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Hey I'm super shy to send a pm or even be out of Anonymous, but would it be cool is I got some of your characters and tried out some different cloths options?? Because I like to draw and make cloths ((for dolls)) but I think it would be pretty cool

(•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡ Aah don’t beee shyyy ! look at meh ! i won’t eat youuu! but u ..u could ! ouhly shiet //runs runs runs//

Of couurse! have fun! i like to draw clothes too so i kno’ ur feel !O3O 

(๑ Ỡ u Ỡ๑)ノ♡ Plz have fun and when it’s done,feel free to show meh (if u want !)

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I was rummaging your dancetale ver. (btw i love the way you draw them while dancing, awesome ^.^b) i just notice whenever you draw sans and papyrus standing together, sans's eyes are always watching papyrus, like glancing at him with one eye open, or just plain out starring while papyrus himself has his eyes closed or is not looking. i just like that kind of detail ya'know? it makes me think that sans can't stop admiring his bro he has the "notice me senpai" vibe to it :D

Thank you! ^^ <that’s old stuff tho, plz sthap>

I wouldn’t say Sans always looks at his bro, but he does that…often. Very often. <sweats> Yeah, i like to think he’s just constantly proud of his very cool bro ^^ I know i would be!

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hdksjdd i tried to follow your recipe to get the purple slime but i didnt have foaming hand soap OR cornstarch so i just did everything else and despite it looking rly stringy when i was mixing it, it turned out SUPER fluffy and soft!! it doesnt stretch too well but its rly thick and its nice to play with :3

Whooooa! :O That sounds really cool! I gotta try that myself sometime, fluffiness is always great!!

I wonder if you try adding some lotion if it would make it stretchier? (Even if it wouldn’t help, it still sounds like it feels wonderful! :D)

“And we didn’t even know each other...”

Look. I know Zayn and Louis applied for the same job. And Niall and Liam went to the same Busted concert (presumably when they were like 8 years old when Busted was touring before 1D was formed). Both of those things are neat coincidences.

But they aren’t very significant to any of them, because they’ve mentioned both of those things like one time in interviews over the course 6 years (and it was arguably to try and make the Script concert seem like less of a thing). 

You know what’s significant? What Harry himself made significant? 

The Script concert. He had to make a public declaration about it…twice!

“This place is incredible to me…I remember coming to quite a few gigs here. I remember I stood right there watching the Script and it turns out, Louis was at the same gig!“ - Manchester, 22 December 2011

“This venue is quite special to me. I’ve been to quite a few gigs here before. And I remember, about 3 years ago, I was stood just about there to watch the Script in here, and it turns out, that Louis was at the same gig!” - Manchester, 23 December 2011

Louis and Zayn have never described their mutual employment pursuits as “incredible” or “quite special.” And neither have Liam and Niall described the Busted concert that way, despite it being literally the same scenario as Louis and Harry attending a Script concert at the same venue on the same day.

So you have to wonder why Harry cares so much, why it’s such a curious thing that they were there, together, on the same night, at the same time, doing the same thing, and they didn’t even know each other. 

But then fate twisted, and they did meet, and became so important to each other, that it made the night they missed each other that much more significant. 

So I discovered this meme on instagram and IT LOOKS SO COOL that I did it too. The game consist in making a drawing and then repeat the drawing trying to mimic the art style of some of the artists you admire! (I HAD SO MUCH FUN DOING THIS THING)

 So here it is, hope you all like it, I made it with all my heart :3 Im sorry for ruining your styles guys hahaha 

 1- that’s my lil Nico di Angelo. 

 2- @indigonite‘s Nico, I tried my best here, but BRO so hard to color like Bruna. Maybe I made him a lil too red ;u;

3- @saberghatz‘s Nico. Idk why but it looks more like saber’s last year’s art, cause her Nico changed a little, but I love both her Nicos, so :v 

4- @tamaytka‘s Nico. Im sorry that I ruined the way you draw eyes, I really LOVE your eyes, but I COULD NOT make justice to them. 

5- @leegarbettart  Lee Garbett never drew Nico but he is my favorite artist in comic books, he draws Loki in Agent of Asgard, and I love his art so much!

6- @onihimeart also never drew Nico, but her art style is so complicated that I could not even make it look alike ;u; Sorry friend! 

(In which Reyna has no idea that she could possibly be gay, and takes a while to figure it out)

  • Every time the hunters stay at Camp Jupiter, Thalia always insists on training with Reyna
  • Reyna is usually cool-headed and collected but always gets really flustered around her
  • The other hunters always wink at Thalia and give her a nudge and Reyna can’t help but feel like they’re talking about her
  • Thalia constantly flirts with her and finds it adorable how oblivious Reyna is
  • Every time Reyna needs to make an announcement to the whole camp, she has to avoid looking at Thalia in the crowd or she forgets what she’s saying
  • She tries talking to Jason about it and it’s awkward
  • ‘Why is your sister so..I don’t know. Intimidating? But, like, in a good way…’
  • Jason goes kind of pale and pretends he needs to ‘talk to Piper about something really important’ because he can’t breathe from holding back laughter
  • Reyna going to literally everyone and asking them about Thalia because seriously, does no one else get this really weird feeling when they’re around her?
  • Everybody except Reyna knows that she totally has a crush on Thalia
  • ‘Just let her figure it out in her own time, okay?’
  • Eventually Nico sits her down and is like….look…
  • Reyna has training with Thalia the next day and can’t even look at her without melting from embarrassment
  • Oh my gods was it really that obvious?’
  • She tries to admit her feelings to Thalia and expects her to be really grossed out or disturbed but she just smirks and says ‘well it took you long enough’ before pulling her in closer and kissing her.

On one of his nightly strolls Robbie was letting his wings air out but suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore. A child was out wandering and saw him. In a panic he used his magic to create a fog hoping that they’d forget what they saw if they couldn’t see anything. 

Red Velvet: Rookie, 2017
≥ 01 February

Write everything down about us on a love letter
And throw it into the empty sky
The wind will embrace us


The Signs As Matthew Gray Gubler Tweets

Aries: wanted to look sharp for my driver’s license so i shaved with dad’s razor
but i didn’t know i cut my face and now i look like i eat humans

Taurus: sometimes i drink olive oil

Gemini: when someone tries to start a pretentious conversation about some fancy novel i only make references to young adult fiction

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