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The Blessed Messiah and the tower of Ai - Ver. Fatesona

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So here’s the casting : @sakudrew (Brandon), @rlynsss (Lyn), @tacticianwinter (Winter), @belowtheraedar (Rae), @oreowarrior (Floran), @lilleilder (Agathe), @soundlessroom (Denna), @jisunshines (Liefe), @krazehkai (Kai), @happywonderfuldays (Mai)

TLC High School head canon/AU

Not your normal high school AU, but rather the Rampion Crew as high school teachers

Cinder- The shop/mechanics teacher. Has a crush on the cute principal, but doesn’t act on it because she’s thinks it’s unprofessional (but really she’s too scared to make a move).

Kai- The Principal of Commonwealth High and he has a pretty big crush on the shop teacher. Very afraid of the principal over at Lunar Academy.

Scarlet- The botany teacher, often seen with the hulking PE teacher. After school she also coaches the women’s judo team (and they kick ass every year) 

Wolf/Ze’ev- The physical education teacher. Coaches football during the fall and wrestling in the winter. Likes to eat from the botany teacher’s garden (especially the tomatoes).

Cress- The shy computer teacher who also volunteers as the school’s IT person. Programs the handsome econ teacher’s computer to randomly break down, so she can come and fix it for him. Vocal director for the Spring musical.

Thorne- The econ teacher. He often teaches his students how supply and demand works (his favorite example is with soap and spaceships). Stops by the shop frequently to visit his best friend, but takes the long way so he can walk past the computer lab.

Winter- The psychology teacher who is also volunteer coordinator. She often brings animals to work with her to soothe her frequent panic attacks. Visits the school nurse very regularly. 

Jacin- The Health/anatomy teacher as well as the school nurse. Very sullen except when his favorite patient comes to visit (and when the IT girl comes to fix the computers). Head of security for the Spring musical. 

Iko- The ecstatic art/drama teacher who always visits the shop and the main office (to get the scoop on the cute principal for her best friend). Director and head of make-up/costumes for the Spring musical.


Levana- The evil principal at Lunar Academy who is trying to take over the position of superintendent of the entire school district. 

How Jongin would spoil his girlfriend ♡

A/N: (Requested) This is a bit on the short side but here it is:

He never forgets to send you cute snaps and texts between and during his schedules. Usually it’s things like “Have you eaten yet?” and “Did you just wake up?” but occasionally he’ll randomly say “I miss you” and “I want to see you” with a picture of him doing his usual pout. 

When he goes overseas, he would always buy a bunch of souvenirs from there and bring them all back. Even though the time zone would be very different, he still insists on staying up late and facetiming you after a long day at work. The first few days he’s away, he’ll tease you, saying “don’t miss me too much, I’ll be back before you know it,” but soon he’ll been whining about how much he wants to go back. 

Jongin would come back a day sooner than planned, to surprise you at your door. He says it’s for you, but you know it’s actually because he really wanted to see you. He would spend the whole day with you, doing whatever you wanted. Even if he didn’t like it or didn’t want to do it, he would still let you have your way. 

 He’s usually shy but when he’s feeling affectionate he would shower you with kisses everywhere. Especially forehead kisses. When you guys are together, he is glued to you. You always catch him just staring at you with that charming smile of his. He would until you fall asleep, and then whisper “I love you” while kissing you goodnight, before finally getting some sleep himself.


Dragon Maid & Dragon Butler