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Tequila Works Wonders

Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, The Avengers (mentioned)
Warnings: Swearing, drunk reader, fluff Summary: You and Bucky are best friends, the thing is, you’re in love with him. What happens when you’ve drank a little too much?
Word Count: 1.2k+
A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble lmao

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Forbidden Love | Epilogue

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Epilogue

Rubbing your sleepy eyes, you read the last message over again. He’s in front of your apartment?

Slowly, you turned your head to your right and glanced at Jimin, realizing that he was sound asleep.

Carefully, you unwrapped his arm from your middle and placed a soft kiss on his temple before you walked out of your shared bedroom.

Still confused, you walked downstairs, trying to ignore the uneasy feeling. What was he doing here at this hour?

The minute you opened the door, you were met with a completely drenched Taehyung. Slowly, he looked up and connected his blank looking eyes with yours.

Shocked, you looked at his pale face. “Taehyung, what happened to you? Why are you-”

Before you could end your sentence, he closed his eyes and whispered. “Y/N, can you hug me, please?”

Frozen, you looked at him. “W-What?”

He opened his eyes again, letting the now newly formed tears roll down his face. “Please..”

Unsure what to do, you hesitantly opened your arms. Without waiting any second, he walked forward and wrapped his arms around your body, making sure to hold you close as he started crying on your shoulder.

You, on the other hand, stood there, arms frozen mid air, not sure about your next move. What happened to him? Why was he crying?

The moment you heard his sobs, you wrapped your arms around his shaking body and stroke his back. “Shh, it’s okay.. Everything is going to be okay..”

Closing the door, you wrapped your hand around his wrist and dragged him to your living room.

Without saying anything he followed you and laid his head on your lap when you both sat down on your sofa.

Sitting there together, none of you saying anything. You placed your hand on his head, stroking his hair softly in order to calm him down a little bit.

Suddenly, you heard him whisper. “I’m sorry, Y/N.. I’m sorry for everything she has done to you..”

Your body stiffened when you heard those words, remembering the day she had “visited” you at the hospital.

Flashback: Three years ago..

“How are you feeling, Y/N?”

You looked up from your hands and connected your eyes with hers, inwardly being thankful that she was the first one to speak up and break the uncomfortable tension in the hospital room.

Lifting the corners of your lips slightly, you nodded once as you looked down at your fiddling hands again. “Good.. I think… Could have been better..”

“Stop pretending.”

When you heard her cold voice, your head snapped up. “W-What?”

Standing up from the chair, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and walked towards your bed. “I know that you’re still pregnant, you can’t fool me.”

You opened your eyes widely as you tried to control your breathing, the smirk plastered on her face making it hard for you to concentrate. “H-How do you know?”

A sarcastic chuckle left her mouth. “Money is everything, sweetie. And it’s even easier if you have a friend working at the hospital. It wasn’t hard to get your documents, darling.”

“What do you want, Hara?”

“I heard that there is a chance that your poor heart won’t be able to survive the labor. What a pity..”

You clenched your jaw and closed your eyes, the words coming out of your mouth as a hiss. “Hara, tell me what you want!”

“I don’t like sharing, Y/N. So leave. Go without saying anything. I don’t want to see you near Jimin or Taehyung ever again!”

End of Flashback

You snapped out of your thoughts when you felt Taehyung’s hands on your arms. "You must have suffered a lot.. Why didn’t you tell me?!“

Getting out of his grip, you looked away. “It doesn’t matter anymore, Taehyung.. My son has already lived three years without his father..”

“No! You can’t just forget all the things she has done to you! You shouldn’t! Y/N-”

Just before he could end his sentence, you heard a loud banging against your apartment door, making you both jump on your spot. “Open the door! Don’t listen to him, Y/N! Open the door!”

Your body shot up the moment you recognized the voice, making your heart race against your rib cage as the fear started bubbling up in your body. “T-Taehyung! She’s here! She’s going to take my child!”

“What’s going on? Taehyung? What are you doing here?” When you heard Jimin’s sleepy voice, you turned around immediately, running towards him as you clutched his t-shirt with your shaking hands. “Jimin! Hara is here! Go to Jihyun and stay beside him! She’s going to take him!”


“No, Jimin go upstairs and-”

“Baby, calm down-”

“-make sure he doesn’t leave his room-”


You flinched when you heard Jimin’s loud voice, a loud sob escaping your mouth when he wrapped his strong arms around your body. “She can’t do anything! Not when I’m here! Who is she to take our son away from us! She can’t do anything!”

You looked at him with fearful eyes when he planted a soft kiss against your lips before he walked towards the apartment door, ready to open it to a shouting Hara.

From the corner of your eyes, you saw Taehyung standing near the sofa, his hands formed into fists, looking away with an unreadable expression plastered on his face.

The minute Jimin opened the door, Hara lunged into your apartment, immediately walking towards you.

Before you could even step away from her, she wrapped her hands around your arms and looked into your eyes with her teary ones, repeating each word as she shook her head from side to side. “Don’t listen to Taehyung, Y/N! He’s lying! He was the one who-”

Without having the chance to end her sentence, Hara was yanked away from you by Taehyung, his hand placed on her mouth as he hissed. “Shut up!”

Confused, you looked at them. What was he hiding?

You watched how Hara yanked his hand away, pushing him away as she shouted. “No! I will no longer do what you say to me! You already took three years away from them, Taehyung! And you’re still lying to her! Why can’t you let them in peace?!”

Taehyung hissed again. “I told you to shut up-”

“T-Taehyung, what is she saying?” You looked at him with pleading eyes, hoping that your thoughts were wrong.

“He forced me, Y/N! He forced me to send those messages! He was the one who send me to your hospital room! He’s the reason why Jihyun lived without his father for three years!”

And in that moment, you felt like a bullet went through your chest. Your vision started getting blurry, your weak knees failing on you, making you collapse on the floor.

The last thing you saw was a furious Jimin punching Taehyung in the face and a worried Hara shouting your name as you were welcomed by the darkness.

When you opened your eyes, you were lying on the sofa with a worried Jimin sitting beside you, making sure that you were okay.

When Jimin realized that you were awake, he immediately wrapped his arms around your body and started placing several kisses on your face. “How are you feeling? Are you okay? Should we go to the hospital? Is your head hurting? Y/N, should I call an ambulance-”

You caressed his face softly as you leaned your forehead against his. “Shh, I’m okay.. I’m okay..”

Intertwining your hand with his, you leaned back a little bit and turned your head around, looking at Taehyung who was sitting on the opposite sofa, his face covered with newly formed bruises from earlier.

Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes and asked. “Why did you do that?”

You opened your eyes when you realized that he wasn’t going to answer. “Taehyung, why did you do that?”

“I still love you.”

The minute Jimin heard his answer, he lunged forward but you stopped him with your hand, your eyes now fixed on Hara’s sad face.

