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the merciless flaw | one

pairing: sehun x reader
genre: soulmate!au, fluff, series
summary: the clock counts down the years, days and hours left until your being will be smudged from existence. not wiped, but smudged, because you will be remembered by your saviour; your soulmate

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10 years 38 days 16 hours

Personally, you hated it. The clock never matched your taste, some might call it pretentious because what was the point in glorifying the clock counting to your possible death by having it look easy on the eyes? 

You remembered the day you realised it was there, how old were you? Five? Maybe six? Rolling your eyes at yourself, you realised it didn’t matter, you had dismissed it the second your eyes spotted the hideous clock pressed against under the skin over your wrist; you were just glad it didn’t protrude, it would have only made you want to cut into your skin to pull it out. Would that even work? You were sure you heard someone speak about it. About how a girl tried carving it out once her clock reached two days and still had no hopes of meeting her soulmate, apparently the knife didn’t even scratch the skin. You scoffed into the classroom’s air that was filled with hushed chatter, only to earn a dirty glance from the ever so studious Namjoon who was next to you. 

With a roll of your eyes you looked at the clock on the wall, it distinctly stood out from the wall that was painted a strange hue of green, it increased productivity according to your teacher. Another scoff made its way to your lips but never escaped, this time you were aware of the irritable boy next to you. How could anyone be productive in such a mundane room, with such a monotone teacher…well anyone except Namjoon that was. Your eyes flicked over to the boy, his long torso leaned over the desk as if to hide his intricate notes from you but it was useless, you weren’t paying attention nor would you be able to read his small, cursive handwriting. 

You subtly watched as his hand moved quickly, flicking up and down with each curve of the letters he was so adamant on writing. The tendons under his wrist pushed out, creating distance between his clock and his skin. You didn’t mean to pry but you couldn’t help but stare, what time was his clock at? Was it soon or no-

The curiosity burning inside you came to a pause as you felt slight warmth emit from the clock. The numbers changed.

10 years 38 days 15 hours

An exasperated sigh left you. You felt as if you were going to die in this classroom.

“I’m just glad I have a lot of time left, there is no time in my life right now to worry about if I’ll be able to live or not,” Wendy spoke all at once. The way she was fumbling around, throwing everything around sure proved she did not have time to worry about a soulmate. 

“But aren’t you scared? Your whole life, your whole existence depends on one person. If you don’t find that person then no one remembers you, no one except the person who refused to find you,” you replied calmly, hoping she would stop her erratic movements to listen to you. Spinning on her heel she turned to face you, “Come on, Y/N. There’s no point in depending on someone you haven’t even seen, besides everybody knows your clock could start up again if they leave you so either way your whole existence, or whatever else you wanna call it, will be gone,” your friend in a tone telling you she was probably tired of the tedious, trivial topic you always seemed to end up on. Her dark chocolate eyes flickered around before landing on the phone she firmly believed she lost.

Quickly leaning down she snatched it into her hands and unlocked it. “Just live your life as best as you can, trust can be a one way road and it takes more than just fate to make a relationship work,” she softly muttered as she typed away on her phone. 

Her words resounded within you. You knew she was right, she was always right. Yet the panic and uncertainty stayed in your heart, latching itself onto every glimmer of hope you had. Time didn’t stop for anything, not for the living or the dead and you felt like it was running out.

6 years 15 days 23 hours

The speed at which you were walking should have been an indication that you were, without a doubt, going to bump into somebody. Of course you were when you were walking on such a busy street, you would question where all these people came from but you were in a rush.

Loud chatter around you seemed almost deafening, high pitched laughter rang in your ears, birds chirped as they flew high above the clustered crowd, bodies pushed past you causing your small frame to stumble, the humidity making you feel like you were suffocating, your heart felt heavy within your chest as it hammered against your ribs, your head started swimming in the thick air as droplets of perspiration trickled down your face, you weren’t sure how your feet were still moving, another bump from a stranger pushed you to the side and suddenly there was silence.

No children running past you, no burly men forcing you into another stranger, no heat, no nothing. Except you and him, in a white expanse of nothingness. His identity masked by the bright light illuminating him from behind. You squinted, hoping it would help you make out features yet only his tall, broad figure remained. 

“Who are you?” his deep voice broke the unnerving silence. It echoed through the emptiness. Though you had never heard his voice before it bought you peace, it bought you comfort in such a peculiar way. Your silence only made him press further into the matter, “I can’t see your face, so who are you?”

Your eyebrows furrowed at his statement, was he seeing you the way you were seeing him? 

“I’m Y/N”

The unknown man gasped as a soft golden glow emitted from him before the glow seemed to ooze to the ground and spread around where he stood. You heard him whisper to himself in shock, you weren’t sure what had happened, not when looking at his figure forced you to look away due to the light.

“I’m Sehun…I think you’re my soulmate.”

You instantly felt a pulse within you, it felt as if your heart was being pulled out of your chest yet the sensation wasn’t painful. Your limbs felt lighter as a glow, similar to Sehun’s pushed itself out of your skin to float around you for a few moments before it dropped to the ground. It reached the ground and spread out, just enough to blend with the glow from Sehun. A bright white light flashed in front of you and you squeezed your eyes shut. 

Your eyes snapped open. With a deep inhale of the chilly air around you, you sat up. Fate’s dream it was called. Once your clock reached a certain time you would have a suffocating dream only to find peace once you reached your soulmate, it was how you learned who to find. How you learned who would save you from the suffocating countdown and give you peace.

Sehun, it was Sehun who was going to bring peace to you.

3 years 2 days 10 hours

300 days 20 hours

Happy 18th birthday his voice spoke in your mind. It was a simple gesture, but from Sehun it felt like a world’s worth more than just a gesture. Turning around in the bed, you pulled the covers over you in shyness. 

Thank you you thought back. Ever since the dream you had three years ago, occasionally you would hear Sehun’s thoughts and he would hear yours; it aided you in gaining basic knowledge of the man you would spend your life with. Never once had you had to think hard to remember everything you had learnt.

Name: Oh, Sehun
Age: 20
D.O.B: 12th April, 1994
Occupation: Model
Pets: Vivi - Bichon Frise

You didn’t mind that Sehun was older than you, besides a two year difference wasn’t much. You liked it actually, it made you believe he had more experience in life so would know how to treat you. No, that wasn’t an assumption, you knew he would treat you right due to the sudden arbitrary thoughts you’d hear. I can’t wait to be with you forever was the one that held most significance, how it filled your stomach with butterflies and erupted you into a fit of giggles. Not to forget his immediate retraction of the thought out of bashfulness, how someone could be so sweet was beyond you.

With only 300 days left, your heart ached to find him and save the man you knew you would love.


Who knew this would happen to you? Who knew you would still be watching the disconcerting clock count down, from the years it displayed to the mere 32 days it showed you now, how could this happen even when you knew who your soulmate was?

Despite your efforts to fill your lungs with air it didn’t work, it felt no matter how much you inhaled it grew shy of wanting to fulfill the task of keeping you alive. The irking feeling of being watched wasn’t doing your weak body any favours. Keeping your head low you hoped the strange pull on your frame would diminish along with the sensitivity you now had on the way your blood hurriedly pumped around you, how your hands seemed to swell and pulse with each pump. 

The overload of information for your senses was driving you to breaking point yet the quick pace of your feet hitting the ground didn’t slow down. Gulping down your nervousness you turned the corner only to harshly bump shoulders with a man.

The impact of the collision pushed you off the pavement and onto the fortunately empty road. The strange man let out a yelp as his large hands pulled on the tops of your arms to pull into his body almost instantly, your nose hitting chest with the sudden movement. Immediately you looked at him, craning your neck back you looked at him with an irritable expression, why was he still holding you? You were going to give him a piece of your mind for sure.

“I don-” your speech cut off as your eyes locked with deep brown eyes framed by equally dark, striking eyebrows. 

“Y/N? It’s me, Sehun.”

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Part 5 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 5,013

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15 Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24  Part 25  Part 26 Part 27 Part 28 Part 29

You were sitting in your last lesson of the day bored out of your mind, your pencil swivelling around in your hand. This time you were seated between Nel and Chanyeol; you hadn’t been on good terms with Nel since the night before and to be totally honest you were avoiding her to a certain extent. You looked to your right at Chanyeol. He looked tired and pale he was unusually quiet and something was off.

Your wrist was hurting and you were tired of taking notes it was a long day and you just wanted to sleep. Exam stress was really beginning to catch up on you and it was really obvious from the bags that were hanging under your eyes just how difficult revision was becoming. Baekhyun was back at school today and everyone was keeping a close eye on him, just to make sure he was okay but for the most part he was his usual self.
Your teacher dismissed you, his voice bringing you out of your afternoon slumber, slowly you dragged your body up from your chair and hung your bag on your shoulder. You looked as Nel walked outside, she seemed to be waiting for you but when she realised you were not following behind she walked away. You walked as fast as your legs would take you to catch up with Chanyeol.

“Chan are you okay you look really tired?”
Your eyes widened as you saw a tear spring free from Chanyeol’s eyes. He shook his head as he looked at you through wet lashes. “Oh God, Chanyeol. It’s okay.” You wrapped your arms around him, stunned to say the absolute least. You dragged him to the side into an empty classroom. He was crying into your chest; his hot tears soaking into your jumper as you cradled him back and forth. “Do you want to talk about it? Is it your sister?” You asked slowly rubbing his back with the palm of your hands. He nodded into your chest.

“This morning was really bad. She had a really bad day.” He sobbed and he kept his head buried into your jumper. “I just couldn’t handle it Y/N.”

Chanyeol’s sister’s brain was undeveloped. In truth she was two years younger than him, but her mental age was similar to that of a 3 year old child. One day Chanyeol’s parents decided that they didn’t want to do it anymore. They had enough and so they simply just upped and left. Leaving Chanyeol to fend for himself his brother and his sister. Chanyeol was a very hard working man he had to juggle taking his brother to school, his sister to a day care centre, revising for exams and working part time, he truly was an extraordinary person and you had the utmost respect for him. On the weekend Chanyeol would work 12 hours whilst his brother would have to stay and look after his sister, Chanyeol’s brother was only 14 but they had no other choice, he had to make money somehow in order to sustain the small family that he had left. The rest of you tried to help Chanyeol out whenever you could. He was still weeping in your chest as he clung on to you tightly.

“I just…I can’t breathe it’s so hard. She had the worst tantrum she’s had in a while this morning. She didn’t want me to take her to the care centre, she didn’t want me to leave and I felt so bad but I had to. She went crazy and then it scared my brother so he started crying and now he’s scared to be at home with her alone in case she does something to him.” He coughed as he cried on your chest, his saliva spluttering about but right now that was the least of your worries. “I can’t do this Y/N. I can’t breathe.” His grip around you tightened and you let him cling onto you for as long and as hard as he needed. You waited until he settled down a little bit, he took a deep breath and withdrew his head from your chest.

“Listen Chanyeol, you’re a great brother. You’re a great man and you’re a fighter and although I know you’re under a lot of stress I also know that you can do this.” You squeezed his hands tightly as you looked into his red wet eyes. “I have faith in you Park Chanyeol because I know that you and your family will get through this horrendous struggle and when you make it in life one day, you can stick your middle fingers up to your parents proudly because you earned it.” You used the pad of your thumb to wipe the tears that stained his face. “How about us guys help you out. You and your brother deserve a day out. Take him to see a film or something, or go to a restaurant. Just treat yourselves. We’ll look after your sister for the day.”
Chanyeol shook his violently at your mention.

“No Y/N, you have no idea how high maintenance she is. I couldn’t put you all through that, she is my responsibility.” He shook his head violently as he leaned back against a desk.

“Chanyeol, don’t be stubborn. You need this okay. You’re our friend and we need to help you when you need it. You’re not coping right now so let us help, just for one day.” You hugged him tightly denying him the chance to say no. “Come on Chan, let’s go meet the others. You don’t have to stay strong for us you know that right, just let it all out.” You took him lightly by the hand and led him through the dull and depressing corridors into the common room, where everyone but Nel was. Baekhyun looked up at you through soft eyes and gave you a light smile before his attention shifted to Chanyeol.

“Yo, are you okay?” He asked, causing everyone around the table to look up at him.
His face was painted with dry tear stains and his eyes were still blood red.

“Yeah, I’m fine now.” He mumbled. “I need to get home, Min do you want a lift?” He looked up at Minseok more so desperate for his company. Minseok nodded; the two boys waved goodbye as they left the building.

You looked up over at Sehun who frowned at you and then avoided your gaze.

