i tried listening to that thing for a whole day

At university, I did English language with linguistic for my Bachelor of Arts, which was a three year course. Half split between English language and half split between linguistics, which is the science of language. It was quite scientific and it was very hard. I liked to think while I was doing my A-levels that I was quite good at work and exams and stuff like that. But doing linguistics was kind of like throwing me into the deep end because it was a completely new concept to me and there was so many different parts of it. I was good at some parts of it, I was good at the child language acquisition thing and also things with essays but there was a lot of science based analysing language using the IPA chart  and stuff like that and that was hard. And also I think I could have tried harder in my lectures. If I had been going back, I would have listened a bit more because I had a lot of late nights and then didn’t listen the next day, which is not the point. But anyway, I passed it! I got a degree. Yay! And then I went on, because I really loved York and I didn’t feel ready to leave it yet and then I was also really interested in video editing. I was making YouTube videos from my university room and I just wanted to get better at the whole filmmaking thing because it was a big interest of mine. So I did a MA in post-production with visual effects. And there was only eight people allowed on the course so it was quite a selective course. But I went for the interview and got on it! And was invited on it and they had a huge green screen set, loads of amazing editing suites that we were allowed to use whenever we wanted, and it seemed like such a cool thing and I went for it and I did it. And I made some things I was really proud of as well and I got to work with other creative people, which is rare to have people that are sharing your interests in that way. So I had a really good time and I’m glad I did it. And I know I don’t make films on my YouTube channel, they're just like YouTube videos but I like to know that I can edit things in a way that I fully understand the software and I know what I’m doing. You know what I mean? I could just be going ‘I don’t know what this mean?’ but I understand it which is good. So I did that.

@amazingphil during his live show on the 16th of March 2017

Quotes from Phil (1/?)

I think some people might forget about Phil’s time at university but I always feel so uplifted and happy whenever he talk about it, so I wanted to write this down for me to keep to look back on whenever I’m struggling at university. 

Friday, I’m in Love (Tony Stark x reader)

Characters: reader, Tony, Steve, Clint, Sam, Natasha, FRIDAY. 

Summary: Tony Stark is a talented verbal sparring partner and so are you, making life interesting as an Avenger. Things get heated one day, though, and perhaps your playful banter has gone too far. An unexpected source brings you two together and your passionate arguments might lead to something more…

Prompt: “I’m still not talking to you” 

Warnings: Smidge of angst perhaps, mostly fluff, a tiny bit of violence. Tons of snark. ;) 

Word Count: 3.6k

Song Inspiration: Friday, I’m in Love by The Cure

A/N: This is for @just-some-drabbles ‘s 4k Followers Rom-Com Writing Challenge and I’m so excited!! This prompt mixed with an idea I’ve had for months using a song by The Cure plus a dash of Shakespeare and voila! This is the result. The relationship was partially inspired by Beatrice and Benedick from Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”, which is my favorite play. If you haven’t seen the movie version with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, you really should. It’s amazing. Any thoughts are appreciated! Love you guys! 


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Maybe you had gone too far this time. Playful, snarky banter was all well and good, but it’s possible you had crossed a line that perhaps you couldn’t come back from. You currently sat in the common room, drumming your fingers on the side table as an unopened book sat on your lap. You’d tried reading for the past hour, but your mind kept replaying the scene from earlier that day.


“Raise of hands if you think Y/N should’ve stayed at her post instead of jumping into the thick of it without thinking?” you heard the cocky billionaire’s voice squawk in your ear piece.

“Oh, I thought about it plenty. For a whole two seconds, I though ‘oh hey, that’s where the action is so I’ll go there’ “ you retorted sarcastically while throwing a punch, knocking out the dim-witted HYDRA agent. “It’s a good thing no one listens to you, Stark, seeing as taking a vote in the middle of battle seems distracting.”

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Suburbia. LRH.

Words: 6,575
Pairing: Luke/Reader
Rating: NC-17 bc hella smut.
A/N: I got carried the hell away. 

Based on Suburbia by Troye Sivan.

I’ve grown familiar with the ritualistic dullness of suburbia. An endless array of houses, all looking the exact same, partitioned by white picket fences was all I’d ever known. Nobody ever left the familiarity. Anyone born in the area spent their whole lives working boring desk jobs, clad in expensive suits and pencil skirts.

Rich housewives spent summer afternoons gossiping beside the backyard pools with icy margaritas in hand, while watching the sweat drip off their hardworking pool boys. All the while, their businessmen husbands spent their evenings rubbing their filthy hands up the thighs of their secretaries.

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Little Piece of Heaven - George Weasley Imagine

A/N: hello dearies, I am so sorry I haven’t been posting! I’ve been pretty busy but I have a free day today so I’m going to be posting requests throughout the day :D here’s another one

anonymous asked: Hi darling! Can you make a one shot where its a couple years after the battle and were married? You can choose what its about! Thanks!  im sorry i forgot to add my character! Can it be about George Weasley. Thank you!

so here it is:D it’s a bit short but I hope you guys like it :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Little Piece of Heaven

(Y/N) woke up in the middle of the night to find herself in an empty bed.

“George?” she said still sleepy. She heard some noise coming from the next room and she quickly put on a sweater around her and made her way out of her room to look for her husband. Their flat was small but it was cozy and (Y/N) loved it. She walked over to her son’s room but also found it empty. So she made her way over to the dining room-living room and saw George walking out of the kitchen with his son in one arm and a book in his other hand.

“And then, the two brothers got into their brooms and set the whole room with fireworks as they yell at the ugly toad witch…”

(Y/N) smiled dreamily leaning against the doorframe listening as George told his son about the day he and Fred had stood up to Umbridge in their seventh year. After he was done, he closed the book and turned to look at his son, still oblivious that (Y/N) was witnessing the whole scene.

“You know, your uncle and I used to do all those kind of great things” he told his son who was paying his full attention to his father. “He would’ve loved you so much” he said sadly.

(Y/N) felt her heart breaking. She knew how much George missed Fred and always tried her best to make him feel better when he was feeling sad about it. Like when their son was born. George had never even suggested a name if the baby was a boy. The look on his face when (Y/N) told him that she wanted to name him Fred II was something she would never forget. It was little things like that that she tried to do to make him feel better. And she was certain that he also felt that whenever he looked at their son.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you do RFA+Saeran comforting their s/o who is conflicted/feeling insecure because they still haven't been accepted into college, and their former classmates have. (This is happening to me , and I feel pressured 😂) thank you! I really appreciate it! 😊❤

Aww, don’t worry! It’s a process, it’ll take time. :) Hope these cheer you up!


  • He can sympathize a little
  • He didn’t go to college at all, but he understands the pressure of it
  • He’s encouraging to keep trying to apply and waiting
  • Tries to get your mind off of things by taking you out on dates
  • He’s also willing to listen to you talk when you’re feeling frustrated or down


  • He understands the whole process
  • He tries to get you to calm down on days where you’re anxious
  • Helps you fill out other applications in the meantime
  • He’ll give you some of his college apps as a reference
  • Totally supportive no matter what ends up happening


  • She does some research and comes back with the whole process of college apps
  • She tries to reassure you that just because it’s taking so long doesn’t mean you didn’t get in
  • Like Yoosung, she helps you fill out other applications
  • She’ll even help you look into back up plans or back up colleges
  • As eager as you are whenever the mail comes in


  • He tells you not to worry too much, since it might take a little while
  • Besides that, he assures you that he can give a recommendation to any future colleges you apply
  • In the meantime, he helps you find things to help boost your experience
  • In the end, he could always make sure you have a job with his connections if you wanted to work


  • When you start getting anxious, he offers to hack into the college systems to see where your application is in the reviewing process
  • Of course, you refuse
  • Teaches you some other skills that could be handy and look good on your applications
  • Revises your essays to other colleges
  • He tries to keep your mind off of it while you’re waiting


  • He understands that you’re anxious…but doesn’t really see why
  • He didn’t go to college and he ended up fine
  • Stupid genius hackers
  • Still he sees how important it is to you, so he tries to help when he can
  • Maybe even attempt some encouragement 

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The bet

Based on: this request by Anonymous (I really hope you like it, my dear!!!! Thank you so, so, sooo much for your patience!!!!) + this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

Nonnie said “anything Frodo” so… Have fun LOL.