Taking another deep breath, you turned to Jimin. “Jimin, why don’t you take Hara and go out a little bit. I think she needs a little bit of fresh air-”

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows. “No! I’m not leaving you alone with that bastard!”

Stoking his hand, you whispered. “Jimin, please. Hara doesn’t look good.. Do it for me, hm?”

Huffing loudly, Jimin stood up from the sofa and walked towards Hara, making sure to help her stand up since she was struggling with her growing baby bump.

When you were sure that they were out of the house, you placed your head in your hands and started talking. “You lied to me, Taehyung.”

No answer.

“You told me that you found a new home, that you’re in love with her.”

“No, I didn’t. At first, I thought that she was the one. She made me happy. I felt at home. But then I realized that she wasn’t you. I realized that I longed your voice, your touch, I longed you, Y/N..”

“Taehyung, she loves you! Can’t you see that she’s hurting?! You’re hurting her!”

“I’m hurting too! Can’t you see that I’m a wreck without you?!”

“Taehyung, you’re now married and your second child is on its way. You have a family who loves you no matter what.. They are the reason for your happiness-”

“No! I’m not happy! I’m not happy without you, Y/N! And if I’m not happy, then you can’t be happy too! That’s why I forced Hara to send those messages! I wanted to prevent seeing you three happy as a family!“

A sarcastic chuckle escaped your mouth. "You’re selfish, Taehyung.”

He shook his head. “No, I’m in love.”

“That’s not love. That can’t be love..”

“No matter what you say, Y/N, I’ll fight for you! I’ll win you back! You were mine and I’ll make sure that you’ll be mine again!”

You shook you’re head from side to side. “No, I’ll never be yours again. The more you try to destroy my family, the more we will hold onto each other and be happy. Do you know why, Taehyung?”

You watched how his strong expression turned into a hurt one when he looked at your lifted hand, his eyes fixed on your ring finger.

“We’re getting married, Taehyung. And no matter what you do, I’ll always go back to Jimin. I’m sorry, but I’m in love with him, Taehyung-ah. You can’t change that..”

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The first thing you notice when you start to wake up is that you’re incredibly warm.

The good kind of warm though, that type of warm where you really don’t want to wake up because you’re so comfortable. But you’re awake, you can’t go back, and so you make a small noise and flutter your eyes open. Blinking bleary for a second before focusing on blue eyes. Your lips curving into a sleepy smile. And Steve gave you an adorable small smile in return.

“Mmm, mornin’.” You greeted, your legs sliding down his as you stretched with a soft groan, twisting your body around so you were half on your stomach and half on him. Your head no longer resting on his arm but now resting on his chest as you looked up at him smiling.

“Morning,” he said softly. “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm and I didn’t want to wake you.” He chuckled moving his arm and resting his hand on your lower back, still smiling.

“Oh good. Now I can make breakfast. You probably would have boiled everything.” You winked and Steve scoffed, his smile growing as he shook his head.

“I know how to use the internet, Y/N. I probably wouldn’t be half bad.” He tried to defend himself but as you raised an eyebrow at him he laughed loudly. “Okay, I know I set off the smoke detectors maybe once or twice, but I was learning!” He protested and now you were laughing.

“Babe, you burnt water.” You reminded him, a teasing smile on your lips as you looked at him. “Water. Steve, I didn’t know water could be burnt!”

Steve blushed, the tips of his ears turning red. “Well, yeah…” he trailed off and you leaned over to give him a quick kiss because he looked so cute.

“Yeah, but if you hadn’t done that, I probably wouldn’t have come over and tried to teach you how to cook.” You mused your thoughts going back to when you two were just neighbors and you decided to try and help him.

“Then it’s a good thing.” He smiled and pulled you closer to him to give you another sweet kiss.

“Yeah, but now I always gotta cook for the two of us.” You joked and Steve nipped your bottom lip playfully.

“Hey, one day I’m going to make you a lovely dinner and you’re going to love it.” He promised and you hummed nodding your head smiling again.

“Mhmm sure, but right now lets focus on breakfast.” You smirked and Steve gave you another quick kiss before you two got out of bed.

“See, isn’t that easy?” You asked as you watched Steve mix the pancake batter in a bowl.

“Well, the smoke detectors aren’t going off yet.” He smirked and you laughed.

Somehow, you making breakfast turned into a cooking lesson for Steve. “Now, we already have the pan warmed up and ready. The butter already melted in the pan and now you just to pour a little of the batter to start making pancakes.” You instructed, sitting on the counter and pointing.

Steve moved around the kitchen. Faithfully following the instructions you gave easily.

He poured a little bit of the batter in the pan, and you smiled. “Now it won’t take too long to cook. But you’ll have to check if it’s a little brown before flipping it over and cooking the other side.”

You were honestly so proud of Steve. Three pancakes in and nothing bad had happened yet. “Alright, so I can make pancakes.” He said confidently and you smirked.

“We’ll put it on your resume. ‘Captain America can make pancakes.’ It’ll be under where it says you speak French.” You hummed and Steve gave you a playful glare.

He sat the bowl aside, and took two stride towards you. Standing between your open legs. “You know, it’s rude to tease.” He murmured and you gave him a cheeky grin.

“Uhm, from what I recall, you don’t mind my teasing.” Your eyes mischievous.

But Steve didn’t reply, instead, he kissed you.

You immediately melted in the kiss, your arms wrapping around his shoulders as his hands rested on the counter on either side of your thighs.

It didn’t take long for you two to forget all about your pancakes. You didn’t remember until you smelt something burning, you immediately pushed Steve back. “Pancakes!” You exclaimed and you both cursed and went right to action. You grabbed a dishtowel, flapping it around crazily so the smoke would some how disappear and not set off the smoke detector.

Steve turned off the stove, and flipped the burnt pancake into the trash before putting the pan in the sink.

With all that, you two looked at each other with wide eyes before breaking into smiles, laughing. “Well at least we didn’t set off the smoke detectors.” You said proudly and just then, the beeping started. And you two laughed again.

“Open the windows, we gotta air this out,” he chuckled. And you both did just that, sitting down on the couch afterwards.

“The pancakes are probably cold now,” you sighed and leaned into Steve’s side before looking up at him. “Wanna go to Sam’s? Maybe he’ll make us food.” You smirked and Steve matched your grin.

“Let’s go.”

