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Hanzo: brother no.

Genji: brother yes.


@percyprotectionnet post war au:

❝ he knew not what he was
nor where he stood at the end
when the castle walls crumbled
brick by brick around him
a mosaic falling at his feet. 
yet he had found what 
mattered most in the end:
he had found himself
in the midst of the rubble -
he knew who he was.


bts au [1/ ]

kim taehyung as the goblin 
jeon jungkook as the goblin’s bride
jung hoseok as the grim reaper’s lover
park jimin as the grim reaper

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Friends TOW In Massapequa (2002) | SNL sketch “Brazilian Bar” (2006)



First and Last Appearances of House Stark members (requested by anonymous)

woahtherebuddyfriend  asked:

This question is v serious... what cartoons do you think each of the losers likes best? Like the morning after a sleep over which cartoons are each of them looking forward to watching?

I LOVE THIS! So I feel like 1950s/1980s cartoons were kinda limited so I’m going to extend this to 90s cartoons as well if that’s cool.

Bill Denbrough: Scooby-Doo because Bill likes solving a good murder mystery ya feel? Get it? His brother? I’ll see myself out sorry. No but really, Bill likes the idea of a person being behind the mask, it’s a lot less horrifying than the reality he is facing in Derry. Still sad? Oops.

Ben Hanscom: So Ben really likes to watch Hey Arnold! He loves Hulga and Arnold’s character dynamic and honestly used to feel like the Hulga to Beverely’s Arnold if you catch my drift? That all changed when Beverly finally figured out that he was her secret admirer with the amazing poem. He still loves watching it on Saturday mornings with the other Losers. Hey Arnold is usually the first cartoon the group chooses for their morning binge.

Stan Uris: My boy Stan the Man really likes Courage the Cowardly Dog because he is literally Courage. He’s terrified of everything and people keep dragging him into spooky shit unwillingly so he can kinda relate to the poor dog. He loves everything about the show with the only exception is the “Return the Slab” episode because fuck that episode that shit is horrifying for everyone.

Beverly Marsh: So she really likes Eliza Thornberry because fun fact she really loves animals and the idea of traveling the world. The fact that Eliza can talk to animals is so cool to her and she day dreams about helping animals around the world and seeing everything there is to see out there (because fuck Derry). 

Mike Hanlon: Mike loves watching Recess with the other Losers because it reminds him of the Losers Club (without the scary monsters and shit). The show highlights school life and it’s super interesting to him since he’s been home schooled for years. The Losers like to remind him that school isn’t as cool/insane as Recess makes it out to be though.

Richie Tozier: So Richie loves all cartoons but he can’t help but absolutely love watching South Park. Unfortunately, it’s rarely on TV Saturday mornings because it’s inappropriate as fuck so he usually watches it by himself or with Eddie (he loves watching Eddie’s eyes get wide during some of the raunchier episodes). When it’s his turn to pick a cartoon with the Loser’s, Richie normally sides with Eddie’s opinion because he knows that Eddie isn’t able to watch much TV at home because of his mom.

Eddie Kaspbrak: Okay so Eddie is tough because his mom barely ever lets him watch TV because “The radiation from the TV could give you cancer, Edward!” so he’s pretty sheltered when it comes to TV shows. The one cartoon he does like watching is Tom and Jerry. Richie introduced it to him once at a sleepover and they laughed so hard they were crying so it easily makes the list as his number one choice with the Loser’s club.


Favourite reality show?  That one where they cook a meal under pressure and if they don’t do it in time or it isn’t good enough they have to enter a gladiatorial pit vs some unspeakable ancient horror. Love that show. Also, I like Planet Earth.

Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

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