Originally posted by vavaharrison

You couldn’t stop laughing, you really couldn’t. How could you be serious when you were painting your best friend’s toenails?!

It was a lovely blue colour you had secretly stolen from your Mother: painting nails was the latest fashion among Hobbit ladies in the Shire and everybody had one or more of these little jars filled with powder of various colour that needed to be blended to obtain the right product to be applied on the nails. It was a lovely fashion, indeed, and that blue matched so well with Frodo’s eyes.

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‘It’s my first home out of college and I’m not a prude but you seem to let a LOT of people sleep over and you seem to know that I kinda want to be one of them (or the only one..)’ AU

someone sent like 5 suggestions in one ask so I’ll just post them as text posts rather than answers:

This was awesome. This was great. This was the beginning of everything, the beginning of his life and his road to self-discovery. College.

At first he had been nervous about moving into a dorm and being on his own. He wasn’t sure he would have the bravery to get through the day on his own, without his mom encouraging him and reminding him to do things like change out of his sleepwear and shower.

But a week had gone by and he felt great. His roommate was pretty nice. There was a routine and the neighboring dorms were pretty relaxed about everything.

In fact one seemed a little too relaxed. He lived across from Will, and he only knew his name was either Jason or Nico. It was a guy with messy black hair and black clothes, the kind of guy that seemed to like alternative rock or something. The kind of guy Will had only seen on movies.

In the last week, Will had left his dorm three separate mornings to see three different guys walking out of the dorm aside from the blond guy that was either Nico or Jason. And each time they left, Will saw the dark haired boy staring after them with a smirk before going back into his dorm.

The next week, as Will fell into the routine more comfortably, he noticed the same thing. This time it was only two boys.

That weekend, he asked his roommate, Austin, about the boy across the hall. “You’re an upperclassman, do you know him?”

“No, he’s a freshman I think. I can’t be sure, the campus is big. He might have been here last year, he might not have been. Why?” he asked as he cleaned out his sax.

Will shrugged and looked at their door. “I keep seeing guys leaving his room in the morning, but they’re not his roommate.”

“Maybe he likes sleepovers,” Austin suggested. “Maybe he’s gay and fucks their brains out, I don’t know, Will, it’s college. People do whatever they want because there’s no supervision.” Will gulped at such a crude statement. “Why don’t you just ask? Trust me it won’t be the weirdest encounter the guy has here.”

Will shook his head. “No. I mean it’s none of my business, I’m just curious.” Austin raised an eyebrow at him. “What? It’s my first year away from home, seeing that is strange to me.”

“Right,” Austin muttered before returning to his sax.

The next day as Will was locking his dorm to leave, he heard the door behind him open. He looked over his shoulder and saw a green eyed teenager with a strange expression on his face leaving the room followed by Jason or Nico staring after him. Before he went inside, his dark brown eyes flickered to Will and one eyebrow went up. “Yes?”

“What? Nothing,” Will said, trying to pull his key out quickly. But instead it got stuck. “Shit,” he muttered. He turned and jimmied the knob, trying to loosen the key, but he was aware of the fact that the door behind him hadn’t closed yet.

Suddenly, someone was standing beside him and an olive toned hand reached out to the knob. “Here, hold on,” Jason/Nico said. He turned the knob and then the key, then slid it out smoothly. He handed Will the key and smirked.

“Uh, thanks.” His eyebrows went up and down in acknowledgement and he smiled mischievously. “I… have to get to class.”

“Have fun,” he answered easily. “See you around, neighbor.” He turned around and went back to his dorm. Before shutting the door, his eyes shifted to Will again. “I’m Nico by the way.”

He gulped then said, “I’m Will.”

Nico’s lips puckered slightly, the corner of his mouth twitching upwards. “Cool,” he said. Then he closed the door.

Will wasn’t sure what to make of that. He pushed the encounter to the back of his mind and went to class. Later in the night, after studying in the library, he went back to his dorm. He saw Austin hunched over a text book at his desk. “So… Nico talked to me today,” he said. “He had another dude leaving his dorm and he caught me looking.”

“Did you ask why the guy had spent the night?”


“Then what are you telling me that for?” Will didn’t answer and Austin looked up at him. “Dude, you’re obviously not going to rest until you find out what that guy does with the people spending the night.”

“I mean, what can he do?” Will said. “He has a roommate, and I don’t care how close they might be, I’m positive he wouldn’t have sex with someone with his roommate right there.” He glanced at Austin who was looking at him with a bored expression. “I mean, you wouldn’t do that right?”

“No, trust me,” he said. Then he shrugged. “You never know, they might have some freaky threesome deal.” Will grimaced and Austin laughed. “Will, dude, it’s college. You do stupid shit.” There was a knock on the door and Will turned to open it. He saw Nico with a black shirt that had white block letters forming a single word: SHIT. “Oh that’s too perfect,” Austin laughed.

“Huh?” Nico questioned. “Whatever. Will, right? I need some ear plugs for my roommate, he’s being a bit of a jackass right now. Do you have any?”

Will shook his head mutely. “I do,” Austin said. He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a pack of ear plug. “Helps when I’m with the band,” he explained when he saw Will’s expression.

“Thanks, you’re a pal. Leo, I got them!” he called over his shoulder. “Tell Jason to stop whining.” He turned to face Will. “Ciao.”

“Wait, I thought you couldn’t have visitors past midnight on week days,” Will reminded him.

Nico smirked. “Yeah, of the opposite sex.” He winked and turned away.

Will watched him leave and shut the door to his own dorm before Will closed his. He turned to look at Austin who was stifling a laugh. “Or maybe he makes his roommate wear earplugs while he fucks guys senseless.” Will grimaced and Austin held out his hand. “I have a lot more.” Will realized they were ear plugs.

“Oh, whatever,” Will said, rolling his eyes.

It would have been a lie to say he didn’t stay up listening for any kind of sexual sound through the thin walls. But he didn’t hear any as he fell asleep.

The next day, he didn’t have any classes, and he stayed in his dorm while Austin left to practice. It wasn’t until a little past four that a knock came at his door again. He answered it without thinking, his brain still reeling with the latest episode of Law and Order: SVU. Then he realized Nico was standing at his door again.

“Hey neighbor,” he said cheekily, chewing a piece of gum.

“Hi,” Will said warily.

“So… a little birdie told me you wanted to know why so many guys stay at my room overnight.” Will felt blood rush to his face and began to stammer, much to Nico’s amusement. “Hey it’s cool, people get curious. You want to know?” Will didn’t answer but stared at him as though he’d been caught doing something bad. “I’m not mad, relax.”

“Look, you don’t have to tell me anything, really. Austin just likes poking fun at me, really. It just…. Really, it’s none of my business.”

“Aw, come on,” Nico crooned, stepping closer. “I can show you.” Will gulped and as he looked at Nico, he wasn’t sure what his expression was. His heart was pounding and his limbs felt like jelly. He couldn’t remember the last time anyone had that effect on him. “Come on,” Nico prodded again, pulling him gently by his arm.

He obliged and followed Nico to his dorm. “Close your eyes,” he whispered in his ear. Will noticed his roommate was gone. “Go ahead,” he murmured. Will shut his eyes, feeling his body heat rise. Nico pushed him gently until his legs hit the railing of the bed. “Get on,” he encouraged. Will did. It only took a slight jump to get onto the elevate bed. He sat and gulped, keeping his eyes shut.

