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​wedif day twenty two now! today I felt like something kind of fluffy so its daddy luke, if you’d like to read more fluffy pieces like this there are some on my masterlist. 

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Giggling at her dancing in the small seat in the trolley we wandered the aisles in search of some bright colours for the walls. Florence tried to reach out and grab things but the metal and plastic she was sat on constricted her movement, for a while at least. “So what colour should we get?” Full heartedly I asked her, my little angel with those bright blue eyes beaming back at me as she examined the colours on display.

Holding her arms up in the air I carefully lifted her out and she stood holding my hand and began to point to all the colours available. Laughing to myself I bent down and fixed her shoe that was coming off, so much for Velcro doing a little explorer any good. “Sweetie we can’t have all of them, how about 3 shades?” Holding three fingers up she reciprocated the action before standing there still in my arms for a while.

“That one!” Excitedly she disconnected herself from me before pointing to the vivid yellow. It was yellow like sunflowers, warm and inviting rather than garish or sickening.

“You sure?” Raising an eyebrow to her she scrunched her face up before nodding. “Alright missy, lets go find yellow.” Placing her back in the child seat in the trolley we, well me kept our eyes out for the yellows.

“Miss?” Someone called from near by and echoed throughout the warehouse. Turning around I looked in disbelief, no. It couldn’t be. 

Once cut back and slicked back blonde hair had grown, it now hung in his face. The lip ring I always found too icy against my lips was now gone, vacant from his perfectly plumped lower lip. But those blue eyes, the ones I fell hopelessly in love with all those years ago, they can never change. Except, the confusion he wore in them as opposed to the surprise and nostalgia I felt. Standing in front of the trolley I just raised my hand, trying my best to act casual whilst Florence remained preoccupied with colour samples. “Luke?” He took a few steps forward, the confusion melting away from his expression and replaced by a joyful smile. 

“What, what the,” He struggled to find his wording and I began to shift the weight from one foot to another, the need to wander off being imminent now. “I just can’t believe I’ve run into you like this.” Laughing lightly I nodded in response, “You, you dropped this.” Holding up one of Florence’s pink trainers mentally I screamed as he examined the glitter that coated the flamingo pink shoe, how tiny it seemed in his large hand making my heart pang. 

Taking it from his grasp I held it close, trying my best to ignore the spark I felt as my fingertips touched his. “Clumsy ol me.” Joking I felt a light jab on my back, she sure knew how to time herself. “So, what are you doing here?” Speaking louder I tried to stop Florence’s mumbles from being heard. 

“Oh, well we have a break from tour and I thought I’d come back here for a few days.” Nodding I struggled to find a sufficient reason for him to be back here, what’s left for him here besides old memories? “Would you, would you like to get dinner with me sometime?” Leaning forward towards me I could see the hope glint his blue eyes, how they reminded me of hers so much, too much. 

Opening my mouth to answer I was interrupted. “Mummy I want to get the yellow paint!” Florence spoke up and I swore under my breath. My heart stopped and my words remained jammed in my throat as Luke raised his eyebrow to me. 

Turning around away from him I smiled brightly to her, “Alright Flor, we’ll go get yellow.” Fiddling with her shoe I could feel Luke’s presence behind me. Facing him I struggled to hide my nerves, I knew he would figure it out as soon as he’d lay eyes on her. 

“Mum?” The pure shock in his eyes said more than words could describe. All I could do was try and think of an explanation, some form of answer to give him. That I got pregnant after he left, some guy I met in a bar. But he would know better, he always did. Lowering my head I stood to one side, allowing Florence to come face to face with Luke, with her Dad for the first time. “Hi there sweetie, how old are you?” I could see the tension build in him, his shoulders locking in place as he kept his arms by his side, not making any attempt to touch her or anything near her. 

Glancing to me confused I nodded to her, “I’m three!” She held up three fingers like I had taught her and closing my eyes I knew what was coming next. Shame filled my system mixed with stabs of guilt. 