“Anyway. My girlfriend wants to meet you guys, so dinner for 7 at Food Heaven and don’t be fucking late.” Sehun turned his back on you and started walking towards the door he was clearly in a foul mood from yesterday as he hadn’t replied to your message and had been avoiding you all day. You were just hoping that you hadn’t gotten him into too much trouble with his girlfriend.

“Wait.” Jongdae scoffed in disbelief “Girlfriend? What?”

“Stop asking questions and just make sure you come.” He rolled his eyes and disappeared from your sight.

“What the fuck is wrong with him nowadays?” Rozz frowned as she bent down to pick up her satchel from the floor. You noticed that her hair was plaited neatly into a single braid today and she looked absolutely adorable. You shrugged, pretending that you weren’t sure what had gotten into Sehun.
“Has anyone spoken to Nel today?”
You, Jongdae and Baekhyun went eerily quiet at her question. She frowned. “I know guys… but she’s still our friend. Besides Baekhyun you’re a grown man she didn’t force you to hang out with Reiji and the rest.”

“Yes but she didn’t exactly encourage him to stay away did she?” You scowled as you looked at her; you felt the anger bubbling up in your chest and had to take two deep breaths to calm yourself down. You looked over to Baekhyun who was looking uneasily at the ground as he swung his car keys in his hand. The clinking sound making your teeth chatter and you watched his slender fingers move nimbly around the key ring.

“Let’s just make sure we get to food heaven early then shall we? I still don’t know why they’d call it something so cringe-worthy.”  Baekhyun cleared his throat as he looked back up at you smiling broadly, completely ignoring Rozz’s previous statement. You couldn’t help but smile back. “Let’s go.”

“Oi, but wait! Why was Chanyeol crying?” Jongdae pulled your wrist back.

“His sister, she had another episode this morning. He says that this one was really bad. We just need to be there for him a bit more I think he’s been trying to hide how bad things at home have been for him lately. I’ll see you guys at 7” You allowed Baekhyun to drag you out of the building and to his car where the familiar smell of Baekhyun mixed with cinnamon and apple filled your senses. You breathed out in satisfaction as you stared out of the window at the trees whizzing past.

“You okay?” Baekhyun’s warm voice filled the car and your ears began to heat up.

“Yeah…why wouldn’t I be?” You hummed, turning your face so you were staring at his profile. He was focusing so hard on the road but you noticed the corners of his mouth were upturned ever so slightly.

“Just want to make sure you’re okay… I umm…I have something for you. It’s in the back.”

You looked to the back seat and saw a black bag made out of card. It looked like one of those expensive bags you’d get from Tiffany’s but this was on a much larger scale. You frowned as you grabbed the bag and dragged it to the front upon your lap.

“What is it?”

“Why are you asking me? Just look at it.” Baekhyun laughed as he indicated into your road and slowly pulled up outside of your house. He switched the engine off and shifted in his seat so that he was facing you. Curiosity took over your body as you dipped into the bag and pulled out a large card board box, intrigued wasn’t the word to describe what you were feeling at this point in time. You threw the bag to the back as you sat there with the box on your lap, you let your fingers slowly trace around the edges as you wondered what would be inside.

“Could you hurry up?” Baekhyun shoved you in the shoulder playfully. “I want to know if you’ll like it.”
You purposely took your time lifting the lid off of the box, just so that you could piss Baekhyun off. His reaction was somewhat cute as he puffed his cheeks outwards and his eyes doubled in size. Your breath caught in your throat as you finally lifted the lid; placing it on the dashboard you slowly lifted the fuchsia dress so that it was halfway out of the box.

“Byun Baekhyun. What have you done?” Your heart was beating against your chest and you weren’t sure whether or not the correct response was to laugh or cry. “Baekhyun you idiot this was so expensive, why did you buy this?” You dropped the dress back into the box and pulled Baekhyun into a tight hug, squeezing him tightly so he would know just how grateful you were.

“You deserve it…for always being there. For always being a friend, I mean we’ve practically grown up together.” He breathed into the nape of your neck as he hugged you tightly back.

“You didn’t have to Baek.”

“No. I did. Because I needed to say sorry for everything I’ve done…and everything I may do in the future that may hurt you. You know what I’m like once I’ve made my mind up about something there’s no changing my mind. I’m always blinded by my decisions they always seem like a good idea at first and then I realise too late into everything that it was wrong and I regret it. I just hope I never do anything stupid enough to mess up our friendship…” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he stared blankly at the dress in your hands, his brain seemed to be running at 100Miles per/hour and you could still feel his hot breath on your skin which was making your body tingle and you wanted nothing more for him to land his lips on your neck in that moment.

“What’s that supposed to mean Baek, why do you sound so ominous?”

“What? Uh-nothing there’s no reason. I just wanted you to know.” He pulled away and gave you a cheesy grin and you narrowed your eyes back at him. “Now get of my car and go and get ready for tonight. I still can’t believe he has a girlfriend…before me? Like what the fuck?”
You nodded grabbing your things as you stepped out of his car.

“Thank you Baek!” You called as you walked up to your doorstep.
He shifted the opposite way so he could see you go, a sad smile creeping on to his face.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but I’m already too far gone.” He whispered. But you didn’t hear him because you were already inside.

You looked up at the majestic golden restaurant sign.


You had always heard of ‘food heaven’ apparently the food was as exquisite as the interior design and decorations but you never had the pleasure of visiting because to put it in the most basic terms, you were simply to poor. And if you could afford it, you would probably look too out of place in such a grand restaurant. It was a place for those who had class and delicate taste and life sure as heck hadn’t dealt you those cards. You pulled down your dress it was A-line and was just brushing your knees. You knew that Sehun was paying for the whole meal, but didn’t he consider how out of place you would all feel, ‘posh’ wasn’t exactly your comfort zone and as a matter of fact the last time you remembered it wasn’t exactly his either. He preferred plain and simple. It must have been Mei’s choice.

“Oi you!”

You spun around to see Jongdae behind as you stood at the step. He looked handsome dressed in a suit; it wasn’t the best but he was definitely playing the part. He hadn’t come alone though. Standing next to him was a girl you had never seen before she was cute. Her hair was thick and her glasses framed her face perfectly, her dress was similar to yours but yours was a navy shade of blue whilst hers was a baby blue. She smiled at you politely and you smiled back at her, the vibes she gave off were much better than the vibes you were trying to dodge from Mei. It appeared that Jongdae had brought a date with him.

“Ana this is Y/N, Y/N this is Ana, we’ve been talking for a couple of weeks now. It’s nothing serious but we’re just seeing where it goes.” He smiled at her and she smiled back.

“It’s nice to meet you Ana.” You extended your hand to shake hers.

“It’s lovely to meet you too.”

Apparently everyone was seeing someone and was keeping it secret. Maybe Baekhyun was married to someone and was keeping it secret. The thought made your stomach turn and you decided to quickly push it out of your head.

“Shall we?” Jongdae asked, linking his arm through Ana’s and leading her up the stairs. You followed closely behind and felt your stomach spin. You were nervous and you weren’t sure why. Maybe it was the fact that you were about to see Baekhyun in a suit, or the fact that you would be seated on a table with an awkward Sehun or maybe just the fact that Mei didn’t like you and this could go any which way most likely it would go down south. You drew in a deep breath as Jongdae swung the door open.


It was beautiful.

The interior was much more beautiful than you expected it to be, it was white and a dusty gold. You stared around in awe.

“Y/N close your mouth, you look amazed and you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. We have to pretend we’re used to this kind of stuff remember.” Jongdae whispered as he located the table you were supposed to be sat at and led the way. Jongdae, Ana and you were the last ones to arrive since Minseok, Baekhyun, Mei and Sehun were already seated, Rozz had texted earlier to say that she would help Chanyeol out so she wouldn’t be attending. Your eyes first caught Baekhyun; it had been a while since you had seen him in a suit and he looked ridiculously handsome. His hair was swept backwards professionally, gelled down in all the right places. He looked almost ethereal to the point where you opted to sit between Minseok and Ana since you were too flustered to sit beside him. Besides you didn’t want to sit next to Sehun; who by the way, you had noticed staring at with his cold eyes the exact same way Mei was looking at you.

“This is Ana everyone.” Jongdae pointed beside him at her as she bowed politely; exchanging smiles across the table. “So Sehun, you kept your girlfriend quiet huh?”

“Yes. He kept his friends quiet too; I really didn’t know about any of you.” Mei smiled sweetly at Jongdae and then turned to look venomously at you. You felt slightly shaken by the way she looked at you, she was wearing a beautiful red lace dress and her hair was swept neatly to the side. Some say red is the colour of love and passion but from where you were sitting it was the colour of the devil. “My name is Mei.” She smiled around the table and then snuggled into Sehun’s side. You felt sick; she was already trying to prove a point that didn’t need to be proven. Sehun was all hers and you were more than okay with that.

Sehun’s face remained blank as he attempted to make no move in snuggling back.
“We should order.” He said blankly. “Let’s get this over and done with.”

“Sey!” Mei slapped his arm as he started handing the menus out around the table. “I know nice isn’t your ‘thing’, but less of that okay?”
He huffed as he looked down at the menu in front of himself.

You looked at the menu. It was impressive, you weren’t sure you had ever seen such a wide variety.

Moments later and a waiter approached your table lowering two bottles of red wine.

“May I take your orders ladies and gentlemen?”

“Yeah we’ll have one of your Kaiseki Ryori dishes.” Sehun pointed to himself and Mei.

“Umm..we’ll have the Chef’s special.” Ana smiled as she pointed at herself and Jongdae.

“Actually make that three.” Baekhyun raised his hand and you focused on how slender his things were. You felt a pair of eyes burning into your skin and then felt a violent kick from under the table. You hissed as you looked opposite you; Sehun was glaring at you.

“What the fuck is all this shit? I don’t understand any of these dishes, don’t they have plain and simple chicken and chips.” Minseok mumbled under his breath.

“Minseok shh.” You knocked him in the side with your elbow; admittedly what he had said was funny but currently he was displaying no class at all and that wasn’t a good look.

You cleared your throat as you shut the menu and put it down on the table.
“I’ll have the Sukiyaki.”

“I’ll have what she’s having.” Minseok let out an unimpressed breath and you had to knock him in the ribs again just to remind him where he was.

Sehun slowly began to pour some wine into the glasses on the table. Keeping his angry eyes on you as he did so. He had made it perfectly clear in the last couple of moments how much he didn’t like you.

“So, what are you doing, education wise?” Mei looked up at Baekhyun and smiled at him widely. You felt sick; you felt like poking her eyes into the back of her skull. Why was she smiling at your Baekhyun? An overwhelming wave of jealousy crashed over you. Maybe this is how she felt when you were alone with Sehun, and it didn’t make it better that all he was wearing was a towel around his waist.

“Actually I want to go into International relations. So yeah…that’s where I’m headed.” He smiled back at her, his genuine warm and loving smile. She didn’t deserve his smile. “How about you?”

“Oh me? I’m just busy dating Sehun.” She kissed his cheek as she stared at you coldly. “What about you…sorry I seem to have forgotten your name.” She smiled at you spitefully.

“Just studying. Not sure what I’ll be doing in the future” You smiled back just as spitefully. Two could play at that game and you were a professional when you had to be.

“Of course not.” She smirked. You frowned, what did she mean by that?

“Excuse me?” You frowned


“I just thought I heard you say something.”

“Uh, no…nothing at all.” She smirked again and she was really beginning to push your buttons, she was enjoying herself and you could see it on her face.
You felt Minseok rest his hand on your lap; he was always a fast one and he had noticed what was happening as the tension began to rise around the table.

“So how did you all become friends?” She asked looking up Sehun as she pecked his lips. She picked up her wine glass and took a sip from it, staring at you from behind the rim.

“Actually we all met at school. Well all apart from Ana.” Jongdae smiled as a waiter returned and placed 3 plates down in front of himself, Ana and Baekhyun. “Ahh thank you.” He smiled as he picked up his cutlery.

“Ahh that’s nice. I’m glad Sehun has good friends. Some of them may be a little bit too good. Hmm?” She laughed theatrically as she looked at you sardonically.  

“Mei stop it.” Sehun mumbled from opposite you as he reached out for his glass and took a sip. His face remaining blank as usual as he stared right through you.

“I’m just saying Sehun. Some of your friends are so enthusiastic that they’d go so far as to come to your home uninvited.”
You closed your eyes slowly; you knew where she was going with this.

“Mei…” Sehun breathed as he put his glass down.

Another waiter came handing you and Minseok your dishes and bringing a jug of iced water with him.