He heard the bed creak beside him and it moved as though someone were getting on. He felt Nico at his back and let out a shaky breath. His arms came around him.

Then there was something in his lap. “Open your eyes.”

Will did. He looked down and saw a laptop with the Netflix website pulled up. Nico burst into laughter behind him. “I’m confused,” Will said dumbly.

Nico pulled away the laptop and sat beside him, letting his legs dangle. “Last night, Leo came over and we sort of started watching horror films. Jason wanted to go to sleep, so we gave him earplugs so he wouldn’t hear the movie or us freaking out.

“Another guy, the one from the day your key fucked up, that was Percy. He had an argument with his girlfriend and needed our help. It got late and he lives in an apartment complex off campus so we let him crash here.

“Another guy was from a party. He was stupid drunk and I didn’t trust him to drive. He tried to make a move on me, but I don’t do the whole drunk-make-out thing. Another was a friend from class who stayed to listen to basically all of my CD’s and talk about his problems back home. There was one I got to make out with, but he wasn’t a very good kisser.” He shrugged and looked at Will who felt completely lost.

“I… I don’t know what to say,” Will muttered. Nico laughed and nudged him with his shoulder.

He turned to look at him and found his brown eyes focused on him, that mischievous smirk tugging at his full lips. Will forced his eyes back to Nico’s, but they quickly darted down to his lips again. Slowly, so torturously slowly, Nico started to lean in, and Will did too.

A surprisingly hesitant hand came up to Will’s face when Nico was just a hairbreadth away. And then his lips. Will shut his eyes and kissed him slowly, feeling little electric currents course through his body and the shudder of his breath as the warmth of someone else’s lips settled over his.

Nico bit his lip gently before tilting his head and continuing to kiss him. Then suddenly, he pulled away and they both looked away from each other with suppressed embarrassed smiles. Slowly, they turned to look at each other and laughed softly, smiling at each other.

Will cleared his throat. “Well, I hope I was better than that one guy.”

“Way better,” Nico answered, smiling. “But… just to be sure,” he whispered as he leaned in again.

Okay so I have worked in retail for over 12 years now from fruit and veg stand, computer games to high retail shopping outlets. I know work as an  GA in  a restaurant for an corporate business.  It’s bloody hard work because I have to do everything, to serving hot food to stocking up drinks, filling up the coffee machines to serving on the till. It’s hard enough as it is working with an skeleton team when half of them are either on holiday/called in sick.

So around November time we all had a huge redundancy happening around the whole building (lucky I managed to keep my job since I’m Dogsbody) and a lot of new changes has happened. one of them was sacking our manager and head chef and getting new ones. things have turn around for the good. work was still as hard with the loadup and customers being well, customers. it wasn’t that bad. 

Now a few days ago I had my 1-2-1 with my new manager, he a pleasant guy to talk too, he listens and tries to sole issues out without waving his hand and saying “forget it”. we had a talk and was telling me about my performance and how well I was doing and that he appreciates all of my hard work and was being honest about it, I broke down crying. 

Now this shocked him and asked me why I was upset so I told him that I have seen managers come and go, some were goddamn scum of the earth, a few had NO freaking clue what they are doing and even one or two were thieving assholes. some were okay to talk too but no once have I ever, EVER been told with much sincerity that they appreciated me and my hardwork. it came to a shock, I didn’t know what to do but said thank you as I cried. 

Not all managers are assholes. I’m so lucky I work for this guy. he very fair yet firm and I respect that. 

Keep What Remains, Part III [Gladiolus Amicitia/Reader]

“What do you think about holding onto something when you’ve lost everything else?”

Remember how Gladio mentioned getting a girlfriend during all those years of darkness? Here’s how that happened. Spoilers up to Chapter 13 of the game, so proceed with caution!

Part I | Part II

D’you think something can mean everything and nothing at the same time?

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Holy Ground

Pairing: Churchboy! Virgin! Tyler x Reader

The place i describe in this really exists down the street from me. 

You leave  your house for your daily afternoon walk like you always do, heading left down your street to the stop sign and taking another left, making your way to the busy intersection across the street from the Convent Christian Highschool. When the traffic clears you take a slight right up the street that leads to the paved trail on the schools property, it’s open to the public but there’s hardly ever anyone back there aside from the occasional student or nun, usually around lunch time, which is already over, but as you round the corner that connects the street to the path you see a handsome boy in school uniform walking towards you. You smile politely as you’re about to pass him. He flashes the most adorable grin in return stopping you in your tracks.

“Hey, shouldn’t you be in class or something.” You tease, placing a hand on his shoulder as he passes you.

“I-I have a free period, because I’m a-all caught up on my work.” He says nervously, turning to face you.

“Well Mr. Smarty pants, you wanna walk with me?  I wouldn’t mind the company.”  You smile. “What’s you name?

“Me? Ummm T-tyler , I was g-gonna head back inside, but I-I still got time soooo sure.” He stutters. “W-what’s your name?”


“S-so Y/N how come you’re not in class or work or something.” He speaks looking at your clothes; blacking leggings, and a loose, low cut, white graphic T covered by a light jacket to take the edge of the mid spring air; it’s obvious you don’t attend school here.

“I graduated public school last year, I bar tend most nights, except Wednesdays, those are my nights off, so right now is my ‘Me’ time, then I’ll take a little nap before work.” You answer. “So…. what year you in?”

“Senior. I’m nineteen. December birthday so I got a late start.” He says pointing to himself. “Isn’t this so beautiful?” He asks, sounding more like a statement than a question, motioning to the stations of the cross that line the path. “First station Jesus is condemned to death, second station Jesus carries his cross, third station Jesus falls for the first ti–”

“Tyler” You cut him off. “I’m not really into the whole religion thing.” You admit.

“Oh. Sorry. I’ll stop.” He looks down pursing his lips

“I’m sorry that came out rude, I just wanted to be honest with you. You don’t have to stop, I could listen to you talk all day, I like your voice, it’s so…um..so sexy. You blurt out.

"Y-you think I’m s-sexy?” He blushes.

“Well I said your voice…” You say eyeing him up and down. “But umm yeah you too.” You elbow him playfully,  turning to smile at him. He tries to hide his huge smile and flushed cheeks, turning his head away from you. You drop your arm back down by your side, your pinky finger brushing against Tyler’s as you walk. You hook your pinky around his and he turns his palm face up, you slide your hand into his interlocking your fingers. Tyler turns his head back to look at you with pink dimpled cheeks, as you continue to walk hand and hand down the trail, stopping to sit on the bench in front of the nuns cemetery. You look down at your still interlocked hands resting on your lap an notice something-. “Oh my God Tyler you have the cutest thumbs!” You exclaim.

“Don’t talk like that!” He scolds tucking his thumb under yours.

“What, about your thumbs?” You asked puzzled.

“I meant about God, but y-yes my thumbs too.” He states. “You shouldn’t use his name in vain and my younger sister and I  both have clubbed thumbs, it’s a genetic thing, okay?!

"Well I think, they’re sexy.” You smirk slowly bringing your clasped hands to your lips, slipping Tyler’s thumb into your mouth sucking on it gently.

“S-stop that!” Tyler barks ,puling his thumb from your mouth with  pop, removing his hand from your  grasp and holding them over the crotch of his pants.

“Sorry……Tyler have you ever kissed a girl? You ask quizzically because of how flustered he seems over your actions.

"Of course, I-I kissed a girl, at a church retreat, playing spin the bottle, when we were all supposed to be asleep.” He admits.

“Oh you little rebel you.” you say, your words dripping with sarcasm. “Tyler that hardly counts as a kiss, Did you even use tongue?”


“Can I ..uh…kiss you now, ya know show you what it’s really like.” You ask squeezing his thigh.

