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Dawn is my little sister. When I was 11 and she was just a tiny baby, I hurt her really badly. I didn’t know what I did was going to cause so much trouble. I just wanted to do something nice. Something that would make us happy.

My parents made me go away for a long time. I didn’t understand why everyone was so angry. I missed my sister terribly. Even worse, I felt betrayed by the people I’d expected to understand me.

After six years of hospitalization, I got to see her again. My parents had passed away in a car accident while I was gone and I went to live with my aunt and uncle. Both were psychologists. Both understood the problem I apparently had. Still, they believed I’d learned to cope with it over the course of my rehabilitation. And they were right. I would never hurt anyone again. The mere thought of it was abhorrent.

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As a Luthor, after Lex’s madness, Lena has been insulted multiple times. Received countless low blows. Been ridiculed probably by strangers and close friends.
Yes she found it in her to trust again, I guess with some difficulty, but Kara proved her to be so trustworthy. Believing in her against all odds. And she knows that Kara always tries to see the best in people, and that she’s sunny and happy when most people wouldn’t be.
But then Snapper insults her. Her best friend, her only friend. She hears the words and you can see the look of disgust on her face. But when she notices Kara looking at her her facial expression changes to the one of empathy. And ‘he doesn’t mean anything Kara, don’t let his words affect you, you’re way better than him anyway’.
If you look closely you can see katie’s shoulder moving, I would like to believe Lena would squeeze Kara’s knee or arm (even if I know it didn’t actually happened) .

Anyway LENA LOVES KARA AND IT’S CANON. even if it’s just platonic, I’ll take it.

the skies above us

written for @alittledizzy as part of @fandomtrumpshate

length: 14.8k

genre(s): fluff+angst

triggers/warnings: implied panic attack/anxiety, canonical character death mentions

Baz and Simon meet in a community center art class and become fast enemies; much to the chagrin of their matchmaking therapist. Over the next few months tensions escalate, paint is thrown, coffee is had, and the two of them learn that there’s more to life than just doing what’s expected of you

playlist | ao3

a/n: bless @cherryonsimon for being the most patient beta and best friend and for staying up until 5am reading this over!! and a huge thank you to all of my friends who listened to me talk about this fic for ages and who offered their support throughout the entire process 💜 (this fic will crash the mobile app so if you’re on your phone i recommend reading on ao3 ^__^)


“How’ve you been, Simon?”

I shrug, and Ebb writes something down in her notebook. I crane my neck to see what it is, and she pulls it back. Frowning, I lean back on the couch and cross my arms. It’s not like she’s said something bad, it’s just a habit I’d picked up over the years. Being in and out of therapy since you were a child tends to make you curious about what they’re saying about you, especially if their evaluation could determine whether you get shuffled around yet again.

Not like that would actually happen with Ebb, especially since I aged out of the system a while ago, but it’s still a knee-jerk reaction to seeing someone taking down notes about me. Never mind that I’ve been seeing the same therapist for six months; some habits are hard to break.

Ebb is the best person I know, which is probably a weird thing to say about someone you pay to listen to your problems; but when you don’t have a lot of people in your corner, you learn to appreciate the ones who are.

Her office looks nothing like the small cramped rooms of the therapists I’d been sent to when I was a kid. It’s large and airy, with a red couch covered in pillows and crocheted afghans. The walls are completely covered in pictures of people, of places, of things. The first time I’d visited, I’d asked Ebb about her walls, and she’d just laughed and told me it reminded her of her life.

“What about it?” I’d asked.

“That I’ve lived it,” she’d replied and laughed again.

I love Ebb’s laugh. She laughs like everything matters, and it’s nice to hear. Encouraging. It’s one of the many reasons I keep coming back.

She’s still waiting for my answer, but I don’t feel pressured. That’s another thing I like about Ebb: she gets it. She knows that sometimes words are hard for me and that sometimes you just get sad for no real reason.

Ebb lost her brother when she was young. I know this because she accidentally let it slip during a session one day. I felt like a jerk for not comforting her, only watching as she’d wiped her eyes on the cuff of her jumper, but I know she understood.

Other people’s emotions are hard for me to handle, but I’m getting better at it, I think. I should probably ask Penny, considering she’s basically the only person I talk to regularly, now that Agatha’s broken up with me and moved away to the States. To California. To “find herself”, whatever the hell that means.

“I’ve been…okay,” I finally say, and Ebb nods.

“Just okay?”

“Well–,” I pause, “I did have an incident at work…”

Ebb nods, and I take it as encouragement to continue.

“I got fired again.”

“Uh oh,” she says, but not in a way that makes me feel bad.

“I messed up a customer’s drink and got so anxious as I was trying to fix it that I broke the machine.”

She tuts and writes something in her notebook again. My curiosity is too much this time. “What are you writing?”

“Just a reminder,” she replies, “I’ll tell you at the end of the session.”

That doesn’t completely satisfy my curiosity, but I drop the subject anyway.

We spend the rest of the hour discussing my week–what I’ve done, what I haven’t done, what I should be doing,–until the timer on Ebb’s side table beeps and she uncrosses her legs. Her head is bent, and I want to ask what she was going to say before, but she beats me to it.

“Have you thought about taking up a hobby?” she asks, pen still scratching across the paper as she looks up at me.

That’s not what I was expecting. “I mean…” I trail off, trying to remember the last time I’d done anything that could be considered a “hobby”. I play football with friends sometimes, except…except it’s been years since I’ve actually done anything like that. Christ, has it been that long? “It hasn’t exactly been a priority to me.” I say, avoiding Ebb’s inquiring gaze.

“Well, maybe it should be,” she says in a way that makes me think I don’t have a choice in the matter. Maybe that’s a good thing, because I know if I were on my own I’d never push myself to find something.

“Like what?”

“I was thinking something therapeutic. Like… relaxing. Have you ever taken a painting class before?”

“You mean outside school?”

She nods.


“Would you be interested in trying one?”

I shrug. Again.

She sets her pen down and tears a page out of her notebook, folds it, and hands it to me. “Here’s the information about the class. You don’t have to attend, but I think It’d be good for you.”

I take the paper, and look at the class name. “Why painting and drawing?”

“Well, Simon, I could list all of the reasons it’s beneficial to your mental health, but that’s boring and you don’t want to hear it. Long story short: it might make you happy and that’s a damn good reason, in my opinion.”

I nod, because I feel like I’m supposed to agree.

