i tried listening to that thing for a whole day

At university, I did English language with linguistic for my Bachelor of Arts, which was a three year course. Half split between English language and half split between linguistics, which is the science of language. It was quite scientific and it was very hard. I liked to think while I was doing my A-levels that I was quite good at work and exams and stuff like that. But doing linguistics was kind of like throwing me into the deep end because it was a completely new concept to me and there was so many different parts of it. I was good at some parts of it, I was good at the child language acquisition thing and also things with essays but there was a lot of science based analysing language using the IPA chart  and stuff like that and that was hard. And also I think I could have tried harder in my lectures. If I had been going back, I would have listened a bit more because I had a lot of late nights and then didn’t listen the next day, which is not the point. But anyway, I passed it! I got a degree. Yay! And then I went on, because I really loved York and I didn’t feel ready to leave it yet and then I was also really interested in video editing. I was making YouTube videos from my university room and I just wanted to get better at the whole filmmaking thing because it was a big interest of mine. So I did a MA in post-production with visual effects. And there was only eight people allowed on the course so it was quite a selective course. But I went for the interview and got on it! And was invited on it and they had a huge green screen set, loads of amazing editing suites that we were allowed to use whenever we wanted, and it seemed like such a cool thing and I went for it and I did it. And I made some things I was really proud of as well and I got to work with other creative people, which is rare to have people that are sharing your interests in that way. So I had a really good time and I’m glad I did it. And I know I don’t make films on my YouTube channel, they're just like YouTube videos but I like to know that I can edit things in a way that I fully understand the software and I know what I’m doing. You know what I mean? I could just be going ‘I don’t know what this mean?’ but I understand it which is good. So I did that.

@amazingphil during his live show on the 16th of March 2017

Quotes from Phil (1/?)

I think some people might forget about Phil’s time at university but I always feel so uplifted and happy whenever he talk about it, so I wanted to write this down for me to keep to look back on whenever I’m struggling at university. 

Okay so I have worked in retail for over 12 years now from fruit and veg stand, computer games to high retail shopping outlets. I know work as an  GA in  a restaurant for an corporate business.  It’s bloody hard work because I have to do everything, to serving hot food to stocking up drinks, filling up the coffee machines to serving on the till. It’s hard enough as it is working with an skeleton team when half of them are either on holiday/called in sick.

So around November time we all had a huge redundancy happening around the whole building (lucky I managed to keep my job since I’m Dogsbody) and a lot of new changes has happened. one of them was sacking our manager and head chef and getting new ones. things have turn around for the good. work was still as hard with the loadup and customers being well, customers. it wasn’t that bad. 

Now a few days ago I had my 1-2-1 with my new manager, he a pleasant guy to talk too, he listens and tries to sole issues out without waving his hand and saying “forget it”. we had a talk and was telling me about my performance and how well I was doing and that he appreciates all of my hard work and was being honest about it, I broke down crying. 

Now this shocked him and asked me why I was upset so I told him that I have seen managers come and go, some were goddamn scum of the earth, a few had NO freaking clue what they are doing and even one or two were thieving assholes. some were okay to talk too but no once have I ever, EVER been told with much sincerity that they appreciated me and my hardwork. it came to a shock, I didn’t know what to do but said thank you as I cried. 

Not all managers are assholes. I’m so lucky I work for this guy. he very fair yet firm and I respect that. 

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Hi! Could you do RFA+Saeran comforting their s/o who is conflicted/feeling insecure because they still haven't been accepted into college, and their former classmates have. (This is happening to me , and I feel pressured 😂) thank you! I really appreciate it! 😊❤

Aww, don’t worry! It’s a process, it’ll take time. :) Hope these cheer you up!


  • He can sympathize a little
  • He didn’t go to college at all, but he understands the pressure of it
  • He’s encouraging to keep trying to apply and waiting
  • Tries to get your mind off of things by taking you out on dates
  • He’s also willing to listen to you talk when you’re feeling frustrated or down


  • He understands the whole process
  • He tries to get you to calm down on days where you’re anxious
  • Helps you fill out other applications in the meantime
  • He’ll give you some of his college apps as a reference
  • Totally supportive no matter what ends up happening


  • She does some research and comes back with the whole process of college apps
  • She tries to reassure you that just because it’s taking so long doesn’t mean you didn’t get in
  • Like Yoosung, she helps you fill out other applications
  • She’ll even help you look into back up plans or back up colleges
  • As eager as you are whenever the mail comes in


  • He tells you not to worry too much, since it might take a little while
  • Besides that, he assures you that he can give a recommendation to any future colleges you apply
  • In the meantime, he helps you find things to help boost your experience
  • In the end, he could always make sure you have a job with his connections if you wanted to work


  • When you start getting anxious, he offers to hack into the college systems to see where your application is in the reviewing process
  • Of course, you refuse
  • Teaches you some other skills that could be handy and look good on your applications
  • Revises your essays to other colleges
  • He tries to keep your mind off of it while you’re waiting


  • He understands that you’re anxious…but doesn’t really see why
  • He didn’t go to college and he ended up fine
  • Stupid genius hackers
  • Still he sees how important it is to you, so he tries to help when he can
  • Maybe even attempt some encouragement 

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Suburbia. LRH.

Words: 6,575
Pairing: Luke/Reader
Rating: NC-17 bc hella smut.
A/N: I got carried the hell away. 

Based on Suburbia by Troye Sivan.

I’ve grown familiar with the ritualistic dullness of suburbia. An endless array of houses, all looking the exact same, partitioned by white picket fences was all I’d ever known. Nobody ever left the familiarity. Anyone born in the area spent their whole lives working boring desk jobs, clad in expensive suits and pencil skirts.

Rich housewives spent summer afternoons gossiping beside the backyard pools with icy margaritas in hand, while watching the sweat drip off their hardworking pool boys. All the while, their businessmen husbands spent their evenings rubbing their filthy hands up the thighs of their secretaries.

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Keep What Remains, Part III [Gladiolus Amicitia/Reader]

“What do you think about holding onto something when you’ve lost everything else?”

Remember how Gladio mentioned getting a girlfriend during all those years of darkness? Here’s how that happened. Spoilers up to Chapter 13 of the game, so proceed with caution!

Part I | Part II

D’you think something can mean everything and nothing at the same time?

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Little Piece of Heaven - George Weasley Imagine

A/N: hello dearies, I am so sorry I haven’t been posting! I’ve been pretty busy but I have a free day today so I’m going to be posting requests throughout the day :D here’s another one

anonymous asked: Hi darling! Can you make a one shot where its a couple years after the battle and were married? You can choose what its about! Thanks!  im sorry i forgot to add my character! Can it be about George Weasley. Thank you!

so here it is:D it’s a bit short but I hope you guys like it :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Little Piece of Heaven

(Y/N) woke up in the middle of the night to find herself in an empty bed.

“George?” she said still sleepy. She heard some noise coming from the next room and she quickly put on a sweater around her and made her way out of her room to look for her husband. Their flat was small but it was cozy and (Y/N) loved it. She walked over to her son’s room but also found it empty. So she made her way over to the dining room-living room and saw George walking out of the kitchen with his son in one arm and a book in his other hand.

“And then, the two brothers got into their brooms and set the whole room with fireworks as they yell at the ugly toad witch…”

(Y/N) smiled dreamily leaning against the doorframe listening as George told his son about the day he and Fred had stood up to Umbridge in their seventh year. After he was done, he closed the book and turned to look at his son, still oblivious that (Y/N) was witnessing the whole scene.