“Ummmm I-I guess."He says, his body trembling from your touch. You bring your mouth to his lips pressing yours lightly to his, waiting for him to engage in the kiss. He kisses you back pressing his lips firmly to yours, you slide your tongue between his lips, prying his mouth open. Tyler finally relaxes his jaw allowing your tongue access into his mouth, your tongues swirling around each other, before pulling away to catch your breath.”

“OK..Um.. Wow…C-can we do that again?” Tyler ask, fidgeting with  his pants. You look down to see Tyler tying to mask the obvious tent that’s forming.

“C'mon lets go somewhere more private.” You say pulling him by the hand to a secluded field behind a row of slightly overgrown arborvitae trees. You grab him by a fistful of his shirt pulling him to you, crashing your mouths together and pushing him down into the grass,straddling  him. He breathes heavily, speechless, as you pull off your jacket. You lean over him to start kissing him again, your loose shirt hanging down from your body, but Tyler suddenly flick his eyes up to the sky avoiding looking at you. “Tyler what’s wrong?”

“Y-y-you’re not w-wearing a b-bra….I-I can see your….” he stutters nervously, as his length hardens under you.

“So…. You like what you see? Don’t lie to me.” You tease grinding down on the obvious bulge in pants.

“Yes.” He chokes out, barely audible. You pull off your shirt throwing it to the side, and grab his hands bringing them to both your breasts. “Touch them Tyler.” You practically  beg as you continue to grind against this clothed erection, producing a needy moan from the boy. You slide your hands under his shirt, lifting it over his head pulling it off. You resume kissing him, your nipples grazing against his bare chest, and for the first time he bucks his hips up, grinding back against you.

“Mmmmm Tyler!” You moan in surprise.  You trail your hands down his body to his belt starting to undo it.

“W-what are you doing? He says crawling back on his heels away from you. "I-I’m a v-virgin, I-I t-thought we were just gonna kiss? T-this has already gone farther then I ever intended and I-I’m okay with that, b-but I don’t wanna have s-s-sex okay?”

“Tyler relax, we don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do.” You say resuming your spot back on top of him and kissing his neck. “I just thought maybe I could ..um ..kiss you somewhere else.” You tease as you start kissing down his chest. “Would that be okay?” You ask lifting your head as your lips approach his waistband.

“H-here? On..On.. holy ground?” He says, looking shocked that you would suggest such a thing.

“Technically were not in the cemetery, we’re just next to it ” You tease. “So what do you say?” You ask placing one last convincing kiss along his happy trail.

“I-I guess.” He breathes, writhing under you.

“No, Tyler, Not ‘I guess’, I need a yes or no. Are you okay with that?

"Yes.” He gulps.

You quickly undo his belt and unzip his pants, shimmying his pants and boxers down his thighs , springing his erection free.

“Fuck, Tyler you’re huge!” You exclaim as you begin pumping him.

“I-I am?” His breath hitches, as his back arches off the ground.

“ Yes! Fuck, I can just barely get my hand around it, it’s so thick.” You say before stretching your lips around the head, swirling your tongue under the tip. You feel Tyler’s whole body tense at your actions, his hands gripping at the grass on either side of him, as you begin to bob over his length. Suddenly you hear footsteps approaching and see the bottom of the  long black habit of a nuns attire from the small gap under the arborvitae trees. Tyler panics trying to push you off of him but you push him back down, cover his mouth with your hand and continue to suck him harder and faster, pumping what you can’t fit into your mouth with your other hand. In mere seconds he’s filling up your mouth, the vibrations of his moans tickling your palm.  You swallow, as you watch the nun turn on her heels and head back in the other direction, releasing your hand from Tyler’s mouth once she’s at a safe distance.

“Jesus Christ! What was that?” He pants, chest heaving.

“Don’t talk like that.” You mock. “That was the thrill of almost getting caught, kinky boy.”  You tease as you wipe the corners of your mouth. Just then the church bells chime.

“Frick, I’m late! He exclaims, grabbing his shirt, forcing it back on in a panic. He stands attempting to run pants still mid thigh as struggles to pull them up.

"Same time, same place, tomorrow?” You call after him.

“I’ll be here.” He shouts back.


You pay extra attention to detail  the next day, making sure your hair and makeup are perfect, and slip on a flirty dress. You check the mirror one last time before leaving the house and heading to the trail. You don’t see Tyler the whole length of the trail and you hope he didn’t chicken out or end up in too much trouble from being late to class yesterday. You look behind the arborvitae trees and see him sitting there cross legged, nervously twirling the floof of hair atop his head.

“Hey.” You speak, causing him to jump. “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Y-you look so beautiful.” He blurts out.

“Thank you” You blush. “Now where were we?” You tease, immediately climbing on top of him, kissing his neck. “So how much trouble did you get into for being late baby, hmmm? Did you go to confession for the sins we committed yesterday ? How many Hail Mary’s did you have to say for being a dirty boy?” You question, using wet kisses as punctuation.

“C-christians don’t go to confession.” He whines, craning his neck to allow you better access at it.“

"See I told you I don’t do the whole religion thing.” You laugh, switching your tongue to the other side of his neck.

“B-but I-I did get detention.” He moans rolling his hips, pressing himself firmly into the palm of your hand. “I-I’ve never h-had detention.”

“Naughty boy” You scold playfully. “Mmmmm I couldn’t wait to get my hands back on you.” You breathe between tonguing at his neck, running you hands up under his shirt. “I touched myself thinking about you last night.” You say trailing your tongue over the shell of his ear.

“Y-you touched yourself.” He questions

“Yeah what’s wrong baby?  Don’t you ever touch yourself? You break contact with his neck, looking him in the eyes, sliding you hand down his body to palm him through this pants.

"It’s a sin.”  He whines at your touch.

“Tyler?” You say cocking your eyebrow

“Ok, I- I do, b-but it is a sin.”  He informs you.

“And so is this but it feels damn good doesn’t it?”  You taunt, lifting his shirt, kissing along his happy trail as you undo his pants.

“D-do you t-think umm….I can….ya know…to you.” Tyler asks nervously.

“If that’s your way of asking if you can eat my pussy, then fuck yes you can! I was hoping today would be my turn, why do you think I wore this little dress? You smirk, with lust filled eyes, as you climb off Tyler laying down in the grass on your back with your knees bent. He runs a shaky  hand up your inner thigh, running his hand over your panties.

"T-there all wet.”

“That’s from you baby, Take them off.” You coach him. He takes a deep breath as he loops his thumbs under the waistband of you panties, you lift your hips from the grass aiding him in there removal, he slides them down your legs, and over your ankles removing them completely. You spread your legs for him as he positions himself on his stomach in front of your dripping core. He trails his fingers through your wetness before pushing two into you, and begins long slow licks over you clit.

“Fuck, Tyler!” You moan loudly.

“W-what’s wrong?! He asks, his  mouth glistening in the afternoon sun with your wetness. "I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Nothing’s wrong, you know what you’re doing, trust me!”  You exclaim pushing his head back down, making him moan against your core, the sensation driving you wild. “Just curl your fingers as you lick, Mmmmm… you’re doing just fine baby.” You encourage. He takes directions well, curling his fingers repeatedly as his tongue moves in waves over your clit. “Yes! Fuck, Just like that Tyler!” You whine, lightly holding the back of his head in place as you arch  your back, your orgasm drawing near with each lick, with each thrust of his fingers. “Shit, Tyler I’m gonna cum.” You moan placing your other hand on the back of his head as well, as you rock your hips against his face, riding out your orgasm. “So good baby.” You praise. “Kiss me!”

“B-but I just…” He starts.

You sit up grabbing him by the shirt, cutting him off . “I said kiss me!”  You demand pulling him in for a sloppy kiss. “MMmmmm I love tasting myself on you.”

“Oh s-shit, that’s hott.” He exclaims. as you lick your lips.

