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Fluffy UF Grillby and US Grillby courting headcannons? Please?:3

Heya! Thanks for sending in an ask, and heck yeah Grillbaes! :)


  • This purple flame of death is, dare i say, a pretty renovated fuckboy.
  • Most of his relationships dont go past casual flings, and if they do then they end as soon as Grillby grows tired of their partner.
  • But!
  • If somehow and someway Grillby does find his perfect match he will be utterly relentless.
  • He will constantly pamper his crush and his flirty remarks wont have an end.
  • Hes pretty experienced in relationships, but when it comes to his crush he seems to be at a loss for what to do, he doesnt want it to ed up just as a casual one night stand or something like that, so he overthinks alot of the things you do and say.
  • Is very jealous of his crush (Even more so with his s/o) and wont hesitate to scare off any unwanted attention towards you.
  • Of course he does all of that behind your back, since hes afraid that you might start hating him for it.
  • Even though he goes as much as to flatter you and throw dirty pick up lines at you, he wont go as far as to be handsy, at least not until you consent to it, after you do, his arm is practically glued to either yous waist or your butt.


(I must admit, i haven’t really had much experience with Us/Grillbs but i hope it turns out okay)

  • Is actually a pretty lonely hotty, as nobody comes to visit him much, except for his stand that is
  • So when you show up its like all of his world turned upside down
  • He constantly invites you over for sweets and tea, and he always tries to make the best impression, though its hard to do with his slightly goofy nature.
  • He loves to see you laugh, and whenever you do his flames turn a bit brighter and he cant help the lovesick puppy look on his face.
  • When he finally decides to court you, hell do something cheesy, like put a note in to one of his sweets and hope you dont eat it by accident.
  • If you accept to go on a date with him, hell be so happy, the room will automatically get hotter and a grin will be plastered onto his face for the next 2 days or so.
  • He will take you to the best restaurants and to the best dating spots he knows of, and he will make sure that you’re enjoying yourself every second of your time with him
  • At the end of the day hell be a gentleman and escort you home, only to kiss your hand afterwards as he blushes a 1000 shades of red



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Hi :))) Can I ask you how's the sensation of cuddling and hearing someone else's heart without a stethoscope? I mean,can you really hear without a stethoscope? I never do that and I really can't imagine how it is in reality. :)))

It’s… different. A stethoscope was created to amplify the specific sounds your body makes, and most of them do that very well. The ear, however, was made to hear all things. Which doesn’t make it better or worse, just different. A stethoscope, in my opinion, can make heart sounds louder and clearer… but I prefer the other way.

When you have your ear to someone’s chest, whether clothing is present or not, you’ve been invited into their space in a way I don’t feel you can achieve with a stethoscope. You’re so close, you can feel them breathe, can feel their heat… there’s a beauty in that level of trust that I love. It’s even better if they’re not wearing a shirt, because there is something inexplicably comforting about skin to skin touch. I really have no idea how to describe that… but I can tell you that before I met my cuddle buddy, I literally had no idea how comfortable and close it feels to be embraced by someone you love and trust, and feel their skin against yours, and hear their heartbeat against your ear. But I’ll try to explain it anyway.

It’s like… it’s like being wrapped in the most comfy quilt you could ever imagine, but also knowing that quilt is sentient and CARES. It wants you to be there, it likes wrapping you up, it somehow needs to keep you warm and safe and happy. It, itself, is pleased when you are happy, and it will do whatever it takes to make sure that when you’re hurt or scared or lonely, you only need look for that quilt. Just hear its heart and feel its quilty arms around you, to know that when you’re all wrapped up everything will be okay. :) And yes, you can hear it from the right positions, quite clearly.

I sincerely hope you get an opportunity to experience this yourself. It is wonderful, but don’t let someone you’re not comfortable with pressure you into it. The results are not the same at all and the first person that ever tried to hold me went too far too fast, causing me to be afraid of things like cuddling and kissing for a very long time. Fortunately the man I met who is my cuddle buddy now is very patient and caring and I couldn’t be luckier or more grateful!

It's Okay

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: mentions of unacceptance of bisexuality  

Summary: Reader is in the closet about her bisexuality, but Dean figures it out one night and tries to set her up with Charlie, only to have the reader confess her feelings for Dean. 
Words: 1095

A/N: I hope to God I do this story justice. Being straight, I’ve never had to experience being unaccepted for your sexual orientation, and I only have one friend who I know is openly bi, so I don’t have much personal knowledge of bisexuality. I really hope I do this well for you, anon. Feel free to call me out if I don’t or write anything that makes you uncomfortable


You and Dean take a seat at the bar, Dean motioning the bartender for two beers. Sam was suppose to come out with the two of you, but a bad cold kept him at the bunker for a night.

Your eyes wander around the bar, taking in the crowds. As you look around, you eyes stop on a girl standing at a high top table with a group of four other girls. She has long brown hair that’s curled and big blue eyes that you can see all the way across the room. She catches your gaze, and she smiles at you. You feel yourself blush and duck your head.

