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Hi! Could you do RFA+Saeran comforting their s/o who is conflicted/feeling insecure because they still haven't been accepted into college, and their former classmates have. (This is happening to me , and I feel pressured 😂) thank you! I really appreciate it! 😊❤

Aww, don’t worry! It’s a process, it’ll take time. :) Hope these cheer you up!


  • He can sympathize a little
  • He didn’t go to college at all, but he understands the pressure of it
  • He’s encouraging to keep trying to apply and waiting
  • Tries to get your mind off of things by taking you out on dates
  • He’s also willing to listen to you talk when you’re feeling frustrated or down


  • He understands the whole process
  • He tries to get you to calm down on days where you’re anxious
  • Helps you fill out other applications in the meantime
  • He’ll give you some of his college apps as a reference
  • Totally supportive no matter what ends up happening


  • She does some research and comes back with the whole process of college apps
  • She tries to reassure you that just because it’s taking so long doesn’t mean you didn’t get in
  • Like Yoosung, she helps you fill out other applications
  • She’ll even help you look into back up plans or back up colleges
  • As eager as you are whenever the mail comes in


  • He tells you not to worry too much, since it might take a little while
  • Besides that, he assures you that he can give a recommendation to any future colleges you apply
  • In the meantime, he helps you find things to help boost your experience
  • In the end, he could always make sure you have a job with his connections if you wanted to work


  • When you start getting anxious, he offers to hack into the college systems to see where your application is in the reviewing process
  • Of course, you refuse
  • Teaches you some other skills that could be handy and look good on your applications
  • Revises your essays to other colleges
  • He tries to keep your mind off of it while you’re waiting


  • He understands that you’re anxious…but doesn’t really see why
  • He didn’t go to college and he ended up fine
  • Stupid genius hackers
  • Still he sees how important it is to you, so he tries to help when he can
  • Maybe even attempt some encouragement 

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DAY 626) Scurge: Hive - Forest Field Research Laboratory

Composer: Jake Kaufman

So I tried really hard to find something from a Lilo and Stitch game or something, to do for day 626 (especially since lab experiment creatures as a CONCEPT are very important to me, it’s my whole personal aesthetic), but…I listened to every single soundtrack from that series that I could find and there wasn’t a single track in odd time. …So instead you get this tangentially vaguely relevant thing from a game about a completely different type of dangerous alien lifeform >_>.

I’m pretty sure most people don’t think of dissonant tension prog like this when thinking of Jake Kaufman but…I do, it’s my favorite stuff by him for sure. This might actually be my favorite thing he’s composed lol.

Counting the tempo as around 186, but you could easily write this at half that and just

(0:00 - 0:53) 48 bars of 7/8

(0:53 - 1:15) 16 bars of 4/4

(1:15 - 1:35) [7/8, 7/8, 7/8, 11/8]x3, 7/8, 7/8, 7/8, 9/8

(1:35 - 2:02) 24 bars of 7/8


I love a lot of the vaguely polymetric-ish elements of this too.

The bass part basically has a 9+9+10 feel to it, which makes it sound like the track is going to be in 9 until that bass ostinato loops, but obviously under all of that is the 7+7+7+7 drum stuff. So you have two different things adding up to 28 over the course of 4 bars, just in completely different ways, so it feels polymetric even if it’s not haha.

The dotted 8th delay echo in that panning harp-like part that comes in at :21 only adds to the layered feel of so many different groupings within the same piece of music, even if in the end everything adds up to 28 or some other even multiple of 7.

Another pretty cool thing here is the fact that 7+7+7+11 adds up to 32…meaning you can play 4/4 over it. So this track DOES SO and takes slight elements from the 4/4 section before it and layers them on top and it fits perfectly. 

I also like how the breakbeat drums from the 7+7+7+11 section get added to the straight 7/8 section afterwards as if that section is still in 4/4, really smooths out the feel of the timesig change.

There’s also lots of cool use of shuffle feel drums against the constant straight 16ths/8ths of everything else going on.

Overall this just does everything I like rhythmically, and has the dissonant atonality I’m a huge fan of as well!

okay okay okay but imagine if the atla/lok universe had modern technology juST THINK

  • aang and katara taking way too many goofy selfies together like riding giant koi fish and snuggling turtle ducks
  • sokka and suki skyping miles apart how cute oh my gosh and she like still tries to teach him moves over video but they’re such dorks
  • ty lee taking bomb ass selfies and postying them on instgram every day!! 
  • azula trying shamelessly to sext a bunch of guys but always making it awkward
  • katara!! being able to facetime her grangran!! and keep in touch with the little kids who looked at her as their big sister!!
  • toph having an ipod and listening to music like 24/7 don’t tell me she wouldnt
  • zuko snapchatting everyone being such a dork like “guys how do i do the whole fire lord thing help” with a picture of his dorky lil face being all cute and distressed
  • aang totally pulling a maes hughes and texting everyone pictures of his and katara’s kids saying “look how cute!!” and 24/7 posting about them on facebook
  • asami listening to audiobooks while she tinkers around at work!!!
  • mako and bolin and korra using social media to get the word about the fire ferrets out there and gaining a huge internet fanbase
  • oh my GOsH the gaang and the krew both making DORK ASS YOUTUBE CHANNELS WHERE THEY VLOG THEIR JOURNEYS
  • asami and korra using snapchat to their advantage if you know what i mean 
  • mako being such an awkward social media person like his twitter is just a bunch of retweets of vines and korra’s just like “you know?? you can get a vine for vines and use twitter to tweet, right??” and mako’s ust like “korra, what even IS a tweet, why do I tweet, I’m not a bird??”
  • boLIN BABY he’d be a HUGE viner vines of him like doing stupid cute shit, vines of pabus dancing, of him acting in movers
  • korra!! using facetime!! in the spirit world!! so zuko and uncle iroh can talk again!! because zuko misses iroh so much and it’s so awesome!! to be able to say hi and that he loves him and misses him!!