i tried experimenting.. i hope it's okay

  *Guess who fell face first into rare pair hell? Here is a Boombox fic to kick off the end of my writing hiatus. I’ve never written slash fanfiction and I’m aromantic as fuck so this was an experience.*

  Most of the Overwatch members had at least tried to befriend the Junkers when they’d first arrived, and had been met with limited success. Roadhog wasn’t much for conversation, and Junkrat could be a bit overwhelming, to put it nicely.

  So everyone, including the Junkers, had been rather shocked when their last teammate arrived and was able to become friends with the wild pair. Though if anyone could do it, it was Lúcio. The Brazilian was just such a kind person it was hard to dislike him. Unless you were Symmetra, but that’s a different story.

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So I tried coloring Mirajane in three different styles! The first is inspired by Tartatail’s style, second one is Unisonraidd’s and last one is my new one! Kind of a mix of all the techniques i know  i’m gonna keep experimenting till i have a style that fits me! So tell me what you think!