You hope that she won’t come over here, and you wish she hadn’t caught you staring. 

You hadn’t told Dean or Sam yet that you were bisexual. After your last experience coming out, you were terrified of their reaction. 

Coming out to your friends and family in your small hometown didn’t go as planned. You knew they weren’t open minded, but you really had hoped that because it was you, they would be more accepting. 

How wrong you were. 

At first, your parents thought you were joking, but as you stood in front of them with conviction and a quivering lip, your mother started to cry and your dad just shook his head as he walked out of the room.

Somehow, your entire school found out, and you were forced to wander the halls under their judging stares and mean snickers as you walked pass. 

As soon as you graduated, you high-tailed it out of your town as quickly as you could, never looking back, and not hearing from you so-called friends or your parents since you left. 

And now you were adult, and you were completely accepting of yourself, but you had come to realize how hard it was for others to accept it.

And you weren’t ready to possibly lose Dean and Sam.

Especially Dean.

He instantly struck you with his rugged good looks and a smirk that could make any girl quiver at the knees, but beyond the good looks was a man, a good man, with a heart of gold who cared deeply for the people in his life, and who loved Western movies, and sang along, off key, to Led Zeppelin and Queen. 

You fell for him so quickly it made your head spin. 

The bartender slams the two beers in front of you and Dean, and the two of you cheers. 

A few drinks later, you decide to call it a night, and the two of you ride in comfortable silence back to the bunker, just the classic rock station softly playing through the speakers. 

Once you’re back, Dean decides to grab some beers for the two of you, not quiet ready for the night to end. 

You settle at the table in the main room, you with your legs crossed, and Dean with his up on the table. 

The two of you are quiet, both not needing to fill the silence with words, until Dean clears his throat.

“So, um,” he scratches the back of his head, clearly unsure how to say what he’s trying to say. “I have this friend, Charlie.” You shake your head. You had heard her name a few times, but had never seen her before. “And, if you want, I could give you her number. She’s super sweet. Total dork. You’d love her.”

Your heart stops and your stomach drops as heat floods your body.

“Wh-what?” You put the beer down on the table as your palms start to sweat. “Wh-why would I want her number?” You try to laugh it off, the nervousness bubbling into your throat. 

Dean smiles, a genuine, soft smile. 

“Y/N, it’s okay. I saw you checking out that girl at the bar. Don’t worry. Charlie’s a great girl, she’ll take care of you.” He winks. 

It’s okay.

You’re shocked that Dean’s okay with it. Not cause it’s Dean, just cause you’ve yet to come across someone in your life who had mattered and who had accepted it. 

“You’re….you’re okay with it?” You stutter, trying to keep back the tears as they begin to well.

“Hey, hey, hey.” Dean puts his beer down. “Don’t cry. Why are you crying?” He suddenly gets nervous. 

You bite your lips, debating if you’re actually going to tell him or not.

“Dean,” you whisper, fearing your voice will crack. You swallow hard as you let out a deep breath through your nose. “The last time I did this, I lost my friends and family because of it. And uh, I’m nervous.”

Dean stands from his chair and walks over to you, sitting up on the table and taking your hands in his. 

“You have nothing to worry about, Y/N. With me or Sam.” He smiles.

“Well that’s good.” You let out a nervous laugh. “And uh, I appreciate your offer about Charlie, but uh, I’m not a lesbian actually.” Dean’s eyebrows furrow and his lips purse as he looks over your shoulder in absolute confusion, clearly trying to figure your words out in his head. 

You giggle at him, even as a few tears fall down your cheek. 

“I’m, uh, I’m bi, actually.” Dean looks at you, still looking lost. “Bisexual.” You clarify, and his mouth pops open into a little “o” and his eyebrows shoot up. 

“Ohhh, so..” Dean starts.

“I like guys and girls.” Dean nods his head, the gears finally clicking into place.

“Yeah…” You shake your head. 

“And uh,” you decide to go off your moment of bravery. “I’m sure Charlie’s great, but there’s actually a guy I kinda like right now.” You duck your head and look down at your boots. 

“Oh.” Dean pauses as you keep your gaze down. “Well, uh, who’s this guy?”

You blush and bite down on your lip, deciding to just bite the bullet.

“Uh, you.” You wring your hands together, terrified your heart is going 

Two strong hands cover yours, and they pull you up out of your seat and next to him.

His hand travels from your hand, to your chin and lifts your gaze to meet his. 

His green eyes shine into yours, and with a gentle tug, he pulls your lips to his, moving very carefully as his thumb rubs your cheek and his fingers grip onto your hip. 

You smile against his lips as his stubble scratches your cheeks. 

He pulls away, holding your cheeks, and leaning his forehead against your.

“It’s gonna be okay." 


So I tried coloring Mirajane in three different styles! The first is inspired by Tartatail’s style, second one is Unisonraidd’s and last one is my new one! Kind of a mix of all the techniques i know  i’m gonna keep experimenting till i have a style that fits me! So tell me what you think!