“Enjoy.” He smiled down at you before he left.
You picked up your cutlery along with Minseok and took a bite of your food. The taste was amazing, a range of flavours burst in your mouth as they danced atop of your taste buds; complimenting each other perfectly. But your joy was outlived as Mei continued to talk again.

“No Sey, I mean don’t get me wrong it’s great to have close friends. It’s just weird when one of your female friends are so close that she feels the need to join your naked self in the shower. But like I said it’s cute how close you are.” She spat in your direction. At this point Minseok, Baekhyun, Ana and Jongdae were staring at you with wide eyes; mouths agape. You looked up at Sehun who had closed his eyes out of frustration and was running his fingers through his hair. You reached for your wine and took a sip.

“Mei… I thought we cleared this up.” Sehun whispered, but the rest of you could hear him anyway.

Your breathing had become sporadic as you stared at her through angry eyes. You knew that this wouldn’t go well. She was wearing red lace and if that wasn’t a foreshadowing of negative events then you didn’t know what was. You felt Minseok desperately digging his nails into your thigh, telling you to calm down. But you were sure you were too far gone to be calm now.

“I mean what the fuck did you think you were doing?” She continued, her smile was gone now and her face was shaking with rage, showing the table what she really thought of you. You had to applaud her for keeping herself together for so long because clearly she was desperate to gun you down. Her voice was raised now and it was earning glares from a few surrounding tables.

“Mei calm down.” Sehun said coolly as though none of this was happening, he just continued to stare at the watch on his wrist.

“No Sehun! I won’t fucking calm down! She tried it on with you in the fucking bathroom!” She was shouting now and three quarters on of the restaurant were staring at you.

“I wasn’t trying it on with him; we already explained what happened to you.” You hissed, as you pushed Minseok’s hand off of your thigh. You were too riled up to calm down now and he wasn’t going to be able to stop you.

“Ahh so you’re not just a dirty slut, but you’re also a dirty liar!” She clapped sarcastically as she laughed in your face. How dare she degrade and humiliate you publicly. “What did you expect? Did you think Sehun was going to pin you against the tiles and nail you there and then. You’re disgusting!”
Now you were 100 percent sure that the whole restaurant was staring at your table, keeping  in mind it was a huge restaurant. Approximately 400 pairs of eyes were staring in your direction. They were staring at the ‘dirty slut’ and you had never been so humiliated in your life. At this point the restaurant manager was walking over to your table a scowl painted on his old face.

“If you don’t keep it down I’m going to have to ask you to leave!” he hissed as he banged his hand on the table.

Baekhyun nodded hurriedly.
“I’m sorry about this; it’s just a big misunderstanding. Guys keep it down you’re causing a scene.”

“I will not keep it down; if this bitch thinks she can fuck my boyfriend and get away with it she can think again.” She stood up from her seat now, so that she was looming over the table.

“Stop it.” Sehun breathed through his nose, trying to keep himself calm.
You decided on a whim to be a better person, you didn’t want to make yourself look like a fool in a public place nor did you want to look like a fool in front of Baekhyun. You stood up from your seat and turned around to leave. Mei slammed her hand down on the table.
“Stop it.” Sehun repeated, his breath faster and heavier than it was before.

“Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you bitch, didn’t your mum teach you manners.” Mei screeched, she reached for her glass of red wine and threw it across the table at you. A chorus of gasps rang out a across the restaurant, as you stood their soaked in red wine. Before you could think your hand was reaching for the jug of iced water.

“No Y/N don’t.” Minseok said trying to hold you back. “Don’t d—”
Another chorus of gasps rang out across the restaurant as splashed the iced cold water directly in Mei’s face, her makeup becoming an instant mess.

“FUCKING STOP IT! I SAID FUCKING STOP IT!” Sehun screamed as he stood up. He grabbed the table and pushed it upwards causing the table to flip over, all the plates and cups smashing into a million fragments and the food spilling onto the floor. You saw Jongdae pull Ana to safety and you felt bad that she had to witness such a spectacle.
Sehun’s face was beetroot red as his chest was heaving up and down. He looked like beast as his body was shaking violently. And two security guards were holding him back whilst placing handcuffs around his wrist.


An older woman walked up to the table, she looked pale and her eyes were wide in shock, she was followed by a male that looked ten years older than her.

“Mum?” Sehun breathed.
You looked between the two of them in astonishment. This was definitely not the right time for a family reunion.

“What are you and all your low class friends doing in this restaurant? This is embarrassing; you know people know us around here. We have a reputation to keep.” She hissed, saliva spraying from her mouth as she was watching her son struggling against the cuffs. But he was ignoring everything she had just said.

“Why are you with another man?!”

“You can’t hang out with low class scum Sehun.”

“I hang out with low class scum. And what?! What are you going to do about it?” He stormed over towards your side of the table and planted a rough kiss on your lips.
“Now I’ve kissed low class scum what are you going to do about it mum?! Why the fuck are you with another man?! I LOATHE YOU! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!” Sehun was a state and was shouting like a crazed man. There was no point in trying to save your pride and honour any more because such a big mess had been made and too many people had seen it.

“Can you get him out!” The manager screamed as he pointed towards the security guards, who dragged Sehun towards the exit.

“What the fuck is happening?” Minseok whispered from beside you. “What the fuck just happened?”

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Date Night [REQUEST]

Dressed in a pair of pale pink tailored trousers and a white blouse with black detailing, you checked yourself over in the large mirror in your lounge, leaning closer to make sure your hair and makeup were perfect. It was supposed to be date night in your house this evening, but your silly boyfriend completely forgot and agreed to attend a fashion show on the same day. His attempt to make it up to you was by bringing you along.

You and Sehun tried to live your lives as normal as possible, visiting cinemas and restaurants and theme parks like any other couple would do. It was hard to do with both of you doing so well in your careers and creating a lot of public attention. However, you always felt inexplicably safe with Sehun and you knew the minute things started to get too much for you, he’d take you away in an instance.

So instead of spending your evening cuddled up next your boyfriend on the sofa with some popcorn and a movie, you were being the supportive girlfriend and going to a fashion show … if Sehun ever finished getting ready and came downstairs.

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EXO react to your parents asking about babies constantly

Aww this request~ :’) I apologize for the loooong wait my loves. Thank you for your patience <3 It’s greatly appreciated. 

*As always, gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it belongs. 

Xiumin: He finds this amusing each and every time your parents bring up this uncanny interest in kids. He’ll always respond calmly, countering your flustered disposition each time they ask. “It’s…a work in progress,” he’ll respond with assurance. The constant inquiries on babies might actually gradually convince Minseok into partiality towards the matter. Modestly and subtly, he’ll bring it up to you, “you know, your parents don’t make a bad point. About kids after all.” 

Originally posted by minniedeer

Luhan: He always gets flustered each time your parents fawn to him with immense sentiment about the possibility of grandkids. Incoherent stammering and lucid uneasiness is what Luhan would be rendered into while your parents continuously seek a concrete answer. “Well, I–no, I mean we–” you would have to cut him off just so he can regain his usually cool composure. Rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, he would try to explain himself to you while you’re both alone. “What? They put me on the spot unexpectedly baobei!” 

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Kris: Initially, he tenses and becomes noticeably awkward around your parents, but, eventually he’ll act like nothing happened and just calmly relieve your parents by telling them that you both have thought about it. He would say this with utmost sincerity, since Kris is most open about his affinity for having a family. Just to tease you, he may even tell your parents jokingly that you both plan on having over four kids, exciting them in the process. Chuckling huskily, he lean towards you and murmur, “don’t make a liar out of me baobei. Your parents seem to want it too.” 

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Suho: He’ll react in a similar fashion to Luhan, flustered and dumbfounded initially. However, he would try to search for a fitting answer befitting for your parent’s satisfaction. “Yes! We’ve been talking it over! W-we can see a baby on the way…relatively….soon,” he’ll say with some ambiguity, only for you to step in a bring lucid clarification to your parents. He’ll murmur to you “it wouldn’t be bad to start looking into a family jagi.” 

Originally posted by yixingofficial

Lay: Each time he finds this amusing, always reassuring your parents that thought of a family is on his mind. “Your parents seem to be eager baobei,” he would comment after one particular encounter with them. He wouldn’t force his personal opinion on you, taking this with heavy consideration and patience. Once your parents are out of earshot, he would murmur to you affectionately, “whenever you’re ready baobei, I’ll be ready,” sealing his statement with a saccharine kiss. 

Originally posted by fvck-kai

Baekhyun: At first, he gets flustered and dumbfounded when your parents continuously swarm him with lucid anticipation in their tones when asking about babies. But, he manages to wade it off playfully by teasingly saying: “I would! Honestly, but she still hasn’t given me an answer!” This is for the most part true, and his safe answer towards your parents. “They’re really putting pressure on us jagi!” he would huff to you once he’s derailed their attentions. 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Chen: Pretty composed each time your parents approach him, he goes along with them quite well. With a slight snicker and a raise of the brow, Jongdae would eye you with melodramatic outrage as he takes on your parent’s mood. “Yeah jagi, why aren’t there kids yet? Your parents are waiting after all,” he’ll tease playfully before puling you in for a fond back hug. 

Originally posted by overnightprincess

Chanyeol: No matter how many times your parents unexpectedly toss this inquiry his way, Chanyeol always manages to become lucidly flustered, typically unable to put together a coherent answer, which just prompts your parents to become increasingly anxious for some ‘results.’ He sighs in relief each time you come to his aid. “This is the fifth time your parents have asked us about this jagi! Does this mean we should–?” he’ll trail off, now beginning to take on a new perspective. 

Originally posted by iyeolie

D.O: Of all the members, Kyungsoo is the easily the most composed and levelheaded when handling your parent’s evident eagerness. In fact, he would enjoy how keen to the idea of kids your parents are, never once finding it to be a hindrance or an exasperation. “We’ve taken the thought into consideration as of late. I can assure you that a family is starting to look likely.” Oh how much your parents would gush at this revelation, while his arm drapes around your waist proudly.  

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Tao: He’s on board with the idea and would take part in gushing with your parents on the thought of having kids with you. “I’ve even come up with some names for when it happens! These ones are the cutest for me,” Tao would go on to list his personal favorite baby names while explaining the different features of both you and he that would look best on the future baby. He’ll go pouting cutely to you on wanting to have a baby quickly after each effervescent discussion he has with your parents. “Baobei~ We are going to have a baby soon right?” 

Originally posted by taonsil

Kai: He would be thrown off guard each time your parents drop the question, laughing aloud awkwardly (in the adorable way he’s known for) while stammering for a proper answer. “W-we have thought about it…i-it’s a work in progress…” he’ll trail off abashed, hoping his answer suffices for your family. Though he would make an interesting comment towards you. “Maybe we shouldn’t keep your parents…waiting any longer?” he’ll murmur modestly, but with earnest sincerity. 

Originally posted by ninihoneykom

Sehun: He tries to keep calm and placid each time your family aim this inquiry at him. For the most part, Sehun is satisfactory in keeping his composure as opposed to becoming starstruck on the spot. However, your parents questioning about kids would pique his interest on the matter, gradually. So each time your parents ask, a strong affectionate hold would encase him, as he eyes you with fondness while preparing an answer.  

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Power (1/?) - Kim Jongin

A/N: I’m starting my second multiple-part series! I got an idea for a role reversal of a CEO!au and Jongin makes me weak so I had to try it. I’m not sure how many parts it will have, but I plan for it to have some of everything- fluff, angst, smut, all of it! I hope you enjoy! -Admin Peach 🍑

PART 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

Summary: Jongin, the son of a wealthy CEO, and a few of his friends end up interning at the company of an attractive young businesswoman’s company, and you don’t mind having him visit your office occasionally.

Genre: This is just exposition. Smut, fluff, and probably angst to come later

Length: 1.4k+

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EXO GIF React - You Being Important Person at SM/Being Busier Than Them

Request: Hello there. Can you do an exo reaction when youre their gf and youre one of the most important people in SM plus youre busier than them? I hope you get what i mean! And thank you wish you have a good daaaay.

A/N: HELLO! You’re my very first request on this blog. I’m crying so hard rn. I’m so happy. And I think I’ve got it. Like maybe you being an important idol at SM, or maybe being a manager, or just someone with a high position in general. You would be loads busy!

Okay, this is my first one, so I will try my best. 

Please bear with me and take care of me! <3

Note: I’m doing this one ot9 because the request makes it kind of difficult for me to write a reaction about LuTaoRis, since they’re no longer part of SM Entertainment. But otherwise, I will try to make most requests ot12.