“You know, your uncle and I used to do all those kind of great things” he told his son who was paying his full attention to his father. “He would’ve loved you so much” he said sadly.

(Y/N) felt her heart breaking. She knew how much George missed Fred and always tried her best to make him feel better when he was feeling sad about it. Like when their son was born. George had never even suggested a name if the baby was a boy. The look on his face when (Y/N) told him that she wanted to name him Fred II was something she would never forget. It was little things like that that she tried to do to make him feel better. And she was certain that he also felt that whenever he looked at their son.

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‘It’s my first home out of college and I’m not a prude but you seem to let a LOT of people sleep over and you seem to know that I kinda want to be one of them (or the only one..)’ AU

someone sent like 5 suggestions in one ask so I’ll just post them as text posts rather than answers:

This was awesome. This was great. This was the beginning of everything, the beginning of his life and his road to self-discovery. College.

At first he had been nervous about moving into a dorm and being on his own. He wasn’t sure he would have the bravery to get through the day on his own, without his mom encouraging him and reminding him to do things like change out of his sleepwear and shower.

But a week had gone by and he felt great. His roommate was pretty nice. There was a routine and the neighboring dorms were pretty relaxed about everything.

In fact one seemed a little too relaxed. He lived across from Will, and he only knew his name was either Jason or Nico. It was a guy with messy black hair and black clothes, the kind of guy that seemed to like alternative rock or something. The kind of guy Will had only seen on movies.

In the last week, Will had left his dorm three separate mornings to see three different guys walking out of the dorm aside from the blond guy that was either Nico or Jason. And each time they left, Will saw the dark haired boy staring after them with a smirk before going back into his dorm.

The next week, as Will fell into the routine more comfortably, he noticed the same thing. This time it was only two boys.

That weekend, he asked his roommate, Austin, about the boy across the hall. “You’re an upperclassman, do you know him?”

“No, he’s a freshman I think. I can’t be sure, the campus is big. He might have been here last year, he might not have been. Why?” he asked as he cleaned out his sax.

Will shrugged and looked at their door. “I keep seeing guys leaving his room in the morning, but they’re not his roommate.”

“Maybe he likes sleepovers,” Austin suggested. “Maybe he’s gay and fucks their brains out, I don’t know, Will, it’s college. People do whatever they want because there’s no supervision.” Will gulped at such a crude statement. “Why don’t you just ask? Trust me it won’t be the weirdest encounter the guy has here.”

Will shook his head. “No. I mean it’s none of my business, I’m just curious.” Austin raised an eyebrow at him. “What? It’s my first year away from home, seeing that is strange to me.”

“Right,” Austin muttered before returning to his sax.

The next day as Will was locking his dorm to leave, he heard the door behind him open. He looked over his shoulder and saw a green eyed teenager with a strange expression on his face leaving the room followed by Jason or Nico staring after him. Before he went inside, his dark brown eyes flickered to Will and one eyebrow went up. “Yes?”

“What? Nothing,” Will said, trying to pull his key out quickly. But instead it got stuck. “Shit,” he muttered. He turned and jimmied the knob, trying to loosen the key, but he was aware of the fact that the door behind him hadn’t closed yet.

Suddenly, someone was standing beside him and an olive toned hand reached out to the knob. “Here, hold on,” Jason/Nico said. He turned the knob and then the key, then slid it out smoothly. He handed Will the key and smirked.

“Uh, thanks.” His eyebrows went up and down in acknowledgement and he smiled mischievously. “I… have to get to class.”

“Have fun,” he answered easily. “See you around, neighbor.” He turned around and went back to his dorm. Before shutting the door, his eyes shifted to Will again. “I’m Nico by the way.”

He gulped then said, “I’m Will.”

Nico’s lips puckered slightly, the corner of his mouth twitching upwards. “Cool,” he said. Then he closed the door.

Will wasn’t sure what to make of that. He pushed the encounter to the back of his mind and went to class. Later in the night, after studying in the library, he went back to his dorm. He saw Austin hunched over a text book at his desk. “So… Nico talked to me today,” he said. “He had another dude leaving his dorm and he caught me looking.”

“Did you ask why the guy had spent the night?”


“Then what are you telling me that for?” Will didn’t answer and Austin looked up at him. “Dude, you’re obviously not going to rest until you find out what that guy does with the people spending the night.”

“I mean, what can he do?” Will said. “He has a roommate, and I don’t care how close they might be, I’m positive he wouldn’t have sex with someone with his roommate right there.” He glanced at Austin who was looking at him with a bored expression. “I mean, you wouldn’t do that right?”

“No, trust me,” he said. Then he shrugged. “You never know, they might have some freaky threesome deal.” Will grimaced and Austin laughed. “Will, dude, it’s college. You do stupid shit.” There was a knock on the door and Will turned to open it. He saw Nico with a black shirt that had white block letters forming a single word: SHIT. “Oh that’s too perfect,” Austin laughed.

“Huh?” Nico questioned. “Whatever. Will, right? I need some ear plugs for my roommate, he’s being a bit of a jackass right now. Do you have any?”

Will shook his head mutely. “I do,” Austin said. He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a pack of ear plug. “Helps when I’m with the band,” he explained when he saw Will’s expression.

“Thanks, you’re a pal. Leo, I got them!” he called over his shoulder. “Tell Jason to stop whining.” He turned to face Will. “Ciao.”

“Wait, I thought you couldn’t have visitors past midnight on week days,” Will reminded him.

Nico smirked. “Yeah, of the opposite sex.” He winked and turned away.

Will watched him leave and shut the door to his own dorm before Will closed his. He turned to look at Austin who was stifling a laugh. “Or maybe he makes his roommate wear earplugs while he fucks guys senseless.” Will grimaced and Austin held out his hand. “I have a lot more.” Will realized they were ear plugs.

“Oh, whatever,” Will said, rolling his eyes.

It would have been a lie to say he didn’t stay up listening for any kind of sexual sound through the thin walls. But he didn’t hear any as he fell asleep.

The next day, he didn’t have any classes, and he stayed in his dorm while Austin left to practice. It wasn’t until a little past four that a knock came at his door again. He answered it without thinking, his brain still reeling with the latest episode of Law and Order: SVU. Then he realized Nico was standing at his door again.

“Hey neighbor,” he said cheekily, chewing a piece of gum.

“Hi,” Will said warily.

“So… a little birdie told me you wanted to know why so many guys stay at my room overnight.” Will felt blood rush to his face and began to stammer, much to Nico’s amusement. “Hey it’s cool, people get curious. You want to know?” Will didn’t answer but stared at him as though he’d been caught doing something bad. “I’m not mad, relax.”

“Look, you don’t have to tell me anything, really. Austin just likes poking fun at me, really. It just…. Really, it’s none of my business.”

“Aw, come on,” Nico crooned, stepping closer. “I can show you.” Will gulped and as he looked at Nico, he wasn’t sure what his expression was. His heart was pounding and his limbs felt like jelly. He couldn’t remember the last time anyone had that effect on him. “Come on,” Nico prodded again, pulling him gently by his arm.

He obliged and followed Nico to his dorm. “Close your eyes,” he whispered in his ear. Will noticed his roommate was gone. “Go ahead,” he murmured. Will shut his eyes, feeling his body heat rise. Nico pushed him gently until his legs hit the railing of the bed. “Get on,” he encouraged. Will did. It only took a slight jump to get onto the elevate bed. He sat and gulped, keeping his eyes shut.

He heard the bed creak beside him and it moved as though someone were getting on. He felt Nico at his back and let out a shaky breath. His arms came around him.