We make my next appointment, and as I’m leaving she says, “I really do think this will be good for you, Simon.” It’s like she can tell that I’m considering tossing the number, and I make a firm decision not to.

I wave goodbye and duck out the door, shoving the paper roughly into my jacket pocket. It feels heavier than it should, and I know it’s because I’m overthinking this. (As usual.) I’ll probably feel better once I have more information, but the thought of me enjoying an art class makes me want to laugh. I’m not artistic in any way, and I really don’t have any interest in spending time looking at stupid bowls of fruit, or drawing naked people, or whatever people do in classes like this.

But I’ll do it. For Ebb. (And because maybe she’s right about this. Maybe it will make me happy.)

(Something has to.)

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Pairings: Reader x Tony

Requested By @aymayzing: Reader x Tony where everybody tries to get them together by hanging mistletoe everywhere but fail miserably. Tony joins chat and says that the plan was stupid cuz she would never feel for him the way he feels for her than Reader joins chat Thank You!            

Scott has created a chatroom.

Scott has added Loki.

Scott: You have magic, right? You can do all those tricks and illusions.

Loki: It is not mere tricks! It is complicated and far beyond your mortal comprehension.

Scott: Uh huh cool. So can you lure Y/N and Tony under some of the mistletoe being put up?

Loki: Why would I help you?

Scott: Please…?

Loki: Well, since you asked nicely.

Scott: Really?

Loki: No. I am not obligated to do anything for you. Why are you even here? I leave to conquer Asgard and the team adopts some insect.

Scott: Upset that they replaced a cockroach with an ant? It’s an upgrade if you ask me.

Loki: I am cursing you.

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Don’t Deserve You

gif is not mine

Title: Don’t Deserve You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,255

Warnings: angst, fluff

A/N: This was not requested, but I felt the inspiration to write this fic from THIS song! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 I am EXTREMELY proud of this one.

Dean Winchester was the first face you saw when air found its way back into your lungs.  He was the one who saved you; he was the reason you were alive.  It was the day your father took his own life.  He set the garage on fire.  Dean was the one who pulled you out of the garage.  Ever since that day, your bond with Dean changed.  It was much stronger.  Sometimes you felt like you didn’t deserve Dean, even though you couldn’t imagine life without him.

There were countless times where Dean had been there for you.  When you were falling apart, Dean was always there to help you.  He was always there, without question.  Even when you tried to fight it, he never let you down.

Dean grabbed your arm as flames engulfed half of the room.  “[Y/N] come on,” Dean shouted in desperation.  “We gotta get out of here!”  

“Dean I can’t leave my mom,” you cried, your eyes glued to the fiery ceiling.  “She’s the only family I have left.”

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Sasuke quotes about and for Naruto. ❤
  • Sasuke:
  • "I also want to fight with you. "
  • "It was not meaningless to me, you have become my closest friend."
  • "Naruto... I... "
  • "Do you know, Naruto... that if both you and your opponent are first class ninja, you can read each other's minds when your fists meet. There is no need for words. I know you aren't naive, Naruto, so you can read the true mind? Can you read my mind?"
  • "I have to get rid of you."
  • "Your thoughts and feelings... I know them all...
  • And you know mines too."
  • "THAT'S exactly why I have to kill you."
  • "I hated you...
  • I don't know, my body just moved on its own moron. "
  • "But there aren't a lot of people as you. "
  • "I was envy of you."
  • "I started to paid attention at you. "
  • "It was a weakness, I trained hard to escape from that weakness. " "You became my goal and my first bond. "
  • "It's his hopeful heart what ties me to Konoha."
  • "You're the only one, just you... My only... "
  • Just when I was starting to think that I was all alone after Itachi died... But I have to kill Naruto. No matter what it takes. "
  • "That guy is the closest thing to a best friend I've ever had."
  • "Thanks to you I was saved.
  • "I'll get rid of all the past mistakes and start anew and this'll start with your death. "
  • "With this I can finally be alone... "
  • "All alone, the feeling of a parent yelling at you is nowhere near what he feel."
  • "We were kids lonely and starving for love, but allowed only hatred.  We knew the same pain, but as friends, we changed paths.  Even more, I chose the path of isolation.  Bonds created heated feelings and in that time, shining like a flash, my own weakness was exposed in broad daylight. "
  • "I stood in the way of my sole friend. A shinobi who knew the same pain. An honest and straightforward ninja who did not bend the truth. On countless occasions, I tried to shake off that destiny. And yet, without giving up and without abandoning me, in the face of inevitable death, he held out his hand. I tried to sever our bond, the sole existence of which led me from my loneliness. I was defeated. We planned to settle our disputes, and chose the Valley of the End. We saw the radiant morning sun and shared the feeling of pain in our chests, and I recall hot tears running down our cheeks. I will never in my life forget this."
  • "Naruto had his own world. I desired its existence.
  • It was similar to the warmth formerly given to me by my family.  In this world, I was allowed to actually feel its existence, the connection of family; of love.  Revenge supported my heart, while simultaneously destroying it.  Hatred, like poison circulating the body, kills human feeling.  Like that, it lit the flames of my heart."
Neighborhood (Hacker AU)

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AN: I’m having a little trouble getting my requests out, they should be out soon… but until then heres a fic i was gonna maker long but probably wont… 

What do you know about your neighbors? What do you really know? Did you know old Ms. Jones still sneaks out to avoid Mr. Jones at night? Did you know everyone’s favorite soccer mom, Jessica grows things other than marigolds in her garden? Did you know Joshua, the boy next door isn’t really a boy next door?

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All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.3

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Vampire!Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1642
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mentions of blood, violence and disfigurement
A/N: So this part is pretty much the backstory into Bucky’s past and talks about how he got his dark limb. I warn you now that I’m an extreme dork and that I’m far too deep into this monster universe…far too deep.

Click HERE for a little more character information.

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

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[ previously ]

Bucky looked to your blushing face again. He could practically taste your blood as it pooled in the apples of your cheeks. But practically tasting you was nowhere near good enough for him. He needed more. He needed to feel the warmth of your skin against his lips again. To feel the way your heart would beat faster against your chest as he touched you, moving his hands along every dip and curve of your body until he would finally stop at your neck. He licked his lips at the thought of teasing small circles over your pulse point until you begged him to plunge his fangs into your flesh.

Bucky smiled wickedly. The darkness stormed through his eyes as he thought to himself. ‘Y/N darling, I have a pretty compelling reason to stay a little longer.’