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Sam doesn't eat unless he has to while Dean's a demon. When he gets Dean back, the first thing his big brother notices is how skinny and weak he is. Dean goes into ultra protective mode and is so gentle and loving to Sam. He makes him food and when they have sex, Dean is gentle and he makes Sam feel so safe and secure again. Dean goes on and on about how his Sammy needs to be good and healthy, and how well he's doing as he keeps gaining weight. Dean supports him through all of jt.

he’s not purposely starving himself, you know? it’s just… he’s worried about other things, about more important matters, about his brother. trying to find dean, trying to find a cure, trying to figure out a way to make sure that he can actually get his brother back, it all seems more important than eating. now he isn’t stupid. he knows that he can’t continue living without eating something it’s just when he does eat, it’s just enough to take the edge off his hunger that isn’t really there.

he just knows that he’s this far from finding a cure and if he pushes through this then dean will be alright and he’ll be back to his old self and sam can stop worrying about that. he just has to push a little harder for just a little longer.

demon!dean makes a comment about it, how sam looks as skinny as he did when he was a gangly teen and they were doing things that no brother should do in the backseat of the impala. demon!dean would smile as he said “don’t you remember how i would just split you open on my cock, sammy? how you would beg for it. how much of a slut you were for it. begging me to stuff you full and tear you in half. i’m sure that if you released me now, i could still split you open, still make you beg for it. hell, i probably wouldn’t even fit. your body is too tiny now to take me all the way.”

it wasn’t like the other jabs that demon!dean sent his way, saying that dean had cared his ass for all his life, always looking after him and how he never wanted that. and it wasn’t like the jab that he sent towards sam saying that dean never really wanted sam in that way, he just couldn’t stand making the kid sad. but regardless it hurt to hear because sam was certain that dean was right. he probably wouldn’t be able to fit dean inside of him anymore. it’s been too long and he’s lost so much weight and yet sam would still probably beg for it. he would beg and cry until dean broke him in half and still want more.

but then sam cured dean, purified that demon blood or whatever and then sam had his brother back and he felt weak and small. his body sagged on his bed (dean didn’t want to be around him anymore. he ran off to his room the moment that sam released him and he took the hint. dean didn’t want to have anything else with him.) and he felt like he would just sink through. he was hungry, more than hungry. he was starving and yet he couldn’t bring himself to walk into the kitchen and get something to eat. it seemed like it was too much effort.

curing dean, it was supposed to fix everything. everything was supposed to go back to how it was before he was a demon and everything was supposed to be alright.

there’s a tentative knock at his door and he’s expecting cas, telling him that dean has finally gotten to sleep and that he should eat something or something like that but he’s surprised when the door pushes open and it’s dean standing there, holding a tray of food in his hand, standing in the door like he’s not welcome which was weird to see because dean was always welcomed in his room.

yet there dean was, standing in the doorway like he was a stranger, waiting for sam’s permission to come in.

you don’t have to ask, dean.” sam finally said when it was clear that dean wasn’t going to walk in on his own. “you’re always welcomed in my room. always.” he’s not sure why he’s trying to make that point but he is. he wants dean to know that anything of sam’s is something of his.

oh… uhh… okay.” dean said, pushing the door open wider and he’s almost blushing, like he was embarrassed to think that he wasn’t welcomed or maybe he was embarrassed to think that sam still wanted him. after everything he did. everything he said. “i… uhh… i made you some food. you just… you look…

dean trailed off. how were you supposed to nicely say that you’ve lost so much weight that you look unhealthy.

but sam sat up straighter on his bed, leaning against the head board and his heart hurts in his chest because it looks like dean actually tried to make him something that he would like. the salad looked fresh. the chicken still looked hot. the apple that dean had sliced open looked good and it was nothing like what dean normally ate and yet he still tried. he was trying to make it up to sam.

sam barely ate three of the apples slices and picked at the salad before he pushed the tray away, claiming that he was full and dean didn’t doubt it for a second but he still urged sam to eat just another apple slice.

sam looked at the apple and then looked up at dean, his jaw locked in that childlike defiance and dean ran a hand through his hair.

listen, sammy, i know that i’m in no position to ask you to do anything. in fact, i’m the last person that should ask you to do anything but you’ve gotta eat a little more, man. please. just a couple bites of chicken. we’ve gotta… you’ve gotta get healthy. you’re skin and bones and it’s all because…because of me. even though dean didn’t say that, sam knew what he meant to say. and he wanted to deny it. it wasn’t because of dean, sam had every opportunity to eat, he just didn’t.

instead it ate a full slice of chicken and a couple more pieces of apple and he looked up at dean, his stomach stuffed and he didn’t miss the fond little smile that was on dean’s face. except dean was sitting at the edge of the bed, so far away and sam wanted him so much closer. needed him closer.

good job, sammy.” dean praised, picking up the tray and backing out of the room. “you did such a good job.” he paused at the door, looking as if he wanted to say more before he walked out. “i’ll see you in the morning.”

for breakfast dean makes oatmeal and the hot meal feels good going down his stomach and it tastes so good that he can’t help but eat it all. it was so much food and a few minutes later, it comes back up and sam knew he shouldn’t have eaten it all. his stomach couldn’t handle that much food after not eating for so long. he needed to take it slower but dean was there, rubbing light fingers up and down his back, saying that it was okay. they’ll try something else and he pressed a cool washcloth to the back of his face and when sam gained the color back to his skin, dean backed away from sam, ceasing all contact and sam missed that the most.

dean helped sam gain weight back. every meal that sam had was a home cooked meal and it was something different and dean would ask how sam liked it and sam would reply truthfully. there was one night that sam stumbled upon dean fast asleep with his head resting in some book in the library. and upon further inspection, sam saw that it was a cookbook with post-it notes sticking out all over the place. sam gently pulled the book from out underneath dean’s head and on it post-it note was dean’s handwriting, writing down notes, whether or not sam liked whatever was on that page and sam’s heart swelled at the sight.

it took a while. that’s a lie actually. it took forever for dean to actually touch sam like they used to. dean had folded back into himself, refused himself to touch sam longer than he absolutely had to and whenever sam would try to initiate any kind of contact, dean would cut it off, make up some excuse why he had to leave and do something else.

however, slowly sam started touching dean longer and dean allowed himself to stay there while sam touched. a couple of fingers to the back of the hand. elbows and knees pressed together while they’re sitting next to each other at the table. it’s small but it feels like some much to sam.

there’s one night where dean doesn’t seem as shielded as he normally is and they’re in sam’s room watching some movie and sam managed to crawl up under dean’s arm and dean wrapped it around sam’s shoulder for the whole movie. now in the morning, dean seemed even more distant that he had before and anytime there was even the smallest point of contact, dean flinched like he was burned.

sam had long gained back the weight that he had lost when they first had sex. dean was in his room, leaning up against the headboard, staring off into nothing when sam let himself in and crawled onto dean’s bed and all but begged dean to touch him. that he needed it and it was low because sam knew that dean would do anything that sam asked but it wasn’t a lie. he missed dean. he missed him tremendously and having dean just within reach and yet having dean seem like he was miles away hurt more than any kind of pain could feel.

it started out with sam touching dean. slowly undressing him, kissing him, whispering praise and forgiveness for everything that dean ever said to him in his skin and soon dean was trembling underneath sam’s touch and it was everything that sam wanted.