Then there was something in his lap. “Open your eyes.”

Will did. He looked down and saw a laptop with the Netflix website pulled up. Nico burst into laughter behind him. “I’m confused,” Will said dumbly.

Nico pulled away the laptop and sat beside him, letting his legs dangle. “Last night, Leo came over and we sort of started watching horror films. Jason wanted to go to sleep, so we gave him earplugs so he wouldn’t hear the movie or us freaking out.

“Another guy, the one from the day your key fucked up, that was Percy. He had an argument with his girlfriend and needed our help. It got late and he lives in an apartment complex off campus so we let him crash here.

“Another guy was from a party. He was stupid drunk and I didn’t trust him to drive. He tried to make a move on me, but I don’t do the whole drunk-make-out thing. Another was a friend from class who stayed to listen to basically all of my CD’s and talk about his problems back home. There was one I got to make out with, but he wasn’t a very good kisser.” He shrugged and looked at Will who felt completely lost.

“I… I don’t know what to say,” Will muttered. Nico laughed and nudged him with his shoulder.

He turned to look at him and found his brown eyes focused on him, that mischievous smirk tugging at his full lips. Will forced his eyes back to Nico’s, but they quickly darted down to his lips again. Slowly, so torturously slowly, Nico started to lean in, and Will did too.

A surprisingly hesitant hand came up to Will’s face when Nico was just a hairbreadth away. And then his lips. Will shut his eyes and kissed him slowly, feeling little electric currents course through his body and the shudder of his breath as the warmth of someone else’s lips settled over his.

Nico bit his lip gently before tilting his head and continuing to kiss him. Then suddenly, he pulled away and they both looked away from each other with suppressed embarrassed smiles. Slowly, they turned to look at each other and laughed softly, smiling at each other.

Will cleared his throat. “Well, I hope I was better than that one guy.”

“Way better,” Nico answered, smiling. “But… just to be sure,” he whispered as he leaned in again.

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ToT for Harada-san: You seem to have a quick temper, which seems very out of place with your personality. Does it bother you? Is it difficult to keep in check?

Harada chuckles, somewhat sadly. “The personality you say is so out-of-place is the result of trying to keep that anger in check,” he says. “I used to be a lot more headstrong and reckless all across the board. See, what I felt wasn’t enough; I defined myself by what others saw in me, so whenever they looked down on me, I felt like I had to prove them wrong in order to validate myself.” He lets out a long breath. “Usually, I just hit first—words or fists, whichever was handy at the time—and asked questions later, because that was the fastest way to show everyone who was boss. So when some guys got pissed and told me I couldn’t even cut myself open properly, I took the bait… and the irony of it all is, I proved them right instead.” He laughs quietly, the sound bittersweet and melancholic. “It took almost bleeding out for me to realize I didn’t care what they thought anymore; all that really mattered was that I was still alive, with my whole life ahead of me. Ever since I figured that out, my temper’s gotten a lot easier to control…” He gives a brief, faraway half-smile. “But there are still a few times when my knee-jerk reaction to things is violence, just like the old days. So yeah, you could say that it bugs me that there’s still a part of me that refuses to listen, even after I tried so hard to change.”

a cultural shock at 1am- help please?

Reading @queerbarricades’s meta on Barricade Day made me look up the complete french lyrics of the finale version of Do You Hear the People Sing, and after I tried reading them (with the help of my english, spanish and google translate) I believe there is actually no mention of heaven, “garden of the lord” and all that stuff?

Someone please confirm this, or correct me if I understood wrongly because the whole heaven thing bugs me extremely every time I listen to this song that I love; it would make me extremely happy if none of it exists in the original french version!

comic-jess-dubs-deactivated2017  asked:

Hoi! Can I haz some fluffy Grillby Relationship Headcannons? And congrats on your new blog!:3

So long have I awaited the day that I could write fluffy Grillby headcanons… not really I made this blog today but I’m still excited!


- W A R M

- Despite the fact that he’s made of fire, it’s not dangerous or harmful to touch him because… he’s made of magic fire (nailed it)

- This makes it easy for Grillby’s s/o to snuggle up to him

- Hug him he’s like a giant space heater living in Snowdin.
- He may be quiet but don’t mistake his silence for shyness. He can be very social he’s just a bit more introverted.

- He is 100% okay with PDA.

-If he’s ever walking around his restraint and taking orders from people, his s/o could literally run up to him and give him a big smooch on the cheek and He’ll keep doing what he’s doing.

- As long as you don’t get in the way of his work he’s mostly okay with you hanging around the restaurant every once in a while.

- When he has one on one time with his s/o he normally likes to keep things low-key.

- He’ll sometimes spend the whole day just chatting with them (they’ll probably do most of the talking but Grillbz love the sound of their voice).
- Will always ask about their day no matter how formal it seems.

- Did I mention that he’s very formal?

- He will open doors for you, pull out chairs, get you flowers (that he tries really hard not to burn), get you little chocolates, all that cheesy stuff!

-He’s also very affectionate, always listening to what his s/o say so he knows exactly how to make them smile. Whether it’s little things like a hug here and there or something completely different, he’ll do what he can to let his s/o know that he loves them!

-Mod Justice

student!winwin having a pocket sized y/n {au}





  • (-^〇^-)hayooooooooo
  • let’s imagine a student!winwin and a liiiittle pocket sized y/n (ノ´∀`)
  • sooooooooooo precious (。・ω・。)
  • student!winwin likes to draw
  • we all know how school is (ಥ⌣ಥ)
  • but on his first day, winwin enters the classroom like
  • let’s study!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
  • because he just wants to learn more interesting things about everything
  • he wants to explore the world and meet new people
  • and that’s the reason why he likes to travel a lot
  • student!winwin met a pocket sized y/n on one of his trips
  • he was sitting calmly on a rock in the forest as his hand skillfully moved with a pencil , scribbling in his sketchbook
  • constantly looking at the beautiful waterfall he was drawing, suddenly WOW
  • there was a lovely pocket sized y/n looking curiously at the paper, elbows placed on the end of his sketchbook as you leaned forward ,trying to understand what he was drawing
  • “this looks so confusing”
  • “oh..uh.. b-because you are not looking at it properly?”
  • and when you moved your gaze to his face
  • blushing and embarrassed winwin
  • “your face is red”
  • “but.. you know… once I tried to draw like you” but I lost my balance the moment I tried to lift the pencil
  • he continued to draw, quietly listening to your soft voice as you told him about all of the things you wanted to do
  • “say, what do you like to do?”
  • he couldn’t stop blushing as you continued to talk to him, still not believing how small and cute you were
  • “I travel. A lot”
  • “but aren’t you too young to travel alone?”
  • “it’s a school trip”
  • honestly, he stayed the whole day with you, after you introduced each other of course, forgetting about his classmates and teachers
  • who were probably scared, looking for him but oh well
  • noticing it was getting dark, winwin sighed and packed his things
  • “do you need me to help you to get home”
  • “what home?”
  • and then it hit him
  • he needed to take you with him bc
  • how can he leave you on your own
  • so small and precious  (●´∀`●)
  • you were excited to ride the bus
  • you were more excited when winwin took you home with him
  • his room was full with old sketchbooks, brushes rolling on the floor, paint decorating his walls
  • “i-I was very young when I drew them”  ಥ‿ಥ
  • “it looks amazing!” little y/n chirped and ran towards the wall, beautiful picture of nature in front of you
  • “it looks so real” “you’re such a great artist!”
  • and again
  • blushing winwin as he looked for something comfortable enough for you to lay on  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)
  • “you can have my turtle plushie. Here try it I think it will be comfy”
  • surprisingly, it really was
  • “it smells really good, like… I don’t know but it’s really good!”
  • he blushed, again
  • because it’s the first time someone tells him his perfume is good
  • every day you’d sit on his desk as he does his homework, watching with a little smile on your face as he, in a hushed voice, speaks the things he’s going to write
  • always lets you to color your hands with paint, placing small hand marks on each of his work as a signature
  • secretly likes your giggles as you run happily from left to right, different colors all over you
  • “hey winwin, can I dye my hair?”
  • but he never forgets about your comfort
  • probably trying to make you clothes from his old ones
  • if cutting his sock and making two holes for your arms can be a dress \ (•◡•) /
  • but you’re thankful and happy, bc he tries really, really hard and you know it