“Is, is” Luke sighed loudly and lowered his voice. “is she-”

“Yes.” I cut him off, staring intensely into those blue orbs, trying to see the cracks begin to show as mine fell apart entirely. “Like I’ve been with anyone else Luke, who could there have been three years ago?” Sarcasm had taken over my sweet motherly tone as I crossed my arm. 

We were no longer 19, we had our own lives to lead. Mine was looking after my daughter, living the life I love. His was being famous, a musician whose name is known by millions, how could I drag him away from all of that or bring Florence into it? 

He remained speechless and I could see Florence getting rowdy. “Mummy can we pleaasse get yellow?” Let the whining begin. 

“In a minute Florence, let me just finish my conversation okay?” Silently she sulked, crossing her arms like a little drama queen. No idea where she gets it from. 

Luke looked from me, and then to Florence and back at me again. A light chuckle escaped his lips followed by him burying his head in his hands. “How do I begin to process this?” 

“I found out when you had gone for tour, I could hardly let you cancel it. Plus, we broke up a month later.” Sighing I tried not to remember those days, it hurt and the pain still lingers in my heart. “It was our best option for you to just not know, I didn’t think you’d ever know.” 

Scoffing lightly in response he shook his head. “You think you could avoid me forever? Not tell me that I,” Moving closer to me he whispered, “that I have a daughter.” 

“How could I? Do you have any idea how much it hurt for me to let you go, see you fulfill your dreams. Remember who was there during every rough patch when you were working on the new material, all you wanted was to make it work, make the dreams you had become a success.” Moving over to Florence I took her out of the trolley and she stood by my feet, gripping onto my leg tightly as I stroked her hair. “Sometimes the greatest of dreams involve the worst sacrifices. I just made the decision for you. Saved you the pain and excess heartache didn’t it?” 

“What happens now?” He held my arm as I tried to step away, Florence oblivious to the meaning of this conversation as she focused on Luke with wide eyes. Part of me wondered what went on in that little mind of hers, would she ever understand who he was or what he meant to her? 

“That, that is up to you.” Glancing down to Florence I held my hand out to her, she released herself from my leg and I sat down on the floor in front of her. “Florence do you mind if a friend helps us pick a yellow?” Hesitantly she looked towards Luke with some look of fear in her eyes. 

Sensing something was up Luke joined me, sitting next to me with a sweet smile on his face. “Hey Florence, I’m Luke.” He held his hand out to her and instead of shaking it she wrapped her arms around him tightly. For a second I was worried as he froze, but then embraced her hug. 

His eyes remained closed and my heart began to melt at the sight. “So, what do you say Florence, can he help us find the yellow?” Releasing Luke she turned to face me with a huge smile crossing her face as he nodded excitedly. “Well then.” Standing up I held my hand out to Florence and she accepted it. 

Just as I glanced over to Luke he seemed different, more accepting if that’s even a way to term fatherhood being thrown onto you unexpectedly. Florence mumbled his name and held her hand out to him, he took her tiny hand in his and to me, it worked. 

As we walked I forgot about the empty trolley, I felt immersed in this family dynamic and Florence’s rambles about yellow and where it is found. 

I’m glad I agreed to go on that date with Luke, as now I have something I never thought would happen; my own dream. 

anonymous asked:

i am currently away from my home and my home church, which I love, and I feel that while I'm away I feel less connected with God. I don't have a car and I'm only going to be here a few more months, so I don't really feel it's practice for my to try to find a new church here, but right now all I do is pray, which while very important, I don't feel like it is enough. I was wondering if there were any bible studies or books that are available online for me to read/study?

Hey there! So sorry for the delay in answering. I’ve been in places where I’ve been stranded from church for a while, and it can be hard – I’m glad you’re looking to find some supplements to your faith. 

The problem is, I don’t personally use Bible studies right now and I tried searching for some, and couldn’t find any free online ones. What I did find: an article from Patheos on five daily devotionals; the YouTube series “The Bible Project,” which I’ve heard good things about.  