he was fully content with riding dean, taking whatever he was willing to get but sam sunk his teeth into the flesh the spot where dean’s heart was, sucked a deep, purple spot there and it seemed to flip some kind of switch inside of dean.

dean flipped them and then it was sam’s turn to be worshipped with fingers and lips and the entire time dean couldn’t stop himself for apologizing, saying that he wanted sam, that he needed him, that he didn’t mean any of what he said when he was a demon. it was all a ploy to try to get sam to let him go and sam ran a hand through dean’s hair and told him that it’s okay. that he knows.

as much as dean hates to admit it and he probably won’t ever admit it, he buried his head in the crook of sam’s shoulder as he pushed inside of him and cried.

sam felt like crying too because it was all too much. the way that dean was treating him, like he was this fragile thing that dean didn’t even deserve touching, treating him with so much care, being so gentle that sam wasn’t sure that this was still his dean because dean hadn’t been this gentle with him since the first time they did this. or when dean sold his soul for him to bring him back from the dead.

so it’s kind of a give and take, ya know. dean nurses sam back to health. holds his hair back when sam throws back up his meal because he just can’t keep it down and sam shows dean that he is worthy of forgiveness.

Just A Small Crush. (Drabble)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Since you’ve been new to the team in stark towers for a few months, you couldn’t help but feel attracted and attached to the handsome Bucky Barnes. But as the team already know you like him including Nat, you question yourself if the man himself has found out or if he’s just being damn oblivious.

Warnings: fluff, swearing and just shit writing haha. This is my first fan fic as @gaybybirth and @lancefuckrr inspired me to write as their so bloody talented, so I thought I’d give it a go seeing as I also Roleplay too. So here it goes! Tell me if you like it or would like a second part!


You paced around in your room after leaving the team that had been indulging theirselves by throwing remarks at you all evening about your ‘crush’ for Bucky. Luckily he was out of that particular situation and were training with Steve, you were glad and very lucky he hadn’t been in range as you wouldn’t of been happy with anyone at all, despite them making you feel giddy from time to time.

“Y/N?….hun?” A familiar voice mumbled through the wood of the door. It was the beautiful yet wicked Natasha, who was cooing you all day. “Can I come in?” She asked before turning the door handle anyway. You let out a small sigh and planted yourself on your bed before Natasha made herself welcomed and sat on the edge beside you.

“Sorry…we pushed too far didn’t we?” She spoke, her brows furrowed.

“No…well, it was alittle..” You struggled to get your words out before inhaling deeply “-I just feel so humiliated sometimes as the comments go a little too far, especially with Sam, fuck sake” You continued before carding strands of hair behind your ears.

“I know. I’m sorry Y/N I just thought it be fun to perhaps get you in the mood…” Natasha responded, her fingers reaching to touch your skin, rubbing circles on your arm.

“For what!?” You scoffed, raising your brow at her.

“You know, confidence…be brave woman” Nat let out a devious chuckled before nudging into you.

“Right…I’m just gonna fuck up the moment I see him”

“Yeah…because he isn’t going to do the same!?” Nat rolled her eyes and made her way up towards your closet. “Do me a favour, get dressed into something nice and join us, Bucky and Steve will be there anytime soon, and this time ‘communicate’” She spoke sternly, wavering her hand in your face as you just glared back at her.

Your mouth was slightly parted and your eyes just blank, processing what dress or comfort wear you would put on for Bucky to see or admire you in, hoping he would do just that anyway. Natasha shook her head at your expression and move in to pat your shoulder lightly.

“You’ll be fine Hun, just be with us and try to have fun. We may tease but we all love you like family and we think it’s really adorable, honestly. He will too” Her eyebrows wriggled as you shrugged off her hand, laughing at her expression.

“I’ll join you. But NO teasing” you answered her in a more softer tone, gracing her with a smile before standing up to sort out your attire for the evening.


Time seemed to go by quickly as you sorted out your entire wardrobe. Sighing at the thought of not finding anytime, until, your eyes glanced upon a black laced dress that you recalled to of worn on a date years ago. Your lips curled up into a smile as you grabbed the coat hanger down and started to get changed.

Smoothing down your dress you admired yourself in the mirror, your Y/C/H in long curls and your make up only applied lightly, you were ready to have some fun with the team. You knew Tony was going to turn the evening into a party so this made you excited already. You heard the low thumping of the music start already, sending chills down your spine at the thought of encountering the team, you wasn’t really amazing with crowds even though they were family.

You made your way out the door, the hallway reflecting light from one of Tony’s strobe lights. He was way too extreme sometimes. You entered the living room where they all were, Nat was with Sam and Wanda, Clint with Tony and Vision who seemed to be content with Wanda now…according to the rumours, and of course Steve and Bucky leaning against the table near the kitchen island. Your eyes fixated on Bucky who was dressed in a black tight fitted shirt and dark jeans, along with his hair being slicked back just a little, Steve obviously made him put more effort into his appearance even though he was fucking attractive either way. His eyes, his jaw line, his body…

“Well look at you!” A voice snapped you out of your drooling thoughts as you turned to face Sam, grinning at you.

“Oh hey” you stammered, back to reality now you focused onto his brown wandering eyes.

“Damn Y/N, your lookin so good” he exclaimed before being slapped on the shoulder by Wanda, who followed by his side.

“You look lovely Y/N” She spoke, narrowing her eyes at Sam before giving you a small nod.

“Thank you…to both of you, I’m happy I look ok” you let out a faint chuckle as they both just agreed in unison.

You started to open your mouth to converse once more before you were stopped mid track with the familiar eyes that lingered on you from afar. Bucky Barnes were eyeing you over from over where he stood with Steve, you luckily managed to catch it before he took a small swig of his beer, nodding to whatever Steve was telling him whilst still keeping his eyes fixed on you….well, your body anyway.

Wanda and Sam obviously got the hint and let out a laugh before trailing back to the others, leaving you standing, gawking at your crush. Your eyes fluttered as you tried to remain calm and content, not flustered. But his stare just made you wobble, almost lose your balance.

Natasha, the saviour of literally everything began to signal you over, mouthing for a drink with her, you gave her a nod, sauntering over to the red head whilst you still felt the familiar eyes on you.

“So, need a drink?” She asked as you moved onto the bar stool beside her.

“Fucking hell yes please” you hissed as you tried to catch your breath, your heart pounding at the feeling of attracting his attention. You grew a frown as you suddenly saw Nat stand up off her stool, making her way around you.

“Well that’s a good thing I got you prepared sweetie. Looks like lover boy is coming over so you better get ready” She flashed you a wink as she slid your drink towards you and peered over your shoulder at the man who was making his way over, she turned on her heels and sauntered off in her red dress and black stilettos. Fucking idiot.

“Hey” a low gruff voice startled you from behind, sending another shiver down your heated body. You froze for at least a few seconds before turning yourself around to make eye contact with Bucky, and God did he look even better close up as he always fucking did.