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Right by Your Side

A/N: This was written for @girl-next-door-writes‘s 500th Celebration. My song was “Suddenly Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors. Thank you for creating the writing challenge, this was a great deal of fun to participate in!

Summary: After leaving an abusive relationship, the reader flees to the bunker and stumbles into the arms of the man she’s in love with.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1236

Warnings: Mention of domestic abuse, some injuries (bruises mostly), some self-loathing.

After another session of beaten black and blue by your boyfriend, you swore it was the last time you let him put his hands on you. This round had been one of the worst. Your injuries weren’t exclusive to underneath your clothes, or from sex; bruises covered your limbs, and face, swirling a mystic purple around your eye. But what had made this time different was the sudden change in your boyfriend’s character. Generally, you could tell when he was becoming angry and could often narrowly avoid it. This time had been a switch. Before you knew it, he’d knocked you into the ground, roughhousing you as your cried out against your will.

The tears had run dry by the time you approached the bunker. Hopeful of the idea that Dean and Sam were gone on a hunt for the evening, allowing you a night without questions, and a time frame in the morning to search for a hunt before dodging out.

“Sam? Dean?” You called out the moment you unlocked the bunker door, searching for the boys.

“It’s just me.” You always recognized the husky voice that came from Castiel’s vessel.

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Teen Spirit

Here is some Delinquent Terumob AU for @was-dft (who commissioned it) and @florbe-triz (who came up with the AU if I’m not mistaken), as well as anyone else who finds this. Writing delinquent!Mob is some tough shit, since I’m not used to writing angry, antisocial teen perspective. But I tried my best, so please enjoy!

Shigeo was sitting on the top of the school roof.

It wasn’t his school, actually, but that suited him fine; he didn’t want to be at Salt Middle School right now. His sudden rise to fame has brought countless new and old members of the Salt Middle Gang flocking towards him like sheep, and while the admiration felt a lot nicer than the distain he got from his parents and younger brother, it could get extremely annoying at times.

Compliments didn’t change the fact that Shigeo disliked people in general, and especially dealing with said people. His followers always assumed that the favorite thing to do for Shiro T Poison was beating the shit out of others, but in all honesty, that was only in third place. His favorite thing to do was to sit in the middle of nowhere and enjoy some rarefound peace and quiet.

His second favorite thing was hanging out with the urabanchou of Black Vinegar Middle School, Hanazawa Teruki.

After their big fight, Shigeo had been sure that Teruki would come looking for revenge, or at least a rematch. The proud types usually did, in his experience; they just couldn’t accept that there was someone stronger than them, plus they felt humiliated. So he hadn’t been surprised when Teruki had walked into Salt Middle School a week later and demanded to see Shiro T Poison.

He had been very surprised, however, when Teru had knelt down in front of him and pledged his fealty. Honestly, he hadn’t known what to do; nothing like this had ever happened to him before. After all, this meant that he now had the whole of Black Vinegar at his command… After several minutes of silent pondering he’d voiced his decision: he’d leave the leadership of Black Vinegar’s delinquents to Teruki, but the command over Teruki to himself - meaning that Shigeo could now call on the whole force of the other school if necessary, but wouldn’t be bothered with anything that actually happened at Black Vinegar.

Teruki had looked kind of relieved. No wonder, really; power was addictive, as Mob knew well.

Teruki knew too. Teruki knew a lot of things that Shigeo had previously thougth only he himself knew, and Teru understood a lot of things that Shigeo felt but nobody else did. Even though Shigeo was a lot more powerful than Teruki, they were both espers stranded in a world too weak for them, and they’d had a lot of similar experiences. It was no wonder the two started to hang out regularly, talking, drinking or vandalizing random buildings.

I guess it’s just a lot more fun to be dissapointed in the world together, Shigeo mused. He’d never had any friends before, but he thought Teruki counted as one. A subservient one, sure, but still a friend.

Well, actually a bit more than that. Slow as Shigeo could be in the fields of social interaction, he had realized by now that his feelings for Teruki extended a bit over the friendship line. The first clue had arrived three weeks ago, when they’d defeated the local claw branch together and Teruki got badly hurt. Shigeo’s emotions had shot straight past the 100% limit, surprising even himself.

(The only thing left of the former base now was a pile of rubble.)

The second clue came directly after the fight, when Shigeo had helped Teruki patch himself up. Not that Shigeo had much experience in the matter, but he was pretty sure the usual reaction to seeing a friend’s blood-covered torso exposed was not a sudden urge to lick the blood off until the other person moaned from something else than pain.

Shigeo didn’t act on that urge, of course. Back then he’d still been too cautious about this sudden development.

But if another opportunity presented itself, he might.

He already knew Teruki liked him back. He’d known even before he’d become aware of his own feelings, since the blond esper didn’t exactly hide his adoration of Shigeo. In his usual listless way, Shigeo had decided not to do anything about it, since it was convenient to have someone utterly devoted around. Now that he felt the same way, he was less sure what to do, torn between the desire to stop beating around the bush and the fun of watching Teruki being oblivious to the mutuality of the emotion.

Plus, part of him was still afraid. Shigeo had never trusted anyone, and for good reason; letting someone into your heart was a big risk.

Then again, Shigeo had always loved a little risk.


Shigeo lazily turned his head. Teruki was standing at the door of the roof, looking over at him with a grin. Shigeo allowed himself a smirk. “Shouldn’t you be in class?”

“Shouldn’t you be in your school?”, Teruki countered, walking over.

Shigeo shrugged. “Like they can teach me anything important. I already know everything I need to about this world.” Teruki tilted his head. “True.”

He sat down next to Shigeo, glancing over the edge of the roof. “Why’d you come here though? Not that I’m complaining, but Black Vinegar seems a bit out of the way.”

Shigeo shrugged again, unable to meet Teruki’s eyes. “Dunno. I felt like it.” Teruki looked at him but didn’t reply, instead gazing out over the roof.

They spent the next few minutes in silence, just looking at the clouds above and enjoying each other’s company. However, Shigeo was startled to find an emotion other than tranquility invade his heart - one he hadn’t felt in ages.

He was nervous. Not even for a reason, simply being alone with the guy he had a crush on was making Shigeo nervous. And that in turn made him feel humiliated. Shigeo prided himself on his strength, so such an obvious sign of his infatiuation, of a newfound inferiority was clawing at his ego. He felt restless; he wanted to punch Teruki to show him that he didn’t have a hold over Shigeo, but at the same time he wanted Teruki to press him down on the roof and do whatever the hell he wanted, no holds barred.