“Let me help you with that real quick before you go back to class.” You laugh eyeing the obvious erection in his uniform pants.

You slide your hand into his pants jerking him off while singing his praises of how good  he made you feel until he’s coming in your hand.

“Same time, same place again ?” You ask ask as he begins to head back to class.

“I’d like that.” He smiles.


The two of you continued your rendezvous almost daily for weeks, craving each other more as more as time went on, the two of you even exchanged phone numbers and took part in the occasional phone sex whenever his younger siblings weren’t around to catch him; you learned he was the oldest of four. You also learned that not only did you live with in walking distance of the school but he did as well, and you would often meetup on there on weekends just to walk the trails, talk and actually spend time together; this Saturday was one of those days. Tyler meets you and the beginning of the trail, his eyes lighting up as soon and he sees you. He extends his hand you and you take it in yours, it’s trembling as he seems more nervous then usual.

“Tyler, is everything okay?” You ask concerned, sandwiching his hand between the hand holding his and your free hand in attempt to stable them.

“I-I wanna ask you s-something?” He stutters

“Anything , Tyler, what is it?

"W-what are we?” He blurts out taking a deep breath.

“What do you wants us to be?” You smile.

“A-a-a couple, I want you to be my g-girlfriend.” He admits shyly.

“I was afraid you’d never ask, of course I’'l be your girlfriend baby.” You smile placing a soft kiss on his lips. You thought he would be relived but he still seems worked up. “I can tell there’s something else Tyler, what is it?”

“I’m ready now.” He quickly spits out, nervously twirling his brunette locks with his free hand, as the two of your stroll the trail hand in hand.

“For?” You question, stopping to look at him.

“S-sex.” He answers, his eyes shying away from your gaze.

“Oh…like right now.” You ask surprised.

“No, preferably not here, I-I want it to be special.” He says seeming to relax a bit, as you start walking again.

“I promise I’ll make it special for you baby.”


The next night at sundown you meet Tyler at the end of your street.

“S-so where are we going? He asks his voice full of nerves and excitement.

"Here can you carry  some of these? You say handing him one of the two comforters your holding  and a pillow. "I told my mom I was sleeping at my friends house down the street since it’s a holiday weekend, but I figured these would come in handy anyways.” You smile. “Just follow me I’ll explain when we get there”

“Yeah same, I told my mom I was sleeping at my Best Friend Josh’s.” He laughs nervously as he follows your lead. “I’ve told him all about you so he knows to cover if my mom calls. You’d never know I was nineteen by the way she still treats me.”

“I get that! Trust me.” You say, knowing your mother is the same way.

“Are we going back to the trail?” Tyler asks, as you walk, sounded disappointed.

“Yes and no, just hear me out okay?” You say stretching your neck to look at him over the pillows and blanket. “I know you said you preferred if we didn’t have sex in the field by the cemetery where we’ve been fooling around and that you wanted it to be special, but I thought what’s more special than having sex where we first met , but I found an even better spot. Just trust me okay?”

“Okay I trust you.” He smiles over the bedding.

You arrive at the trail but instead on continuing straight like you always do you take a left onto the paths that are carved into the wildflower meadow habitat there. Once you reach the middle of the path where the entrance to the path is now hidden my the natural topography of the land, you stop, laying your comforter out and dropping your pillow at the top.

“So what do you think? You say as you lay down, patting the the fabric for him to join you.

"It’s perfect.” He smiles, plopping his pillow besides yours, and pulling the blanket he was carrying over the two of you.

“If you wanna stop at anytime just tell me okay?” You say as you slide your hand up his stomach towards his chest gathering the material of his shirt as you go. He nods, acknowledging your words, as you slip his shirt over his head and straddle him. He repeats the action to you, removing your shirt as well.

“Do you ever wear a bra?” He laughs, as he slides his hands from your waist up to cup your breasts.

“Nope, when you got perky tits like this you don’t need to.” You crack a smile as you place your hands over his on your chest.

“I wanna taste you.” He blurts out, biting his lip.

“Tyler!” You exclaim, taken back by how confident he just sounded. “I guess it’s a good thing I’m not wearing panties either then huh? You smirk as you bunch your skirt around your waist and place a knee on either side of Tyler’s head lowering your core to his mouth. He flicks his tongue through your wet folds as he undoes his jeans, pushing them and his boxer down his thighs.

"Ride me.” He says pulling his mouth from your core, looking up at you. You don’t know were this new found confidence is coming from but you’re loving it. You work your skirt off, then assist Tyler is removing his pants completely. You position yourself above Tyler and slowly sink down on his length. You let out a gasp as you adjust to his size, and he hums loudly in response.

“Why’d you let all these girls miss out on this cock, baby! You feel so good!” You whine as you skin presses against the base with him all the way inside you.

“I don’t believe in sex before m-ahh-rriage.” He pants, as you pick up speed, sliding up and down his length.

“Don’t or didn’t?” You question pausing all movement.

“Didn’t, Didn’t! Sorry Fuck! Keep going!” He shouts sounding so needy, the combination of his neediness and use of profanity you’ve never heard him use driving your desire.

“I was gonna say that’d be ironic since your thick cock is stretching me out so good right now baby.”  You whine rocking your hips, with your hands gripping his chest. Tyler presses himself up on his hands into a sitting position sucking at your breasts as you continue to ride him. “Mmmmmm Tyler, baby!”  You moan, grasping the back of his head.

“Can I try going on top now?” He asks breathing heavily , looking up at you ,his head still pinned to your chest.

“Of course.” You roll to your back, Tyler not missing a second before he’s lined back up with your entrance pushing in. You’re mouths collide as he begins to thrust perfectly hitting your spot. “Tyler, Fuck, right there baby.” You moan against his lips. He keeps perfect rhythm hitting your spot repeatedly. “I’m so close baby your’re doing such a good job.” You praise , pulling him into you by the small of his back. “Fuck, Ty, I’m cumming.”  Your words enough to bring him to his own climax.

“That…was…ama…zing.”  Tyler breaths heavily between syllables, placing a kiss to you lips. You cuddle up close, resting your head on his chest; his heart bumping like a speaker against you ear.

“I wish I lost my virginity like this.” You say, twirling his hair in the way he always does, admiring how the moonlight falls on his dewy skin.

“Why how did you lose yours?” He asks brushing the hair stuck to your forehead with sweat from your eyes.

“The ole cliche; freshman cheerleader  fucks a senior football player in the back seat of his car after the winning game.” You  admit.

“Did you love him?” He asks.


“Well I love you.” He says softly.

“I love you too. Tyler.”

Misunderstanding Managed - Fred Weasley x Reader

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Pairing: Fred Weasley x Slytherin Reader

Request: Hello. I find your stories very amusing, very well written. Could you by any chance write a Fred Weasley x Slytherin reader story? Something adorable, while they are still in Hogwarts (they could already be a couple)? There are not many stories of that kind of pairing and it would be fun to read what you come up with. Thank you for listening, even if you don’t write one, you are still very good and I will keep on reading what you write.  - Requested by @astarfallingforthedarkness

Word Count: 2.3k

Warning: Misunderstanding

A/N: I grinned the whole time writing this thing. >:) But this didn’t turn out as adorable as I thought - kinda got deep as I wrote it.. I might try to write something adorable again :)

[Y/N] = Your Name

[Y/L/N] = Your Last Name

“Slytherin!” The Sorting Hat had yelled on your first day of Hogwarts. And ever since then, your life was about to change. Everyone cowarded down to you and tried not to get in your way. Even Draco Malfoy in third year, who they called ‘The Slytherin Prince’, didn’t dare anger you after you half scared him last year because he spoke low of your family.

But as much as the students in Hogwarts were afraid of you, they knew that you only had one little soft spot. For one particular peron.

“[Y/N].” A soft whisper tickled your ears and a pair of long arms snaked around your waist. You smirked as you wrote your potions essay.