Better In Time 8

Better In Time 8

Last part

I just want to say before the story begins, that being able to write this story has been such a great part of my time here on tumblr. This story grew from just being a mini idea from my middle school days to being a full blown fanfiction that people request daily and love so much. I know I haven’t been writing that much like I did when I first started out, and I’m sorry that my blog was no longer looking like a writing blog but just a regular one with love for Calum. I’m a senior in high school, and I’m sure you guys all understand how tough it is. Plus personal issues and health problems flag me everyday. After this fanfiction, I’ll be writing a lot more and actually broadening my writing style. Thank you for the out pouring support from you guys daily. Now, here’s what y’all have been waiting for.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Black. The color black was all I remember before bright lights and a stiff body were what I woke up to. About 3 doctors were surrounding me, all on either clipboards or watching my monitors. I thought it was quiet strange how after the traumatic accident I was just in with Michael, that nobody was truly worried or rapidly trying to fix me. After one tall male doctor saw my eyes slowly flutter open, he alerted the two other nurses quietly, and they began standing beside my bed and checking my vitals. Before my eyes could reach where my head was trying to look, I was starting to get frantic after not immediately seeing Michael to either of my sides. Usually when things happen like this, both patients are in the same room, or at least that’s what I’ve seen in the movies. My heart beats on the monitor were speeding up, scaring the nurses a little bit thinking I was going into shock.

“Y/N sweetie you need to calm down. We’re helping you, you got to help us.” My mouth opened but nothing was strong enough to come out. Just a few squeaking sounds and teeth chattering.

“Breathe through it dear. We can’t let you knock out again or you won’t wake up. And you want to stay concious right?” The nurse continued talking to me as the other two people were working on the computer to the side of my bed. I began gripping the bed railings and taking in a deep breathe with the air mask on, and finally finding the strength to lift my shakey hand and take the mask off.

“W-where’s…the boy I…got in the c-crash with?” It was the hardest sentence I’ve ever physically said. I just said the first thing that was most important right then, knowing it could be the last few words I’ll say at all.

“Sweetie, you didn’t come in here with anyone else…” she sounded concerned and overall confused as to why I was asking about a supposed random guy I got in a car crash with.

“No no…there, was s-someone in the car with, me.” The nurse quickly shoved the mask back onto my mouth after seeing my heart rates slow down once again. She breathed heavily, like a sigh of relief, and looked me in my eyes.

“Y/N, do you know what happened?” She calmly asked me, searching my face for some kind of answer.

I shook my head, obviously confused, but I could feel myself growing to close my eyes once again. The male nurse on the opposite side of the bed of her began pumping my chest harshly, trying to keep me awake. It eventually worked after 5 pumps, and I sat up slightly, still waiting for the nurse to explain everything to me. She gave me a sad smile before leaning against my bedside, and shook her head.

“You’ve been in a coma for 2 days now. We’ve been trying everything, and we were so afraid of losing you, and also afraid of this right now, you forgetting what actually happened to you and making up false realities like some patients do after waking up.” I didn’t have the energy to react in a huge way, even though inside I was feeling the heavy realization of the dream state I was in for the past 2 days.

“It was late at night. From what your boyfriend told us, you guys got in a fight and you left the house crying. So we made the assumption that your tears distracted you from the road, causing you to crash. You weren’t looking where you were going.” I looked down at the tubes connecting with my skin, the computer screen with my picture, and heard the slow beeps of the monitor fade, as I felt the slamming pain like I did in that accident with Michael, only this time it was in my heart.

“You didn’t come in with anyone else but yourself. You car was wrecked, and your boyfriend has been sitting outside these walls crying and hoping with everything he had that you would wake up. He hasn’t left. If you were gone for another couple of days, we were ready to pull the plug, but he didn’t give up hope. The doctor is talking to him right now about coming to see you.” She smiled more wholeheartedly this time, rubbing my shoulder before getting up to go type on the computer some more.

Breathing was s struggle for the next 15 minutes before Calum was to show up. I looked at the clock above my room door, and with each tick of the hand, I breathed in and then out. Faint noises outside were being heard outside my room about death, illness, complications, surgery, etc. I tried listening in on those horror stories so I wouldn’t have to think about mine. I was in a sleep state for 2 days, but I dreamt up a whole relationship with Calum again. Nothing I encountered was real. Nothing I knew, was true anymore. Nothing I felt, was anything close to the real thing. I had no more clean slate, no more new reality, no more do-over’s. I was back to the life of screw ups, mistakes, fights, and unhappiness. But hearing that Calum hadn’t left me here to rot, and actually stayed knowing fully well that he was asked to leave multiple times, settled my throbbing heart. His face was the only thing keeping me from falling back into dream land again.

The door slowly creaked open, letting in the brown boy wearing black sunglasses, a hoodie, sweatpants and his house slippers as his feet stroad and carried himself to my side. His cold hands met my now warmer ones, and his thumb instantly rubbed against the knuckles. Through hooded eyes I saw his own overflow with tears, and he kneeled down, placing his forehead on my hand. What felt like sobs coming from far away, were his cries and my head slowly turned to see him drenching my hand. We were alone, the room was dull, but with him, he made everything lighter.

“Calum…” I spoke up finally, after being so mesmerized by my boy. The air mask was removed from my face. I still had a hard time breathing, but I knew I could handle talking to Calum, he kept my heart going after all.

“No no baby put the mask back on or you’ll-“

“Cal I’m fine, really.” I said in a raspy voice, squeezing his hand in reassurance. “Help me scoot over so you have some room.” I felt his hands tuck underneath me just the slightest bit, and without much effort he glided my body over the squeeky hospital bed, making just enough room for him but still giving most of the room to me. He removed his slippers before slipping in next to me, making sure to not move any wiring or machines hooked up to me. He placed an arm over my waist, and I felt his abundance of black curls tickle my nose and chin. I still felt the wet tears on my chest soaking through my gown, but they were real, and they were Calum’s. I was in no mood to complain.

I chuckled softly before speaking, “Now who’s the big spoon.” He only hugged my tighter.

“I could’ve lost you, like really lost you this time.” He said through light sobs.

“I’m completely okay now. Just enjoy that I’m awake and even talking right now.” I decided to place the mask back on for the time being, enjoying the silence of the room with the one person that I wanted here. He sat up on an elbow and began looking at my face, stroking my cheek with his other hand, and I stared back at him. Not even a smile, not even a laugh, but a look he and I gave each other often. Calum isn’t one to express himself through words or phrases or actions or gifts. It’s the little things he does to show his appreciation. He’ll make me a cup of coffee in the morning before he leaves because he knows it’s the first thing I want after waking up since I am not a morning person. If it’s raining outside, he’ll pack me my purple umbrella in my bag before I leave because he knows I’m forgetful. When we’re driving down an open road, he’ll play a song from when we first met, and waits for me to realize that it’s on before we start singing to it with our hands outside the windows flowing through the air. If I’m feeling stressed, sad or really tired he’ll wash his bed sheets and fluff up the pillows so then after my relaxing shower, I can flop into a new feeling comfy bed with him. This look, was a look of admiration and strength. You couldn’t tell from his eyes, but whenever he was immensely proud of me, he looked at me this way.