I realize there are only 9 now, but it is a personal choice to include all 12.

*bc luhan is my bias. there, i said it* <3

Also, sorry these get longer as I go down the list. I tried to keep them rather short, but I just had so much to say about the members.


baekhyun: i feel like he’d be super whiny, but that teasing/playful type of whiny where he misses you even though he understands that you’re busy. 

“jagi i feel like i haven’t seen you in forever! you seem busier than i am these days.”

but tbh i also think he’d be the type to grab you by surprise when he sees you walking down the hallway, just to give you a quick kiss.

chanyeol: i think he’d be similar to baekhyun in the sense that he would be whiny and needy for attention. just imagine him whining with that deep voice of his!

“hi jagi!”

he’d probably be the type to wave hello at you EVERY TIME you pass him in  the SM building. i also think he and baekhyun would go the most out of their way to make you smile if you look stressed or you’re having a bad day.

not that the others wouldn’t. just that baek and chan would take it as their personal mission in life–for the day.

d.o.: of all the members, i think he’s one of the top three who would most be concerned with your health if they see you’re overworking yourself. he would probably try to get you something to snack on or some tea. something quick and nice to make your day better.

he would miss you and want to spend time with you. but rather than burdening you with complaints, he would shower you with affection. without many words though, since we know soo is rather the silent type.

“you should get some rest, you’re overworking yourself.”

sehun: our little maknae is used to being loved and coddled, which is understandable since he is the youngest in exo. so i feel like he’d be even needier than chan and baek. 

he’d probably be texting you with cute but whiny little texts.

“jagi,” or noona, since i feel like he’d be into girls who are older than him. “how long has it been since we spent time together? i can’t even remember what you look like.”

“sehunnie, i saw you this morning…”

suho: he is a more understanding person, especially because he of all people in exo know what its like to be busy.i mean, he is the leader of exo–the guardian–and he takes care of all the members like they’re his little brothers. 

also, of the three that i mentioned earlier that would be the most understanding, he would be one of them.

he would definitely miss you and would be upset that you were busy. but he would smile through it, for your sake. he would also try to take care of you as best he can.

“if you need anything, just send me a message. you’ll get through today. FIGHTING!”

he’d even probably send you one of his infamous dad jokes in a lame attempt to make you crack a smile.

lay: another who would be super understanding and sweet–probably the sweetest of all. yixing would treat you so well, and would go out of his way to see you if even for a few minutes throughout the work day.

he would also worry a lot about you and ask every so often how you were feeling with your schedules.

“when we get home tonight i’ll treat you to dinner and then we can just cuddle together.”

chen: he would be that whiny self, the king of whining. 

with his famous, “ah waeee?”

jongdae would let you know that he doesn’t like the way work isn’t letting you both spend time with each other. 

“when are we gonna have time for ourselves?”

kai: another maknae. but even though he’s a maknae, along with his fellow member oh sehun, i feel like jongin would be more understanding as well. occasionally he might make a remark or two and be a bit whiny.

but he is rather reserved.

and then there’s the fact that he only has sisters. a boy being raised around only girls makes them behave a bit differently, mostly if the sisters are older. which is the case with jongin.

“i miss you, jagi. lets try to get together when we have some time.”

xiumin: ah xiumin xiumin xiumin. another one who i feel would be in between whiny and non whiny. like it could probably go either way, depending on how you look that morning. like if you look super stressed he would most definitely take care of you.

but if you look like you’re having a good day, he’d probably catch you in the hallway and tell you in a whiny voice that he misses you.

“i just want schedules to be done for the day so i can spend time with my favorite person.”

ENDING NOTE: remember guys, this is just my honest opinion and its my first gif reaction post. so please bear with me. i’m sure they’ll get better as we go along.

thank you for the requests! have a nice day!

Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 12 (final)

A/n: So, I don’t know how many reader’s I’ve lost because I’ve been posting updates like once every ten years and I know I’m a horrible writer because of that, but well this story is so important for me and many of my readers so, if you read last part and feel like this story was somehow written and finished well, please any kind of feedback is welcome <3 don’t forget there’s still prologue to come.

Word Count: 4808

PART 1 |PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7| PART 8 | PART 9 | PART 10 | PART 11 |

Originally posted by wooyoung

“Sehun, will you finish sometime today?” I asked, already feeling irritated at his antics. “We need to visit a lot more places and you’ve been looking at a single table for an hour.”

Sehun looked up and glanced at me, squeezing his eyes, hinting that I should just wait for him more.

To my surprise he had woken up earlier than the whole town that morning and not so very gently shaken me from my sleep, whining that we had too much work to do during the day, if we still wanted to invite his grandparents over in the evening. I had quickly changed into jeans and comfortable pair of shoes and soon we were in Sehun’s car, driving around the town while I was making a simple to-do list in my notebook, so we wouldn’t forget anything.

We needed a new couch, a dining table, a couple sheets for the bedroom and maybe new curtains. Any decorations that would catch our eyes during our strolls in various shops were also welcome.

The list wasn’t very long since we’d decided we would just see what more was needed when we actually started living in our new house, so I thought we’d finish quickly, but all my hopes were very swiftly crushed by a handsome man named Oh Sehun who decided it was okay to stare at every single piece of furniture for at least ten minutes straight.

At first I found it cute since I thought maybe he just wanted everything to be perfect for his new house but after sixth shop full of similar tables and sofas my patience ball was on the edge of exploding.

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My Idol: Party Thirty One

My Idol
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 -
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 -
Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 24 - Part 25 -
Part 26 - Part 27 - Part 28 - Part 29 - Part 30 - Part 31 - The Finale

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Alone (4)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part sixpart seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one

It was already the afternoon when Chanyeol got home.

Climbing up the porch steps to the massive house he shared with his brothers, he dug about in his pockets to find his keys. The last 24 hours had been an absolute whirlwind and all he wanted to do was take a hot shower to rid himself of the stench of alcohol and jail and get some sleep before his date tonight.

But as soon as he opened the door and heard his brothers’ loud voices, he knew it wasn’t going to be that simple.

“Chanyeol, is that you?” Minseok called out as soon as Chanyeol stepped inside, his fresh face appearing in the entrance hall. “What time do you call this?”

He sighed exhaustedly, hanging his keys up and kicking his shoes off. “Bro, I could really do without the lecture today. I need to shower and sleep before I do anything.”

Unfortunately, Minseok wasn’t the only brother in. “No, you’ll come and tell us what happened last night,” Junmyeon called out from the living room, making Minseok chuckle and disappear from where he came from.

With a roll of his eyes, Chanyeol trudged his way into the living room. In the back of his head, he checked in on you, hearing your inner monologue as you made yourself a sandwich. He’d rather be with you, trying to convince you of the bond, than sitting in front of his brothers trying to explain the past 12 hours to them.

It would have been bad enough facing just Minseok and Junmyeon, but that wasn’t all who was waiting for him. When Chanyeol walked into the living room, he was faced with Junmyeon and his fiancé Anabelle, Minseok and his girlfriend Iris and a tired birthday boy Sehun with his girlfriend Sofia. Immediately Chanyeol sighed begrudgingly. It would be hard to escape this interrogation.

“Dude! Where did you go last night?” Sehun perked up and asked, stroking his hand through Sofia’s hair as she rested her head in his lap. For a second, Chanyeol stared at them both and felt a pang of sadness. He knew it had only been hours since he’d bonded but he still wished you could be like that with him. It was what he had been waiting for all his life.

Minseok and Iris as a couple were much less touchy feely with each other, happy to sit at opposite ends of the sofa quietly – probably because they were in each other’s heads all the time. “You just disappeared on us all. Did you hook up with someone?” Minseok asked with a playful smirk on his face. Iris must have scolded him because he winced like he was in pain.

Sighing to himself, Chanyeol perched on the piano stool, propping his elbows up on his thighs and his head in his hands. “I needed to get some air and I ended up walking around until I got lost. I was too drunk to find my way back,” he explained, vaguely remembering trudging through random streets until he was completely lost.

“Why didn’t you just call a taxi or call someone? You’ve been gone all night!” Junmyeon asked, giving Chanyeol a stern stare that he knew would be coupled with folded arms if Anabelle wasn’t in his lap.

Chanyeol gulped, knowing he now had to explain he was arrested and bonded with the girl that literally threw him in jail. “My phone died and I had no idea where I was. In the end I almost passed out on the street until police found me and arrested me.”

“You were arrested?” Sehun exclaimed, staring up at him wide-eyed with his mouth gaping open. When Chanyeol looked around, everyone was wearing similar expressions. “Like handcuffs and ‘you have the right to remain silent’?”

Leaning back against the piano, Chanyeol scratched the back of his head, feeling uncomfortable under everyone’s stare. “They didn’t charge me with anything. They just let me sleep in the cell until the morning,” he explained, hoping to leave it at that. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to tell his brothers about you. He just wanted to wait until he had convinced you a bit more. He knew as soon as they found out, they would demand to meet you.

Junmyeon looked down at Anabelle, the two of them sharing something between their minds judging by how long they were staring into each other’s eyes. “Why are you back so late then?” his older brother asked, ripping his gaze away from his fiancé.

Chanyeol had never been good at lying, especially lying on the spot. “I bonded,” he confessed quietly staring down at his lap nervously.

The expected onslaught of questions followed. “How?” “With who?” “Where?” Sehun even had the cheek to comment on his appearance. “Looking like that?” Chanyeol heard his younger brother mutter.

“She was the police officer who was on duty when I was thrown in jail. I spent half the morning getting over a horrible hangover and the second half trying to convince her of the bond,” Chanyeol continued to explain, running his hand through his hair. He checked in on you in his head, listening to you watching his favourite cartoons sleepily. His heart clenched in excitement – you were perfect for him whether you believed it or not.

“Where is she now?” Junmyeon asked, peering around the door and expecting to find you waiting. When he bonded with Anabelle, he dragged her straight to the house without explaining a thing to her. It was how things were usually done.

But you were different and Chanyeol wanted to protect you from everything, even his family. “She’s at her apartment. We didn’t exactly meet under conventional circumstances. She’s still sceptical about the whole bond thing. I didn’t want to overwhelm her with a house of soulmates.”

“Are you sure she’s the one?” Anabelle asked, giving Chanyeol a warm maternal smile. She was the eldest in the house, even older than Minseok, and she liked to mother over everyone.

In an instant, he nodded. He had never been more sure about anything than he was about you. “I love her already, with all of my heart and soul,” he confessed quietly, feeling a longing pull in his heart that made him want to run back out of the house to find you.


You didn’t know why but you wanted this date to go well. As you stood in front of your wardrobe trying to find something to wear, you were conscious of the fact you actually wanted to look nice for him. And with the clock ticking closer to 6pm, you needed to find something fast.

“Ah, why do I care so much?” you cried out in frustration, falling to the floor with your legs out in front of you. “Why did I even agree to this?” Burying your head in your hands, you let out a long breath and knotted your fingers in your hair. Maybe you should call him and back out.

Oh wait, you didn’t have his number.

Taking a slow calming breath that didn’t really work, you got back to your feet and tried to find an outfit. After practically climbing inside your wardrobe, you settled on your favourite pink tennis skirt and a loose white blouse with long sleeves that belled out over your hands. You tried to apply eyeliner but your hands were shaking so you quickly gave up and stuck to a touch of lipstick and some blush on your cheeks.

By the time you were done, you were already ten minutes late. Throwing the essentials (including your taser) into a little clutch bag, you slipped into some buckled pumps and left without a second thought, taking the steps two at a time. As you neared the ground floor, you checked yourself and immediately slowed down. Why were you rushing to see Park Chanyeol?

When you opened the door to your building and saw him leaning against the wall waiting for you, you couldn’t help the influx of emotions that bombarded you. His hair was styled back handsomely off his face, his ears poking out cutely through the strands. His eyes lit up when he saw you as did his smile, making your heart quicken with elation. He was happy to see you.

And you were happy to see him?

“I’m sorry I’m late,” you said a little breathlessly. You weren’t sure if it was the running down the stairs that made you short of breath or seeing Chanyeol again. “I didn’t realise I was running so late.”

Chanyeol smiled down at you, peeling himself off the wall. “It’s ok. I knew you were getting ready,” he replied, tapping his temple with his finger.

Oh yeah, he could read your mind.

“You can read mine too,” he replied in a heartbeat, answering your mental question. “It might take some practice to focus but all soulmates learn to do it naturally.”