Being in love was confusing, and it was eating at Shigeo’s nerves.

He pulled a small packet of cigarettes out of his pocket and asked, “Hey, d’you have a light?”

Teru started to shake his head, but then he paused, and grinned. “Kinda. Check it out.” He snapped his fingers and suddenly, his right pointer was engulfed in flames.

Shigeo tilted his head, slightly impressed despite himself. “Where’d you learn that?”

“At that Claw place,” Teruki answered smugly. “Remember the fire guy? He was a total loser, but the technique was nice, so I tried to copy it. It’s actually pretty simple; you just kinda twist your energy to a point and flick it and boom! Instant flamethrower.”

Shigeo frowned at Teruki’s description, twist and flick wasn’t exactly the most accurate or helpful advice - allthough it wasn’t really Teruki’s fault; psychic powers were something intuitive and emotional, and that was usually pretty difficult to depict.

Nevertheless, Shigeo clicked his fingers, focusing his energy like Teruki had described.

Nothing happened.

Teruki winced, the flame on his finger dissapearing with a ring of smoke. “Uh, well, I was in touch with his energy during the fight, so maybe that helped? And I had to try a few times as well, so - ah!”

He flinched as Shigeo carelessly, almost crudely pulled at his spirit energy in an effort to discover the new technique. However, it wasn’t giving Shigeo the results he was hoping for. “In touch with his energy isn’t working, Teruki”, Shigeo scowled - then he suddenly felt it. It was like a surprise opening, a strange pull that was dragging his powers in a new direction. Curious, Shigeo followed, feeling his energy swell up. On instinct, he twisted his fingers and suddenly Shigeo and Teruki were connected, their energy merging violently, pulling their souls together in a way that felt so intimate it made both of them gasp.

Shigeo cut the connection quickly, adrenaline hammering through his body and his blood roaring in his ears. He definitely hadn’t expected that to happen - though perhaps it was worth it. Teruki breathless and shaken was definitely a sight to behold, a sight that stoked the flames that had been awakened inside Shigeo by the intimacy of the energy connection.

Shigeo’s careless smirk was a bit forced as he clicked his fingers, a flame curling up in the palm of his hand. “That was fun,” he said, lighting a cigarette and taking a deep pull to calm himself. Teruki swallowed, trying to get his composition back. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

Shigeo shrugged, hoping he looked more relaxed than he felt as he released the smoke back into the air. “Me neither. I guess we both learned something.”

Teruki stared at him wordlessly, his breathing still uneven. “You know, I think I need a cigarette too.” Shigeo chuckled and wordlessly handed over the packet, placing his cigarette between his lips again in an effort to get his own heartrate to calm down.

However, Teruki seemed to have other plans. With nimble fingers he fished a cigarette from the packet and stuck it between his lips, then he leaned forwards until their faces were so close Shigeo could feel the blond esper’s breath on his cheeks. Teruki pushed the end of his unlit cigarette to Shigeo’s lit one, smirking as the sparks transferred.

In appearances, he was only lighting his cigarette with the help of Shigeo’s, but even the socially inept esper could sense the coals of anger at the sudden humiliation still smouldering inside of Teruki; fueling the desire now clearly visible in the blond esper’s eyes.

Well, thought Shigeo, stomach swirling with a mixture of nerves and want, they say anger is just another form of passion…

Teruki pulled back, eyes never leaving Shigeo’s, and took a long, slow drag at his cigarette, lips curling around the small roll in a way that made Shigeo’s insides grow hot.

Then the blond esper tilted his head back to blow the smoke into the sky, and Shigeo’s eyes caught on his pale neck, adam’s apple bobbing as Teruki expelled the smoke from his lungs. Shigeo found himself mesmerised, which resulted in Teruki catching his stare - and smirking.

And that was the last straw that made Mob boil over.

Barely a second later he was pushing Teruki to the ground, energy fizzling violently as his emotions went haywire. Teruki’s eyes went wide at Shigeo’s outburst, energy automatically rising to respond to the push that would have crushed anyone else straight through the school roof.

For a second, they stared at each other, caught in a stalemate.

Then Shigeo surged down and kissed him.

Back in second grade, when Shigeo had still had that ridiculous infatuation with Tsubomi-chan, he’d sometimes imagine what his first kiss would feel like. Gentle, he’d thought. Gentle, and sweet, and soft. It would be a pretty kiss.

Well, this kiss wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t soft either, or sweet or gentle - it was angry, and demanding, and sloppy, their lips clashing and moulding against each other in what almost seemed like a battle of wills.

And fuck, it felt so good. When their tongues touched for the first time, a small whimper of pleasure escaped Shigeo, immediately followed by a throaty moan from Teruki that sent a shiver down Shigeo’s back. Screw holding back, why had he ever wanted to wait in the first place?

He grabbed the edges of Teruki’s face, trying to pull him even closer, and Teruki started tugging at Shigeo’s hair, sending pinpricks of pain shooting over Shigeo’s scalp. Shigeo gasped in response, breaking away from the kiss for a second to try and regain his sense of superiority - but suddenly he was rolling and Teruki was on top of him and they were kissing again like they’d never stopped in the first place, only that now Teruki was in control and Shigeo was liking it a lot more than he’d care to admit.

The roof around them was starting to crack, and both of them - especially Shigeo with his bad stamina - were running out of breath, but neither of them felt inclined to stop making out until suddenly there was an ominous rumbling sound and the nearest chimney blew apart, scattering bricks everywhere.

Teruki rolled off of Shigeo and stared at the mess, pupils dilated and lips puffy. “Huh,” he said slowly. “I guess you could say that idea blew up in our faces.”

Shigeo stared at Teruki, trying to get his breath back. He’d forgotten about Teruki’s adorable obnoxious habit of breaking out in puns when he was excited. “You’re terrible,” he finally managed, sitting up and dusting himself off to keep his hands from straying back to the blonde esper’s face.

Teruki grinned. “More like Teru-ble… but I’m a great kisser, right?”

Shigeo turned away and pinched his nose, hoping his cheeks weren’t as red as they felt. “One more pun like that and I’m gonna stop our make-out session.”

Teruki’s eyes grew round. “There’s more? But the chimney -”

“Salt Mid’s roof is a lot more stable than Black Vinegar’s,” Shigeo suggested with a small smile.