“I know my words are never good enough for you. I know I never buy extravagant gifts to show you you’re valuable. I know my actions lately can not be taken back or even changed, but through everything you have been the one to keep hanging on. Even when I was completely unloving and unfaithful to you, you kept hanging onto me. You hoped and prayed that I would change because you saw in me what others couldn’t see. You saw me as Calum Thomas Hood the boy you met and fell in love with in high school, and you never saw me as anything less or anything more.” He pressed his nose against my cheek and closed his eyes shut, stopping anymore tears from coming out. But to no surprise, he lost that battle. “But I will make sure to never, ever put you in this kind of situation again. Where you have to find an escape to get away from our problems. I will do whatever it takes. I am not losing you, you hear me?” I nodded slowly, pulling off the mask once again.

“I know how to make this right Y/N, for not only us but for you in general.”

“I have a feeling I do too.”

He smirked and laid upon his hand that was holding himself up.

“So, doctor told me you had some pretty vivid dreams while you were in the coma. What happened in them?”

“Baby, you don’t even know the half of it.”

Yeah it was all a dream. LOL told you guys I had a good ending. It was short but I feel I left it off on a good note. Now I will finally be taking requests again but I need you guys opinion. I either want to do a whole color series for the boys so you’d send me a 5sos boy and a color, or I’ll take smut requests since I never write smut and I want to broaden my writing. Send it in guys! Love you lots and thank you for the understanding of why this took forever.

Jimin, CEO: Ch.5

Summary: KangKong Inc is getting a new CEO. And he is nothing like you expected.

Word Count: 1829 

Request: Nope

Type: Multi-chapter Story (Smut later)


Jimin, New Employee   ~   Jimin, CEO   ~   Two  ~  Three  ~  Four

Pretending was something you were good at.

Pretending the people living above you didn’t have a better sex life than you or that for the first year you were in Korea that you weren’t experiencing culture shock from the minute you stepped off the plane.

This, however, was going to be hard.

Before, you could get away with ignoring the feelings because nothing he had said to you was on the level of what he told you two days before and now every time you thought back to it you absentmindedly touched your lips.

Though now, you were anxious. It was 10:30 and Jimin still wasn’t here. He has a meeting in an hour and a voice conference at 1.

Just as your wondering turned to worry, he stepped off the elevator. Despite your distress he looked perfectly fine. Though you were unable to pull your relieved eyes away from the good looking form before you, he didn’t notice. His eyes were on his phone.

Dozens of eyes scanned the young man. Today he had dark slacks complimented with a sweater vest over a white long sleeve button up and Armani tie and as usual his backpack looking heavy on his back.

He opened his office with eyes still down. You hesitated for a moment, biting your lips, before following him with your clipboard. He was leaning on the front of his desk scrolling through something still on his cell.

You carefully closed the door and opened your mouth to speak.

“What do you think?” he asked, cutting you off to show you a picture of a nicely decorated restaurant.

“I-It’s beautiful, sir. But do you think this is priority right now?”

“Yeah it’s beautiful that’s why I picked it. It reminds me of you.” He muttered absently. “but what do you think?” He prodded, standing straight up. “Does it look too dimly lit? Is it too fancy? I know you were uncomfortable on our last outing.”

“CEO, what are you talking about?” you glanced at the clock.

“For our date. I want to get your opinion. I thought about surprising you but then I didn’t want you to hate it.”

Your mouth fell open.

“I knew it, too fancy.” He leaned back on desk, furiously typing in date locations.

“Jimin!” you put your hand over his screen. He looked up over his round frames with a stare that made a knot form in your throat. You swallowed as discreetly as you could before removing your hand. “You don’t have to do this. I am attracted to you but I’m not the kind of person to sleep with a rich man just because he took me somewhere fancy. My boss no less.”

You waited for a conniving laugh or narcissistic comment accompanied by a smug look but instead he looked hurt. Very hurt.

Moving away from you, he seemed lost for words.

You silently stood there, confused and anxious.

“What am I doing wrong?” He asked with furrowed brows. Still confused, you remained quiet. “What part of my feelings are not clear? I’ve changed the rules, invited you out, gave you some distance. I won’t lie about wanting to have sex with you. I think about it so much it’s shameless and admittedly cliche but it’s not just that. I want to spend time with you. Time spent not discussing my schedule or the meetings I have-”

“Of which you have one really soon.” You interrupted. Not to be rude but for fear he wouldn’t make it on time.

His shoulders dropped with a sigh. “Fine.” He took off his glasses and placed them on his desk before grabbing his folder and slipping past you, out the door.

Your hand reached out to him but he was already gone.

“Why the sudden lunch plans?” your friend, Aida, eyed you suspiciously as she sipped her water.

It had been a long while since the two of you had eaten lunch together during your break. She was one of your closest friends whom you met at work. You always ate together but the more you became committed to CEO Kang and your job the less time you spent together during workdays. She tried to keep your lunch dates by eating at your desk with you but once your lunch time changed it was useless. Of course you still met outside of work, she was in fact the one that set you up on that date with the last guy. All this considered, you inviting her to the bistro near work during a work day was pretty suspicious.


“It’s a man.”

Your jaw dropped.

“So who is it? Joo Hyun? Chulsoon? Dae Suk from Development?”

You took a long sip of your bubble tea.

“It’s funny you bring this up. The girls in my department have been talking about the big man in the office.”

At mention of the man who is obviously Jimin you nearly choke.

“Charlotte, you know from Canada, was actually thinking of hitting on him but she got scared off because she thought there might be something between you and CEO Park.” she laughed to which you tried to join in but it came out as more of an awkward snort.

“Uh, does, uh, anyone else think that?” you questioned.

She shrugged. “Nah, we all know you. You probably had a bigger crush on CEO Kang than any young dude since you came here. Plus I wouldn’t think you tolerate anything about some dude our age telling you what to do, let alone, like him.“

Eyes wide as you sipped again, she stopped mid drink.

“Though I am starting to think otherwise! Y/N!!”

You shushed her quickly but it didn’t stop the knowing smirk growing on her face. “What?!”

“Just never thought you would fall for someone in the workplace.”

The waitress came over with your food and you tried not to let your face fall into the plate as you let it fall limply in your hand.

“Hey Hey!” She poked your forehead to push your head up. “There is nothing wrong with it! Personally I think this is a good thing. Geez, I never thought you would move on from Kang.” You blushed at the second mention of the former CEO. You never admitted it but you were aware that your friends knew. You talked about the man all the time. But it wasn’t just his mature good looks, you respected him and the empire he built.

“He’s taken an obvious interest in me. And not in an cliche way. But because of the stupid stereotype I have ignored it. And today I think I really hurt his feelings.” You poked at your food guiltily.

“What happened today?”

“He was trying to find the perfect date spot but I told him I wasn’t interested in sex with my boss. He told me he wasn’t interested in that but I didn’t listen-

You barely finished before she flicked you on the forehead.Ow!

“I never thought you could be this stupid.”

“What do you mean?”

“Listen. You don’t have to be in a relationship if you don’t want but don’t be an idiot. Not every stereotype is canon.”