“Freddie.” You said back, not giving your boyfriend a glance. He didn’t lose his smile, but a pout appeared on his lips. “I can sense you pouting.” You mumbled, crossing out a misspelled word from your parchment.

“You haven’t gone out a date with me since last saturday!” He protested. You stopped writing and looked at him, straight in the eyes with your eyebrows risen.

“Today’s monday.”

“That still counts, [Y/N]! George sleeps in all day and I’m lonely without you.” Fred let out a whimper, but you knew he was hoping you’d pull him into your arms. Fat chance, you had work to do.

“Maybe next time, Fred.” You gathered your things and headed out the door of the library. You needed to concentrate. Fred stared in awe behind you.

Had he done something wrong? Did he hurt you? Why were you acting so distant?

After a few seconds of thinking deeply, Fred decided to ask you right away. He exited the library, but when he did, he’d lost you. He cursed silently, looking around the halls. He’d almost forgotten you were a Slytherin, you always seemed to find a way to slip away from him when something was wrong.

What was wrong, then? He groaned and rubbed his face. He should have listened to Bill when he said girls were unhealthy. You were making him feel queasy inside now.

Fine. He had to do this the hard way.. Or maybe the easy way.

Fred pulled out a big piece of parchment from his jacket. He began unfolding it, and paused to pull out his wand from his pocket. When he did, he pointed it at the parchment. He gave a small smile as he said, “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.”

The map showed itself as usual. Fred sighed as he searched for your name in the brown ink. He thanked the Marauders, whoever they were to create the map to help him out with his lovelife - Oh, there you were. [Y/N] [Y/L/N]. On the stone bridge.

Fred tapped the map, whispering “Mischief managed.”, though he knew that was a total lie. The mischief wasn’t over until he found out what was going on with you. Fred started running, afraid you might go somewhere else, and started wondering what your trouble was.

It couldn’t have been the parents. His were fine with you, and your parents - Well, they accepted him because he was a pureblood, but still… Or maybe it was just stress from all the homework Professor Snape gave since he was the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. Yes, that must be it. That was exactly -

Fred froze when he saw you. With George. But.. He said he was slepping in for today. And you, with his brother.. Laughing and holding hands. Fred’s shoulders drooped and his hand formed a fist around his wand. And with that, he turned away from the sight and went straight to his dorm.

You sprung up from your bed. You couldn’t sleep. Fred’s been avoiding you since Monday. He stood up and exited the Great Hall when he saw you approaching the Gryffindor table, and he never sat next to you in class.

You groaned as you left your roommates behind and staggered into the cold hallway. The night air was freezing against your silk night gown, even though it was still spring. That’s when you found someone sitting on the staircase. Someone familiar.

“Fred?” You called. The person looked around.

“Yeah?” He called back glumly. You crossed your arms.

“George. Not a good time to do jokes.” You murmured, sitting next to him. George tried to chuckle, but his mouth stayed as a frown. “Couldn’t sleep either?” You asked him.

“No, I was kicked out. By my brother.” George sighed. You noticed the circles under his eyes. When George met your questioning look, he sighed again. “He thinks you’re cheating on him with me, that bloody idiot.”

You grunted in response, making George look at you. “I’m gonna kill him.” You muttered, making him smile a bit. “Don’t you smile, he’s unbelievable!” You whispered, running your fingers through your hair in frustration.

“Well, don’t let the surprise get ruined. You worked hard for it.” George said, wincing after he saw your expression.

“I know. And if it is ruined, I’m gonna strangle him to death. I’m gonna behead his lovely ginger hair he loves to comb everyday! I’ll destroy his grades by whispering wrong answers! I’m going to -”

“Whoa, slow down there, mate - I mean.. Slytherin.” George said, can’t resisting a smile.

“I’m just - How can I even - How the heck will I set him up if he’s not talking to me?” You tried not to spill tears. I was silly to cry over something like this, but you’d worked so hard, like George had said. And to think he won’t ever talk to you was madness. George saw you were getting upset and patted your back gently.

“Tell you what, let’s ask for friends for help.” George suggested. “I can’t see my twin like this, he’s miserable without you!”

“Really?” You asked, hopeful. This time, George shot you a questioning look, making you grunt again and get on to the point. “I don’t have friends, except for you and Fred. Everyone’s scared of me.” You replied glumly.

“I know who can pull a good distraction.” George grinned at you. “You owe me one, [Y/L/N].”

“Really, George?” You asked. He shrugged at you, and you scoffed and looked back at the boy George had brought with him. “His brother? Fred is mad at his brother, so you brought his other brother for help?”

Ron shifted uncomfortably in his seat. You wanted to apologize for being so sharp, but now wasn’t the time. A few moments later and Fred would be hurrying back to his dorm to avoid both of you.

“Thanks for coming, Ron. You put yourself at risk for me.” You said, putting a gentle hand on his arm. You smiled a warm smile at him, which seemed to surprise him a bit. You were taken aback too, you’d never flashed anyone that smile except for Fred.

Were you.. Opening up? Finally?

“I never saw him pout like that, that’s all.” Ron replied, blushing slightly. George pushed him towards the halls and you and him took off to the Stone Bridge.

“Ron, mate, is something wrong?” Fred asked, laughing. Ron perked up.

“Me? Why - No!” His last word went a bit high pitched and you buried your face in your hand. If only George was here, you would send a [Y/N] original ‘I told you so’ glare in his direction.

You crouched down quickly when you heard a loud stomp on the bridge. “Uh, well, promise not to prank me the whole summer?” You heard Ron’s frantic voice and quick running footsteps.

“Are you kidding, of course I’m gonna, Ronnie!” Fred’s voice yelled across the whole area. You heard a faint call from Ron, who seemed very far away. That was your cue. You started climbing back up onto the Hogwarts grounds as you listened to Fred’s chuckle.

Fred looked down into the water beneath him. He wondered what you might be doing, but decided to stop. He didn’t want to get hurt again and he didn’t ever want to stop smiling. That was how big you were in his life. How much power you had over him. And now…

Slop! Your socks splashed out water as you walked over to your boyfriend. You winced a bit when he turned around, stunned at you. This was it. Now or never.

“Fred, I can explain -”

“That you’ve been cheating on me? I’m sorry, [Y/N] but I trust you too much to believe that you’d rather choose my twin over me.” Fred rushed talking as a serious expression took hold of him. You looked down. You haven’t seen this side of him before. He was always so cheeful and bright, that was what you loved about him.

That he was the right opposite of you.

“That’s because I didn’t.” You said. “George and I are just friends, just like you and I were a few months ago. Even if I did like him, I’d never do anything to hurt you, Fred.”

“Then why were you two holding hands the other day? Right here. And George didn’t object anything I said to him.” Fred flinched at the way he shot harshly at you.

“Then I really do owe George one.” You muttered under your breath. “Freddie, George was helping me with… The surprise. We were actually rehearsing.” Well, you might as well show him now.

You drew your wand and pointed at the sky mumbling a spell, and soon, colorful fireworks shot from under the bridge and into the dark sky. Fred’s eyes widened in surprise. You hid a smile when the sky started to change its color into red and gold, the color of your boyfriend’s house. They lit up into four words: Happy birthday Fred Weasley

Fred watched the gold letters slowly disappear in the sky, as a new set of fireworks bursted in the sky. You stepped closer to him. “So… Are you gonna thank me or what?” You smirked at him, who leaned against the bridge and soon brought up a smile at you.

“This.” Fred pulled you close and pressed a kiss on your forehead.

It was the romantic moment that you’ve been dreaming of when you were a child. Fireworks. A perfect boy holding you. You managed to keep yourself from blushing. “Will you ever forgive me, love?” He asked as he took your hand in his and brought it up to his face to kiss it.

“Forgive what?” You asked, pulling a face so innocent and making Fred laugh.

