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#ThankYouBones Week

Day 12: 1 Bones Cast, final THANK YOU

“In our culture, we all search for closure. But closure is an illusion. Science shows us that the universe is constantly in flux. It’s what allows our friendships and our love to constantly surprise us.” 

“Quantum physicists have postulated that the way we experience time is an illusion, that it doesn’t happen in a linear way. That past and present– in reality, there’s no difference.”

Those good times with Bones are happening now. They will always be happening. And we can keep them alive forever. It’s not goodbye. Bones will live on- through the fans, cast & crew, and 246 brilliant, beautiful, incredible, awe-inspiring episodes. Always


“They run into the street to flag down a passing bus and take the back seat, elated at their victory. However, in the final shot, Benjamin’s smile gradually fades to an enigmatic, neutral expression as he gazes forward down the bus, not looking at Elaine. Elaine first looks lovingly across at Ben but notices his demeanor and turns away with a similar expression as the bus drives away, taking the two lovers towards a future of uncertainty.”

The Graduate (1967).

Based off twentyeightghosts post. 

consider: early in their relationship, goodnight and billy passing through a bigger town, one that has a photographer. both of them hearing about it, not mentioning it to each other at first, nervous/shy about wanting something more permanent, something serious, but one of them gets the nerve to bring it up – posing for a photograph together, each of them carrying a copy somewhere safe – tucked inside their waistcoats or wrapped up with goodnight’s two books that he insists on travelling with, wrapped up in oilcloth to keep them dry – any time they have to be separate from each other, making sure they have something to remember each other by ‘til theyre together again.

boopymooplier  asked:

Constantine in A2? Hope you don't mind me poppin in again xD

 Of course I don’t mind, it makes me really happy to see you again! >u< Especially with such a cool suggestion, I love drawing this guy and this emoji suits him so well! Almost too well… XD

 Also hey, it’s fully colored! *u*And has (upper)body! With finger guns! XD Who would have thought that this challenge will actually work and get rid of my artblock… xD

(I’ll gladly take more suggestions, so if anyone wants to request anything for this Emoji Challenge my ask box is open :D )


AWW MAN XD Been so long I’ve done a redraw!! quq I’m really proud of what I’ve done with this art and I’m proud of everything I’ve done in both. Shows my love and hard ship in both quq but enough about my work this is for @junkie-artz !!! One of the many Senpais I had when I start showing my art here on my tumblr and they first friend on here that I am still oh so very happy to meet! Kind, passionate, caring, friends, funny and etc.!!!

I know I don’t talk to yah very much and I really do miss talking to yah <3. Yet, I really want to show and tell yah I still love yah very much <3 as a friend, person, and my senpai! You are special to me in many ways which gives me the motivation to keep trying and improving in art!. Haha, I really hope you’re doing fine there. <3 I just want to say Love yah and I’m glad to have met you!! Junkie senpai! ^ u^. Also, I hope your life will be filled with joy and happiness hehe. Have a fabulous day

- Smol


bratniadusza  asked:

If you don't mind me again, what about Jack in D2? C: I've heard you wanted to draw him, SO nie you have the reason C:

Okey okey okey, so it’s late but I really wanted to keep up this daily posting thing I have lately so I tried to draw it quickly and it’s kiiindaa terrible but here you go anyway…

I’ll redraw it and make it decent! just not today XD

Also with this one done I’m all out of requests for Emoji Challenge… So if anyone wants to suggest character + emoji my ask box is listening :v xD

I am fully aboard the headcanon that Adult Mob grows up to be much taller than shishou