“What will people say?”

She tried to flick you again but you flinched away.

“Who gives a shit, Y/N? You are letting stupid things get in the way of a good man and what I assume is good dick.”

Her words, well the first few, began to sink in just as your phone buzzed with a message from Jimin.

The whole day had been quiet.

The message from Jimin was just letting you know he was leaving for lunch as well and to send a PDF of his schedule.

Other than that he had been relatively quiet. Well to you.

He was still charming and bubbly to everyone else. He shined in his meeting, more inspired than ever and didn’t seem nervous during his conference call. Yet when he would pass your desk, he didn’t acknowledge you.

Soon enough it was once again time to leave. You held your stack of filed papers in your sweaty hands as you quietly approached his desk.

He looked up, taking off his glasses. “Done for the night Miss Y/N?” he asked, taking the papers.

“Yes, sir.” you stood there for a few seconds, unsure if you should speak again.

He raised his eyebrows. “Do you need something, Miss Y/N?”

Your eyes lowered to the floor. “Oh, uh, no sir.”

Biting your lip, you collected your belongings and headed for the elevator. Your head hung low as you stepped in and leaned against the back wall. Aida’s words and Jimin’s hurt face were still on your mind.

The sound of the heavy doors closing was the only noise until someone wedged himself in the tiny space that was almost gone.



“Stop that! Just stop!” he nearly screamed. “I can’t let this go on past today. It was barely a day of pretending I’m not interested in you and I’m already going crazy.”

Your eyes were wide and frantically examining his burdened ones. He took a step in, allowing the doors to close this time.

“I like you. I really do!” His eyes stared pleadingly into yours. He was desperate for an answer. A reciprocation of feelings.

Being honest, it caught you off guard. Before, you could trick yourself into thinking it wasn’t serious. He saw you everyday, assistants and secretaries were always the targets of CEO lust.

You had been convincing yourself for so long now that this couldn’t happen but within two seconds you were kissing him like you never had a doubt.

The relief you felt didn’t calm you as your heart sped up and your hands gripping at the sides of his sweater vest.

God, he is intoxicating. Self control was lost. His lips left yours to kiss over your jaw down to your neck.

Your eyes drifted to the numbers quickly counting down to the lobby. “Almost there.” you muttered, pulling at him.

His eyes shot up to eyes in widened confusion. You laughed and released him.

“The lobby.”

He ‘Oh’ed in understanding. Leaning in for a final peck as the elevator sounded, he smiled.

“Was that so hard?”

You laughed as you adjusted your bag that had somehow managed not to fall. “Well something is.” a quick glance downward turned his cheeks a flustered pink.

Trying to control your breathing as you started to leave, you realized he wasn’t following you and raised an eyebrow as you stopped to keep the doors from closing.

“I have a, uh, friend to visit in the security office.” He said glancing at the camera in the top corner.

It was your turn to blush this time as you realized what he was hinting at. You stepped back to let the doors close but not before catching his adorable smile looking wider than ever.

since i was 18 harry always been an angel in my life. he save me so many times for all the shit things in the world and from myself. i tried to commit suicide couple times (and didn’t worked) so after to see him a lot and listen all the kind and beautiful things he always said i made up my mind and looked for help; i’m okay today but Harry still is my big saviour,still is my everything and i own him my life, he is the most important person in my life and also the most beautiful human in this whole galaxy. i hope i can say this words to him one day,he needs to know. so i decided to make the butterfly,because i think is the tattoo that most remind of him, and also is a simbol of reborn,transformation.

pika-chip-chan  asked:

Can do you do Shinichi betting on Mc from ASA if you are still able to take the request. It's okay if you don't do it.😊🙂

You had finished your late remedial class with a few students and are walking back to the staff room, surprise to see Shinichi, Rikiya and Kenzo are still around and chatting. You are about to greet them when you heard something that you not supposed to hear.

“What gotten over you? You don’t want to take the money from us that you won? That is not like you will behave.” Kenzo asked in shocked.

“Wait, are you saying that you feel bad for cheating on her feeling? No, don’t tell me you fall for her?” Rikiya asked in shocked. “You still remember the school rule about no dating.” Rikiya continued.

You can’t believe what you just heard. So all the while was just a bet among them. You feel stupid and hurt for falling in love with him.

“Just take the money and forget about the whole thing. You know the consequence if you are found dating with her.” Kenzo reminded him.

“I…” Shinichi was hesitating.

“Why don’t give me the money instead since I am the main character of the whole plot?” You interrupted and you can feel my face burning hot.

The three of them are shocked to see me and Shinichi’s face went pale. He walks over to you and tried to explain,“ Please, I can explain.”

Instead of listening, you gave him a slap in his face and your tears can’t hold on anymore but flowing downs your cheeks. You put your thing back at your desk and left the school immediately. Shinichi ran after you but you shouted at him to leave you alone. Not wanting to piss you further, he decides to let you alone for now. That night, you cried the whole night and your eyes are a bit swollen from all the crying.

The next day when you reached the school, there was an awkward feeling between you, Rikiya and Kenzo. They apologized to you but you ignore them. Shinichi has been staring at you but you are ignoring him as well. You prepared for your class and tried to focus on teaching. Somehow, you find yourself giddy in the middle of the class. You blink your eyes and tried to focus, thinking it must be due to the lack of sleep from last night. However, you soon passed out in class. By the time you regained your conscious, you are at the nursing room.

“You are awake.” Shinichi holds your hands and heaved out a sigh of relief. You pulled your hands away from him and turn your back against him.

“He rushed to the classroom the moment he heard you fainted and ran all the way here. I will leave both of you alone for a while.” Kenzo explained, before leaving the room.

You do not understand why he was doing all these. Is this another bet to hurt you again? Somehow you are glad that he cares so much about you but he hurt you so much. You can’t help but start sobbing again and that when a pair of strong arms wrapped around you from behind.

“I know whatever I say now won’t be able to turn back the clock but I am sorry. The reason why I refuse to take the winning from them is because I lost the bet, as I fallen deeply in love with you. My feeling to you was not a lies. Give me a chance to prove to you.” Shinichi whispered to your ear, before turning you to face him. He wipes away your tears with his fingers and whispered to you again,“ I promise I won’t make you cry again. All I need is one chance to prove to you.”

“Do you really mean it?” You sobbed.

“Yes, I mean every single word I had said. I love you so much and willing to put my career at risk. I am not lying. Trust me, please.” Shinichi begged and you can see tears well up in his eyes.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face against his check. He embraced you tightly and slowly lifts up your face to face him. He kisses you gently, telling you that you are all he needs.

okay okay okay but imagine if the atla/lok universe had modern technology juST THINK