You sucked in a breath sharply, the butterflies in your stomach quickening. “Ah the dreaded ‘s’ word,” you joked, really starting to hate the term. It just sounded so destined and out of your control and for someone like you who was sort of a control freak, having a ‘soulmate’ didn’t sit well with you.

Sensing your change in mood, Chanyeol quickly raised his hands up like he was surrendering. “Oops, sorry,” he muttered, a cute little puppy expression on his face. “I promise I won’t mention the ‘s’ word for a whole evening. This is just two people getting to know each other on their first date.”

“That I can handle,” you replied, giving him a warm smile.

His grin instantly widened and he turned his back to you, holding out a crooked arm for you to take. He looked over his shoulder and raised his eyebrows at you. “Shall we?”

You took his arm and quickly you calmed down that the nerves were being drained out of your body. “Let’s go,” you cheered enthusiastically, feeling oddly better than you had all afternoon now that Chanyeol was by your side.


lonewolf7713  asked:

hi! Can you please do a scenario where you are Baekhyun's girlfriend (the fans don't know) and you haven't seen him for a while so you decide to go to his fan sign and surprise him? Please make it extra fluffy thank you so much ❤❤

I know, really random, but I read this and got inspired to write a piece on it. Sorry on the delay, but I hope you like it!

This is a secretive Baekhuyn piece, fluffy, and medium in length

Enjoy everyone


Originally posted by iyeolie

The Best Date

“Do you ever get sick of those things?” You were feeling yourself dozing off as he was feeling just the same.

“Fans can actually give really really cool things, like fan art and good. A lot of fans are really good at heart, you just have to get past the bad eggs.” He looked off in the distance, probably thinking about every time a bad egg came up in his life, like he was scarred.

“I bet they can be. Too bad too many bad eggs made the fan meets less personal. They made it too hard to trust strangers.” You made a point; he told you all of the horror stories that came asking with being famous. The nerve of some people.

“The next few will be at high schools, then one at a mall. It’ll be fine, I promise.”

“It just gets annoying when you promote. I never get to see you.”

“They don’t plan on promoting us for too long, as Girls Generation is coming back a few weeks after us. We can make it work, I know we will.” He was anyways so caring, always thinking about you and what you were thinking. And he was right, when they boosted in popularity, he was almost impossible to get still for five seconds, so if you tried making it then, you sure as hell could now.

“Only because you’re worth the effort.” You went over to smooch him before you pulled him into the bed. It was quite rare, but you could sleep in the same bed for a few days, and you held him close trying to savor every second. You tried to turn so he could hear you better as you felt him drift away into slumber.

“I really do hope we can squeeze some time in together, or I just might have to make time for us.” You didn’t even really mean that, but his head shot up, with dazed eyes trying to register your words.

“What is that supposed to mean?” His groggy voice always had an effect on you, but you giggled to yourself as you turned back over.

“You’ll see.”

Days went by, and hardly anything. Weeks went by, hardly anything. His promotions were over, but he got another job acting on a show. So with not only was he shooting, he was on other shows to promote his own. This only tacked on even more fan meet a for Exo to do. It was getting to the point he couldn’t even read your messages he was so preoccupied. You felt so left out. You knew it wasn’t his fault, it was just the lifestyle. But, you heard he was having a fan meeting at a shopping plaza that a lot of people go to. You saw it as your opportunity to surprise him, to keep that promise you made.

It was time.

You realized as you looked that you had too much professional clothing; you hardly had anything casual to wear out. When was the last time you bought a pair of jeans? You shifted through the items to find almost nothing. You found a pair of jeans and an old sweatshirt from your old college. It was a nearby college, so you wouldn’t seem totally out of place. It seemed convincing enough, so you went to lay it out. You went to see if you could find a certain purse he wouldn’t recognize and you felt like you had the normal college girl look. He wouldn’t even see it coming. You looked around and tried to find something for him to sign that would make it really obvious it was you. The managers get really predatorial, never knowing what a fan might do. So, it had to be something inconspicuous. You looked and found it. You shoved it in your purse, wondering what his face would look like when he sees this object, it made you giggle before you even knew what was happening. Were you really going to do this? Were you really going to have your relationship be discovered all for a joke?

Yes. Yes you were.

You tried to sit in the back so Baekhyun wouldn’t recognize you, but you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him. The artists really did him well, and his blue contacts did make him look good despite his protests. The girls in front were all squirming and couldn’t sit still because the loves of their lives were about to come out. You never even met the other members, Baekhyun was that secretive. He always spoke highly of them, or at least never really said anything bad about them. So, now was your chance to meet them and he didn’t even arrange it. They took their seats and opened with their words of appreciation for their successful promotions and other positives to their fans. Then, the guards said they could start lining up by the front row, going all the way to the back row where you were. The girls in the front grabbed all of their fan items and walked up. You noticed Baekhyun sitting on the very edge, so your little surprise would be the very last. You waited your turn, calmly as the other girls couldn’t stay still, wriggling in anticipation. You probably seemed uncharacteristically still for one of these things, but they could probably tell it was because of the age difference. You had to wait, seeing him interact with the fans. You weren’t really the jealous type, so it’s not like you were thinking that way. You just hated that he had to be there for the fans more than for himself and his family. You knew it was SM’s choice, you just wish you had some way to change it. It had been too long for your liking. It felt like seconds before you were gestured to get into line. You then really started to notice how this would work out. Everyone got a few minutes with each person, so they could let each person have a fair amount. It seemed about right, giving every fan their shot. You saw your opportunity and took the object out. It was an old phone case of him, with his favorite number on it. Before you went up to the first member , you switched the cases, hoping to get a reaction. Suho was the first member, as expected, and he waved and said his greetings. He was asking you about if the wait was long, seeing you were the last one, but he looked down at your phone on the table and studied it a bit.

“Is something wrong?” He looked a little surprised, but began to shake his head.

“No, no, it’s just, that case. It looks really familiar…..” You already had the story already figured out.

“Yeah, I saw Baekhyun had this phone case in public a few weeks ago, and I thought it was really cool, so I got a case customized to look like it.” You held it close, trying to give off the innocent college girl act, so Baekhyun wouldn’t recognize you from all the way down. Suho picked up your phone, and looked at the case more in depth.

“Oh wow, it’s almost exactly the same! It looks really close. Good job for accuracy!” He held the phone up and started to mention it to the other members nearby, stating how he needs a phone case like it.

“Well, I was wanting it to get it signed by him, seemed appropriate.” His eyes lit up a little bit, I guess he was having a bit of fun, but kept having fun. He then chose to interrupt Baekhyun with his fan.

“He totally will! Baek-hyung, you need to sign this case. I demand it!” He looked over, confused, but he got bug eyed when he saw the case. You and Suho starting laughing, but you couldn’t help it. He noticed, but you hope you didn’t make anyone think the dorms were broken into, as he still slept there sometimes. But, the other members were finding fun in teasing your boyfriend, and you couldn’t help but enjoy the environment. You would not get your chance to see them more often until maybe years later, but this sneak chance to see them in person, rather than Baekhyun’s words, it was relaxing for when it would inevitably would happen.

“I’m going to hold him to that now.” You both had a final giggle and hi touch before you moved onto Sehun, and as you went down the line, they all made similar comments, making their own jokes and whatnot, delighting you each time as you went down the line. Then, it was time for your man. The manager starting talking over the mic as you were talking to him, as they needed to speed along with their next schedule.

“So where is this identical phone case?” He was smiling, even though it was nothing but teasing for the fans, but you tried to remain undiscovered for the time being.

“It’s right here. I don’t need a name or anything, just your signature would be perfect.” You smiled and looked around at everyone else in the crowd, wondering what they would think if they knew what was really going on here. You didn’t want to do that to him, so you kept your mouth shut as he signed it.

“This is actually really close to mine. Where did you get it from, again?” You noticed it was a moment where the managers were announcing and the members were listening to the managers, so you could get a one liner in before you walked away.

“I helped you choose the it in the first place, remember?” You took the phone case, and walked down the steps back to your seat. You looked back and he seemed confused and with his mouth open. You smirked back at him and turned around. You wouldn’t get to see him for a few more days. Guess he would try more in his endeavors with you later on. You walked out of the place and checked to make sure he wasn’t trying not to follow you. Or any of his guards. You just walked out and was thinking of his reaction when you would see him next. You looked at the phone case and saw his signature. Today was more fun than most days lately, and you got to meet his fellow members and have fun with them without even really trying. You walked away with a smile and wish you had intruded earlier. You looked at his signature and hoped you could see the real thing soon.


“You think you’re so smart, aren’t you?” He walked through with such a smile on his face, smiling as he saw your case. You never had it outside the apartment, trying not to cause any problems, so you never decked it out.

“I do. I could only imagine you missed me so much, thought showing up would be a nice surprise.” He scoffed and walked over to hug you. He held you a lt closer than he ever did before.

“You know how bad I wanted to do that when I saw you? To kiss you and tell you my struggles always being away from you? I wanted to tell you everything. To turn the table over and have you in my arms again. That was both an amazing and torturesome moment.”

“How was it both?”

“It was amazing to finally see you after all these weeks. It was torturesome to not be able to do anything about it. I want it all the time, but just in better circumstances…..” You smiled as you looked him in the face.

“Don’t think I didn’t feel all of those things. I wanted to hug you too. Kiss you. Tell you about my bad times at work. To feel normal with you for a little bit.” You give him a quick smooch and held him closer.

“Well, I know I can’t give you normal, but I hope I’m worth sticking with through all of it.” You dragged him down with you on the couch.

“I wouldn’t have shown up to your fansign if I didn’t feel that way, would I? Besides, I’m sure you’ve had worse dates before, right?” He kissed your forehead in all of the affection he wanted to give you all of this time.

“It was the best date I could ever ask for.”


Well, it feels good to get a piece out. I know it’s been too long, and I feel somewhat good about this piece, so I’ll get it out tonight, maybe some people will see it in the morning. I know it’s been a while, so if you liked the read, follow for more content. More stuff is in the works. I’ll probably try to get a lot of ships out as those have been piling up. So, if you ever sent one in, I’ll get as many out as I can. Until next time, I hope you liked this scenario and I hope you have a god day,

Dating Kim Junmyeon (Suho)

•Basically being Suho’s rock and being there for him whenever he needs it. But you also have such a fun relationship
•Like he comes home one day laughing his ass off and you ask what’s so funny and he tells you his latest joke which you don’t understand but it’s him so you laugh anyways
•But you also have deep af convos at like 2am where you learn so much about him. About all his fears and you open up to him about everything as well and he sits there soaking each word.
•You both realizing how similar you are and him completely trusting you because he realizes you’re both half of one same piece
•You’ll be out shopping and he’s right there like “let me buy you something” and you’re like “I make my own money Suho. I got this babe”
•Like he understands but he’s old fashioned and wants to take care of you
•Like you could be out and buying something that’s like a few cents and he’ll be like “I got this” cuz his momma taught him right. Like he knows you could rule world but he still tries and takes care of you cuz that’s who he is.
•Like he’s a gentleman to the very word and he treats you like a literal Queen
•“Suho can we slow down my heels are hurting my feet!” you’ll complain one night as you walk to his car coming back from a nice dinner and walk
And suddenly he’s bent down demanding he give you a piggy back ride because He’ll be damned to have his girl walking around with hurting feet
•But the affection is mutual and when he comes home tired af and he just so tired to take his shoes, coat and bags off, you’re there even if it’s 4am and you gotta be up for work at 5
•He’ll come home and just crash on the sofa and you’ll hear him and you go down stairs ready to tell him about the unexpected twist in your book because you waited all day but you’ll see him and you rush to him
•You’ll take off his shoes and help him unload and he’s just groaning all the while because his muscles hurt
•“I’m sorry suho but you’ll have a sore neck if you sleep with two duffel bags on”
•So he complies and let’s you take care of him
And he loves how your relationship can switch. Like he normally takes care of you but he knows he can let his guard down and be a big baby and have you totally take care of him
•Can we talk about how you’ll surprise him when you do the simplest things like you’ll be cleaning and start dancing and he leans on the mop totally fixated on you, almost drooling over your beauty
cuz holy shit he got so lucky. You’re all he’s ever wanted. He won’t be able to believe how lucky he is
•But just as sweet and romantic as he can be He’ll totally make you lose your mind in bed
•Like one moment he’s going slow and telling you all these things about how much he loves you and how beautiful you are,and the next moment he starts sucking your neck and his thrusts get harder and you lowkey see the gates of heaven in those brown eyes of his
•He’ll totally notice you completely drenched in pleasure and he laughs and asks what that look you gave him just was
•So you tell him how sex with him literally makes you feel like he’s heaven on earth and he starts laughing and tells you some cheesy line and you both start laughing
•Can we all agree that you’ll be constantly making his children cringe with your cute couple names like “bunny what was that book you were reading?” - “are you talking about the half blood prince muffin?”
•And then you hear Sehun mumble “someone shoot me” and chen is all like “Muffin? He’s literally a raisin cookie”
•And sehun continues like “you think this is bad. He sleeps with me and I gotta hear how ‘pumpkin/ marshmallow ’ is doing”
• Suho will shyly laugh because he’s a little embarrassed because his members will probably only call him “marshmallow” for a month now. But you always have his back and have zero chill by now
•“Yeah and you’re literally a celery stick chen” “ No one tells you to be nosy Sehun. Just cuz you’re single af”
•And you’ll be THAT couple that teen girls call “GOALS”
•Sometimes He’ll come and hug you from behind when you’re cooking and you’ll be like ?
•And he’ll start slow dancing with you to the song you’re listening to. And you giggle cuz you’re listening to Bang Bang Bang by Big bang
But he’ll still slow dance with you anyway because he doesn’t care about the song or beat he just wants to enjoy a dance with his lady.
•Chanyeol comes in and sees this and he questions why you’re slow dancing to that song but leaves because he’s afraid he’ll be asked to record a video (because you’ve asked him once before and he fell into a lake trynna get a good angle)
•Having to support him whenever he has to shut down things because the kids get out of hand
Like you’ll be there singing a song at karaoke night and suddenly all hell breaks loose when rap line tries to out rap each other and it just sounds like gibberish
“Audiehfjehdisodjsjsksks” “ahdidjdbdjejekekej” “wuduehfjfirkrke” “eiebxieieiekejsksl” “jwidhdiwow one more time and you’ll all be out doing vocal line with high notes”
•So Suho shuts it down because the band needs rappers and so much “ahdopjdkdndi” is starting to give everyone a headache
•Basically you’ll be couple goals af with him. You’ll forget what boring means because he’s always ready to make the best out of any situation. And you’ll have each other’s backs always.