I know you don’t have a car so this might not be any more practical than finding a church, but if you can find some service activities to get involved in, that’s a beautiful way to expand your faith life and enter into relationships with God’s people. If not, simply working to perform acts of kindness and love in your day to day interactions is beautiful too.

I don’t know that any of these are online free, but our recommendations tag has some wonderful books you might try to find.  

Finally, wandering through our bible tag and prayer tag might be helpful! For specific posts, scroll to the Bible section and also the Prayer and Faith section of our FAQ and you’ll find some good ones that offer advice for how to get into the Bible and how to enrich your prayer life. 

If anyone has more online bible study and resource suggestions for anon, please share! 


RFA + Unknown

Look around, look around
At how lucky we are to be alive right now!

drew this as a thank you for 20k followers!!! ilu all mwa thank u all so much for ur love and support!!

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Not to worry you, but I think Bitty might be on the edge of a breakdown.  He hasn’t baked in like six hours, and he’s currently standing at the kitchen sink washing the same spoon over and over.  I tried to talk to him, but he just stared at me like he couldn’t understand what I was sayin’.  Basically, brah, someone broke your boyfriend.

Jack stared at the text, and thought about calling Bittle, but something told him that he might want to let his optional skate the next morning be optional, get in his truck, and make the drive.

It wasn’t that long, really.

And Starbucks still had pumpkin spice lattes available through the drive-thru.

He had a bag that seemed permanently packed with over-night stuff now that the Haus knew and impromptu visits were more on the table, so he grabbed it, threw his charger in, and hit the road.

Jack wondered if maybe the Universe was telling him it was a good idea since traffic wasn’t even a fraction as bad as it normally was this time of day on a Thursday.  He made it to the Starbucks queue, only three cars ahead, ordered himself a London Fog, and the latte for Bittle, then made the short drive to the Haus.

It came into view, and Jack was all-but overwhelmed by the old familiarity, the feeling of home, even though he hadn’t lived there in a year now.  But he still had a key in his pocket, there was still a place for his truck, and his shoes still made the same, cruching echo on the snow as he approached.

He kicked the door a few times with his foot, and Holster’s face appeared with a small grin.  “Bro, I didn’t know if you were gonna make it.”

“Is he still in the kitchen?” Jack asked by way of hello.

Holster shook his head.  “Took his blanket out to the reading room.”

“Crisse,” Jack muttered.  “Must be a bad one.  And no idea what?”

Holster shook his head, though Jack wasn’t entirely sure he believed him.  But he didn’t have time to interrogate the new SMH captain.  Right now he had a boyfriend to cheer up.

He took the steps two at a time, then stopped at the landing in front of Bittle’s door.  He tucked one of the cups into the crook of his arm, the knocked, just in case.  There was no answer, so Jack pushed on the door, and was relieved to find it open.

The window was cracked, and Bitty’s duvet was missing from his bed, so Jack walked over, shoved the window open, and crawled out.

Bittle was curled up in one of the shitty chairs, the blanket round his body like a cocoon, on his face peeking out.  He didn’t look over when he heard the footsteps, but he sighed and said, “I’m really not in the mood, boys.”

“Not even for pumpkin spice?” Jack asked.

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Guess who got emotionally scarred again by playing the Platinum Demo after finishing FFXV?

Me. I did. I never played the Platinum Demo (nor Episode Duscae, bad move on my part). So when I saw that it was still available, I tried it out.


Playing as cute baby Noct when you know how his fate turns out is going to HURT. A LOT. 

Especially when you:

- learn that one of Noctis’s most treasured gifts from Regis was a soccer ball that he had always asked for. Then what he just wanted was for his father to play with him. But since Regis is a busy king, he can’t. So Noct would just wait by the Citadel steps every sunset waiting for Regis to come home, but no one shows up. So he just learned to ‘not care’ anymore. (tears)

- You’re led to believe that his ‘safe place’ is the Citadel, Insomnia. But after you fight an Iron Giant, baby Noct’s real ‘safe place’ appears: the REGALIA. It’s because when he’s riding the Regalia, he gets to be with Regis all the time. (then he gets to be with Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis later on) This makes the whole crash at Gralea and Noct saying goodbye to the car all the more painful. (It was already painful to begin with; but knowing this makes it especially tortuous). 