  • aang and katara taking way too many goofy selfies together like riding giant koi fish and snuggling turtle ducks
  • sokka and suki skyping miles apart how cute oh my gosh and she like still tries to teach him moves over video but they’re such dorks
  • ty lee taking bomb ass selfies and postying them on instgram every day!! 
  • azula trying shamelessly to sext a bunch of guys but always making it awkward
  • katara!! being able to facetime her grangran!! and keep in touch with the little kids who looked at her as their big sister!!
  • toph having an ipod and listening to music like 24/7 don’t tell me she wouldnt
  • zuko snapchatting everyone being such a dork like “guys how do i do the whole fire lord thing help” with a picture of his dorky lil face being all cute and distressed
  • aang totally pulling a maes hughes and texting everyone pictures of his and katara’s kids saying “look how cute!!” and 24/7 posting about them on facebook
  • asami listening to audiobooks while she tinkers around at work!!!
  • mako and bolin and korra using social media to get the word about the fire ferrets out there and gaining a huge internet fanbase
  • oh my GOsH the gaang and the krew both making DORK ASS YOUTUBE CHANNELS WHERE THEY VLOG THEIR JOURNEYS
  • asami and korra using snapchat to their advantage if you know what i mean 
  • mako being such an awkward social media person like his twitter is just a bunch of retweets of vines and korra’s just like “you know?? you can get a vine for vines and use twitter to tweet, right??” and mako’s ust like “korra, what even IS a tweet, why do I tweet, I’m not a bird??”
  • boLIN BABY he’d be a HUGE viner vines of him like doing stupid cute shit, vines of pabus dancing, of him acting in movers
  • korra!! using facetime!! in the spirit world!! so zuko and uncle iroh can talk again!! because zuko misses iroh so much and it’s so awesome!! to be able to say hi and that he loves him and misses him!!

frodorunsablog  asked:

Bagginshield Headcanon: Thorin is always impatient in the mornings, especially if he's up before the sun. However, he always has a big breakfast waiting for his precious Hobbit husband and has the whole day planned for them, even the stuff that is reserved for closed doors.

Ok but listen. Listen.

Thorin always tries to have a big breakfast waiting for his precious hobbit.

And all the rest of this is true. Thorin gets up and has the exact plan for that day and everything will. be. perfect. if he has something planned.

But I will never accept anything saying Thorin can cook anything that is not some sort of porridge gruel thing over a camp fire. There is no canon supporting me but you will take this headcanon from my cold dead hands. That dwarf burns everything. He burns the eggs. He burns the toast. The only thing not burned is the bacon and the bacon is almost raw. Also even if he DOES get it right, he SEVERELY underestimates what constitutes a big breakfast for a hobbit.

So also imagine Thorin putting like, so much work in. He gets Bombur’s help. He makes what to a dwarf is three courses.

Bilbo eats it all in five minutes and is complimenting Thorin yeah, but Thorin can’t even really take the compliments because he is still staring at Bilbo in a mix of awe and terror and more awe because Mahal help us where did it all go??!

It's a Wonderful Life

Word Count: 3,031

Warnings: mentions of sex

Summary: Dan looks at him for a moment, and then leans over to kiss Phil for maybe the hundredth time that morning. “You’re being especially touchy today. Not that I’m complaining,” Phil giggles, muffled by the taste of Dan. “Sorry,” but the press of his lips is anything but apologetic, “I just really love you and stuff.” “Speaking of stuff,” Phil pulls on Dan’s hair, “can we open our presents now?”

A/N: This is the product of listening to Michael Buble too much, and being sexually excited for Christmas. I tried to get some fluffy domesticity up in here. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy xx

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Don't Let Me Go

Alrighty, so I really love the concept of SongFics (you should check out the ones from imaginaryharry while you’re at it), therefore I tried my hand at it. I need your feedback on this to know if I should do more of these or not.

This one is inspired by ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ by Harry Styles (of course). If you don’t know it, you can listen here

To everyone on Mobile: I’m sooooo sorry! This got way longer than it was supposed to, so you’re probably gonna have to scroll past the whole thing : (

Now without further ado, here the fic. Let me know what you think!

It had been a rough day for you. First the paparazzi jumping at you outside of the hotel, asking you about the cheating rumors. Like you could ever cheat on Harry, that was just ridiculous. Apparently though, they didn’t think so. You had already been exhausted as you got into the car with Harry. He had been wonderful, always keeping a protective arm around you, yelling at everyone who dared to touch you. But he couldn’t keep the words, that were so much more painful than any physical attack, away from you. Then it had been the same thing at the radio station, only that there were also Fans screaming at you, which made things only worse. After the interview, security had had a lot of problems getting you back into the car safely. You had had to stay longer than your schedule allowed. So you had rushed to the stadium and the boys had gone straight into soundcheck.

Now you were sitting on a couch in the dressing room, waiting. Suddenly your phone lit up, telling you that one of your friends had send you a message on Twitter. With a sigh you opened the App and tried to focus on the message, but the increasing number beside your mentions glared at you. What you hadn’t expected was that the message, not your mentions, would be the last piece on your pile of emotions, that would finally make you explode.

It read: “You’re not really that stupid, are you?” Linking to an ‘article’ of some gossip site reporting on the cheating rumors.

That was when you threw your phone against the wall… at the exact moment the boys entered the dressing room. They had been chatting and laughing, but immediately went silent, when they saw the phone crash into the wall.

Louis was the first to react. He turned around and pushed everyone forward, out of the room. Everyone, except for Harry, who stared at you wide-eyed.

Babe.”, he said carefully, closing the door behind him. Slowly he stepped a little closer, green eyes bright and alert. He had never seen you like this. Hell, YOU had never seen yourself like this. But, all of a sudden, it was just too much. You jumped up from the couch, clenching your hands into fists.

I can’t do this right now.”, you told him through gritted teeth.

You grabbed your broken phone and headed out the door, leaving a completely confused Harry behind. He knew better than to follow you.

You ran outside, where the Tourbus was already parked, waiting to take all of you to some other country right after the concert. That was the good thing about being on Tour, your things were always packed, ready to go. You just weren’t sure yet if that was what you wanted. You threw your phone into Harry’s bunk. You heard a shattering noise and were certain it had broken completely. You didn’t care though. For a long time you kept walking up and down in the aisle between the bunks, trying to calm down and figure out what to do. ‘There’s only one thing TO do!’, a small, annoying, voice in your head told you, over and over again. With a sigh you crumpled to the floor. There WAS only one thing to do, but you hated it. The only question was: Did you hate it more than all the assault? No, right there in that moment you didn’t.

Later you couldn’t remember, when the tears had started running down your face or how you had gotten back into the stadium. But suddenly you found yourself in the middle of the boys’ dressing room, full of people, who were all staring at you. Harry immediately jumped up from his chair at the sight of you.

(Y/N)! Are you ok? Are you hurt? What happened?” He put his hands on your shoulders, but you shook them off.

Don’t.”, you warned, your voice stronger than you had expected.

What’s going on, (Y/N)? Talk to me!” His eyes were full of worry, his voice pleading. For a moment you hesitated. How could you do this to him? To you? But then the pictures came rushing back: The Fans, the Paparazzi, even your friends. No, you had to do this.

I can’t do this anymore, Harry!”, your voice was dripping with exhaustion.

From the corner of your eye you saw Liam standing up as well. He knew what you were getting at and he wanted to help, but knew he couldn’t. Harry frowned, confusion visible in his eyes and in the set of his lips.

He shook his head. “I don’t understand! You can’t do what anymore?” He gulped. Oh, he knew, he just didn’t want to know. Fine, if he wanted you to spell it out for him…

I can’t live this life anymore, I can’t deal with the Paparazzi and angry Fans anymore, I… I can’t be with you anymore!” Your voice had cracked in the end, but you had gotten your point across. You could see it slowly sink in. His chin vibrated from trying to hold back tears, his eyes turned dark and you were sure you could see his heart break, right there, through his eyes. If your heart hadn’t been in tiny pieces already, piercing your lungs with every breath, the sight of Harry might have broken it just then. He started shaking his head, first slowly, then faster and faster.

No, no, no, nononono. You can’t just decide that on your own. We’re both in this relationship, we will BOTH decide when it’s over! You can’t just give up on me! On us! I won’t let you!”, he screamed the last three sentences, tears in his eyes, hands balled into fists.