::: Sorry It took so long guys. I’ll start off with our leader as a bf ^.^ I put some funny things in here that you’ll find in each of the guy’s individual “exo as a bf’s” hope you like it. Love you all ^.^::: -Admin Suhoswife
EXO’s reaction to getting horny and wanting to have “sexy time”

I got two that I thought were very similar so I hope it’s okay that I just make one for both of them! :) Thanks for the request!


Baekhyun: He would straight up just tell you: “Babe, I’m horny, wanna have sex?”

Chanyeol: He slowly starts to play with you by running his fingers up and down your spine while licking his lips, making it obvious that he’s horny. “Hey Y/N. How are you feeling?” he tries hinting to you but when you don’t get any of his hints he gets frustrated and groans, not able to contain himself any longer. “WANNA HAVE SEX OR WHAT?” *rage quit*

Chen: He would go into your room when you were working, throwing himself on your bed trying to make you notice him. When you don’t, he tries making annoying sounds which don’t work either. …. “Babe, wanna join me?” he then asks after some time.

D.O: He wouldn’t actually ask you or show that he’s horny and wants to have sex. He keeps it to himself, but is actually dying inside. He might glance at you a little extra, but nothing more.

Kai: He would literally start dancing really sexily in front of you to get your attention. He had been dying to have sex with you for an hour, and had just been standing in the kitchen trying to figure out what to do. He then suddenly runs into the living room and starts dancing. “I’m hornyyyy, wanna have seex?” he then sings.

Kris: “Jagi, I’m horny and I need you!” he would whine, and you would end up giving in to his whining.

Lay: *comes into your room, creepily* “Heyyyyy, sooo do you wanna have sex?” he asks innocently, and then gives you an adorable smile so you can’t resist him.

Luhan: “I’ve been waiting for you.” he says when you come home. *smirks*

Sehun: You walk into his room because you forgot your phone in there, but when you walk in he is standing there - without shirt - saying nothing.

You: “Uuuh Sehun, what are you doing?”

Sehun: “Horny.”

You: “what?”

Sehun: “I’m. Horny.”

Suho: *is trying to hide his hornyness but is having a hard time* *ends up accidentally letting out a groan which gives his hornyness away* - (Let’s make that a word xD)

Tao: He comes towards you while smirking, literally oozing with hornyness. Then he whispers “I want cake.”

Xiumin: Now, I don’t do smut, but if I did I would probably write something very smutty for this guy. So just let your imagination flow… ~ xiumin ~ horny ~ sexy ~

EXO Reaction To Scaring GF

This was a really fun request to do. I can see all these boys, except maybe Lay, trying to scare their girlfriend at some point. It was also interesting because I don’t make a sound when I get scared. I just kind of gasp, so I find it funny when people make unusual sounds when shocked. Anyways, hope you enjoy <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: You were in the middle of cleaning the living room when Baekhyun jumped out from behind the couch to surprise you. Your heart almost stopped and you couldn’t stop a scream from escaping your lips. However, the scream didn’t really sound like a scream. Baekhyun laughed out of shock and embarrassment of the sound you made. “Was that you intimidating a dying cat?”

Originally posted by ohxing

Chanyeol: Chanyeol silently sat in the corner of his bedroom when you walked in. The room was pitch black and you weren’t really paying attention as you switched on the light and started taking off your jewelry. You turned towards the corner where he was seated and you let out what sounded like a screeching car tire. Chanyeol’s serious, scary face broke out into a smile as he got up to hug you.

Originally posted by happyvirus

Chen: You were washing the dishes when you heard the noise of something falling from the shelf in the pantry. You slowly turn of the water and head to the pantry. Chen was waiting for you in there, wanting his revenge for you having scared him a few days ago. You opened the door to the pantry and screamed when you saw him. He snapped a picture of you mid-scream and laughed at how weird you sounded when you got scared.

Originally posted by dohdoro

D.O.: You walked into the kitchen, carrying several grocery bags. You called out for D.O. to help you, but didn’t hear any reply. Of course, D.O. always ignored when people called his name. You started putting the bags down on the table and turned to head back to the car to get more groceries. As you turned, you gasped loudly, a strangled sound coming from your throat, as your eyes fell on D.O. standing behind a shelf in the next room. He was staring at you with cold eyes and the surprise almost gave you a heart attack. He couldn’t help but smile at how funny your reaction was, but the smile looked a lot creepier than he had intended.

Originally posted by xohmeohmyx

Kai: You were busy mopping the floor when Kai came home. You hadn’t heard him come into the room because of the loud music blasting from your headphones. You were shaking your hips as you cleaned and a smile formed on his lips. He walked up to you, calling out a hello towards you, which you also did not hear. He placed his hands on your hips as you danced and you completely freaked. You fell to the floor from fear as you let out a high pitched yelp. Kai stared down at you and couldn’t help but burst into laughter as he helped you up.

Originally posted by damnitsehun

Lay: Lay came home from a long day of choreography work to find you asleep on the couch. He admired how you always tried to wait up for him. He thought he would be a good boyfriend and wake you up to bring you to the room. You had just finished watching a scary movie, one of the reasons why you left the lights on when you fell asleep, so when Lay shook you awake, you went into panic mode. You screamed as you looked up at your boyfriend, making a groggy, low pitch sound. He looked at you in confusion and fear as you started laughing and apologized for scaring him just as much as he had scared you.

Originally posted by 4yixing

Sehun: Sehun thought it would be so funny to scare you as you were out for your morning jog. You were rounding the corner when he popped out from behind a bush. He had one of his new face masks on, so you didn’t recognize him the moment he jumped out. You screamed/cried loudly, falling to the ground. He exploded into childish laughter as he stared down at you, not bothering to help you out. “You should have seen your face! And what was that terrible sound you made? You sounded so stupid, jagi.”

Originally posted by wooyoung

Suho: The two of you were watching a new scary movie in the living room of the dorm building. You were completely engrossed in the movie and didn’t really notice when Suho got up. He whispered something about getting a drink from the fridge, but you just waved him off. The movie was becoming so intense, your whole body tensing as you watched the main character open the closet door. There was nothing in the closet, but the bump music was still playing. You leaned forward towards the TV when you suddenly felt Suho grab your shoulders from behind. You let out a gasp that caught in your throat, creating a sound similar to a whale cry. Suho instantly felt bad and went to your room to grab your favorite stuffed animal for you to hold during the rest of the movie. But he would kind of chuckled at the odd sound that you made when scared.

Originally posted by wintershower

Xiumin: You just got back to your apartment from work. You weren’t surprised at the silence in the apartment; Xiumin being gone for promotional events. You kicked off your shoes near the door and started heading towards your room to get changed to more comfortable clothing. As you passed the living room, you heard Xiumin’s voice. “Hey, jagiya!” He called; catching you completely off guard. You screamed in fear as you heard the voice, not completely registering who it was at first. You turned to see him seated on the couch. He started giggling at the high pitched sound you made. “Ah, jagi, you are so cute when you get scared.”

Originally posted by mminseok

Exo Scenario: Cheating Kyungsoo and Idol! You ~

hey, could you do Cheating _____ and Idol for Chanyeol and kyungsoo please? Tysm

Like I mentioned when you first requested this, I already had a Chanyeol request for this in my inbox (you can find it below). Anyway, hope that you like this, and please let me know what you think. I really hope that it doesn’t end up being too similar to the others that I’ve done in the past. 

Also, really sorry that this is incredibly short, but I couldn’t think of anything else to add to it. 

You can find the other versions of this request here: Kai, Sehun, Chanyeol~

Kyungsoo was the last person that you thought would cheat on their girlfriend. The absolute last. But here you were, standing in front of him with your arms crossed as he tried to explain exactly what had happened. You weren’t happy.

“I can explain.” he had started off as soon as you had come by the dorm, angry expression adorning your face and half a schedule still left to do for the rest of the day. You weren’t really even supposed to be over at his dorm, but you had received a message from Junmyeon, telling you that Kyungsoo was still at the dorm today, and you had thanked him. Junmyeon seemed to be the only other member that knew what had happened between you and Kyungsoo. 

You wanted it keep it that way, but when you had opened the door to Minseok, he seemed just as apologetic as Junmyeon had been.

Standing before Soo now, though, you didn’t really have the words to ask him what had happened. It was all a blur really. You had passed them by in one of the hallways backstage on an award show, and you hadn’t had much time to register what was going on in your mind. You supposed Kyungsoo had thought you were out of their line of sight, because in the next second, he was kissing that other idol on the lips, eyes going lovingly soft as he stared back at her and wished her good luck on her stage. 

You felt like burning everything down in your path, but kept a tight hold on your emotions, trying to make it seem as if you didn’t care whatsoever.

But you did.

“Then explain.” and you raised your eyebrows, motioning for him to talk. He huffed a sigh and started talking, but it was all just words. They meant nothing.

When he was done, trying to explain that it had just been a simple kiss, a kiss that didn’t mean anything other than good luck, you leaned back against the wall closest to you and felt like tearing at your hair. He was lying to you, you knew that. But what could you say? You glanced at the watch on your wrist and then at the door. 

“I don’t have time to put up with your excuses, Kyungsoo.” you started, and when he tried ti interrupt you, you held up a finger for him to be quiet. “I have a schedule that I need to get to.” and you rolled your eyes before saying the next part, “I don’t think this is going to work out between us if your way of saying ‘good luck’ is to give every other girl group a kiss on the lips.” his eyes widened a little at that, but you ignored him as you started walking toward the door. 

“Wait, please!” he seemed to beg, but you didn’t want to deal with a cheating boyfriend, not when there were so many other things that needed to hold your attention. You had been skeptical at first when he had even asked you on the first date, but you had been happy enough with him that it hadn’t mattered at the time. The two of you had spent as much time with one another as you could. Not anymore, it seemed.

“I’m done, Kyungsoo.” you said and he stopped in his place, hands falling to his side that had once been reaching for you, “This was a mistake. I’m sorry that I didn’t see that earlier.” and you shook your head as your fingers curled around the door to leave, “Goodbye.”

And then you were gone.

EXO Reaction to your great acting skills

So I decided to do this two since they are pretty similar. I hope you like it, love Admin A~
Please remember reactions are still closed :3 We love you.

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Really loves the drama* “What.. what is this jagiya!!! Why is that boy making you cry?” *Pretty upset*

Kris: “I swear I won’t cry… I know she dies but… oh no you are not doing this..” *Sobs*

Sehun: *Goes to talk with you* “Explain it to me Y/N… why did you have a heart attack?! Will you die? What will happen?!”

