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Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖


RM: Every time we ask Jungkook “are you having any burden recently?” he always replies “Hyung I don’t have any burden, i’m okay” The first time in 4/5 years we got to know Jungkook’s burden it’s because the hyungs who help him, who live together with him were having a hard time, that’s what burdened him the most (…) He said he wished we wouldn’t have to meet any hardships, like that he wouldn’t have any burden too. That time has been deeply imprinted in my memories.


I know i am so late with this , i mean, when i saw the ,,meet the artist ,, on my dash i wasnt really interested in doing it, but some days ago i kinda regreted not doing it so i did it now, rip(better late than never :^). Well, i suppose it isnt a mistake since i did change a lot these past few weeks. Anyway, i hope this helps everyone get an idea of what kind of person or you know, just how i am in general. Love to all of you ^^ <3


THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE | bllmyclrk vs samhellbound | round six | favorite character + favorite quote | Castiel + “You know that there are some in Heaven that believe despite his mistakes, that Castiel’s heart was always in the right place... I think too much heart was always Castiel’s problem.”



book pages for each major character in my ongoing taekook Game of Thrones/Medieval AU fic series. read part one here / read part two here.
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“Let us begin, Ken Kaneki.”

Flour (College!Jin)

Plot: #53: “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.” with college student!Jin

Word Count: 649

A/N: so since it seems to be mid-term season rn, I figured this post was fitting and I was just in the mood to write something for Jin today, idk why but I just really wanted to so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do, the link for this post should be college!Jin but I haven’t written it yet, I will be doing the college series soon maybe that can be the next series bc I’ve been wanting to write it for so long so hopefully that’ll be up within the next few weeks!!

Your friends all handled stress differently. Yoongi and Jungkook turned to their music, putting in their earphones and blocking out the chatter around them as they tried their best to study for the mid-terms. Hoseok and Jimin turned to dancing, spending the few hours of their free time in the dance studio across the street from the apartment complex you all lived in. Your boyfriend turned to cooking, baking, anything that would keep him distracted long enough to calm him down. You had woken up at three in the morning to find him in the kitchen with just an apron and his boxers on, making the largest stack of pancakes you may have ever seen.

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Romeo and Juliet Pt. 2

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Pt. 1

“Anything there for me Sue?”

“Uh..Y/N, Y/N…no. Oh wait, here’s something.” She said, going through the letters in her hand. “Ms. Y/N Burgess.” She smiles, handing you yet another letter, watching your eyes light up.

“Thank you.” You say, taking the letter back to your room, eager to open it. 

You’d been exchanging letters with Finn for months now. They were your only lifeline to the life you had left behind. The day after the wedding you and your family were gone before any of the Shelby’s were awake. You hadn’t gotten the chance to say goodbye to Finn, or even your sister Grace. You couldn’t stand being home with your Aunt, who you blamed for everything that went wrong in your life. So after the first time you had tried to run off to your sisters, to be with Finn, she brought you right back home and sent you off to boarding school in the country. As much as you hated it at first you grew to like it; you didn’t have to live under the same roof as your Aunt, and you could actually speak to Finn and Grace through letters.

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Home - Fred Weasley Imagine

A/N: yaaay! I’m back baby! haha so sorry for the delay but here it is :D


  • Anonymous said: Are you planning to do a part two to the A Right To Be Wrong? Maybe something where Fred tells Molly the whole story and she basically takes the reader in as one of her own children? I think that would be awesome! 
  • Anonymous said: Ok, I know requests are closed, but can you have this ask till they are open again? Please your writings are the best ones I’ve ever read, can you do something like the one you’ve write (Draco’s Girl) but with Fred? But a little bit different, idk, my heart, soul and body needs this, you can change what you want, but pleeeeease I need this

so, I tried my best and here it is! kind of a sequel to Right to Be Wrong but can also stand on its own :D a quick thanks to @rachel-lizzie-dare and @gold-moonlight for their help! you guys are amazing! :D 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

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“But what if they hate me?”

“Love, trust me, they wouldn’t hate you” Fred said bringing his girlfriend closer to him and kissing her forehead.