Teruki opened his mouth, and shut it again wordlessly, eyes brimming with anticipation, lust - and unbridled adoration. “You’re amazing, Shigeo.”

Shigeo felt his insides swell with warmth, his head swimming with emotions he’d forgotten about, locked away as they’d been in his unfeeling heart. There were some new emotions which he’d not felt before, too - but that was just a reason to explore them even further, right?

“So are you, Teruki. Now let’s go, before I forget myself and break Black Vinegar’s walls again.”


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- there would be so many dates in fantagio’s practice rooms
- your butt is planted on the wooden floor for several hours
- minhyuk is so graceful when he is dancing
- his movements are just so precise and beautiful
- you’re literally questioning your existence at the moment because HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THIS BEAUTIFUL??
- you would record him sometimes mostly because you knew that you will miss him on the days that you two can’t see each other
- he’d smile when he sees that you’re recording him
- and being the little chicken nugget he is, he’d throw in an extra wink into the choreography
- you drop your phone because you’re so flustered
- but then you hear minhyuk shuffle over
- he’d have the most worried expression on your face
- so you pretend that you cracked your screen
- he’d be so apologetic
- when you tell him you’re joking, he’d look at you with such a murderous expression
- convenience store trips would be like a daily routine for you two
- because minhyuk had been practicing nonstop, he would be hella hungry
- so he will grab whatever he sees
- naturally, you two end up with four bags of food
- your cabinets would never be empty
- like one time, moonbin came over to your apartment and asked for some snacks
- “what kind of cookie do you want?”
- moonbin doesn’t care so he asks for anything
- and then you take out like 19 different boxes of cookies
- you point at minhyuk as if you were blaming him for your abundance of cookies
- “if you’re hungry, never fear, y/n is here!!”
- i don’t think minhyuk is extremely affectionate but he would have his moments
- you could be cooking in the kitchen and you’d feel a pair of muscular arms around you
- “i wanna cuddle”
- “i literally just put the cookies into the oven”
- “please?”
- “ but i literally just put these into the oven”
- but you give in because these moments were rare
- minhyuk would kick all the other members out of their shared room just so he could cuddle with you
- but i feel like he’s a lazy cuddler
- so he’d just lay on your stomach while you play with his hair
- you two would talk about everything
- “why is mother nature a female? shouldn’t there be a father nature?”
- “idk minhyuk, google it”
- he would also make really cheesy jokes
- “have you ever tried to eat a clock? it’s very time consuming”
- you would let out such a long sigh
- he’s such a sweetheart though
- on anniversaries, expect a lot of romantic gestures
- well he tries to be romantic but he just fails
- he’d try to make you breakfast in bed
- but he’d accidently make the smoke alarm go off
- “y/n!! i tried making pancakes idk what happened”
- you’d sit up and just sigh
- “minhyuk, let’s just order some take-out and pizza”
- along with your dates in the studio, minhyuk would ask for your advice when he showed you his choreography
- of course, it’d be excellent but you give a few pointers relating to his facial expressions
- i feel like you two would also dare each other a lot
- like one time, you dared him to kiss sanha on the cheek on a video that he had to record for a broadcasting station
- poor sanha, he was so flustered and didn’t talk to minhyuk for 3 days
- and the fandom kind of exploded upon seeing the video
- i can also see him lending you his clothes
- he would love to see you in his hoodies
- because then you would have sweater hands and he finds it adorable
- his hoodies are, legit, a dress for you
- minhyuk would sneakily hang his clothes in your room
- the poor boy just wants you to wear them
- and when you do, his expression looks like he’s seen heaven
- the members would tease you two a lot
- “poor y/n, she’s in a relationship with minhyuk”
- and minhyuk would argue against that statement
- “he’s so whipped”
- you’d be blushing so hard
- this one time, minhyuk tried to get you to dance
- even after countless hours, you still look like an octopus
- let’s just say, he has a certain video of you that he shows anyone he possibly can
- i think minhyuk would really like to take candid pictures of you
- he has this one where you’re studying and your eyebrows are scrunched up in concentration
- and another one would be you sneezing
- he has this one as his background
- despite your protests, minhyuk refuses to change it
- he just loves how your facial expressions look
- your relationship would be one with a lot of jokes and puns
- there would be sO many inside jokes that when the rest of astro hang out with you, they’d be confused like 75% of the time
- you two just mostly laugh around each other
- your relationship with minhyuk is stable, full of love, and full of jokes
- and you two wouldn’t have it any other way

Leo Fitz|| Dream

Originally posted by whatlighttasteslike


Set during 4x20 - Farewell, Cruel World!

Prompt: Seeing Fitz in the aftermath of waking up from The Framework is bad enough, but what happens whenever you’re forced to watch him walk away from you, to a woman who has done nothing but manipulate his heart? 

Song lyrics come from Today Has Been OK - Sleeping At Last

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"Go ahead. Lock your doors, change your phone number. I'll still find you" Tracer and S/O after S/O is trying to break up with them.

“Lena, please…” You usher softly as you awkwardly make eye contact with the other patrons of the small cafe. Recently things hadn’t been working out between you and your longtime girlfriend. Tracer had become overly clingy and as an independent person you couldn’t deal with it. So, in a small hope to remain friends who continued supporting each other you tried to gently break things off. You had no idea the happy go lucky woman would take it so poorly. 

“Please, love!” The girl clasps your hands tightly, desperately, as she began to panic from you trying to leave her, “Reconsider! I’ll do anythin’! I promise, I’ll be a better girlfriend so don’t leave me, yeah?”

Several people in the cafe eyed the two of you with both interest and pity. You shook her off of you as you grabbed your bag, “I’m sorry, Lena. Please don’t contact me after this.”

After you left Tracer heartbroken in the small cafe you hadn’t heard from her for weeks. You never knew her to be violent nor malicious in any way but just in case you took back the key you gave her to your apartment and changed your number after she called you countless number of times. 

Little did you know the time jumping woman was waiting very patiently for you to lower your guard. You had gone so far as to change your number and avoid her when you two were in love! No matter where you tried to hide though she always found you even if you didn’t know about it. 

“Giving me the cold shoulder like that was rather cruel, love,” She lets out a self deprived laugh as she picked your locks, “But go ahead. Lock your doors,  change your phone number. I’ll still find you.”

