i tried matching it but i failed

He wrapped a finger around one of the curls that framed her face, his fingertip just grazing her jaw. “Do you think you can tame me, daughter of Athena?”

She could see now why countless others had failed to gain his favor. He didn’t wanted to be softened. The sea ran in Percy’s veins – there would be no controlling or corralling him, and those that tried wouldn’t last long before drowning. He wanted someone who could withstand his strength, who would bend, but not break, when matched against the depths of his will. An equal.

A challenge.

“No,” Annabeth said, pressing a hand to his chest and stepping close to him. “I want to see if you can tame me.”

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"I Tried My Best Not To Feel Anything For You.  Guess What?  I Failed”

Sherlock (BBC)

“If you don’t tell me, you know I’ll just figure it out,” he says.

“Sherlock…” you draw out.

“I don’t understand what it is you can’t tell me,” Sherlock rambles.

“Sherlock,” you sigh.

“I mean, we’ve solved hundreds of cases together.  I know you better than you know yourself!  I know your mood swings that match up with your cycles, I know what you crave when you are approaching the peak of your menstrual cycle.  I know about the mole you had removed I-”

“Sherlock!” you exclaim.

“Why are you leaving?” he asks lowly.

“Because…” you stall.

And that’s when he began to study you.  Your dilated pupils and the way your body stood towards his.  The way your bosom propped itself up in his presence and how the pulse at your neck was beating a little more erratically.

“Y/N…” Sherlock murmurs.

“I tried my best not to feel anything for you,” you breathe lightly.  “But, guess what?  I failed.”

And he stood there and stared at you as you grasped your suitcase and walked out the door.

you were always a smear across obsidian,
a smooth chaos under a dark calm.
in a perfect world i would touch you
without wincing from the burn,
tell you i understand and move along.
but i still bear the burn marks
across my entire body and i would say
that i understand if i only did.
i have tried and failed countless times,
attempted to match your stride and
madness dressed in grace.
but if you are obsidian, i am a shard.
and i am still coughing up all this ash,
they settle on surfaces as portraits
of a family i have never met.
i ask nothing of you. in a perfect world,
i would have.
—  Oshin
Yes, I saw her crying. Yes, I saw her clutch her chest and wail in pain. Yes, I saw her scars, blood lining up creating a crimson maze. Yes, I saw her empty and broken eyes, that filled up with everything fake to match up to people’s expectations of her. Yes, I saw her tragically beautiful mind, that held nothing but pure loathing for herself. Yes, I saw those tear tracks, the ones she tried so damn hard to cover but failed. Yes, I saw the most incredible potential to love in those eyes, but also of someone extremely guarded and scared to give someone that much power over her. Yes, I saw this when I looked at my reflection in the mirror.

How to save a life by  justlikegravity

Walking through the sea of people grinding against each other wasn’t easy. Kyungsoo had a hard time trying to not bump into everyone while he goes to the bar to get a drink. This kind of clubs is pretty frequented by horny men who are craving for a fuck. It’s funny because things like that are illegal in the country, but no one monitors it so therefore they don’t have eyes to report the underage girls dressed in promiscuous outfits or the dancers that usually attend to special clients backstage. The world is so mad and Kyungsoo would like to do something about it, but he is just a human against humanity and there’s no way in the hell he could save the life of all the boys and girls who sell their bodies for money.

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(Question for blog author) Hey, speaking of drawing computers, have you ever tried looking up laptops/things as reference? There are many laptops that would fit the one that currently within sans 'hands'. Depends upon what budget sans may have. If you are looking for the quickest one that (most) currently matches, try the ASUS VivoBook X540SA. Otherwise, just google for 'silver laptop' and find one that fits, try both images and other things. All else fails, change the color of it.

 (( haha I have a reference right in front of me the whole time but I have never been good at drawing computers etc, but thank you for the suggestion! it actually helped me with couple of ask I have been working on! :>

I’ll try to work my skills with the computer no worries!  ))

Love on top - Iwaizumi Hajime

Following the 8th heights difference au prompt: “You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting vry suspicious”

Or: in which Iwaizumi tries to be smooth but fails miserably.

Aoba Johsai’s volleyball team was quite well known, and what kind of student would you be if you hadn’t attended at least one match?

It was overwhelming, to be honest.

You had never expected volleyball to be this intense; to have such a heavy emotional luggage behind every spike and every serve. The feelings and emotions involved in a single match are so raw it’d actually left you breathless.

Despite not knowing much about the sport, even a novice like you could recognize the talent and willpower of the team, and it left you with a strange sense of pride.

All the players were incredibly talented, and each one had their own way of playing.

Then there was the ace.

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The tension between the Mad King and the Vagabond has been growing for the past couple of days. They would glare, snap, insult and jeer every chance they could, getting gradually more furious.

Both Geoff’s have tried to calm them down to no fruition. It was causing the team dynamics to get skewed which was costing time on the heists and side jobs, which resulted in more injuries.

It all came to head after the plan for a new heist to make up for the failed one the day before.

“You think you are powerful? That’s a laugh!“ MC!Ryan sneered at FAHC!Ryan.

“More powerful than you. I know more than just how to punch.” FAHC!Ryan snapped.

They were in each other’s faces, in yet another yelling match.

“I’m twice the man you would ever want to be!”

“If you’re what being a man is, I never want to be one.”

“With that skirt, you’re already half way there!”