I’m sorry, Harold, but this is not your decision, it’s mine and I made it.” You took a step back, but Harry was right there. He grabbed your arms and shook you.

Don’t call me that, not right now! You can’t do this!”, he was still screaming, hands painfully tight around your arms, still shaking you. That’s when Liam finally jumped into action and so did Louis. They pounced on him, trying to get him away from you.

Harry, stop it, you’re hurting her!”, Louis said calmly, but urgently. Harry didn’t listen, he was too furious, too hurt.

Harry! Stop!”, Liam yelled and slapped him. The room went, if possible, even more silent. Harry stopped and stared at you.

Please”, he begged, “please let us talk about this.” You were about to deny this, when Paul stepped up.

He gave you a long, meaningful look and then explained: “(Y/N), I think you two SHOULD talk. After the show. So you both have some time to think about this, alright?”

You knew what he really meant. This wasn’t about yours and Harry’s relationship, this was about the band and the show. The show must go on and you needed to play along, so Harry could do this performance. You nodded.

Fine, we’ll talk. After the show.”, you muttered. That calmed Harry down, he sobered up and gave a nod as well.

After the show, ok.”

And so you all went to the stage. The boys kept eyeing you from the side, you knew they didn’t believe you as easily as Harry. But they didn’t have a chance to talk to you. You exchanged one last look with Liam, then they rushed out onto the stage. You stayed at the side, with Paul and the rest of the crew.

Harry could see you and he tried keeping an eye on you as much as possible. Every single song he sang, as if it were only for you. He tried to shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen. During ‘Little Things’ he pretty much stared at you, not caring about the audience. Suddenly, during his quiet solo at the end of the song, the lights changed, coming from the side of the stage, and Harry was blinded. He had to turn away and blink a few times and when he looked back, you were gone. He tried not to panic, thinking maybe you had just gone to the bathroom, but when, two songs later, you were still nowhere to be found, he started freaking out.

He grabbed his microphone harder, like it could keep him from drowning in sorrow. His breathing became more shallow. He had a full blown panic attack.

Zayn, who was standing right next to Harry, looked at him worried.

You okay?”, he mouthed over the music. They were in the middle of a song and one of Harry’s solos was coming up, but he couldn’t keep it together. It was just too much. So he shook his head at Zayn, mouthed “I’m sorry” and left the stage, ignoring the roar of the crowd.

People yelled after him to come back, but he just ran. First to the dressing room and, when he didn’t find you there, outside, to the bus.

(Y/N)? (Y/N)!”, he screamed into the darkness of the bus. He looked into every bunk, until he reached yours, right under his own. Your backpack was gone.

No, please God, no!”, he whispered, grabbing the little cross on his necklace. How could He do this to him? Why would He send him someone like you, someone he had given all his heart to, just to take her away again? It wasn’t fair.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something glitter in the top bunk. Looking closer, he realized, it was the small picture frame he had in his bunk. It held a picture of you, from a few months back, from your vacation, where you both had been so incredibly happy. The glass was broken and Harry instantly knew the reason for that, since your phone was lying on top of the mess. Carefully he fished the picture out of the broken glass and stared at it blankly.

In a trance he walked back outside, your picture in his hand. He looked up at the sky, hoping for a sign, anything, only finding the stars, quietly shining down at him, mocking him for his naivety. Exhausted and broken, Harry fell to his knees, ignoring the searing pain this caused, and lying on the ground, arms and legs spread out, eyes wide, staring.

That was how security found him, half an hour later. They had to carry him into the bus, because he didn’t want to move.

She’ll come back, I know she will.”, he kept mumbling.

He was rolled up in his bunk, under three blankets, when the other guys came in. They stood in the aisle, looking at their friend and band mate with great concern.

You okay, Harry?”, Niall asked carefully.

Harry eyes were glazed over, he was staring off into nothingness. “She can’t leave me. I can’t be without her. I don’t want to be alone.”, he mumbled.

We know, mate. It sucks, but you’re not alone. You have us and we’re here for you, whatever you need.”, Liam told him. Harry just shook his head, turning away.

Louis shrugged. “We should let him sleep. Tomorrow things will look different.”

Will they though?”, Liam whispered and all four of them sighed.

Things looked only a little less worse the next day, not better, and it only got slightly better over the next few weeks. The Fans obviously realized something was wrong and when the rumors of the break-up started up, they worked against it with a lot of positive missions, like a bunch of trends on Twitter or bringing flowers or bubbles to the concerts. Harry appreciated it, but he still didn’t have that spark in his eyes and that carelessness in his soul anymore. It got so far, that Paul decided to call a therapist, to assess, if the curly haired boy was heading straight into a depression.

What do you think was the reason for your and (Y/N)’s break-up?”, she asked, sitting with him in a separate room, in the hotel they were staying at.

Me. My life, my job.”, he explained, staring at his hands.

Why do you think that?”

Because I promised her the world, but all she got was hate and pain. I let her down. I should have known better, but I was too in love to think clearly.”

And now?”

Now?”, he sighed, looking up, green eyes glittering with tears, “I still want her back. It’s her and me against the world and I still believe we would make it.”

So why don’t you get her back?”

Because it’s not that easy. I keep in contact with the friends we share back home and she’s good. She’s studying and enjoying life, she doesn’t have to worry about angry Fans and Paparazzi anymore. Her life is better without me.”

Do you really believe that?”

Harry hesitated for a long moment. Finally he answered: “No, I don’t. We’re meant to be with each other and I just want to make her understand that.” He looked at the therapist with wide eyes, feeling like he was finally seeing the world clearly. He got up and smiled at her.

Thank you, thank you so much.” He shook her hand and left for his room. He packed his backpack, grabbed his passport and left before anyone could stop him.

You were on your way home from a coffee date with a friend of yours.

Pictures of what had just happened in the coffee shop were bleeding through the music, that was supposed to drown your thoughts. A group of teenage girls glaring at you and whispering to each other for a while, then finally coming up to you, to tell you that you were an idiot for letting Harry go and that you had never deserved him in the first place. Things had not changed that much, to be quite honest, and now, weeks later, you missed Harry so much, it hurt more than anything else. But you were certain he wouldn’t want you back after what you had done, how you had left things between the two of you.

Completely lost in thought you almost ran into a tall guy, standing in the middle of the sidewalk. “Uh, sorry.”, you mumbled, giving him a quick apologetic glance.

You had to take a double-take just then, almost falling over your own feet. It was Harry, standing there in front of you, smiling at you. He looked as gorgeous as you’d remembered, maybe even better. The sunlight reflecting in his eyes, made them look like they were on fire, his hair tousled and perfect, and his lips full, but pale.

Harry.”, you exclaimed.

Hey.”, he gave back.

What… what are you doing here?”

I need to tell you something.”

Alright, but can I say something first?”

Um, sure.”

I’m sorry. I was an idiot and childish and totally blinded by hate and frustration and… I’m sorry.”, you rambled, cheeks turning pink. His smile grew wider, showing those dimples you loved so much.

And I’m sorry for not coming back for you earlier.”, he explained.

For a moment the two of you just stared at each other, then you grabbed him by the collar and crushed your lips together. It was a hungry, desperate kiss, which you both had been longing for, for so long now. Harry picked you up and twirled you around a few times. You giggled.

When he put you back down, he leaned his forehead against yours, looked deep into your eyes and whispered: “Don’t ever let me go again. I’m tired of sleeping alone.”

Never again, I swear.”, you told him, meaning it with all your heart.

Good.”, he smiled and kissed you again.