“Hi Buck…you okay?” You maintained calm and confident enough to answer which made his lips twitch into a soft smile.

“I’m good doll, and you?” His eyes still fixated on yours.

“Yeah, just enjoying some time finally with the team”

“Nice to see, I didn’t see you around today so it’s nice to catch up with you whilst I could” He spoke whilst raising his brow.

“Yeah just been caught up really…but I’m here now so, it’s nice” your words were dumb, you didn’t even have a good answer but your expression didn’t show it, you just carried on giving him a content smile.

“You look lovely by the way, it’s been a long time since you’ve…dressed up” His words making your temperature rise even more. You were on a high from this moment.

“Really? Well…t-Thankyou Bucky, yeah I” you paused, fidgeting with the hem of your dress as you tried to cool yourself down “I just wanted to make some effort tonight, you know”

“That’s what I told Steve” Bucky let out a chuckle before sipping more of his beer he still held, signalling towards your drink too. You picked up your martini Nat ordered and raised it against his.

“Well we always think alike don’t we” you mused, taking a sip from your drink.

Bucky hummed as he moved in closer, his eyes wandering over your body as you tried to avoid your gaze from him being so close. You gave yourself a smile before he spoke once more.

“Especially when the other doesn’t confess” His words hit you hard, sending your eyes to widen and glare up at him.

“You…w-what?” You stuttered, words not processing at all to escape your lips, which sent him to let out a laugh.

“Doll…it’s fine.” He grinned, his flesh hand reaching to stroke your bare shoulder. “How long?…”

“How long what” you exclaimed, your heart in your mouth as you couldn’t control your body beating like it was right now.

“How long have you liked me” he asked, still in contact with your skin.


“Cause sweetheart…it’s not only obvious but” his eyes bored into yours as his fingers trailed down to lift your chin to give him your full attention.

“I like you too….ever since you joined. And all this time it’s fucking killed me to not make a move” he whispered, his breath hitting your lips as they gave him the brightest smile ever. You were obviously both idiots who had the same feelings. And that was the evening your crush not only confessed too! but finally kissed you.


ah! Was a bit shit but I hope you liked it. My tags go out to @mokacoconut @sebastiandamn @frenchtherainbow @gaybybirth @lancefuckrr @peggy-carterx @dianelogan @glcnnwood @plumfondler and all my other friends and followers. You’re all amazing and some are tagged on here cause your an inspiration, just Incase you think “why you tagged me” hehe. Love you all.

// I wish this could be longer but I have so much to do! I had to cut it short rip :’) I still always love writing for Saeran though he’s such a babe why can’t he be real

- Tries his best to look nice, he has a cute little black tux that looks so good on him– But he hates it, it’s so uncomfortable! His brother insists MC will love it, and to trust him.

- Doesn’t really understand why everything is so important since it’s just a day today.. But he knows it means a lot to you, so he tries his best to make it enjoyable. Finds literally everyone else in the world cringy and annoying. Everyone’s acting as if the world is their own personal porno– he’s so fed up with seeing people making out everywhere. Plus there’s candy of Saeyoung’s all over in the house that he cant even eat much of or he’ll get sick damnit it’s so tempting

- Preferably he would want to have a picnic and watch the sunset with you on the day. He doesn’t like to be in crowded places like a restaurant or theatre. He cant focus on you with all the noise around– He has a lot of sensory overload. Somewhere quiet with just to two of you is good for him.

- He’s taken back by how beautiful you look. You didn’t have to go all out for him.. But he does feel special. He got you a white rose and baby’s breath in a cute little glass vase as a gift. Blushes madly while giving it to you, he feels like it’s the first date all over again. Though he cant even remember you two having a proper first date.. There was a first for everything, he supposed.

- It’s a nice date, he sets up the blanket and snacks while letting you go on about things you’ve been thinking about; all while he’s silently listening. He likes to hear you mindlessly talk about stuff.

- He gives you a kiss as the sun starts to set, its intimate and very gentle. As if you were made of glass. That’s odd for Saeran, he’s not usually so soft like this. So it just makes you cherish it even more.

- It gets colder as the sun fades away, he notices this and offers his jacket to you for warmth. Puts an arm around your shoulder and let’s you snuggle into him. He doesn’t think he’s that much fun to cuddle with, but he is.

- He talks every once in awhile, even though he prefers you to be the one doing the chatting. Talks about the future, maybe some of his fears or whats been on his mind. You comfort him if he starts to get a little riled up while talking on.

- It gets late, so he recommends going back home. He helps you pick up all the supplies and puts them back in the car but he’s very touchy– his hands find their way to your waist more often than he’d care to admit while putting everything away. For some reason everything he did was much slower and gentler tonight. He had a lot of patience, it was odd but nice to see.

- The car ride is nicely quiet, the radio playing romantic music softly in the background. He places a warm hand on your inner thigh and mindlessly traces circles with his thumb; while the spare is on the steering wheel. It wasn’t placed high enough to be inappropriate– but it still gave you butterflies.

“ Hey– MC? ”
He mutters, breaking the silence. You turn your head to look towards him, the moonlight shining on his face combined with the tux made him look like something straight out of one of Saeyoung’s spy movies.

“ Hm? ”
You return, warmly hugging yourself around the jacket he’d given you earlier; due to the cold weather.

“ I really love you. ”
He stated confidently, a slight smile on the corner of his lips as his eyes glance over towards you for a split second. Your face goes warm at his words, you smile towards him as well.

“ I love you too, Saeran. ”
You grip his forearm softly, leaning towards him to rest your head on the side of his shoulder. He smiled widely now, finally getting why people seem to find this day so enjoyable.

@fandomsunitedposts said “Pet Monsters” for a prompt!
Thank you for the awesome prompt, I hope you like it!

Ken stops trusting his dad when he’s ten, sitting on the couch and watching westerns. Sedan, Ken’s pet, is nestling under Ken’s shirt. Sedan’s been going through growth spurts lately, trying to figure what he’s going to be, and he hasn’t been so good at regulating his own body heat. So Ken does it for him.

Marcus, his dad’s pet, a huge, hundred pound bloodhound, is lying in front of the TV, snoring softly. He’s never been particularly fond of Ken, but Ken likes the look of him, lazy and content like his dad who’s eating potato chips out of his hand.

On screen, the sheriff twirls his gun, lighting up the deserted street with one, two, three shots. The bad guy, dressed all in black, yells and his pet roars. When the last crack fades, the bad guy is lying dead, flat on his back, and his pet, a fanged horse, is lying sightless next to him, dead before it hit the ground.

“They ain’t got wolves there, son,” his dad says, eyes glued to the screen. “Bad guys, they got proper evil things, unearthly things. There’s a reason the good guys shoot him in the heart, you know. It’s so the monster dies too.”