“For stalking you?” Fred suggested, handing you a blank piece of paper. You blinked before asking him what it was.

“And that,” You said. “Is how I got into detention, Professor Snape.” You finished. Your house teacher shook his head in disapproval. You giggled when you saw Fred’s red face.

“Professor, I told you you wanted to hear the short version.” Fred said, laughing before he saw Snape’s glower at the two of you.

“Fine. The short version, if you please, Weasley.” He taunted with his dark voice. Fred glanced at you, then broke into a grin.

“I stalked you into the classroom to spy on you marking some test scores?” Fred said, but you elbowed him gently enough so that it would be closer to a nudge.

“We were caught snogging in a broom closet because somebody was stalking her significant other with a blank piece of paper.” You announced, smiling innocently, but with gritted teeth at your professor. He snarled back, unfolding the blank map and shoving it it back into Fred’s hands.

“You are now free to leave.” He gestured you to leave. You didn’t need a second talk from the grumpy Potions master. You dragged your boyfriend out of the silent classroom and into the halls.

“Now where were we?” Fred asked, pulling you by the waist. Your nose nearly touched, but you held back.

“But seriously, Freddie. We need to give our beloved treasure to someone else. You know, someone who needs it more than us.” You whispered. Fred scoffed.

“If that’s what you want.” He whispered back, and you ruffled his hair with a laugh before pecking his cheek.

A/N: Oh yeah that’s how Harry freakin Potter got his map! He gotta thank us for convincing Fred (and George)! ;)


Magnus hates that he has to go back there, to that Institute, to those claustrophobic walls, dripping with memories of him and Alexander, memories that are already beginning to fade, hidden behind the overwhelming tidal wave of prejudice Magnus has suffered at the hands of Alec’s own people. But he had closed the door in Alec’s face before he could tell him where the rift was, so he has no choice but to portal the Lightwood siblings out from this horrendous place. He’s sulking, trying hard to distract himself from Alec’s bare arms as he runs his stele over his arrows, imbuing them with angelic power. He still loves Alec, he knows that much, but he can’t stop the anger that ignites in his chest at the slightest breath, at the quickest glimpse of messy hair or dark runes. He can’t stop the feeling of betrayal that flashes behind his eyes every time he thinks about the Soul Sword. 

“If we could hurry this along?” Magnus says to Isabelle. “I had a previously scheduled plan to celebrate the last remaining hours of my life by getting day drunk and listening to my phonograph, and this whole demon business is getting in the way,”

“Yes, sorry,” Izzy responds, nudging Alec’s side “Come on, big brother, we’ve got a rift to seal,”

Alec didn’t say a word, just turned silently towards Magnus, who turned gracefully so that his back was the only thing Alec could see. Magnus tried to tell himself he wasn’t really trying to punish Alec as he made his way over to Izzy’s other side. 

“Wait, Magnus,” Alec’s hand met Magnus’ arm, firm but with every intention of letting Magnus break from the grip if he wanted to. Before Magnus quite knew what was going on, he had spun around and was face to face with Alexander Lightwood. 

“I’m already sealing this rift for you, Shadowhunter, what more could you possibly want out of me?” Magnus cringed internally at the way Alec’s face fell, at the anger that erupted from his voice even though he had been fighting to keep it back. 

“Nothing,” and Magnus was surprised to hear how hurt laced his voice, drilling deep into Magnus’ heart like no one else ever could. “I just wanted to say thank you, for doing this. And…” Alec worried at his lip, and Magnus could see the way Alec was building up the courage from the way he closed his eyes. “I love you, and I’m sorry…I just…I need you to know that…in case something happens to me.”

Magnus smiled gently “Nothing is going to happen to you, Alexander,”

“You don’t know that,” 

“Yes I do, because no matter how mad I am at you…I’m not going to let you get hurt,”

“I’m sorry,” Alec said again because he didn’t know what else to say. 

“That’s a conversation for another time,” Magnus stepped away from Alec, clearing the thickness in his throat “For now…we’ve got some demons to kill,” 

Magnus snapped his fingers, swung his arm in a circle, and took Izzy’s hand so she could bring them where they needed to go. Alec did the same, a weight he hadn’t realized he’d been carrying lifting slightly from his shoulders. As his boots came in contact with the sandy shore, he saw Magnus catch himself a little, tugging the wrinkles out of his coat. And a tightness pulled at Alec’s chest, as he realized that Magnus hadn’t said he loved him back. From off in the distance, a deafening screech rang out, drowning out even the waves crashing on the shore. There was no time to think about anything else, Magnus was right, this was a conversation for later. Alec knocked an arrow and laced his fingers gently around his bow string, for now, there were other battles to win. 

Lost in Fire ---- Chapter 11

Finally I finished it! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for the ongoing support, it means a lot to me.

Warnings: adult content (smut), cussing, violence

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You put some of the flower in the living room and enjoyed their smell every time you passed by them. Marie helped you arrange the rest of them in your room, which was already small to begin with and was now absolutely cramped. “I can’t believe he did this” you whispered in disbelief and you grabbed your phone to call him. It only rang twice before Alex picked up: “Hej beautiful, what’s up?” he asked sly, clearly smiling on the other side of the line. “Alex! They’re beautiful! Are you crazy?” your twirled around and laid down on your bed, smiling and picturing his face. “Well, that’s debatable, but I know I’m crazy about you…and I know it’s hard not being together and I’m hanging out with other girls…but I want you to know you’re the only girl on my mind” he explained and you heard your blood pump in your ears as your heartrate increased hearing those words. “Alex…” you started, but didn’t know what else to say as your mind went blank and wandered off to picturing yourself lying next to him. “I know, sweetheart…” he replied and asked about your plans this evening. “Well, actually I’m going to be staring at your face all evening, so that’s going to be good” you joked and he laughed, asking what you meant. “Well, today I realized I’ve never watched Vikings and I really should since you’re in it and I want to see if you’re any good”. Alex chuckled “Ah, really? Now I’m uncomfortable…. Maybe you shouldn’t watch it and just remember me as I am” he joked and you asked him what episodes you should watch, since you were only interested in the ones he was in. “Babe, you can’t do that, you have to watch the whole thing!” he ranted and tried to convince you to watch all four seasons. “Honestly, I promise to watch the other seasons…one day, but right now I want to see you!”. You convinced him to summarize the other seasons so you wouldn’t be confused with the storylines and once again he tried to persuade you into watching everything. “No! That will take way too long and I need to know why everybody is obsessed with you” you giggled. He rambled on about the characters and their stories and you enjoyed listening to his warm voice and only got half of what he was telling you. Without thinking about it you closed your eyes and imagined him lying next to you once again.

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Day Twenty-One: Tell us your favorite memory with each sign.

Aries: most recently when we went to see coco n sobbed n held each other n got dinner n hugged n it was the most special.

Taurus: when we planted bulbs in roundabouts in yr neighborhood n it was so special n then yr cat came right up to me n booped me immediately n that’s when u were like “ok this is an ok human” (’: honestly one of the sweetest days ever.

Gemini: when we saw each other once a week for months n u showed me podcasts every single time n we baked things n got baked lol n listened to sza every day n went to the beach n walked arnd the neighborhood just to get jealous abt other ppls’ porches n u were always like “i’m gonna go sit on their porch they’re just wasting that shit !!”