Angel/Demon AU

For @confidenceatitsfinest. Because you said you needed this. Enjoy :)

- Jimin was an angel once upon a time, but he got banished from Heaven after defying orders from an Archangel, which surprised everyone because he was one of the most popular and loved angels.

- After his banishment from Heaven, he was ‘recruited’ by a fellow demon in hunt for an evil soul.

- Although he was a bit hesitant at first, after some persuasion, he joined the clan in Hell.

- Jungkook, when he found out that Jimin had been expelled, was heartbroken, as the two were the bestest of friends and did everything together. It took him a while to get back to his regular duties as an angel.

- After a year in Hell, Jimin adapts to the new, darker environment and finally gets an assignment. 

- Coincidentally(not), he gets assigned to the same person as Jungkook. When he hears the name come out from his leader’s mouth, his memories come flooding back. He’s a bit ashamed to carry on with the assignment but eventually he gathers up his courage and begins his task.

- When the angel and the demon meet for the first time, there is a whole lot of tension surrounding them- so much that they briefly forget about their assignment.

“Well well well, if it isn’t sweet little Jeon Jungkookie.” “Ji-Jimin hyung you’ve…changed”

- Although he wants to gather Jungkook in his arms and tell him how much he’s missed him, he refrains from doing so and keeps up a strong front.

- Jimin tries to f*ck up the assignment’s life countless numbers of times, but Jungkook is always there to prevent him and promote peace and goodwill.

“You can try all you want to destroy the balance in the world, but you know just as well as I do that good always prevails.”

- This jolts Jimin out of his evil trance and he stops his actions, wondering why he’s really doing this. He stops visiting his assignment and stops trying to make it a living hell on Earth.

- Until one day, his leader finds out and forces him to go, almost ripping his wings in the process.

- He reluctantly agrees and goes to try and ruin things again, but he stops in his tracks when he sees Jungkook sitting atop a tree branch, crying.

- “Why are you crying? Everything okay?” “Stop pretending like you care and leave me alone, you monster!”

“I-I’ve always cared.”

- This makes Jungkook cry even harder, and he blabbers about “If you really cared about me, you would have never left!”

- Losing control of his actions, Jimin shuts him up by kissing him firmly on the mouth. “Baby you don’t know how much I regret leaving you. I missed you so much.” Jungkook kisses him back harder.

“H-hyung you’re crying…I thought demons couldn’t cry” “You know I was never set to be a demon” “Once an angel, always an angel.” 

- They kiss again.

- A long time after practically begging the Archangel to reinstate Jimin, he is welcomed back in Heaven.

-  After coming out openly as a couple infront of the other angels, they are surprised by the immediate acceptance. “Let’s be honest, anyone who knew you two knew that you were going to end up getting married.”

- Their first time together is magical-  Jimin makes sure to take off their halos before fucking the innocence out of Jungkook (@mintsugakookies I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself)

Have You Read This, Part 2

* Philip Hamilton × Reader
* Hamiltime
* Request: Can I have a have you read this part 2 please?
* Requested by: anonymous

A/N: …sorry, that’s all I can say. I’m sorry.

Word Count: 1,708


In the following months, you stayed along side Philip. It seemed as though his life was shattering around him. To avoid further scorn and for her kids, Eliza stayed with Alexander. Though, when you were in the same room as them you could feel the tension. You imagined nothing could fix their relationship.

Philip still hadn’t recovered. In public however, he seemed himself again. He’d strut around with his smirk and poise. And it was all a show. For anybody else, Philip might have seemed back to normal but you knew him well enough that his act felt all wrong.

“Philip?” You asked him one day on a walk.

“Hm?” He inquired and looked at you with his smile.

“Why do you keep acting like you’re fine? I know you well enough to know you’re not.” You voiced.

He sighed, the broken part of him showing again. “I guess I hope that if I act like I’m fine then I will be. It hurts so damn much Y/N. I can hardly look at my father without remembering what he’s done to our family. He’s ruined everything and I used to idolize him. And I feel useless. I can’t help at all! I can’t fix my family, I can only watch it fall apart.” Philip hung his head.

“I can’t help much Philip, but please know you don’t need to put on an act for me. It won’t help you at all.” You reasoned. You brought your hand up to run it through his curls, a motion you learned calmed him.

He offered you a lopsided smile, still full of sorrow. “Yeah I know.” You returned his smile and gave him a short peck on the lips.

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It won’t be for long, you reminded yourself, Just one more day. You had no reason to stress. She’s just an aunt. This woman wasn’t Newt’s mother. Although, Newt’s mother at least likes you. You wouldn’t have accepted the invitation if you had known.

The mail owl flew in as you and Newt were discussing some plans for your upcoming wedding. He wanted somewhat traditional, but occasionally mentioned that he wanted whatever you wanted. The owl dropped a letter on his lap, addressed Newton Artemis Fido Scamander. “That reminds me,” you recalled, “Do you want me to say your full name during vows?”

“That can be skipped if you don’t mind.” You laughed and continue to look over the options for Queenie and Tina as your bridesmaids. His eyebrows furrowed. “It’s from my aunt. The one in the Ministry. Says she’s heard about the engagement and wishes to see us.”

“Oh, that sounds nice,” you stated, not looking up the planning, “Should we?”

“I don’t see why not,” he warned you, “But she’s very high maintenance.” You only brushed him off, not believing it at all. You simply packed a bag and decided to be polite to Newt’s aunt.

The woman was clearly old, but her years had yet to slowdown her mind. She immediately looked at your ring finger and sighed, “So, you really did propose to her?”

Newt cleared his throat, unsure of what to say. “Uh, yes. I did. In your letter, you mentioned the-”

She cut him off with a wave of her hand. “I was wondering if you had actually gone through with it.”

You were shaken by the encounter and only tried to be funny. “It took him some time to actually-”

“I’m afraid I didn’t ask that, Miss Y/L/N.” She annunciated your last name, as if it wouldn’t be changing to Scamander soon. “I’ll show you to your rooms.” You looked at Newt for a second and mouthed, “Rooms?” He merely shrugged in response.

Newt’s aunt led you inside the enormous manor. On the third floor, she stopped at one awfully cramped room by what would be the servants’ quarters. “Miss Y/L/N, you’ll be staying here.”

“Actually, Y/N could stay with me,” Newt chimed, “There are so many rooms with larger be-” His aunt interrupted him when she flicked her wand and most of the doors in the house shut. “Renovations,” she said curtly, “Let’s leave Miss Y/L/N to freshen up, shall we, Newton?”