Ken’s heart leaps into his throat and, unconsciously, he presses Sedan closer into his stomach. Sedan’s been growing lately and last week, last week he’d sprouted another leg, bringing the count up to six.

That’s not even mentioning the horns.

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Wisdom Teeth

(All platonic) Klaus Mikaelson x Gender-Neutral Reader, Elijah Mikaelson x Gender-Neutral Reader, Marcel Gerard x Gender-Neutral Reader

Warnings: N/A

Word count: 577

A/N: During a conversation with @roxielederp, this quote came up and this idea was born.

Feedback is always appreciated! <3

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“Morning sunshine.”

You grumbled, blinking and squinting against the harsh light.  Once your eyes adjusted, you registered the three ridiculously handsome faces hovering over you.  You grinned.

“Heeeyyyy,” you drawled.

“Well, they’re high,” Marcel laughed.

You giggled, then frowned.  You felt your jaw, or at least you thought you did.

“Why is my jaw gone?” you asked.

“Your jaw is still attached, love,” Klaus assured you.

“Are you sure, Santa Klaus?”

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what I understood in chapter 20 

-Sangwoo is not pleased
-calls Bum a “fucking murderer” (pfft. Look who’s talking)
-sangwoo tries to make Bum leave
-Bum no want to go outside
-sangwoo is so done with everything
-Bum is an ostrich
-Bum has a nice B U M 
-sangwoo still a crazy motherfucker
-always had been tbh (well… a lot crazier actually lol)
-they did the nasty
-Bum got prank’d good
-remember to always practice safe sex, kids (by: Oh Sangwoo)
-always tell your friends where you’re going
-never be a hoe for sangwoo 

I tried so hard to make things work. To be the image of perfection in your eyes. To say the right things, wear the right clothes, look the right way. But all of my efforts were in vain. Nothing I did was good enough for you. It wasn’t enough for you to pick up the phone, to send a message, to try just a little bit harder for me. Because I tried my damnedest for you. Maybe I was close to being everything you wanted. Close. But still not enough.
—  Letters to you

Apparently I ship Kidstorm now so just imagine an au where they meet at Jax’s work 

  • Wally had a rough race the other night and needs to get his car fixed asap so he’s in a terrible mood but then he gets to the garage and this fucking mechanic
  • He’s tall and adorable and oh my god there’s a little smudge of oil on his cheek and he has the sweetest smile in the world
  • And Wally’s like holy shit West conceal don’t feel and is immediately tripping all over himself because if there’s one thing I know about Wally West in any universe it’s that the harder he tries to be cool the harder he will fail
  • And he’s so awkward that Jax figures ah, right, okay, this guy doesn’t know much about cars, maybe? So he very nicely talks Wally through everything and tries to make sure he understands exactly what’s going on and offers to show him how to fix it himself
  • Wally is fucking dying because this guy’s so fucking good looking, there’s no call for someone who looks like that to even be nice, he could be the biggest douche in the world and Wally would still want him but he’s a cinnamon roll. So Wally very avidly nods and listens to things he already knows and tries not to explode.
  • Pretty soon Wally’s poor lovestruck ass is in the garage every weekend spending money he really doesn’t have getting every minor thing he can think of checked out on his cars. He hangs around for hours and all the other mechanics tease Jax about it but Jax loves it.
  • Jax catches on that he’s into sketchy racing pretty quick and handles it tactfully. They don’t talk about it much. “Just be careful,” he said as Wally was leaving one day, and Wally damn near swore off racing and drove himself to a church to repent before he got a grip.
  • Finally Wally manages to ask if Jax wants to go grab some dinner after his shift or something, whatever, no big deal, he’s dying please say yes oh god. And Jax just grins and asks “Like a date?” and Wally starts backtracking ‘No no, totally not, I didn’t mean it like that, like if you’re not into that, no, it’s whatever”. But Jax is cracking up and says “Nah, I’d be into that.” 
  • And Wally’s soul left his body
  • And maybe this isn’t even an AU, maybe this happened in canon before all the superhero shit and they’re boyfriends right now
  • Boyfriends who text each other constantly and Wally is always stealing Jax’s flannels
  • And when Joe realizes what’s up he almost screams because WHY in the name of god are his children pathologically attracted to crazy ass superheroes???  

For Rebelcaptain week, Day 4

read it on ao3

Jyn can’t seem to bring herself to ask Cassian a simple question.

Words: 894

Rated: G

Jyn tapped her foot on the floor mindlessly, oblivious to the disruption she was causing during the briefing.

“Perhaps we should cut back on the caf, Erso?” Draven’s droll voice cut her out of her thoughts.

Jyn looked up to see the entire room turned her way. “Sorry, sir.” Draven turned back to the holoimage he had been discussing, and Jyn caught Cassian still looking her way, his eyes questioning. She managed a weak smile, as she tried to quell the anxious thoughts in her mind.

“He knows how you feel about him, right?”

“Yes, well-”

“I mean, you guys have been together a while now, it’s not like it’s news to him.”

“I know, Bodhi, but-”

“So I don’t understand? Just ask him.”

Jyn sighed deeply, dropping her head into her hands. “Bodhi, it’s not that easy.”

“But I don’t understand why? You’re making this needlessly complicated, Jyn.” Bodhi stood up, taking his empty tray, “Talk to him.”

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*knocks on Nagisa's door* Nagisa....? Masaru wants to talk to you, please open the door!

Moooh Shingetsu-kun, open that door ! *sees that nothing happens and sighs* If you don’t open that door I’m going to go and fetch big bro Byakuya!


Huhuhu ! *smiles victoriously when he hears the lock of the door being lifted immediately and enters the room*

*sitting on his bed* Don’t call big bro Togami !

I won’t. I only said that because I knew that it would make you open the door.


*sits down on the bed next to him* But for something like that to work on you…You’re really not feeling well. *looks at him* So? Were your tests bad?

……*holding a piece of paper in his hands*

*looks at it* Huh? B-But how? You are really good at science ! And yet…

I don’t know ! I tried ! I knew everything ! I still know every answers !!

B-But during the test nothing would come out ! I tried really hard but I couldn’t remember anything ! I-It’s not my fault ! I knew everything ! I swear I did !

I-I believe you ! I know you knew that…It’s okay. I know you worked hard !

I will work harder ! I swear, I will work harder ! I won’t fail next time ! So please- !

*hugs him* Don’t cry ! It’s not your fault. You don’t have to prove anything to us or to anyone. We know that you are very cool ! You’re my councevor after all, that’s a proof !

*still crying while mumbling incomprehensible things against Masaru’s shoulder*

Shhh it’s okay. That grade doesn’t reflect what you can do Shingetsu-kun. If you want I will go with you to see big bro Byakuya and we will ask him to let you take the test again.

N-No ! He will be even more disappointed in me ! Because, because he is the one who taught us science he must have expected me to have a good grade but-

Of course he is not disappointed in you ! He already know how good you are ! He must know that something happened ! You just have to explain it to him!!