Noctis has been dealt such a shitty hand. Best worst sacrificial lamb ever. He needs a real happy ending! 



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Today, I fucked up... by unintentionally taking the train home during my lunch break

My intention was to go to the train station to renew my season ticket but my body was on auto-pilot and went straight past the barriers, checked for the next available train and got on it. Realised that I was not meant to actually leave on a train when I looked around and the train wasn’t as jam-packed as it usually is. Tried to make it out of the train but unfortunately did not make it. Am waiting at the next station now to return to work….and hopefully to renew my season ticket on my way there…


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Notes on Zenyatta’s characterization based on what is available in game:

1- a little bit literal minded, clarifies when he is using figurative language or literal language.
2- polite.
3- laments when the enemy refuses to learn, tries to give them advice when he scores a kill.
4- emotionally perceptive of others and cares very much for the psychological wellbeing of his teammates.
5- willfully misinterprets threats from Zarya, offers her kindness and compassion.
6- doesn’t raise his voice or get easily angered.
7- as far as I can tell, he doesn’t feel superior to anyone around him and prefers to be on equal footing with the people around him.
8- is always happy to be with Genji.
9- wants to help Hanzo but Hanzo doesn’t want to listen.
10- knows about movies and has a favorite actor, probably encountered them through Genji.
11- misses Mondatta.
12- sasses the enemy Zenyatta when he gets discorded.
13- sasses people in general when they get defeated by him, but in an extremely polite way.


He is a kind and powerful person who wants to be a shoulder for people to cry on, reacts to vitriol with kindness, and wants to help on an interpersonal level. He experiences the same range of emotions that anyone else does and even when he’s angry he is still polite. He doesn’t get angry very often, just disappointed. He is considerate of anyone who might not understand his figurative language, and is always happy to travel with Genji.

He’s great.

SeungChuChu Headcanons

((So I was DMing @badlydrawnseung-gil and this happened))

