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ship (kazama x chizuru)


I feel like I really should have finished the second half of Shinkai before I did this but that’s not going to happen in a timely manner so I guess we’ll just go into this XD I’ve not really hidden the fact that I’m not KazaChi’s biggest fan. In fact it is my least favorite ship. I don’t really like Kazama, I find him to be a pretentious, self-serving, narcissist who only tries to behave when he gets his way (i.e. getting Chizuru) so… yeah ^^;;; 

I’m not one of those people to expand greatly upon why I don’t like something, because sometimes you just don’t like something without having a super deep reason for it, but especially in this case I know how ships are a sensitive subject and I never want someone to be under the impression that I’m discouraging them for liking something I don’t and vice versa. As I mentioned in my previous post with Okita and Chizuru one of the things I love the most about Hakuouki is how we have all these different relationships to work with so some people are going to have their favorites and not so favorites. KazaChi just happens to be my not so favorite, but we’ll see if my tune changes at all after I play through the rest of his revamped route in Shinkai. If this ship is your jam though, by all means, you keep enjoying it ;) No judgement here!


Hanzo: brother no.

Genji: brother yes.

Okay, legitimate question time about Hogwarts’ Hospital Wing and what actually necessitates a visit to St Mungos.

  • Petrified by a basilisk? Nah. It may take all year, but we’ll just keep them here, sorry muggle parents.
  • Turned into an anthromorphic cat? No worries! Pomfrey will figure it out. Eventually.
  • Nearly killed by Department of Mysteries miscellany and numerous Death Eaters? They’re fiiiine.
  • Possessed by Voldemort for nearly a year? Dumbledore says all you need is a nap, stop whining.
  • Ravaged my an un-turned werewolf? Like St Mungos would know what to do, Mrs W just give Fleur that salve already.
  • Cursed by a necklace? No tha– oh, crap. Yes alright, take her to Mungos.

Damn, Poppy Pomfrey has her hands full.


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