Tao: *Watches it till the end holding his tears* <Be a man Tao… it’s not real.. she is right here next to you>

Kai: “When.. where.. what?” *Is really mind blown, your acting skills are making his head explode*

Xiumin:*Tries not to look because he knows how good you are and will make him cry*

Baekhyun: *You and Kyungsoo were the main characters* “I’m telling you Kyungsoo… you broke her heart! Why would you… do that” *Convinced it was true*

Luhan: *After he saw your drama about spies, he feels everyone is one and you are following him and watching him*

Chen: “You… died?! How… My heart…” *Speechless* 

Kyungsoo: *Really proud because acting together turned out to be splendid*

Lay: *In love with your drama*

Suho: “Why… why can’t they be together jagi… You made a great couple” *Is not even jealous that you were working with another guy because the plot was really touching*

Exo reaction When an EXO say their little sister is really pretty and he wants to date her

Hey there, sure we can, hope you’ll like your request ;) it was pretty interesting haha !

Xiumin *he will not interrupt the other member but will staring. In his head it will probably be like that :* I know how pretty she is, that’s why I hid her from you. I trust you but not enough to let you date her, she is my little baby. *if the member is Luhan, for sure he will consider the question more than five seconds, otherwise he will stand his ground. He is the big brother you can trust because he’s always here when your heart hurts*

Luhan *the second he will hear his sister name and the word “date” he will laugh. Why ?* Sorry, it’s just because… my sister ? You complain about me, let’s imagine about her ! between us, she is the worst, you guess ? She is a girl ! *He is not jalous, well, maybe a little. He tries to dissuade his friend by scaring him. Luhan is the kind of brother who can be your best friend, after all*

Kris *the moment he will hear his sister name, he will immediatly stare at the member* I hope for you it was not what I heard *he will not be angry, just protective, knowing all the member he will be worried* If you’re smarter enough you will easily guess you should better not break her heart. *at least it’s clear even if he is a bit frightening. He’s the brother who doesn’t show his love but can’t denie his sister is the apple of his eye*

Suho *he will gently stare at the member, thinking it’s not possible* Is he trying to bother me ? I hope for him, because I’ll never let him date my little pearl I’ll definitly offer me a contract killer for this kind of situation. *he’s definitly the big brother you CAN’T tell everything. However he can’t do something against his sister, because she will get angry with him. Poor Suho, the helpless brother who do his best but fail one time in two*

Lay *with is beautiful smile he will show his happiness* I noticed you like my sister, I can’t be happier than now because I prefer knowing with who she is instead of seeing her with an unknown. I’m sure you two will be a splendid couple, but I have to do my work as a brother *he will place his hand on the member’s shoulder, unable to seem serious or stern* please don’t hurt her, we will be three to suffer *he is the kind of brother you’ll hesitate to talk with because he will never bother you and will always be here for you*

Baekhyun *Because he plays a lot with girls, he will suspect the other to do the same* no… just no ? how about Sehun sister ? *he will try to joke first, and then will stop smiling at the other member* just tell me it’s a prank… do what you want after all, but I warn you, there will be a lot of traps on your way ~ *he’ll seems to be the brother who don’t care, but will protect his sister in the dark*

Chen *he will make a face trying hard to understand why the member is interested in his sister* have you loose your brain bro ? Let me help to find it, you absolutly need it ! *he is the kind of brother who likes squabble with his sister. Needless to say “spare the rod and spoil the child”* please, don’t set your heart on her, I have that feeling you try to compensate with her because you can’t have me… *yes he will make sure the other member will feel uncomfortable*

Chanyeol *As an hyper protective brother he will for sure run after the member to annoy him, possibly until he gives up the idea of seducing his sister* no you can’t be with her, I warn you, if I see you with her, if I hear one of you talking about each other, if I smell your perfume on her, I’ll kick you *he’s not the kind of brother who bother his sister, but can be a little sensitive when it comes to his sister’s love stories*

Kyungsoo *before warning his friend he will visit his sister* so, you understand, I’ve accidentaly killed him, if someone who looks like him ask you for a date, it will be a fake. *yes, he will playfully warn his sister because he trusts her more than he trusts in male instinct. Then, he will return and warn the member* Don’t dare touch her or I’ll choke during your sleep *kind agressive with boys who approach his sister, but looks like an angel when he is with her, very cute and funny*

Tao *it can’t be possible because his sister his too young to have a boyfriend, especially an exo.* You wanna die ? She’s like a baby ! You better choose another girl because I’ll not be patient enough to contain my negative drives *of course, as cool as he can be, he could scream and cry because of this fear he has to lose a friend or see his sister sad. He is the brother a little agressive but totally inoffensive with excessive reactions that will always make his sister laugh and love him more*

Kai *because he is not the agressive type, he will try to dissuade his friend, taking the talk has a joke, with a shred of truth* yah, I know you’re laughing and you know I can do the same, please don’t joke with my sister’s feelings toward you. *he will be the kind who is ashamed to speak with his sister, similar to “Lay’s sister” in his behavior. Even if he’s not comfortable speaking with his heart, his eyes and his contact needs will show her how much he cares about her*

Sehun *first he will try to avoid the discussion. Then, he will be irritated by the idea* If you date her, I won’t talk to you anymore *he will speak calmly, not used to show how he feels toward it. He his the type who intimidate but is cute because he has his own way to proceed and make her laugh. Yes, he does bad jokes to hide his love* I’m fucking serious man ! *he his, but will not interfere in his sister’s love life as long as she’s glad*

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Running Away From Their Relationship

I am so sorry this sat for so long, but I had no motivation to tackle this because I had a feeling it would be a long one. Forgive me Legionnaires. 

I am going to be a little more vague about her reasons. Pretty much none of them are going to know where she went or why. It makes it easier in a way. 

Also, a mild trigger warning for people with abandonment issues. As one of those people, I’d appreciate the warning. I have had people leave me at every turn of my life, so this topic kind of hit me hard. Probably another reason I was avoiding it so much. 


He had began to grow worried when she hadn’t responded to any of his texts in a twelve hour period. It was so unlike her, but he had convinced himself that she had simply been busy or checked and then forgot to answer later. However, the truth became clearer when he got home that day. 

Their apartment was void of her presence. Anything that had belonged to her was gone. All of her pictures taken off the walls and removed from their frames. It was like she had never set foot here, except for the small note elegantly written that had been left on the countertop. It only said one sentence and those four words made his stomach sink. 

He didn’t understand what had gone wrong. They had been so happy. They had just planned to go to the beach that weekend. They had a life together, but she had thrown it away for no reason that was clear to him.  

Move on without me.


He had tried calling her three times that day and she hadn’t answered any of his texts either. It wasn’t that big of a deal, she had probably gotten busy. Chanyeol decided that he would swing by her place later. 

When he got to her door and tried to use the keys she had given him, neither of them worked. He stood there confused, his brow twisted as he wondered why she would have changed the locks. His mind was going through all the ways she could have possibly forgotten to tell him as he knocked on the door, hoping she was home. 

“Are you looking for the young woman who lived there?” someone asked him. He turned and saw an old woman from the apartment across from hers. He nodded, raising his brow at the tense she had used. “She up and left today, moving everything out and taking off. She broke her lease too. The Landlord was not happy.” 

“Where did she go?” Chanyeol asked with widened eyes. 

“Back home was all she said.” 


Yesterday she had been laughing and confessed that she loved him with a blush on her face. Today she was missing. Her apartment was abandoned, but she had left so much behind in her rush. 

Jongdae looked around, his mouth firmly pressed into a line. His eyes spotted a stuffed animal sitting on top of her television and he smiled at it sadly, picking it up into his hands. The eyes of a sad puppy stared back at him; he was surprised she had left it behind, knowing how much she had loved it when he won it for her. 

He set it back down and then walked to her couch, sitting down as he let out a sigh. Jongdae felt like someone had punched a hole into his gut and the air he breathed seemed thin. His hands tightened into fists as he looked around, his mind slowly processing that she was gone and there was nothing he could do to bring her back. 


She had been gone for three days and it still didn’t feel any different. He kept on texting her even though the little red exclamation mark would appear next to his messages. He knew her phone had been disconnected, but he kept trying anyways. It was the only thing he could do. 

He avoided their apartment, knowing she had left so much of her stuff behind. Kai had been staying with Suho, trying not to think about the empty space on the bed beside him. He couldn’t stop himself, no matter how hard he tried. 

Her absence was like being homesick. He felt like someone had pulled the rug out from under his feet and he couldn’t keep his balance anymore. He only began to realise on the morning of the fourth day that it was because he had no idea how to go home anymore. 

She had always been the place where he belonged. 


He looked through the endless pictures on his phone of the both of them together, trying their hardest to look cool. He felt the smile come to his lips, but also the lump in the back of his throat. It hurt so fucking much to know that she had left and he didn’t know where she went to. 

He had tried everything; calling her parents, sister, friends, boss, and even her therapist. They all recommended he submit a missing person’s report, but that felt so god damn permanent. The police never helped; it was like creating an official record that told people she was missing and would never be found. 

He had neglected to mention to them that she had taken almost everything that was hers in their apartment. Her clothes, her electronics, her books, hygiene products, and her sketch books. She had simply just left and never said why. He didn’t even realise she was upset. 

He bit his lip as he began to delete the pictures on his phone, hoping the feelings swirling inside would die with them. 



He could feel it. Kyungsoo could hear it. It smothered him, like a blanket laid over his entire body. 

Why would she leave him like this? He couldn’t find an answer, just tears he resented as he looked around. He knew something wasn’t quite right about the way she had responded to his confession of loving her, but he didn’t expect her to throw away everything they had built. How could someone saying the words ‘I love you’ scare another person enough that they would recklessly run away so fast that they didn’t think or care about how the other would get hurt in the process. 

He felt like someone had punched him in the chest, aiming at where he was weak to knock him down. He wasn’t sure how to get back up again. He was just left with the deafening silence of her absence. 


A year had passed since he had found her apartment empty. He was smiles in public, kind and gentle like he usually was, but he neglected to tell anyone that he dwelled on her absence often. It hadn’t hit him like a truck, but had slowly sunk in and became a near constant dull ache in his chest. 

Yixing had honestly hoped he would have moved on just a little, but even exactly a year later that ache was still there. It was like she had died, no closure or contact and he mourned as if she had. They had been engaged and then she had up and left without a word; he had never heard from her since, he didn’t even know if she was still alive or healthy somewhere. 

It was knowing nothing that hurt the most. He felt powerless and frustrated that his feeling still lingered but he couldn’t even check up on her to see if she was okay. She was simply gone, erased from the face of the earth and he had the feeling that he would never get the pleasure of looking into her eyes again. 

Lay walked further into her apartment, having taken over the care of it since she had been gone and looked at the wall full of post it notes he had created. Every time he missed her, he made an effort to come and put one on the wall incase she ever did come home, so she would know how much he cared. He sighed as he grabbed the pad and wrote something quickly, sticking it to the wall and reading the message a few times. 

Baobei, I love you.


Every little thing reminded him of her. He would see someone drinking something she had liked and then he’d be thinking about her for hours. He would see someone with a similar haircut and his chest would explode with hope, only to crash again when he realised that it was not her. 

He was quick to push his feelings away and act like it didn’t bother him as much as it did. Luhan was all smiles until he was alone, then all he thought about was what he could have done differently. He wished he could just apologise for whatever he did and fix the problem, but he couldn’t get in touch with her. 

So he waited, hoping something would change. He tried to pretend like he wasn’t angry about the way she had left, but he was livid. Instead of sorrow, all he had begun to feel was anger at the situation. He wanted to give her a piece of his mind about the way she had just ditched him, but at the same time he just wanted to hold her again. It was simple really, he just wanted her to be back in his life. 


It had been a month without any word other than a text telling him that he needed to move on. How could he just move on without any kind of closure? She had just packed up her stuff and left while he was at rehearsal one day. He had come home to a half empty apartment and got a text three days later. 

Even he wouldn’t ever do something that shitty to someone. 

But he couldn’t forget about her either. He begrudgingly had to admit that he loved her and it was the reason he always felt so heavy now. Everything was more difficult now that she was gone; getting up, getting dressed, eating, dancing, singing, and rapping. Everything.

He felt like someone had chopped of his leg or some other equally useful limb. Sehun needed a crutch but still was in denial about her absence. So, he went through his days pretending not to give a fuck about her leaving but wishing she’d just get over whatever made her leave in the first place and come back.


