i tried coloring a manga for the first time

Neither of them thought a grand western wedding was their style, but somehow they ended up having one with matching lavender tuxedos and a big cake. Reigen ended up getting blackout-drunk from the welcoming toast, and instead of going through the original plan, their first dance was just slow-dancing with Serizawa holding Reigen upright. When others tried to tease Reigen about it afterwards, Serizawa shut them down uncharacteristically bluntly. He had been listening to the hiccup-y, giggly sobs of “I can’t believe I won’t be lonely anymore, Katsu” and “Who’d think I’d deserve to feel this kind of happiness” through the whole dance. 

yuppp still working through all of these in serirei, this time with a more muted color experiment

this one is ♦: Slow dancing as requested by @6oys


This is what I’ve been working on over the weekend.  Everyone else was doing it.  I figured I would try, too. *laughs*  It’s not as fancy as the several others I’ve seen, but please keep in mind that this was my first time doing a manga coloring. (I’m sure the artist followers are cringing right now. ^^;)

The SketchBook mobile app is a lot of fun, if you’ve never tried it.  

For the first time ever… As third-year students… We stand together as equals on the stage known as assassination!!


Another process post! (EDIT: The only line art in the book drawn digitally was for the two pages of the intro, the two pages of the outro, and the author photo.)

For the intro to Black Rat, I wanted to pay homage to one o’ th’ primary visual inspirations for much of the book—Suihō Tagawa—by directly parodying a sequence from Norakuro in which the titular character appears in a series of adventure vignettes across 12 slender panels with my own titular character traversing seasons and landscapes in pursuit of immortality.

All o’ th’ drawings for Little Tommy Lost had been penciled with graphite and inked with Joseph Gillott or Nikko G nibs (and brush), but I wanted to play around a little more with Black Rat. Among other things, I used graphite, ink, collage, watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, and (for the first time ever) digital drawing tools. I’d had a copy of Manga Studio EX 5 for a year or so, but hadn’t had a chance to play with it—and this intro seemed like a good place to give it a shot, since I wanted the line work to feel loose, bouncy, and a little awkward. Manga Studio is a dream to work with. I prefer Photoshop for color work, but Manga Studio’s default brushes simulate pens on paper better than anything else I’ve tried digitally. I can’t recommend it enough.

While I’m still partial to physical media, I’ve been playin’ with Manga Studio more and more when it seems appropriate. I even finished my first completely digital story the other day. I might post it soon. xoxo



This is my first time coloring a manga image. I tried to learn a few times before but I usually get lazy and give up. Nami’s newest outfit had me really inspired to try harder. I have to say, it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be, but it does take some time though. I had to look up other images to get an idea of where to shadow and where to highlight. (All those Sailor Moon images.)

The dress was the last thing I colored because I didn’t want to leave it black. That would be a little boring plus I really wanted it to be blue. When I did color it blue, it was still boring so I ended up trying patterns. As you can see, I went overboard.

Well, it was loads of fun. Which one is your favorite?