“I’m a Malfoy, Fred” she said worriedly. It had been almost two months since the Malfoy family had disowned (Y/N) for dating Fred Weasley and standing up for herself. She was going to spend the Christmas break at Hogwarts but of course, there was not a chance that her boyfriend was going to let her spend Christmas alone. So she was going to spend it at the famous Burrow. “And even my own family hates me.”

“First of all, you’re nothing like the rest of your family and that’s why they don’t like you” George assured her. “And besides, Ron, Ginny and I already think you’re great so basically you have half of the family covered” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“That’s not true! There are five left” she pointed out. “And Percy already doesn’t like me!”

“Percy doesn’t count” the twins said at the same time. “He’s not even coming home for Christmas. And I’ve already told Bill and Charlie everything about you. I’m sure they’re going to love you” Fred added.

“Yeah, and dad likes pretty much everyone” George assured her. “So that only leaves mum” he said with a smile making the girl even more nervous.

“Great” she said trying to smile.

She knew all about Molly Weasley and she had always wanted to meet her. She sounded like the perfect mother and she knew how much all of her children, and Harry and Hermione, loved her. So it was only natural that she would be terrified to meet the woman.

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seeley booth appreciation week → day 5: BROTP  

“I knew Seeley Booth. He was a good man, who earned my respect and affection. And I don’t like many people.”

I've had a couple people ask if I'm okay because my typing is off

I dont know whats wrong either, but so far i do know that I get brain fog where the brain kindof stops thinking correctly and dazes a little. (Something about an area of the brain not getting the oxygen it needs-but its not severe enough to cause damage?? Idk. I have done enough reasearch to understand it fully.)

For me (yes, its different for everybody) it causes;

-memory loss/lapse


- repeating actions or words

-misplacment of things

-difficulty speaking/wording. Usually ends with me making a noise to ease the awkardness (it dosent work but hey, i tried.)

-blank space ((like time skips almost))

-brain dosent know where to focus.

-i see messages but i cant respond becase i dont know how to word/read or my brain wont proccess it

-i will read words in the wrong order
(( for example, today instead of “its okay to not be okay” i read “its not okay to be okay.”))

-i will send a message that makes sense to me but has so many spelling mistakes you cant understand it.

-i type a message but dont send it

-i cant think or get my brain to think

Alot of people think its dissocating, and while both have similar symptoms, these two tend to feel different to me.

Dissocating (for me) is more of “I’m leaving the body”

Brain fog is more of “everything in my brain is leaving me”

Plus i tend to get brain fog more so then dissocating.

If you experience these but dont know why or just started thinking “maybe i experience brain fog,” go see a doctor. It could be just brain fog but brain fog is usually associated with an illness. Plus, many illnesses/conditions cause these symtpoms (that arent brain fog) and its important to adress the cause.

I cannot stress this enough. For me its completely normal and might even happen on a regular basis, but if it gets worse i talk to the doctor. You should do the same.

((Good luck if you have doctors that aren"t listening or just suck, But you still need to find the cause if you can.))

I’m replaying DAI at the moment with Chantry boy™ and he and Cassandra are making doe eyes at each other.

Also his choices lowkey make me wanna yell at him XD

What a gentleman (Suga Scenario)

Idol: Suga (from Bts)

Type: Idk lol this is a weird kind of fluff.

Word count: 1280

A/N: This one is for my beloved friend @withnosuchgrace, I promised you this like ages ago but I’m glad it’s finally done. I really hope you like it, I figured our writing styles are different so I tried to do something a lil different than I usually do. I wish it worked lol. Enjoy.

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It was such a cold and dark night. You couldn’t say it was raining because it wasn’t, it was the fucking universal flood itself. Which made even better the fact that you had forgotten your umbrella at home. As you walked out of the supermarket with no bags you were looking for a dry path to get to your car just to confirm there was none. 

You took a deep breath and started running under the rain. When you were finally in front of the car door you cursed for not looking for your keys before leaving your dry spot at the super. You checked your purse and your pockets a million times but they were not there. You cursed once more and hit your car window which made you curious to look inside. You hit it again when you found out you had left your keys inside.

At the exact moment you were going to call your insurence service for some help to get out of that mess you saw a slim figure walking lazily towards you. It got your full attention immediately when you saw whoever it was had no umbrella and no jacket either, even more soaked than you were.

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