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okay yes, i’m a tiny bit upset, but listen, so would you be.

so, the reason behind this INTENSE BURST OF HATRED is this:

and you’re probably thinking: “oh, that’s not that bad,” and yeah okay, it’s bad, but not that bad.

nope, the THAT BAD comes when you mosey over to the actual page for this trope:

mmh, yeah, let’s just- savour that serving of horse shit. because what. what are you even talking about person who wrote this.

@sharada-n so helpfully pointed out that this is (probably) from the early days of the fandom, which, yeah okay, i can see that- the Sans craze has died down since, and people have recognized that Papyrus is more than just Sans’ dumb brother.

but you know what? no. no this isn’t going, i am not going to let this fucking go.

like, let’s take “as Papyrus really isn’t any good at his job or anything he tries to do.”

yeah let’s just- take a quick breather to let that sink in. Papyrus, one of the Bosses, is not that good at his job.

Papyrus is a sentry. his job is to capture you, and hand you over to Undyne. and you know what, depending on how you play the game, it’s very easy for Papyrus to whittle you down to 1HP, and capture your sorry ass.

and yes, he doesn’t hand you over to Undyne. but that’s because he doesn’t want to. the main reason Papyrus doesn’t fucking annihilate you, is that he doesn’t want to! he’s too kind! he doesn’t want to hurt you, or anyone.

and let’s focus on the last part, the “or anything he tries to do,” and let’s just- think that over.

yes, we know Papyrus’ spaghetti is horrible. which i might have let slide, but now we know for a fact that Papyrus doesn’t even eat spaghetti.

what else does he do? he builds a really good snowman, he paints over a cliff-thingie to make what looks like a real ass bridge. that shitty as sentry station is made out of cardboard and pasta. he made the battle body (with Sans, granted), ‘improved’ his dating outfit, and, oh yeah, he makes the puzzles. the only one he didn’t make was the colour one, and just.

i wouldn’t say for one second that he’s not good at these things. like! he’s good at stuff! heck, we know from Undyne that he’s strong, so he’s not bad at fighting either!!

so i don’t know where the fuck this person got the idea that Papyrus isn’t good at stuff, because it’s flat out wrong.

onto the next line, and this one is a doozy, okay, it makes me go all red-eyed: “and Sans secretly spends a lot of his time keeping his brother out of trouble without letting Papyrus find out and hurting his ego.”

like just. no. no, Sans does none of these things. not for even one second does Sans keep Papyrus out of trouble. not. one. second.

Sans is lazy. Sans is a lazy, depressed fuckass, who’s kind of self-centered, and listen, i love Sans as a character. he’s interesting! he’s an extremely flawed character, who you understand- you get why he’s so unmotivated, so reliant on his jokes and stupid puns, but jesus christ people.

the only thing Sans does to help Papyrus is pay the fucking rent.

Sans and Papyrus relationship is co-dependant, yes. but it is heavily leaning towards Sans relying on Papyrus- Sans needs Papyrus, he needs to cling to this idea he has in his head, that Papyrus needs him, and that’s not really true.

Papyrus would be fine on his own. he’d not be as ‘happy’ as he is now, definiately, but he’d be fine.

Sans, on the otherhand, is a complete mess. Sans would literally just lie down and die if he didn’t have Papyrus.

that isn’t keeping Papyrus out of trouble. in fact, Sans is probably actively damaging Papyrus, by constantly lying to him, treating him like a fucking child.

like, seriously? telling Papyrus that his friends are just on a vacation. that’s a fucking dick move, no matter how you turn it.

people need to get their fucking heads out of their asses, and realises that Sans isn’t a good person. because he isn’t.

they need to realises that he’s not this fucking symbol you’ve all dreamt up in your head- that he doesn’t do all the things you say he do.

Sans isn’t a god damn angst ridden weepy-skeleton who protects Papyrus and does EVERYTHING. he isn’t.

like, fuck. i’m so god damn tired of this fandom, and it’s fucking desire to fuck this slime-bag skeleton.

i’m so god damn tired of this fandom literally flanderization characters, every character, to make Sans look good. to justify the angst.

i’m tired of people portraying Papyrus as this child, who’s stupid and dumb and innocent, and he is none of these things! he’s smart, he’s knowledge, and he’s not a fucking baby for Sans to take care of!

and look, okay, i get it. i get the desire to push around your fave and make their life miserable, and i do that too! and it’s fine if you do that!! but don’t fucking kill the other characters. just- don’t.

EDIT: I forgot, it was inspired by Slice’s conversation-idea-thingy x3 it was something like Vikk tries to explain love to Lachlan and then kisses him, but gets embarassed and pulls away and Lachlan asks what that was because he liked it, could Vikk do it again? x3

Little comic thingy I made for our angel!Vikk, demon!Lachlan AU thingy we have with vividslice :D Lachluminati’s hair is this wierd colour because the more you becomes part of the overwold and falls in love with Vikk, the more blonde his hair and the more blue his eyes get ;)

Also, if I can finally come up with a title, motivated by duchessmindmap’s request to make this AU into a one-shot, I will get on to writing my first full on fanfic, because there’s no way I can fit all the headcanons and story ideas into a single one-shot :D

And I absolutely love drawing Vikk with wings, they just somehow add a lot more to the expressions and poses :D

The course of true love never did run smooth.
- William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act I, Scene I

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BTW America’s not wearing his bomber jacket; only his uniform mainly bc i accidentally saved only png and than SAI crashed and i realized that the bomber jacket had still been a hidden layer …so no bomber jacket…

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