Both the Michael’s and Jeremy’s gave up restraining them from each other, letting them fist fight until FAHC!Geoff would shove them apart and order them out of the room with the help of MC!Geoff.

“I would call you a dog but you’re lower than any of those loyal beasts!”

“That’s rich coming from the cow fucker. Stick anything into your hole lately you sick fuck?”

It would go for hours until someone broke them apart or they fought themselves out of breath.

“You call yourself King, but I think your more of a swine.”

“You worthless pile of shit!”

“At least shit can do something! You aren’t even worth that!”

Everyone was wishing that something would happen to make them shut the fuck up.

“I don’t know why any of these men and woman keep you around! You threaten them so often I’m surprised you haven’t shot anyone yet!”

“Shut your fucking mouth!”

“Ooh, struck a nerve huh? So you already have hurt them. Tell me, how long do you really think they’ll keep a loose cannon like you around? Can’t even be trusted to watch their backs since he’s more likely to stabbed them?”

“I said shut up! That isn’t what happens!”

“You’re going to be tossed away if they can’t keep their little pet on a leash~”

I said SHUT! UP!”


The penthouse got quiet, eyes wide as it registered what just happened. FAHC!Geoff was the first out of his seat, running to the hallway where the two Ryan’s had been arguing, the rest following seconds behind.

The scene they came upon forced them all to stop. MC!Ryan was on his knees, leaning against the wall on the left side of the hallway. He was still breathing but it was rushed and heavy. The most startling part was his eyes. They were wide and showed every emotion the man felt.

Horror, pain, regret.

What made it worse was the seeping red colour that was staining the right side of his suit.

FAHC!Ryan stood in full Vagabond outfit, mask and all. He still held the gun, aimed at MC!Ryan. MC!Geoff could just see his eyes, and was surprised at the realization that suddenly clicked, and how fast regret arrived with it.

A thumb flicked the safety before the gun fell from his hands and the Vagabond, spotting the others, the friends of the man, his double, that he just shot and his family, did something he hasn’t done in years.

For the first time in a long time, Ryan Haywood, The notorious Vagabond, turned and ran.

FAHC!Geoff let him run as he rushed to stop the bleeding coming from MC!Ryan’s side. “Jack! Call Caleb! We need a medic stat!”

FAHC!Jack nodded and called Caleb while also going for the medic kit in the kitchen.

“What about Ryan?” FAHC!Gavin asked, the sound of FAHC!Ryan’s door slamming shut doors away loud even over the panic sounds of the Minecraftians.

“I’ll handle him once we know this Ryan is safe. Look at me buddy. No matter how much you want to, do not fall asleep. Got it?” FAHC!Geoff ordered, taking off his jacket and applied pressure. MC!Ryan looked up from his own bloodied hand at FAHC!Geoff.

“I went too far… I went way too far…”

“We’ll fix this. Just stay awake and I’ll get this fixed up.” FAHC!Geoff said. He was lucky. It didn’t seem like the bullet hit anything important. Which in of itself is a miracle given who fired the bullet and at the close range it was near impossible to miss.

“We’ll fix this.” Both Geoff’s hoped.

loneliness | 2016


It blew through you like a winter wind,


and cutting through layers of warmth and happiness.

Stripping you of love, leaving you skinned

Forcing you down on your knees as you yell

“God, have I sinned?”

Its fighting flag of blue and black

Wounding your husk of crimson and embers

Tainting you into a midnight shell,

Spilling ink onto your bruised back

Just a shell now

Wishing you could rewind and play back

Rushing through, driving on just another racetrack

Trying to keep track

Of what you should and shouldn’t be.


It blew through you like a winter wind,

Invigorating your mind and setting your eyes alight

The fire that burned in you

Eating you from the inside out

Quelled now by the beautiful blue chills of being alone

They tried to light that match, but you replied

“It’s just a scratch, trust me, I’ve already tried”

I’ve been watched by too many isolated eyes

But what they’ve all failed to realise

Is that alone is what keeps me alive, alight

That I feel best alone, at home, just me and my headphones

That fire burns brightest in the night.

The signs as things that happened to me in college:

Aries: thought i failed an exam, but got the highest grade in the class

Taurus: literally hung upside down by one leg from a fence (I tried to jump it and the chain link grabbed my trousers)

Gemeni: [my friend, while I was with her] went into the scientology building as a joke and couldn’t leave for a While

Cancer: got hit by 3 separate birds

Leo: took my shirt off on the front steps of the main college building because someone asked me to change and i didn’t want to find a bathroom

Virgo: saw a girl sitting in her car and went so far as to turn my body to keep looking at her (with a large, overly friendly grin on my face) because she was cute and my brain stopped working; realized when i was practically walking backwards that she had made eye contact with me from the first moment and was now laughing at me

Libra: got a little too fired up in an elective linguistics diversity class and the professor asked if I would make my major linguistics and join his project

Scorpio: kept accidentally running into my straight roommate in the gender and sexuality room because I am gay (but not out to her) and she needed free printing

Sagittarius: dropped a cup of milk outside of my apartment and cried more than once about it (I know, I know; but milk is a precious commodity in college)

Capricorn: slept in through an hour of one of my hardest final exams

Aquarius: was voted the least likely to survive in the wilderness out of a large group of people (30 or so)

Pisces: was asked to join an all-chinese rowing team multiple times (i am not chinese). was assured that even though only mandarin was spoken at the events, i would surely be able to learn the word for “row”