i tried colour splash

My partner wanted me to draw Korra since I drew the Red Lotus crew, and I have been wanting to draw Season 3 finale Korra for a while but I just never thought I could do her justice because really, that is something that can only be appreciated in movement :’D The animation in that finale is spectacular.

So I tried. have a quick doodle that I splashed colour on :)

I love all the Outertale Gasters so much, they’re so pretty. I also love the thoughts of what his post-accident space theme could be. Black hole was pretty cool, but lemme propose you this…

Dark matter Gaster. It’s all the goodness of goop dad (granted, more wispy dusty like this time) but also hypothetically existing as something that cannot be seen and yet accounts for most of the universe’s matter. He’s everywhere, but nowhere. Hehe, I thought there were enough similarities at least.

Parts of him probably pull away a lot. It’s hard work being something of enough concentrated matter to ‘exist’.