“Well, I’ll-” Newt was again interrupted by his aunt Apparating with him to his room on the second floor. You were shocked, to say the least. At least, you knew that his aunt didn’t actually know you. She might like you later.

The day continued and you barely saw Newt. You were late for dinner as someone forgot to tell you. By the time you made it downstairs, there was a lone plate of cold food for you. Finally, he saw you in the foyer and almost latched onto you, not wanting to be away from you.

His aunt found the two of you talking while lounging in the living room. She immediately looked disgusted at the sight of you and swiftly turned away. Newt sighed at the whole ordeal. “I’m so sorry about this. I had no idea that she would act like this.”

“Newt, I don’t mind,” you reassured him, “Just a little shocked. If I can deal with some of your creatures, I can handle a family member who doesn’t like me.”

He smiled at that. There was a moment of silence until his eyes met yours. The two of you were both leaning in, but the door opening made the two of you move away. Newt’s aunt came in obviously distraught over the scene she just walked in on. “Oh, Newton. Guess who I just ran into,” she said as she sat between the two of you, “Do you remember that nice girl down the street? I invited her for breakfast tomorrow so if you want to stay. I can imagine Miss Y/L/N would want to get home soon. I always thought the two of you would get along very nicely-”

As she was talking, Newt tried to interrupt countless times before he finally stated rather firmly, “I don’t think I’ll do that. I’ll go with my fiancé whenever she chooses to. I would also appreciate if you could remember that Y/N is my fiancé and I don’t plan on changing that.” You found yourself looking at him with awe.

“Newton,” his aunt replied as if he was a child, “You have always been a very good boy, but I’m afraid that Miss Y/L/N-”

“We are getting married,” he used the tone that he uses with some of his misbehaving creatures, “And if you act like this at the wedding, please tell me now so we won’t waste the invitation.” You looked at him with shock. He had just been a spineless boy for two days and then this came out of nowhere.

His aunt seemed to be stunned as well. Her little mouth kept opening and closing with no words coming out. Finally, she composed herself and said firmly, “I will be attending the wedding and I will cause no trouble. I look forward to the date, whenever it might be.”

Newt smiled respectfully. “Thank you. I appreciate it.”

“You could have done worse,” she continued, “Anything is better than that one girl you were always around. What was her name? Lena?” His aunt dismissed the topic and looked at the pair as if she just had an idea. “Well, off you go, then. I want this wedding planned soon so I might have the chance to attend my godson’s happiest day.”

“Actually, Aunt Hilda is my go-” he started before cowering under his aunt’s glare. “Nothing.”

“We’ll just head home,” you said awkwardly. His aunt was still acting a bit cold around you, but you saw the improvement. “Really do have to work on everything.”

Newt agreed, “Right, the things. We’ll have to invite you over one day for dinner or something.” He rambled on about making plans before summoning both of your luggage and Apparating back home. Visibly relaxing, Newt let out a relieved sigh. “I’m terribly sorry for that, Y/N. I hope that didn’t upset you.”

Laughing, you swung your arm around his neck and looked into his eyes. “You’re going to have to throw a platoon of crazy aunts to get rid of me, Mr. Scamander,” you giggled.

“Yes, well,” he chuckled, “I’ve got lots. The trip reminded me of when we first visited your mother. What were the words?” You groaned at the memory. “‘You’re with the crazy beast author’?”

“Okay, we both have some weird families,” you settled before quickly pecking his lips. “Now, come on. We still have planning.” As he saw you, surrounded with different sheets of papers, all with details that will come together and create the most perfect wedding, he realized that Newt didn’t even need a real wedding to be happy. You’re the one making it perfect.

He sat next to you, rummaging through the papers. “I love you, Y/N,” Newt whispered and pressed his lips to your forehead.

You smiled and responded, “I love you too, Newt.”

Broken Pieces.

Pairings: Loki x reader

Reader gender: female

Warning: Self hate, Mentions of self loathing thoughts, idiotic Tony.

Word count: 1500

“We need someone to talk to him, someone he will listen to.” Thor turned to face the others, as they stared through the monitors at his brother. He had been doing alright, his brother had been acting as a normal mortal for a while, but then something triggered something inside of him. Something made him change, like a relapse. But they didn’t know what had changed him. They had thought over everything that happened in the last few days, anything that could have pulled the trigger. But they couldn’t think of anything. 

Leaning back in your chair, you sighed. You had become quite fond of Loki over the past few days. You hadn’t spoken to him in person, but just by watching the way he acted around the others, the way he tried to isolate himself and his feelings from everyone around him. Looking through the monitor, you watched as Loki leaned against the glass wall behind him, staring off into the distance before him. You could almost see the pain and anger swimming in his eyes. The self hatred.

You yourself were a mutant, you knew the feeling only too well. Even though your appearance, with your (e/c) eyes and your (h/c) locks, made you seem as normal as everyone else, deep down you knew what you were. A monster. You were exactly what Loki sought himself to be. 

Still staring into the monitor, you listened to the conversations going on around you. 

“There must be something we can do. I mean, it’s not as if he is a danger to anyone.” Thor continued, the others nodded along, but Tony had other ideas. 

“But he is. No matter who it is, a mutant with magic is a threat.” Natasha looked over at you sympathetically, as did Steve, Thor, Clint and Bruce. Only after the initial impact, did Tony realize what he had said.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that-” but you cut him off, after all, you were a danger. 

“Thank you for that Tony. That really made my day.” you looked back at the monitor, before looking at Thor. 

“I’ll talk to him.” A questioning glance headed your way from the blonde haired Norse God. “After all, monster to monster, right?” you threw a sickening smile towards Tony, standing and wandering out of the room, heading down to Loki’s holding cell.

“You just had to say that, didn’t you? You couldn’t think first?” Clint asked, as he stood from his seat, moving to stand by Steve. 

“You know how much she hates herself already, and you just had to add to that.” Bruce added, as he disappeared from the room, claiming that he had things to get on with.

“You’re a real asshole.” Natasha concluded, shaking her head and staring back through the monitor.

*  *  *  *  *

Walking through the corridors, you sighed. You didn’t mean to snap at Tony, he probably didn’t mean it. But it was a sensitive subject to you. 

When you turned into the containment room, Loki was still sat back against the glass wall, staring off into the distance aimlessly, as if by magic something would move unexpectedly. As you moved closer, his eyes shot your way, as if he had sensed the movements, and your presence.