  • When they first met, Seung-Gil wasn’t exactly Phichit’s biggest fan. Of course Phichit, being the way that he is, decided to hound Seung-Gil with messages. Basically, his thought process was, “Well if he wont do anything I guess it’s my job then.”
  • Phichit sends a lot of pictures, not just to Seung-Gil, but to pretty much anyone. Seung-Gil doesn’t send any pictures at first, in fact he barely replies at all. After a little more than a month, he replied more and more. When he started sending pictures, they were few and far in between, and of simple things like his dog or the sunset. Phichit tried to get him to send more, but to little avail. After a few months, this changes. The day Seung-Gil sends the first selfie is the day that Phichit dies.
  • Luckily for Phichit, this progresses more and more. When Seung-Gil gets a snapchat, he can’t help but use the filters. More specifically, the dog filter. Now, every selfie he sends has the dog filter, or on the days it’s not available, little drawn-on dog ears.
  • Meanwhile, Phichit is crushing pretty badly. He’s known he’s liked the Korean pretty much since the beginning, but the moment he actually thought about his feelings, it kind of hit him like oh. He talks to his hamsters a bit, really quietly on nights he can’t sleep. He doesn’t want to bother Yuuri with his problems.
  • Seung-Gil however, bless him, doesn’t know what the fuck feelings are. Of course, he knows he doesn’t hate Phichit, but that only gets him so far. Some nights, he would just lay down with his dog and scream into it’s fur. It’s odd, but it’s good stress releif and his dog doesn’t seem to mind.
  • After a little bit over a year of talking consistently, Phichit has enough pining. He starts incorporating little gestures into his texts and actions, whenever they meet up.  The changes are very subtle at first, like adding more emojis in his texts or talking about Seung-Gil a little more than his other friends. He’s usually affectionate with all of his friends, so no one payed any mind.
  • The day the pet names start, Yuuri realizes that something is up. He’s facetiming Phichit, and Phichit is talking about Seung-Gil for what feels like the millionth time. He’s talking about a conversation that they had earlier that day, and Phichit says something along the lines of “And then Thī̀rạk said-” Yuuri shuts down momentarily. Realizing what he said, Phichit stops mid-sentence. They lock eyes. “Phichit, what does T-” “ANYWAYS Yuuri, it’s getting late, I should go to bed!” And then, the conversation is over.
  • Yuuri obviously realized what just happened, and with a quick trip to Google Translate, he’s armed with a knowledge he wasn’t necisarilly sure he wanted. Being the good friend that he is, he knows when to stay in his lane. Because of that, he decides not to confront Phichit about it. He knows Phichit is smart, and he knows that he probably has a plan.
  • Phichit’s plan is really put into action when they start meeting up more often. He ups the physical contact, and trys to make it as clear as possible that he loves likes him without being too obvious.
  • The first thing Phichit does upon getting off the plane in South Korea is jump-tackle Poor Seung-Gil. If they end up going on shopping trips or little tours together then there’s nothing wrong with that, is there? Just a couple of bros being dudes. And if Phichit grabs Seung-Gil’s hand while walking, who’s to judge?
  • One night, they go out to a bar together. Phichit doesn’t drink much, so he decides to lay off for that night. Seung-Gil does not. He ends up getting pretty hammered, and Phichit has to escort him home that evening. Seung-Gil is draped over his shoulder, whispering slurred Korean phrases into Phichit’s ear. Phichit has no idea what he’s saying, but he’s happy.
  • When he helps Seung-Gil into bed, he pulls Phichit down next to him and holds him close, essentially snuggling him. Phichit doesn’t argue, of course.
  • The next morning, when they wake up in eachother’s arms, still fully clothed, they just lay there together. They’re both fully aware that the other is fully aware of what is going on, but they don’t want to ruin the moment with words. After what feeling like hours just breathing in eachother and basking in the warmth, Phichit murmers the softest words with the loudest meaning in Seung-Gil’s ear. “I love you.
  • Seung-Gil just buries his face into Phichit’s chest and pulls him closer.
  • Later that day, they decide to talk it out rationally. When the discussion is over, Seung-Gil pulls Phichit to him and presses their lips together. 
I think the “Date” was set up by Dark himself

I mean, now that you think about it…have anyone notice all the endings?
(If you have not done The Valentine’s Day Interaction, read no further, it contains SPOILERS)

The ENDINGS might’ve been funny and good but, when you think about it, those ending were a bit… bad in a way for both you and Mark…

When you agreed to marry Mark, you find out that it was all an act and none of it was even real. Hell, Mark even mocks you for it. Who in the world would marry someone on the first date, especially to a guy like that?
Does that get you down? And notice what Mark said, he said he could’ve been bigger than this but he was stuck doing shit like this.

When you decline the marriage, Mark tries desperately to convince you to say yes, but to no avail, you can see how crushed he was and he leaves heartbroken. ouch.

After being alone with Dark, (that’s if you chose HORROR, of course) Mark manages to break free from his grip but you have to choose between who’s the real Mark. LEFT or RIGHT. You chose wisely and Mark takes you to get ice cream.
Oh, but that’s the best possible ending out of all of them, right? I don’t think so… I don’t think that was the last we seen of Dark. Did you notice that your vision start to change? It was like he was still nearby. It was either because you were traumatized or… you let Dark in your mind.

After being alone with Dark, Mark manages to break free from his grip but you have to choose between who’s the real Mark. LEFT or RIGHT. You chose… unwisely… killing the real Mark instead. Now you’re stuck with Dark… forever…

After not paying for dinner and try to ATTACK your way out of a van, you and Mark find yourself in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden a nuclear explosion happens. Killing all of your friends, family, you name it.
But it’s a good thing Mark brought a basket with PBJ, somehow? That’s great, just the two of us… but little did the two of you know, the nuclear explosion mutated Mark into, like, be super allergic to peanut butter, killing him before he could even shit it out…and then he shat it out.
This crushed you deeply. Nothing could ever make you happy ever again.

