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“Peter we can’t just keep that woman from her child!” You jerked yourself away from him, his touch making your skin crawl at the moment. 

“We need to save Neverland’s magic! He’s willing to do it! He’s been in Felix’s tent all day, and he hasn’t tried to run once! The Lost Boys like him and-,” 

“I don’t want to hear it, Peter! This isn’t right!” You crossed your arms over your chest as you looked around for the boy that Peter was talking about. He must be around here somewhere. If the Lost Boys like him he’ll never get to rest, the’ll be hounding the poor boy like no one’s business. 

You finally found him sitting on a log on the other side of the camp. You knew that he was too far to hear you and Peter argue, but he was watching you two curiously. You glared at Peter, cutting off his next argument as you walked over to where the little boy was sitting. 

“Hello,” You smiled, sitting down on the leg next to him slowly, your hands in your lap and you tried to keep a serene smile on your face not to worry him. 

“Hi,” The boy greeted. 

“I’m (Y/N),” You offered your hand for him to shake, and he turned his body enough to let him. 

“I know. Felix and Peter told me about you. I’m Henry.” He said and then let your hand drop back onto your lap. 

“Oh they did, did they? Hopefully only the good things,” You tried to keep a light hearted discussion, but it’s been so long since you’ve had to try to be civil and nice since Peter is anything but and you don’t have to pretend. And the Lost Boys seem to only answer to sharp tones and annoyed eye rolls. 

“Defiantly only the best,” Henry nodded at you, smiling. 

** A few days later **

You and Henry were getting along really well. You two would tease the Lost Boys together, sometimes go for walks in the woods together. ((But you were only allowed to go barely beyond Peter’s line of view.)) and you would sleep under the stars together, after spending hours admiring them. You would wake up with Peter curled around you most of the time, because you refused to sleep in his tent with him. You hated this since you slowly started being less mad at him the more you saw how innocent he looked in sleep, but you kept those feelings pretty closed off. He kept this charade up all the time. The “big bad Peter Pan”, but you knew better. You knew that he might have been the King of this land, but you were his Queen, and he would do anything for you. You believed that with all your heart. But.. You were mad still as far as he knew and you were keeping it that way. Serves him right.

“It’s time.” Peter said, walking towards you and Henry when you were sitting by the fire. You two were discussing Storybrooke and the relationships that were all over, and even about Hook and Emma. It stung at first, knowing that your dad forgot about you, and replaced all the adventures you had together with this Emma, woman. But then you started enjoying them, and laughing for real when Henry enthusiastically told you all about all the crazy and dangerous things that happen all the time. His life is full of all new adventures now, and that’s great. 

“It’s time for what?” You asked, angling your head so you could look Peter right in the eye. 

“Time for Henry to save magic,” Peter grinned down at the little boy, and offered you his hand to help you off the log. You raised your eyebrows, you were allowed to come? And waited for Henry to finally nod and stand as well. 

“I’m ready,” He said in a steady voice, and you gave him a small smile. 
You knew what had to happen, you weren’t 100% naive when it came to this, and you hugged Henry once more, keeping your arms around him while Peter transported you to Skull Rock. 

You and Henry jogged up the steps while Peter put the protection spell down, and waited together while Peter explained everything that had to go down, that had to happen for magic to be saved. 

And then it happened. Emma, Regina, Hook; they were all rushing in and you were immediately overwhelmed. How did they get in here? You don’t even really know where this place is?

You knew Peter was angry, the curling of his lips, and heavy glare was an obvious sign, and you wrapped your arms around Henry, trying to shield him the best you could from Pan’s wrath that was going to come. 

“Henry!” Emma  breathed out, seeing you two stand together, you shielding him, and his head pop out from behind your shoulder to smile at his mom. 

“Mom!” Henry returned, but didn’t move from your arms. You even loosened them so he could leave, but he just squeezed your waist as he watched Peter. You looked at Peter to see him looking worse than before. 

“This is your time to choose, Hook. Your lovely daughter or your love’s little boy.” Peter snarled. 

“You need to go, Henry,” You murmured into his ear. “You need to go with your mom and rest of your family,” 

“But Pan needs me, and everyone-,” 

“Your mothers need you more than anyone,” You murmured. 

“But you-,” 

“I will be more than fine. Emma looks like she’s gonna have a heart attack right now though,” You teased softly, and you knew that almost no one else heard the full conversation, just snippits and laughter. 

You pushed Henry away softly, and nodded at him when he turned back around to face you. You smiled a little when Regina and Emma immediately enveloped him in their arms. 

“How heroic of you,” Peter hummed, a smirk tugging at his lips even though you could see cogs working away in his head trying to turn this to his advantage. You turned away, biting your lip gently.

“I would leave Never land, if I were you. Shadows aren’t exactly understanding nor patient.” You warned.

“(Y/N),” Hook shook his head. “It’s not right, I shouldn’t leave you again,” Hook denied. 

“You’ve fought this fight before, Hook. We both know Peter Pan never fails. You can’t take both me and Henry. Henry belongs in Storybrooke, he belongs with you now. I accepted a long time ago that I don’t anymore,” You smiled, hoping it was dark enough to hide the tears welling in your eyes.

“(Y/N),” Hook tried again. 

“Go, I believe in you,” You nodded towards the exit, and after these four words alone, the hourglass that held all of Neverland’s fading magic, glowed more than it ever has as long as even Peter Pan has seen it. Everyone stared at it in awe, and then Peter looked at you with wide eyes. 

“It’s you.” He whispered. “You’re.. You’re the one..” He muttered. 

You met his eye, not sure what he meant. And then you saw the glow. It moved from the hourglass and enveloped you like a warm soft blanket. You felt powerful- like you could take the whole room on and win too. More importantly than that though, it felt safe. It felt nice. 

“(Y/N)!” Hook yelled this time. “I swear to God, Pan, that if you even think of ripping my little girls heart out, I’ll-,” 

“Dad,” You muttered softly, but everyone stopped nonetheless, just staring at you. “Go,” You nod towards the door. 

You were okay with this. You were finally ready to say goodbye.

And when Hook looks back once more, he saw Peter Pan making the perfect girl for himself. Ripping out the heart of one of the purest maidens of them all, and using it to make the hourglass glow. 

He saw you fully embracing this, and taking the fate that he made for you so many years ago. 

He saw the end of his little girl, and the beginning of an all powerful Neverland. 

And then he swore, he swore to himself that when things cool down with Emma he would find you guys, and he would drive his sword right through Peter Pan’s skull.


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5th of January: “Solangelo Glow”

This is the piece for today :)
I had roughly 3.000 ideas on what to draw, couldn’t settle for any, then decided I really want to try change the way I draw ‘people’.

So, yeah, have some Solangelo with a glowing Will being affectionate with a blushy Nico (yes, Will’s light is chasing his shadows away ;3)

Also, please note the backgrouuuund~ (because I usually never bother with those)

Characters © Rick Riordan, PJO, HOO
Art © me

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Nintendo needs to make another Kirby Air Ride game, with multiple larger city trial maps, more mini games, an option where you can spend more time powering up in city trial and then competing in a series of mini games and races, and online multiplayer.

I feel like random animals tend to just naturally gravitate towards Feuilly like he’s their mom, and every couple of weeks he comes home from work with yet another random cat on his heels

and then one day Feuilly opens his door and a stray Bahorel is just kind of sitting there covered in like four cats and a couple of dogs and for some reason a duck

and Feuilly just stares for a good five minutes before turning around and just. Leaving.

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