i tried honey


✩ “I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise…! I want to be like you…! Like you. The strongest hero!” (๑و•̀ω•́)و  ✩
Midoriya Izuku | Aka Deku | Birthday gift for my lovely Olivia~ (*’∀’人)♥

the king lifts his thin veil of deception; corruption drowns his veins 

the fact that leslie is getting mad about ben not being treated right by his hometown when she rarely (if ever) gets really mad about the way pawnee treats her is…i just love her so much and i wish she could see how great she is

happy 25th birthday, byun baekhyun ☆ 

no amount of words could ever encapsulate what you mean to me. i hope your day is just as special as you are, and you know that you’re wholeheartedly loved, and adored. to the brightest star this galaxy has to offer, happy birthday love. thank you for making me smile. 

Shklance - The most fun when it’s all three of us

I saw the post @fonbella made a few days ago about how most of the voltron poly fics are nsfw, and that it sucks major ass, (I tried finding the post but couldn’t,,,,,) and I agreed 100% and immediately came up with like 100 ideas for nice innocent stuff. This is the one I liked the best. Read more because it got a little long, or read on ao3

“He-llo YouTube!” Lance smiled brightly at the camera, giving his signature wink and finger guns. The lights were all set, his room properly organized, everything was exactly like it always was when he sat down to film another video… Except for one little fact. He had unusual guests today. Emphasis on unusual, because he often had guests over. Other YouTubers, friends, his little sisters, even his mother at one point.

But today… He glanced to the side, where his two boyfriends, Keith and Shiro stood out of camera shot and waited for his signal. Today was special.

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  • *trapped by Yokai*
  • Gogo: We gotta get out of here!
  • Hiro: Yeah, thank you, Katherine Obvious!
  • Gogo: What?
  • Hiro: I said, thank you, Katherine Obvious.
  • Fred: Did he say "Katherine Obvious"?
  • Honey: It's "Captain Obvious".
  • Hiro: Huh?
  • Gogo: The expression is "Thank you, CAPTAIN Obvious."
  • Hiro: It's not Katherine?
  • Gogo: No.
  • Wasabi: Who would Katherine be?
  • Hiro: Katherine could be a captain!
The Signs as OHSHC Quotes
  • Gemini: "Commoners are very smart."
  • Leo: "A little water never hurt anyone. Besides, people are always telling me I'm dripping with good looks."
  • Capricorn: "It's not trash, it's a home for a hamster."
  • Cancer: "Alright, the low blood pressure evil lord has given his approval."
  • Scorpio: "These people are simply overgrown weeds."
  • Libra: "This conversation bores me. Go play in traffic, please."
  • Taurus: "Why should I care about appearances and labels anyway?"
  • Virgo: "Fancy tuna."
  • Sagittarius: "Good looks that attract the public eye..."
  • Aquarius: "We were barely saved by commoner wisdom."
  • Pisces: "Rich bastards."
Dear healthy people

Please stop suggesting things that you think will cure me.

Yes i have tried yoga thanks, but nope sorry no help

Yes i have tried the special honey you gave me but again its not going to help.

Yes I have tried “wanting to get better” funnily enough most of my time is spent on making sure i don’t get ill or die, I do want to get better but its not like I’m going to get  better because i really want to.

Please understand that a progressive illness is just that progressive. It means I’m not going to get better, at all ever.

Thanks, annoyed person with a progressive illness.

re: that previous reblog…..it’s so gross and sappy i know but i just headcanon that once ulysses and the courier become friends he stops calling them courier and starts calling them by their name :) and it’s a pretty big deal, too, because the one reason why ulysses calls courier six ‘courier’ (aside from it sounding cool and to allow room for player customization) is that, well, that’s all they are to him: a Courier, The Courier, messenger and message, builder and breaker of nations, someone who he’s put on a pedestal and doesn’t really recognize as the flawed, complex human being that they are. but once he gets to know the person behind the title, once theyve unpacked all the issues they need to unpack between themselves, he just calls the courier by their actual name and ‘courier’ just becomes a nickname, one that he uses whenever the courier’s annoying him lmao…….and then once they become lovers he just calls them ‘love’ or ‘my love’ because that’s what they’ve become to him and he just! loves them so much!! god, they love each other so much ok thanks for listening :))

occamybarnes  asked:

Honey. I feel like Tom would definitely call his SO honey or hun 💕

“will you please talk to me?” you looked at tom, his face set in a pout as he stood in front of you. tom had dropped your favorite mug - a peter pan themed mug from disneyland. it was your favorite because peter pan had been your favorite animated disney film since you were a little girl, and finding peter pan merchandise was difficult - everything revolved around tinker bell now. it was the last cup they had when you went and they hadn’t restocked it, so to say you were devastated was an understatement to you. “baby, please,” he dropped to his knees and shuffled toward you, eventually lowering to a crawl. he sat on his knees in front of where you sat on the couch. you looked back at the tv, pressing play on your current episode of parks and rec. tom sighed. he stood up, looking at the tv and then at you. he leaned down and kissed your forehead, feeling accomplished that you were just giving him the silent treatment and weren’t pulling away from him completely.
“i’m sorry.” and with that, he went upstairs and you heard the door of the bedroom close.

most people might think you were being irrational - maybe you were - but you had told tom plenty of times to be careful with it, and he knew it was important. even if people thought you were being immature, tom knew you weren’t. he was reckless with it - he had held it up too high for your reach to poke fun at you, and when he turned he bumped into the counter corner and had dropped it. he picked up the pieces quickly and tried to apologize but the damage had been done already. tom still had the pieces with him, he was determined to fix this. he just needed to buy himself some time.

he picked up his phone and opened up the message chain he had with you, sending you a quick text.

to: dancing queen💃🏽
i know you’re mad, but i need some sugar, sugar. will you please head to the store?

you heard the ding from your phone and glanced down, pausing the show. you couldn’t help the smile in your face at the cheesy nickname. you grabbed your keys and headed out to grab what tom needed.

tom heard the door shut and went downstairs to grab the glue gun, working on piecing back the cup together. he knew it wouldn’t be useable with all of the cracks - he just hoped the thought would count for you. he wrote a note to go with it, trying to make his writing eligible.

‘i’m sorry about the cup, i tried to fix it, honey. i’ll look everywhere for a new one, i’ll go everywhere to find a replacement. i hope you can forgive me, darling. i love you.’

he grabbed a strip of tape and tape it to his final product, cringing at his fail attempt, but as he heard the front door open, he knew it’d have to do. he held the cup behind his back and turned to face you quickly, catching you with a confused expression. you held up the bag, signaling you had gotten what he asked for. when you placed the bag on the counter, you turned to walk back to the living room. “wait!” you stopped, turning to face him. you lifted up your eyebrow. “i, uh, i have something for you.” you nodded, folding your arms across your chest. he brought the cup from behind him, showing you his attempted mess.

your face softened, immediately reaching out for the mug. he shyly handed it over, bringing his hand up to scratch the back of his neck. you picked up the note, reading it once, twice, three times. you smiled, looking up at him to see him glancing at the floor. “tom,” you whispered, his head quickly lifting up after hearing your voice. “you’re talking to me?” you walked up to him, wrapping your arms around his neck as his arms reacted and wrapped around your waist. you leaned in and kissed him, feeling him reciprocate the action right away. “i love you, baby” you mumbled against his lips, pecking him before pulling away and resting your forehead against his. “i love you too, honey.”


Suzuya Juuzou | CCG Agent | Happy Birthday to my lovely Uliana。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。