But as he turned, he became mesmerised by you. 

The way your (h/c) hung over your shoulders as you moved. The way your eyes sparkled in the light. The thin hoodie, hung over your figure, concealing it inside, matched with your jeans and converse, you seemed like a casual mortal. But Loki had seen you before. He had seen you around the tower, talking to Stark and the others. But he had never dared to get any closer. Afraid that if he did, that you might disappear. 

You pondered closer, sitting on the floor outside of the cell, knowing fully well that Loki was watching you, as if you were a fish out of water. What were you doing here? Surely his brother and his acquaintances hadn’t sent you? Who would willingly send a beautiful girl to talk to a monster such as himself?

“Mortal? What is your business here?” Loki mumbled absent mindedly, turning back to the glass wall. 

“We were trying to figure out what was wrong with you, what had triggered this sudden change.” you replied, as he furrowed his eyebrows. 

“Who are you?” he asked, obviously realising that he didn’t actually know who you were. 

“Y/N. My name’s Y/N. And you’re Loki.” you answered, turning to face the Norse God. 

“Why would they send you, a pathetic mortal to talk to me?” you chuckled under your breath, earning you a confused glance from the God. 

“I don’t argue with the pathetic comment, but I am no mortal.” you explained, but still the God seemed confused with the statement. 

“If you are no mortal, then what are you?” he hissed from his corner, glaring at your sitting form. 

“Ever heard of a Dream Catcher?” you questioned pointedly at Loki, as he watched you intensely. 

“Dream Catchers. The creatures of the night? Born to feed off of the dreams and pass back nightmares?” you nodded.

“Yep, that’s me.” his eyes widened slightly, but he quickly composed himself. “You see, they didn’t send me in here.” his head tilted to the side like a lost puppy, as he gestured for you to continue. “I chose to come in here of my own accord.”

“Why? Why would you put yourself in the same vicinity as me?” 

“Because I know how you feel. I can see your emotions in your eyes. You hate yourself. You hate that you couldn’t be like a normal Asgardian, that you had to be different from everyone else. You loathe Thor for being the favourite. He was always the golden child, wasn’t he?” Loki diverted his gaze. “I know that he was. You were always in his shadow. Even when you grew older together. He was always the best. You hate that you would never get a chance at the Asgardian throne, because it’s Thor’s throne. It’s not yours is is? It never was. But you hate yourself the most, because you think you are a monster.” his face was covered in anger, as he turned to you, his green eyes glazed over. 

“YOU KNOW NOTHING MORTAL!” he shouted at you, but you just shook your head sadly. 

“That’s where you’re wrong Loki.” you replied. “I know everything, because I have the same thoughts everyday.” he slowly looked up at you, tears streaming down your face. “I hate myself because I am a monster.” he moved closer to you, sitting opposite, parted by the glass wall in between. 

“I have to feed off of other people’s happiness, to keep myself alive.” you sighed and looked down at your lap. “I’m known as a soul sucker, in your dimension. I have tried countless times, to reverse the effects. To feed off of the nightmares instead. But it doesn’t work.” you didn’t bother to wipe away the tears, as they passed down your flushed cheeks. “Loki, you see yourself as a monster, for the things you have done, and because of your species. I am a monster, everyday I am a monster and there is nothing I can do to change that. I will always be a monster.” 

You moved your hand up to press against the glass, and after a few moments, Loki’s blue hand copied your actions, covering yours on the other side of the glass. It was in that moment, that Loki realised there were two broken people in the room, and hopefully, your broken pieces would stick together, and the you could be whole again. Loki vowed that he would make you see what you really were. You weren’t a monster to him. But what monster sees another? What if he only saw you as a mortal because you saw him as one? Loki was going to glue your pieces back together, even if it took him an eternity, because to him, you were the ray of hope he needed, the bright light at the end of the tunnel. He wasn’t going to lose you so easily. 

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Hi Meg!!! Can you make me an icon, I'm ready for a new one lol(I've tried countless times and failed miserably). Can you make the icon of phil and it pastel pink and green themed (since I'm overly attached to my theme and most likely will never change it afhjgds) and the picture of phil from one of the sleepless nights, (wearing glasses preferably, but what ever is easiest for you!) if you want to of course lol! Ilysm <333

This was fun to make!!! I spent the time looking for a good frame to use for this to listen to Dodie’s new EP on repeat so it was all time well spent lol.

I’m accepting icon requests, just send me an ask!

“There are no exceptions.”

I was impressed by the way that Yeonhwa blocked So’s path in episode 13, and it made me curious as to how their marriage may turn out–So is rarely the one to give up once he has made up his mind, and Yeonhwa is the same. How would they compromise? (I was skimming through an article on Naver today, discussing how Gwangjong/Wang So would later make the law to free the slaves, and how Queen Daemok/Yeonhwa was against it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went head-to-head in their marriage; they will political partners, no doubt, but the way they approach and see the world are different).

While So turned back to the palace because it was the logical thing to do, I also would like to argue that Yeonhwa’s force was something that So noticed–and respected. Enough that he turned away. Had it been any of the princes or anyone else, I feel that So may have tried to push his way through, anyways.

Which brings me to my next point: Women in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo are not to be taken lightly. Countless times, many people in the fandom have commented that the women are the ones who are the active ones, the ones who are actually making things (Yeonhwa; Queen Yoo; Court Lady Oh) happen while the men are very passive, and are unable to make true change (Wang Wook; Taejo; Crown Prince Mu). It’s an interesting dynamic at play. 

Yeonhwa: There are no exceptions. Go back. 

And then I was also impressed by the way Hae Soo blocked So’s path this week. Of course, So is more willing to listen Soo than anyone else–but this was a critical situation where Jung was breaking the curfew, and thus, needed to be caught. But Soo stops him dead in his tracks. 

And she echoes the same words as Yeonhwa, and she takes it to another level she’s willing to slit her own throat if it means to stop So. Like, goddamn. And it isn’t just about Jung here; Hae Soo is also directing her own anger at So in a way that only he will understand. 

Soo: There are no exceptions for anyone. 

These are two powerful scenes, and I find it interesting that So shares it with two of the women who are and will be prominent in his life. So bends to the will of these women–again, they are not to be taken lightly–and it puts an interesting twist on the power dynamics of the time. While So technically is in a higher position and thus holds the more power, he’s the one who has to back down. He respects their power.