Don’t worry ! I’m your leader after all, I wouldn’t lie to you ! It’s my duty to protect you ! Now wipe me those tears ! *uses his hands to wipe the tears still on Shingetsu’s cheeks* That’s better ! Do you want to go see him right away?

No…Not right now.

Okay ! We will go when you’re ready !

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Oooh, do Shiro please? (For the meme)

sure thing! i love him so,, 


  • How I feel about this character: i feel like ive said so much already about him lmao but,, i adore shiro honestly. there’s something about shiro that just kinda grabs you and pulls you in, makes you really care. my first time watching, i tried not to get Attached–i knew the drill of “he died like 8 episodes into golion” and figured with the arm and his convenient memory loss that the galra had probably let him escape and he’d be a sleeper agent or something. so i tried really really hard not to get too invested but,, he’s just so warm and genuine and kind. he cares about his team so much, commits himself to leading even though he’s just as lost as everyone else. 
  • and shiro’s just so damn unlucky its heartbreaking. like, he was all set at the garrison until kerberos and everything was suddenly a downward spiral. he had a promising career as a pilot, a bright future ahead of him. and he honestly loves space, really wanted to explore and learn. the fact that the whole world was torn out from under him, that he lost so much and he’s still so kind it just,, really gets me. and he still has this sense of adventure, says–“Defenders of the universe? I like the sound of that.”
  • But he’s still dealing with the aftermath of everything, and his symptoms aren’t minor or endearing. they’re detrimental and ugly–he freezes, breaks down, screams, lashes out–he’s down on the ground doing push ups at like five am in full armor because he can’t sleep, can’t rest, has to be ready for an attack at any moment, has to be ready to defend his crew so they aren’t taken from him again–he’s been through so much. and he’s a character with thirty something years of bad history and tragedy behind him and just,, i want so badly for him to make it. and i want him to realize that he deserves it. he thinks he’s not worthy of being a paladin, writes himself off as a loss and accepts he’ll just die. and you can see the tender look on his face when keith tells him he’s gonna make it, he’ll be alright. he looks so touched by that 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: just keith and when i feel like it lance 
  • My non-romantic OTP: hm,, if this like, just means what character interactions i like platonically then, shiro and pidge i guess? he seems like her older brother; shiro’s familiar with pidge’s family and definitely looks out for her a lot. he’s also the only one pidge ever really opens up to about her dad and brother. they’ve both suffered heavy losses from kerberos, so they can kind of understand each other 
  • My unpopular opinion: i dont mean any offense by this but like,, im sick of the space dad thing. i feel really bad that everyone treats shiro like he’s so much older and more capable, like he has to be everyone else’s parent and cater to all their needs when he himself is described in official published sources as one of “five teenagers,” a “young pilot,” only “slightly older” than the other paladins and “wise beyond his years.” like, the guy was literally aged by his trauma. he acts older because he was forced into a position where he had to mature if he wanted to survive. he’s clearly going through so many things on his own, and yet people expect him to drop everything and micromanage the other paladins’ emotional needs at all times. he’s the leader, yes. and he puts in the time and care for other members of his team, he looks after them. but he’s certainly not their dad, and the other paladins are capable enough that he doesn’t need to “raise” them. he’s part of the team too, let him be 
  • One thing I wish would happen in cannon: I really want some flashbacks prekerberos, to see what kind of person shiro was before everything and just how much he’s changed. and then i want him to be able to start healing and realize he’s still a good person. he’s not the monster the galra tried to make him 
  • My OTP: sheith is just v important to me 
  • My cross over ship: ??? uhhhh,,,, ive never really liked ships with characters from different series
  • A headcannon: he and keith both have trouble sleeping, so sometimes they’ll train together late at night or just go back to one of their rooms and talk. if one of them has nightmares that are particularly bad, the other will be like “okay, time for a sleepover.” lots of comfort and cuddling 

They found her in the woods. Part 3.

Thanks for all the love for this fic it seriously makes a huge difference. I really appreciate it. 

Previous parts

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By the time the busted up old pickup rolled down the road towards the sanctuary gates Simon was ready.

He had swapped out the guards on duty for Negan’s best shooters - most loyal ones too in case any of the other guards were in on whatever might be at play, the prisoners were back in their cells in case they took the chance to riot, Carson was prepped and ready behind closed doors for whatever might be thrown at him, he had doubled the guards on the wives and had a scout team keeping tabs on the truck so they could attack from behind if it all turned to shit. He hoped that he didn’t need any of it.

He knew Travis. They had gone on runs together in the past and while he wasn’t the most resourceful man Simon had ever met, he generally knew the score. Simon knew better than to underestimate people enough to take the risk, but he would be surprised if it really was foul play. 

Just that morning in fact, he had spoken to the younger man about picking up the slack. He seemed pretty determined that he and his boys would work harder. Happening to find Negan’s daughter the same day was a mighty coincidence to the point of suspicion, but picking up strays wasn’t exactly rare. If anyone was going to stumble across the boss’s daughter,  he was glad it was him. 

“Showtime people. Look alive.” Simon called to the saviours around him as the truck started passing by the wall of rotters. On his signal, the internal gates were pulled open and the truck came to a halt a few feet in front of him.

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I really dig the RusAme stuff where they first met late 18th century in Catherine the Great’s court right after the American Revolution. And Alfred is so young and is just getting to know the great big world and he’s pretty intimidated and wants to make a good impression, but he’s still Al and is so enthusiastic and easily excited and everything is new to him, so he meets Ivan and tries to play it cool because this big guy seems so interesting and Al wants to be friends but he ends up rambling because hey, your place is really neat! I like those churches that look like onions on top! And you get lots of snow, are you any good at snowball fights? Wanna have a snowball fight sometime?!

And Ivan is just so charmed by this kid who wears his heart on his sleeve, and he knows Al doesn’t really fit in with Europe, but that’s cool because Ivan never really fit in with Europe either. They’re just so oddly alike in some funny ways, and it’s hard to not be fond of each other.

And they do have a snowball fight before Al has to go home. Ivan wins, but Al shoves a handful of snow down his trousers at the end.

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Hei. Can i request a drabble from the Frebruary prompt with Klaus Mikaelson using numbers 1, 18, 39 and 37? . Missed you. Hope you doing good😘😘😘😘

Klaus Mikaelson - Banished

Pull over. Let me drive for a while.” You were sick of just being driven around, not knowing where you were going, not knowing what was going to happen next. You understood you had to run, you had to get out of New Orleans, but you still thought you had to get a say in what your future brought. Not this whole ‘Just listen to me, I’ve done this before and I know what I’m doing’ crap that Klaus was giving you now.

