i tried fixing it but it just looked worse

no but graham was actually my favorite.

when i walked in, he asked me for my name and how i was and i replied truthfully that i was a little bit excited. he then pulled me into this gigantic bear hug (graham gives the absolute best hugs ok) and he accidentally messed up my hair. the photographer was already kinda annoyed and then he said: “please fix your hair, it’s covering your eyes”.
graham then apologized and was all like: “oh my god i am so sorry. here, let me fix this.” and theN HE TRIED TO PUT MY HAIR BACK INTO PLACE, WHICH IS WHY YOU CAN SEE THIS RANDOM STRAND THAT IS COMPLETELY OUT OF PLACE. 

when i met him during the autograph session he started laughing and said: “i was supposed to fix it, not make it look worse.” but he said he still likes the picture a lot and he actually told me i’m pretty :3

he is just such an angel.

[i will not want to be called lexi forever, which is why i wanted to have my first name on the autographs. just in case anyone is wondering.]