Cancer: when we tried to throw a party but only 4 ppl showed up n u stayed in the other room the whole night n i legit left n went to sleep but then came back at 4 in the morning n we giggled for like 3 hrs HAHA wow

Leo: every memory w u is my favorite memory but there was that day/night when we went to golden gardens n the seals were barking at the dogs n the dogs were barking at the seals asking each other if they were ok n we went to that diner n smoked cigarettes n sang valerie the most loud forever n then u didn’t know how to drive home so i drove in front of u so u could save on yr data n it was the sweetest date i’ve ever been on

Virgo: when u scammed our white grandpa into buying me uggs n u stole a northface jacket n got me lulu lemons so that i would fit into our white str8 catholic high school better n u held me tight n said “fuck all of them jas, none of them are worth shit” OR the time u called me yr best friend n then held my hand while i cried bc that’s all i’ve ever wanted lol

Libra: when i was rlly young n u were in high school n i came over to yr house bc our mamas were hanging out n we had nothing to do so u wrote a line of a story n then i wrote the next line n we did that until we were laughing so hard n we came up with the worst most scary stories n it was so fun i can still remember one of them n i feel so proud that we love each other the way we do

Scorpio: when u used to dance with ate n me during wowwowee n even tho it hurt yr back n yr knees u jumped up n down with us “for exercise” n u always held my hand no matter what n called me yrs even tho i’m only half filipino u loved me whole anyway

Sagittarius: when we met up the second time after 2 full years of not talking n we were able to look at each other with actual, non toxic love instead of fear n sadness. That moment, the hug goodbye. I’ll take that with me forever. I love u. 

Capricorn: yr smile is my favorite memory of all time. there was a time that we went to the arboretum for yr first time there n seeing yr eyes get so big at the trees n feel in love with the place even tho u weren’t sure what u would think of it before we got there made my heart sing i can’t rlly even describe it anymore it was too perfect to put to words. 

Aquarius: when i came to LA n u got to show me arnd yr place in yr own way n u didn’t have to rely on anyone else to make it happen so we just had the best weekend On Planet Earth n we ate so much amazing food n u comforted me abt being anxious abt silly things n we watched the last half of season 3 of bake off n cried together n we took selfies n looked at the sky n i ate 250mg of weed n then was like “lol i should have eaten more” n then I did n was like M I S T A K E lol

Pisces: when we wake up every saturday morning just to hang out n get breakfast n we would pretend we were gonna do our homework but we would get high in my car n watch tv n play left4dead for 12 hrs instead n then order pizza n watch veronica mars lol for like 4 months.

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Hoi! Can I haz some fluffy Grillby Relationship Headcannons? And congrats on your new blog!:3

So long have I awaited the day that I could write fluffy Grillby headcanons… not really I made this blog today but I’m still excited!


- W A R M

- Despite the fact that he’s made of fire, it’s not dangerous or harmful to touch him because… he’s made of magic fire (nailed it)

- This makes it easy for Grillby’s s/o to snuggle up to him

- Hug him he’s like a giant space heater living in Snowdin.
- He may be quiet but don’t mistake his silence for shyness. He can be very social he’s just a bit more introverted.

- He is 100% okay with PDA.

-If he’s ever walking around his restraint and taking orders from people, his s/o could literally run up to him and give him a big smooch on the cheek and He’ll keep doing what he’s doing.

- As long as you don’t get in the way of his work he’s mostly okay with you hanging around the restaurant every once in a while.

- When he has one on one time with his s/o he normally likes to keep things low-key.

- He’ll sometimes spend the whole day just chatting with them (they’ll probably do most of the talking but Grillbz love the sound of their voice).
- Will always ask about their day no matter how formal it seems.

- Did I mention that he’s very formal?

- He will open doors for you, pull out chairs, get you flowers (that he tries really hard not to burn), get you little chocolates, all that cheesy stuff!

-He’s also very affectionate, always listening to what his s/o say so he knows exactly how to make them smile. Whether it’s little things like a hug here and there or something completely different, he’ll do what he can to let his s/o know that he loves them!

-Mod Justice

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Oh my! How did the croc lose all that weight?!

i can’t let him be fat. at no point in time was he EVER fat.

i need to be honest, now that I have nothing to lose. I love the artists that draw it, but i’m really not all that well when it comes to opinions about it. i’m very negative about it, very indecisive, and every other time I drew it I felt really bad and nasty afterwards. fat is easy as hell to draw, and so easy to make money off of. so easy to draw, but so hard to get right.

there’s a million fat artists out there. FA is oversaturated with it. when i joined FA, i never intended to draw it, only TF. a fairly prominent artist introduced me and I went off working on it, and kept drawing it for 4 years… 

…i’ve said a lot of mean things and done some “bad” things, and the thing with being friends with assaholic major artists is when they find out something true about you (from a backstabber), their entire circles find out, and block you because they said you were a big fat meanie who lies and drew a dick at sixteen (even though they drew many at a younger age, look at them now!! they make money off of weenies). 

it’s very hard to recover once people say things about you, even if you do admit to them and apologize it’ll be your scapegoat for years to come. people hold deep grudges.. and i’m certain they have their reasons.

 (like for other things, such as the time I said I cut off my arm and tried to cover it up and act like nothing happened. i can be an absolute drama whore.)

I left twitter when the ghostbusters controversy occured; it was then that i realized that people as a whole can be really nasty, even for things the victims had no part in. people are so desperate for attention and drama these days that they’ll go to any length for it, no matter how bad the repercussions will be. the “gimme” generation, if you will. things like twitter did not help; you’re EXPECTED to post things, listen to other people’s problems, share, share, share, and then will come a point where you overshare, and then say things you shouldn’t, cause problems, and so on… that was my flaw. since I left I’ve tried to be as silent as possible to avoid any other problems.

i found that a lot of users snap in an instant because they believe everything their favorite user says is true, like a bloody cult. it’s a very fractured/split fanbase.

this is something i haven’t admitted to, and i’m sure it’s the right time. i know it’s a wall of text but it should be in-depth enough to answer why I don’t draw fat (as much) anymore. i support the artists I know are good and well-off enough, because it’s still something I like, and if they can manage to get it right to my tastes, that’s impressive. as a whole I wanted to leave that negativity, the social media justice and avoid any further damages, so I stopped and started doing my own thing, and i’ve felt much better since. 

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ToT for Harada-san: You seem to have a quick temper, which seems very out of place with your personality. Does it bother you? Is it difficult to keep in check?

Harada chuckles, somewhat sadly. “The personality you say is so out-of-place is the result of trying to keep that anger in check,” he says. “I used to be a lot more headstrong and reckless all across the board. See, what I felt wasn’t enough; I defined myself by what others saw in me, so whenever they looked down on me, I felt like I had to prove them wrong in order to validate myself.” He lets out a long breath. “Usually, I just hit first—words or fists, whichever was handy at the time—and asked questions later, because that was the fastest way to show everyone who was boss. So when some guys got pissed and told me I couldn’t even cut myself open properly, I took the bait… and the irony of it all is, I proved them right instead.” He laughs quietly, the sound bittersweet and melancholic. “It took almost bleeding out for me to realize I didn’t care what they thought anymore; all that really mattered was that I was still alive, with my whole life ahead of me. Ever since I figured that out, my temper’s gotten a lot easier to control…” He gives a brief, faraway half-smile. “But there are still a few times when my knee-jerk reaction to things is violence, just like the old days. So yeah, you could say that it bugs me that there’s still a part of me that refuses to listen, even after I tried so hard to change.”

a cultural shock at 1am- help please?

Reading @queerbarricades’s meta on Barricade Day made me look up the complete french lyrics of the finale version of Do You Hear the People Sing, and after I tried reading them (with the help of my english, spanish and google translate) I believe there is actually no mention of heaven, “garden of the lord” and all that stuff?

Someone please confirm this, or correct me if I understood wrongly because the whole heaven thing bugs me extremely every time I listen to this song that I love; it would make me extremely happy if none of it exists in the original french version!

Day 6 of FFXV Week 4!

Ravus for Antagonists!

To be honest, I struggled with this theme; I was going to do Ardyn, but Ravus appeared and I just kept drawing.

It’s been a while since I tried to color like this; the result of doing something at 2 am :)

I added my art side blog hyphen1582 as a signature in the work too, please feel free to come and take a look :)