“Oh, no, love… you’re upset, you’re shaken and besides… this is my car. I drive. End of discussion.” He rummaged a bit through some junk between your seats. “But you do seem upset about what happened. It’s not a given we’ve left the city for good, Y/N. We just have to leave it behind for now.”

Which was easy for him to say, or so you thought. “You’re immortal. A few years mean nothing to you. For me, it can mean I’ll have to leave for my entire life. So yes, I’m upset. New Orleans is all I’ve ever known and now I have to leave because someone’s after you.” And by extension you. You never regretted picking Klaus’ side, but you hated that it lead you here.

Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.” He handed you a soda he had fished out from somewhere and even though you were pretty sure just a drink, even if it was something stronger than this, wasn’t going to solve anything, you did take it. “And yes, sweetheart… I know this might feel different for you than it feels for me, but the choice was to die in New Orleans or to live and run with me. I take it you do rather live your life a bit longer than you do now.” He did park the car at the side of the road, even when he wasn’t planning on letting you take the wheel. Apparently he did understand that how you were feeling wasn’t going to be solved with a can of soda and a nice explanation.

You opened the can and started to take a few sips, more to try not to cry than because you really needed a drink. You looked away. Somehow you didn’t want Klaus to see your tears. He found it far too easy to leave New Orleans for a while. You didn’t want him to think you were weak for having a hard time leaving behind a place. Even when it was the place you grew up in, where you had make memories with your families, from your first love…

Don’t cry, love…” He had noticed. Of course he had noticed. He had probably noticed it before you even started to cry, with his supernatural senses. “I’m not good with crying women, after all.” Still, he tried to calm you down, stroking your hair, making you look at him so he could wipe away the tears on your cheeks with his thumbs. “Everything will be fine, Y/N. My family is still back there. They will not rest until they have made New Orleans a safe place for us to return to. That is a promise I will make you, here and now.”

You tried to force a smile on your face, hoping you could believe him. You wanted to go back. You didn’t want to run for years, even when that would be easy for Klaus. “Thank you. I just hope I won’t need a walker by the time they manage. Not because I don’t trust them… but your idea of soon might be different from mine.”

He smiled, slightly. “Even we can want something rather today than tomorrow, love.” He still had his hand on your chin from when he turned your face towards them. “Even things we know we shouldn’t want to have.” He sighed, as if he was battling himself to continue speaking. “Like I have now. Can I kiss you?”

That… was a twist you hadn’t expected. And you didn’t know if you wanted it. Not now. Not now you were vulnerable, crying, not sure where your life was going to end. It just didn’t feel like the right timing, so you shook your head. “If you would have asked me two days ago, I probably would have kissed you back before you had finished that question, but now? I don’t know, Klaus. Not now…”

MC That Ice Skates

This will be my first set; I’m sorry that I couldn’t think of anything for a bit. I really love to skate, though, so this is what I thought of. I’d love to take any requests!


  • This dork was just trying to find a nice date idea
  • Aka, cheesy as hELL (don’t get me wrong, it was fucking adorable)
  • Takes you to a cute restaurant then surprises you by taking you to an ice rink
  • Oh wait
  • How do??
  • You’re waltzing in, asking for skates at the counter right away and he’s trying to figure out a size
  • Once you help him, you both finally get on the ice
  • You’re warming up and land a couple of jumps
  • He’s in awe while hanging on to the side for dear life
  • Asks if you can teach him because this boy can barely turn and you can land triple loops
  • Cue the cute montage of learning to skate and helping him up after he falls on his ass
  • He ended up being able to do a few single jumps
  • So enthusiastic when he saw how proud you were
  • You both end up spending far too much time at the rink until you get back home
  • Once you shut the door he’s sO HYPED
  • Watches any and all videos he could find of competitions to pick up terminology
  • He’s just smiling all dorky until you both fall asleep watching videos of last years Worlds competition


  • You were staying up with her while she was writing up some random ass report on cats for the third time this week dAMMIT JUMIN
  • Deciding to grab your laptop, you sat next to her and pulled up a livestream of a juniors competition
  • Jaehee wasn’t paying much attention to what was on your screen compared to how you were watching it
  • Your eyes were glued to the screen, wincing when people touched the ice and looking excited when someone executed something cleanly
  • She got distracted watching it and was amazed by it while you were muttering about the imperfections
  • Looks at you like what? It’s beauty and grace?
  • Okay, if you got her distracted, you better own up to anything
  • You shrug and pause the stream and look up a video file on your laptop
  • She can tell it’s you right away even if you’re a bit younger
  • Really likes your outfit
  • Like a lot
  • After she watches the program, she gets why you were making remarks on form when you looked so good
  • You’re listing off everything wrong with it and she’s confused again
  • It was so graceful and beautiful to watch??
  • She tries to convince you it was perfect
  • “Jaehee, did you see how I landed that combination?” “Yes, and it was amazing!” “Jaehee, I touched the ice” “Maybe, but your step sequence was very good” “Jaehee, no” “MC, yes”
  • You both agree to disagree after a few minutes
  • Goes back to her work and you go back to the competition
  • Asks several minutes later if you still have any of your costumes


  • He was talking about a new production he just got cast into
  • Mentioned ice skating since it’s in a number and you got really excited
  • He took note of it even though what you said was fleeting
  • The next day, he says he’s going to a rink to watch skaters and offers to take you
  • You practically ran to the doors once you got out of the car
  • Zen just followed you, somehow not noticing the second pair of skates you grabbed (your ass was really nice, okay?)
  • You sat down at the side to tie them up and then it clicked
  • Wait shit
  • He just had to know stage directions
  • He didn’t have to actually skate and me may or may not have said that he could in the past
  • You tugged him on the ice after he got everything situated, assuming he knew what he was doing
  • He was able to turn and skate quickly in a line out of sheer wanting to not look like an idiot
  • You knew right away, though, and just let him move a bit while you went alongside him, trying to look normal
  • He wanted you to try to do something
  • “Don’t worry, babe. I’ll catch you if you fall for me” “C'mon that one was really lame”
  • Grumbles a bit while still thinking you can’t do much
  • boy hOWDY, he was wrong
  • He just stopped and nearly got ran over watched you go into a close-to-perfect sit spin
  • You came back and looked at him smugly
  • He took it as a small challenge and you two pair skated for a while
  • Once you stepped off the ice, this bitch (I swear it’s affectionate; swearing is how I express pretty much every emotion) wanted to take off your skates for you and he didn’t just kiss your skates, oh no, he was trying to kiss up your leg
  • You got him to stop because zEN, THERE ARE CHILDREN
  • He just kissed your cheek and said “Payback for not telling me how flexible you are”
  • lmao, your asses weren’t sleeping when you got homes

I wrote this, and I’m not sure if it’s too long or anything. I’ve been really excited to watch the Four Continents soon. Let me know if you’d like other characters! I may or may not just post some, because I have a couple of ideas that I’d like to write. If theres anything I should change, please let me know! Much love!