i tried making my own coloring idk


Soul Eater // Maka Albarn

Omg, I was planning to redraw that manga scene in forever and last weekend I finally got the chance to redraw it in my own style. ;u; I was planning to work with some screentones for that drawing, since I used some real ink for the drawing and adding screentones would make it look super cool but I just realized this weekend that I totally suck with screentones (maybe someone want my screentones, I trade them for idk, love and maybe some tote bags or so haha) so instead of screentones I put some colors with SAI onto the lines, tried to make a watercolor effect (which you don’t see in that small view orz)


[TRANS by ch0sshi]

- why are you all sleeping so early. don’t you have tomorrow off? what are you doing on a ‘hot friday’

- I haven’t seen About Time/I’m acting miserable listening to music, Noel-I Miss You/my eyebrows are in my bag, what are you going to do about it

- I’ve seen Frozen/the brightness isn’t at 9; it’s natural light you dummy^^/nobody’s next to me right now/eyebrow tattoos, yeah right/Prince doesn’t dislike me, but I like him like crazy. one-sided love/I don’t watch You Who Came From the Stars

- do you like Prince or Ginger???????/Let It Go’s boring. I’ll let you hear my song soon/it’s not 'gingeo’, but Ginger (gingeo=long)/I usually sleep before or after Taeng-si/are you still talking about height. who are you

- I’m not sleeping stupidㅎ/because I’m busy, Ginger’s gone home/I don’t want to do spoilers/Ginger’s birthday is the same as Sooyoung’s/is it because I’ve been eating thoughts instead of food lately/Ginger’s head isn’t big

- you’re more curious about Ginger than me. have you switched/crossed over????

- I was reading questions, but all of them disappeared to the top because [the comments] are plastered with ‘taeng-si’. taeng-si

- don’t you think taeng-si is quite appropriate???? it’s the perfect time to fall asleep after enjoying the night. it’s very fitting

- why is that? am i not allowed to make typos on my own during these scarlet hours of dawn (idk if that makes sense..?lol) aren’t you all having fun??

- babies, hurry up and go to sleep.yeah right, i know you all are on break/i’ve been taking a break from drawing because of comeback preparations lately.if i say that, i might seem like a real artist/i love bubble tea/i’ll say goodnight when i go to sleep^^

- that’s right, taeyeon unnie is a crazy person/i haven’t tried gopchang before/i like iced, sweet coffee/i like the color purple/i also like blue/i’m not good at any winter sports. it’s too cold/

- if you’re sleepy, hurry up and go to sleep^^ you can regret it when in the morning^^^^ (think she might have meant 'don’t want to regret it’? idk)

- missing it like crazy today for the first time in a while. bye. and i listened to new, unreleased songs consecutively. i think they’re songs that constantly make you really stare into space. i’m happy, i just like it….

- it’s been a while since i’ve played the sims, so all of them are resting like crazyㅜ i’m taking a break for a moment (assuming from the game?)/i’ve been wanting bobbed hair again lately/it’s 4 now. i’m going to wake you all up in a few hours, so wake up thenㅎ goodnight. Taengudnight

- good morning!!!! the weather in Seoul is really cloudy today. where’s mr. sun?