He was the leader and he would act like it no matter what happened. Even when he walked into their apartment and saw all of her things missing and realised half of his life had been torn away, he swore he would not slack in his duties. So, he cleaned up the mess she had made leaving and then tried to fill some of the empty space by spreading his things out a little. 

He went to work the next day like nothing had happened and didn’t talk about it. Suho didn’t know how to. He couldn’t lay something this heavy on the others when they had performances coming up. He would always listen to their problems but never burden them with his own. 

He avoided his flat as much as possible. He rehearsed longer than normal, visited his parents, ate out, stayed in the dorm or whatever he could do to get away from the space she had vacated without warning. He thought about moving, but couldn’t bring himself to do it incase she came back so he stayed in this state of ignoring his problems and hoping they’d go away on their own. 


When Tao realised she hadn’t come to pick him up from work he knew something was up. She always picked him up, every day. He asked Kris to drive him to their apartment and he went with him to use his bathroom. Tao had not expected to open his apartment door and realise that something was off immediately. 

It was too clean…like someone had gone through the removed a lot of the clutter. But it hadn’t been placed somewhere else, it was just gone. Slowly he realised her sweater that always hung on the back of the kitchen chair was gone and her shoes weren’t in front of the door. Her jackets were gone from the closet and her computer wasn’t on the island countertop. 

It didn’t take him long to process everything was gone and he just simply stood in the middle of the apartment, hands shaking and tears coming to his eyes. He didn’t care if Kris was right there, eyes widened as he looked around and realised she was gone too. 


It was a lot of waiting. Waiting to hear something from the police or her family, waiting for her to come back. He just had to sit there, waiting, and it made him feel so damn useless. 

She had left everything but her clothes and laptop, which made him think she had run off. Xiumin didn’t understand why she’d do that, though. They loved each other, had been together for five years. He didn’t understand why she would just up and leave him. 

His stomach twisted uncomfortably, but he tried to remain calm. There could be one thousand explanations for her sudden departure. A small part of him dwelled on the worst though, knowing there was a chance she had just been unhappy with their life together and left. He hoped not; he prayed he was wrong. 

So he continued to wait for the answer, sitting by his phone and hoping it would ring already.

anonymous asked:

Hi~ I first wanted to say I recently discovered your work and you're good?? Like??? I'm sorry but I wasn't expecting this and now I'm fangirling beCAUSE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME? I'm pretty shy and I think this the first I request something to someone in like ever?? but how about a fashion industry (stylist, designer...)/model au? I don't have any specific member in mind, so please do as you feel it. (o゚▽゚)o You're awesome, have a nice day, and remember to drink water! 。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧ -DySk

hello you adorable little bean!! ahhh this message is so cute and it literally made my day when i got it!! thank you so much for requesting and also for all the good comments and i’m honored to receive your first ever request! i do hope you’ll request moreeeee ^_^ i’m sorry that this was a bit late, but i wanted to make sure that it would be good enough for everyone reading~

fashion industry!exo

xiumin: he would be the ceo of the agency that manages baekhyun and sehun. when he was still in high school, he never imagined that he would be working in the fashion industry, but one summer job led to another, people began to recognize that he had a sense for fashion after observing his wardrobe choices, and eventually, he landed an internship as a stylist. he really enjoyed the job but later on decided that he didn’t really enjoy traveling to different locations to work. so, he tried his hand at designing, but decided that a designer’s job was a bit too reclusive for him. he was conflicted, but the company didn’t want to make him quit after being with them for a long time, so they offered him just a regular office position. after working a couple more years, minseok left and started up his own company, one that managed models, and very luckily landed two of the most popular models in south korea of today.

suho: joonmyun is definitely an office worker type, but the fact that he works in this industry is a bit interesting. the truth is that fashion and designing has been appealing to joonmyun all of his life, but he’s never had the artistic talent that someone like jongdae would have. he really wanted to be surrounded by this industry and he hoped that by being around it, he would learn how to see things in a more artistic view. joonmyun lands the job as minseok’s secretary and is always amazed with how minseok seems to have been born with his sense of fashion. joonmyun gets down on himself often and complains that he probably will never learn, but minseok just laughs and says that he’ll try to teach joonmyun everything he knows. in a couple of years, joonmyun finally gets the hang of it and starts to dress so well that people finally take notice of him and tells him “you’re so good looking you should be a model???” joonmyun just laughs shyly.

lay: yixing would be an intern as a fashion designer at kyungsoo’s company. he’s a bit older to be an intern, but he found out only recently that he was interested in working in this type of industry. he’s not some kind of fashion genius, but he does have the artistic eye and the patience to learn. he has his own “mentor” at the office but is really fascinated by kyungsoo’s sketches and also amazed at how focused and dedicated the designer is at his work. one day, he works up the courage to go up to kyungsoo after hours and ask him for some tips. because yixing is the quiet type and is growing paler the longer ksoo stares at him, he offers him a smile and agrees. yixing is very eager to learn, so kyungsoo enjoys teaching him. when yixing gets a little better at designing, he’ll receive the honor of being do kyungsoo’s assistant designer.

baekhyun: he’s a model. PERIOD. he belongs to the same agency as sehun, and the one time they did a photoshoot together, the magazines got so sold out that it was hard to find out randomly in the streets or in bookstores. if you wanted the magazine, you would have to order it. baekhyun is always self conscious of his body and his height bc he’s considered short for a model, but he is so photogenic that people and photoshoot directors don’t even care for his height. baekhyun also works as an actor and have been in a couple of dramas. he’s appeared on a few variety shows and have been recognized as such an interesting and entertaining personality; everyone loves him. he’s a fun loving pupper as always, but as soon as he goes into photoshoots, he becomes the serious, gorgeous model that he is.

chen: jongdae has such a good eye; he would be a stylist. he has worked with baekhyun, jongin, and sehun, and all of these times, they looked so good that even the models’ original stylists were amazed (and a bit jealous). jongdae’s such a humble guy that he gets called one of the best stylists in the industry all the time and every single time, he’d laugh and say something like “noooooo, i’ve got such a long way to go!” he’s so smiley all the time and never acts like he’s tired although he’s so busy. he is so happy on sets that it cheers everyone up, even in a stressful environment. all the agencies want to bring him into their companies and employ jongdae as their own, but jongdae refuses all the offers, no matter how good they are, because his little goal in life is to work with as many different models as he can because he just loves to meet new people.

chanyeol: chanyeol would be a tailor because everyone knows that he’s so good with his hands!! and by that i mean like good at making/fixing things. he’s kyungsoo’s go-to guy for creating samples and many stylists’ favorites for alterations and such because he’s such a fun person to work with. chanyeol may be clumsy with other things, but when he’s working with clothes, he’s so precise and careful and deliberate with each action. when people see the stitchings that he’s done, they’re surprised to find out that it was hand done because it’s near perfect. chanyeol loves his job, as lonely as it can sometimes be, because, similar to jongdae, he just loves making new friends so much.

d.o: kyungsoo fits a job where he can literally work on something by himself, without having to be bothered by others, so he would be a fashion designer. he spends a normal day at work sitting at his giant desk with his numerous sketches laid out in front of him. his mind works so quickly and erratically that he often switches from working on one design to another. kyungsoo spends all day at his desk, sketching and trashing designs, and only pausing to use the restroom or grab something to eat. his coworkers who share the office with him learned very quickly that he’s so concentrated on his work that if they try to make conversation, they’ll only be met with silence or half-hearted, mumbled answers. they don’t mind though because he’s good at his work and he has also apologized and tried to explain himself about his work habits numerous times.

kai: jongin’s body is so golden and proportionate, there’s no way he’s not a model. he is so gorgeous, in both pictures and in real life, that as soon as he walks onto photoshoot sets, a hush goes through everyone. he literally takes people’s breaths away. despite the lip bites and smolders and bedroom eyes that he shoots at the camera, kim jongin is really a sleepy, overgrown puppy. he’s always napping between his photoshoots and fashion shows and whatnot and cannot do anything without his manager’s help. he was street casted at a young age and has been a part of the fashion industry since middle school, so he’s pretty uneducated about the real world. everyone who’s seen him before agrees that the cameras don’t do kim jongin justice.

sehun: if jongin is a bronze-skinned greek god, sehun is a masterpiece sculpted from smooth marble. he’s a model that everyone knows of, but no one really knows anything about him. aside from being on the covers of magazines and gracing the catwalk, oh sehun really doesn’t do anything else. no rumors, no scandals, hardly any outside sightings, only a couple of times when he has to grace the local supermarket with his presence to pick up some eggs. the public is so curious about this young, gorgeous model who is as hard to spot as the loch ness monster that when his agency announces that oh sehun will be taking part in his first drama, everyone is both shocked and supportive. lil bby smiles to himself when he sees all the positive comments online.

hey everyone! i hope you enjoyed that- fashion industry au is something that i have never thought about so it was super interesting to write this ^^ i’ve got a couple more requests that i have to get done, and i’m sorry they’re taking me so long but they’ll be up soon!! thank you for reading~

you can send in your requests here!

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Hi! ^^ Can you please write longer imagine with kinky Sehun using force? I know you answered once a similar ask but it would be amazing if you could describe the whole situation with him being dominant etc. It would be amazing! Btw I love your blog. I check it every day hoping you posted something new! <3

naw thanks darling <3 okay this did not turn out how I imagined. I hope its good. 

Guys dont ask me to do this again please :D it takes way to long for just one!

You had just gotten home from work/uni and are walking through the front door. You begin to yell out ‘Sehun I’m home’ but are cut short by a pair of lustful lips seeking access into your mouth. You let out a small moan into his kiss and he pulls back. “where have you been young lady?” he tries to hold back a smirk. You frown at him “Sorry?”. he moves in closer and pins you to the back of the door. He leans down an whispers into your ear “you should be” before he picks you up and wraps your legs around his waist before he slams you back into the door. His tongue moves it’s way into your mouth and explores you with need. You hardly have time to breathe. He uses on of his hands to reach up you skirt and begins to slide off your underwear. Everything is moving so fast but you manage to get his shirt off him. You try to take control of the dominance by kissing him harder but Sehun just pins you down harder. Smiling under the kiss. He turns around and carries you to the bedroom. He pushes you down on the bed and proceeds to rip his jeans off before following you on to the bed. Your hands try to wander up his chest but it’s short lived as he slams your wrists down onto the bed and pins them above your head. He begins to grind against you really fast and you can feel him member getting harder in between your legs. He lets your hands go as his moves down your body and comes in between your legs. Any remaining clothing you had on is gone now. He pushes your legs apart with force and a small sound escapes your throat. He starts nipping at the soft sensitive skin before he delves into you. Sucking hard on your clit has you so close to orgasiming. You lower your hands to play with his hair and he stops. A moan of protest escapes your lips. “Am I going to have to tie you down baby?”. you shake your head victoriously.  With a smile he licks his lips before he comes down to kiss you deeply making you taste yourself.  He whispers “good”. Without warning Sehun begins to pound into you hard and fast and with such lust and power he has you screaming his name in seconds. You try to pulls him closer but he just pins your hands above your head again. Riding you he feels your body rocking and shaking with pleasure. You buck your hips and Sehun pushes down further on you to make sure you can’t move. “If you keep moving jagi I won’t let you cum” he snickers with a deep breath. You resign all dominance and let Sehun force you around the bed. In the end Sehun ties you down and teases you endlessly and forcing you to give him a blow job and watch him touch himself before he finally lets you cum. 

Wow good job me. This is so not what you wanted I just got carried awayyy

EXO Reaction to their girlfriend being the guitarist of a new band

I hope you guys like this one!
Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Woah! She looks so hot up there! I can’t believe that’s my girl!”

Kris:”Even if you are busy.. remember to call me okay? You’ll do great!” *Nice bf here*

Sehun: *He is your fan number one* “Bravo bravo!! I taught you well!!”

Tao: “Let’s be a couple of rock stars from now on!” 

Kai: *Flirts with you when he sees you backstage* “You look similar to my girl, maybe we should have some fun together”

Xiumin: *He is part of the groupies of the chorus to show you his support*

Baekhyun: “Can I be part of the sub group of your band?!?!” *Excited AF*

Luhan: *Tries to teach you how an experienced guitarist should behave* “OH yeah!!!”

Chen: *Brings you flowers after your debut* “Y/N you did great! I’m so proud, you worked hard!”

Kyungsoo: *Sends you pics of him playing with your guitar* “If I can do it, you can do it too! Don’t be nervous!”

Lay:*Practices with you backstage* “Don’t look at the people, just feel the music and let your hands do the work!”

Suho: *Together with the fanclub fangirling* “Come on boys! You have to join too!!”