. Matsuno?” He still didn’t answer, he didn’t want to. “Are you okay?” “How the fuck am I supposed to be okay right now if I can’t feel my fucking legs?!”, Ichimatsu snapped. “Listen-” “No, you listen to me. This is your fault. You had two goddamn options; fix my fucking legs or let me die, but-” “Please, calm down. I understand that you’re angry. We really tried everything, believe me. It’s sad and my whole team is really, really sorry.” “Being sorry w-won’t help me-” Ichimatsu didn’t believe it but right now he was actually crying. “Get the fuck out!”, he exclaimed, embarrassed by his sudden emotional outburst. The doctor nodded, leaving the room immediately to give Ichimatsu space.
“It’s all their fault.”, Ichimatsu cried, more and more tears making their way down his face. “I hate this, I hate them, I hate everybody. Why did this happen to me and not to Kusomatsu?” He tossed his blanket away. “No, not even he should feel like this.” He began to sob louder, more violent. “I can’t take this!” What should he do? Could he even go back home like this? But… they wouldn’t care, would they? They probably didn’t even know. It was good, right? If they didn’t care they-… No. This time, Ichimatsu wanted them to care. He wanted their help, their fucking love. He sobbed into his hands again, shaking his head. “Do I even.. deserve this?”


“You’re such a lively person and I know you love to play sports, and I want you to know we did everything we could but it wouldn’t work out. We’re very, very sorry.” Jyushimatsu kept his smile. “Oh, it’s nothing!”, he said. “I’ll be okay in a few days, won’t I?” “Um- No, this is permanent. You won’t be able to walk for the rest of your life. See, some important nerves we’re injured, as well as your spine and-” “No, no, it will be okay!”, Jyushimatsu said. “I’m sorry but no, it won’t. It won’t be okay. Your legs are completely paralysed. We’ve already called your family and they will be here in about an hour.” “Does this mean.. I can’t play.. baseball anymore?”, Jyushimatsu asked, his smile fading. “Yes, that’s exactly what this means. Again, I am very sorry.” “Oh, but you can fix this.. right?” “No, I can’t.” “You can’t?” “Yes.” “Oh… Um..” “I understand that it’s hard to realise, believe me. We don’t have cases like this often but it’s always very sad.” “I wanted to, uh.. v-visit someone.”, Jyushimatsu said. “But now I’m gonna be late, I guess.” He sounded sad. “I’m sure they’ll understand.” “Oh, I hope she will.”, Jyushimatsu answered, his voice shaking. No, he wasn’t crying, was he? “She broke my heart once, so I don’t want to break her’s by not showing up.”, he said. He was crying. “Can you call her for me and tell her that I can’t come? I wanted to visit her in her hometown.” The doctor hadn’t seen Jyushimatsu very often in his life; just sometimes jumping around in the city, laughing, cheering and swinging his baseball bat. But the version he was seeing now..? A scared, shaking and crying Jyushimatsu. Speaking quietly instead of his normal loud voice. “Um, yes, of course, I can tell her.” “But p-please don’t say that I’ve been in a train accident. Please j-just tell her, that I won’t make it today.” “Of course.” “Her name is Homura, her number is the most dialed one in my phone.” The doctor nodded. “Please tell her I miss her and that I’m sorry.”

Todomatsu was already crying when the doctor came in. He knew what had happened, he already tried to move but his lower half wouldn’t register his movements. He had asked what is wrong and the doctor had explained it to him but now that he knew things were worse.
“D-does this m-mean I- won’t ever-” He sobbed, coughing. “b-be able t-to walk ag-” “Yes, I’m sorry. We’ve tried our best.” “I-I- Oh my god- I-” “Do you have any questions?” “W-why me? I don’t- I don’t d-deserve-” “Nobody deserves this.”, the doctor said in a calm voice. “There was another person with the same fate.” “I don’t care! I can’t walk! What the hell should I- s- sh- should I.. do?” He sobbed again, violently. “I’m very sorry.” No answer. “Where are my b-brothers? A-are they a-alright..?” “Two of them are here too, but the others should be fine.” Oh god. Oh god. “What happened to them?!” Todomatsu sounded louder than he thought he would. “One has a concussion and the one has two broken rips and a dislocated shoulder.” “Oh g- god-”, Todomatsu whispered. “Who..?” “I’m not sure, but I think the one with the concussion is Osomatsu and the other one is Karamatsu. Could be wrong, I need to check.” “A-are- Oh my- how-” “They are okay. Now, please try to calm down.” “I’ve- I’m..” He swallowed thickly. “But they are g-going to r-recover, r-right?” “Most likely.” “Th-this i-is- so.. unfair.”, Todomatsu sobbed. “I want to recover too! W-why me? Why am I- t-the-” He coughed again. Crying was really exhausting. “And there’s really.. n-no other option? No w-way f-for me to recover? Please, please tell me there is something! T-there h-has t-to be som-” “No, I’m afraid there’s not.” 


I tried out this new addition to the Chao World Extended mod “More than 8 Chao in a Garden”, and there are some bugs (for instance, you can’t interact with some Chao - you just phase through them) but even with this issue…



GASTER: Even worse it could be spread across the void in minuscule pieces….I need to think harder…there must be a way to repair my soul…although there is no guarantee that my soul could even be repaired if I ever got the other half. God this is annoying….

*Gaster is frustrated. If only he had enough determination…

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Mod Z I need a hug. I keep seeing Yoosung hate, all the people I talk to either hate on him or try to change how he is and even got mean anons for drawing him. If you could spare the time, could you tell us what you like about him and how your feels for him sent as you got to know him better? :c I just really love the puppy and want to bond with those who love him too.

COME HERE I’LL GIVE YOU THE BIGGEST HUG! -sweeps into arms- this got really long because i got carried away but i just love this boy so much god;;

Okay, Yoosung is a sweetheart. He’s so transparent and full to the brim with emotions. Yes, this can come with jealousy, but when he’s bright, he’s so wonderfully sweet and loving. With Yoosung, he’s still got this faith in him that things can be good - he wants to be your prince, to take on all your burden and to give you all his love. He believes that you are good, amazing, and does everything he can to make you feel like that. Even before he gets to know you, he’s so open and genuinely nice to everybody, he gives people a chance. When he does get to know you, he’s so eager for attention - to receive attention, to give attention, he doesn’t ever want you to feel lonely. Sometimes it can come off wrong, but you’re the light of his life and he tries to do everything to make sure you know that.

From the very beginning, I have loved Yoosung the most. He’s seriously my type. Have you ever just met a person and felt so instantly accepted? That’s what I loved most about him.

As the game went on, I could almost relate to his struggle to express his feelings. He’s never been in a serious relationship, he’s been almost sheltered and right as he thinks he’s found his dream… the one person that really pushed him towards it died. And everybody else seems to move on, there’s nobody that really supports him or understands his grief. I think as everybody “recovered”, Yoosung tried to bottle it all up. Outside of the RFA, nobody really understood the connection - so it’s not like he could talk to his friends. And the others had already… gotten over it. So having somebody new to talk about this whole thing with Rika shows a whole new side to him that he’s never had a chance to explore.

It’s awkward, and at times, painful. He obviously admired Rika so much and he genuinely believes that, since she was such a great person, being like her was good. He wants to be that person for somebody, and he wants somebody to be that person for him. And his approach to it is clumsy - what is love, what is a meaningful relationship, what is all this? He doesn’t know, it’s his first time, but he tries really hard. He wants to be the very best for you.

Yoosung is precious and I love him so much oh my god, if he existed in real life, I’d be smitten.

I’m sorry the people are you are bothering you, giving you attitude over a fictional character, but I hope you find something that helps you get through it. I always appreciate Yoosung fanart when I scroll through my dash, so please, keep at it! <3

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imagine carmilla and danny becoming friends! lawrenstein as super awesome workout buddies because who could be a better sparring partner for our super strong and badass amazon than our super strong and badass vampire carmilla?

Yeah… I see that, & I raise you:

  • ((Laura & Danny are dating, Laura & Carmilla are dating, open relationship))
  • Carmilla & Danny end up working out at like. Silas gym or smth after a suggestion from Laura (“if u two are going to leep fighting u might as well take it there”).
  • Them actually learning that they’re not as incompatible as they thought (but ofc denying it like hell I mean have you seen how stubborn they both are???).
  • Continuing to deny that they like / even tolerate each other when people ask them about it (particularly to Laura. “the mutt’s as annoying as ever” & “i still don’t like her laura, im sorry”)
  • Ending up in an uncomfortable position while sparring & both of them being really awkward and confused but playing it off + pretending they didn’t almost kiss & avoiding each other for awhile
  • Laura talking to Danny about why she hasn’t been working out w/ Carmilla like usual & Danny finally cracking & explaining that she kind of sort of has feelings for her girlfriend’s girlfriend. She still hates her tho
  • Laura being super excited & talking about them all being together but making sure Danny’s okay with the idea first
  • Them proposing their idea to Carmilla who tries to blow it off (“i don’t want to date the dog, cupcake”) but eventually, very quietly agreeing to try it out
  • Carmilla, Laura & Danny trying to figure out their relationship + how it works best n going on dates and it being kind of awkward at first but eventually they get used to it & actually end up loving it
  • Being fluffy & cute and holding hands and having cute kisses n all but. also having Really great sex (did you think i wasn’t going to include this??If so I’m sorry omg).
  • That’s it I’m sorry for making this about my gay ot3 oh my god

-Mod Cassie