After not paying for dinner and try to ATTACK your way out of a van, you and Mark find yourself in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden a nuclear explosion happens. Killing all of your friends, family, you name it.
But it’s a good thing Mark brought a basket with Tuna, don’t know how…
And the two of you fight against anything that comes your way!
Y’all also have a Tuna farm…

After not paying for dinner and try to ATTACK your way out of a van, you and Mark find yourself in the middle of no where. You spot something SHINY and want to investigate. When Mark inspects the object, the two of you get taken by a UFO.
You watch as Mark gets (possibly) probed by Aliens…

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. You fucking made an unwise decision and now you’re watching him graze the floor with A SPOON FOR HOURS!!!! TRUE HELL!!!

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. He manages to unlock the cage in an break neck speed, despite no experience like he told you.
Trying to find a more quicker way to find an exit, Mark says you should SPLIT UP. He fucking dies before time can even breathe.

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. He manages to unlock the cage in an break neck speed, despite telling you he had no experience.
Trying to find a more quicker way to find an exit, Mark says you should SPLIT UP. But you think it’s best to STAY TOGETHER. The Cook finds and attacks you. Mark tells you to use the controller to defeat him and he explodes. You and Mark finally find the EXIT but you wanted to stay and find MORE? You stay and explore more about the place. As you do so, you meet Warfstache, asking you it was worth finding this end and warning you about how shocking the ending may be.You go along and you find out… you were Chica (Mark’s dog) the whole time…

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. He manages to unlock the cage in an break neck speed.
Trying to find a more quicker way to find an exit, Mark says you should SPLIT UP. But you think it’s best to STAY TOGETHER. The Cook finds and attacks you. Mark tells you to use the controller to defeat him and he explodes. You and Mark find the EXIT and the two of you are now finally… you see an evil smirk and you find yourself back in the cage… trying to find a way out…

Now all of these ending were… a bit bazaar, right? But what if Dark had a hand in all of the endings?

(I’ll make a part 2 of this later, this is a bit too long *cough*)



Hey everyone! I’m nearing the final stretch of getting the last bit of money together for MFF, so I’m putting out more adoptables! I tried something new with these ones. Since I don’t USUALLY like horses, I tried making some horse-like unicorn/qilin critters in ways that I’d enjoy.

The tags indicate the price each design is going for. The first two are priced a little higher due to taking a little longer than the others. For another $15, I’ll throw in an icon for your design too if you want ($5 off regular price)!

Check my Adoptables page to see if the design you want is still available. My contact email and TOS are also listed there.  (The remaining Candy Chameleons are listed there too.)

Thanks so much for your help!

how to get into skincare

I’ve already done a post about how to get into makeup, and one about how to get into SFX, so I figured I might as well make one for skincare. I have extremely sensitive, extremely acne-prone skin, so when it comes to skincare products, I’ve literally tried everything. It’s gotten to the point where I’m the “resident expert” that all of my family and friends come to when they need help figuring out which products to use.

I think a lot of people don’t take proper care of their skin because they have the misconception that it’s time-consuming and/or expensive. Honestly, I spend less than two minutes on skincare on most days, and I only use affordable products that are available at drug stores. No matter who you are, you can afford to take good care of your skin.

product names you’re likely to see, and what they mean:

  • cleanser is just soap that’s gentle enough for the delicate skin on your face. It comes in liquid, cream, and even powder formulas, but all you need to know is that if the label says “cleanser,” then it’s just face wash. If you’re only going to use one skincare product, this is the one you should invest in.
  • Note: You should NEVER use bar soap on your face! The skin on your face is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body, and most bar soaps will damage it. There are some cleansers that come in bar form, but as a general rule you should never use a product on your face that wasn’t made specifically to be used on faces. 
  • moisturizer is probably the second most commonly-used product, after cleanser. This is exactly what it sounds like – it’s basically lotion that is specially made to be used on your face. No matter what your skin type is, you should be moisturizing daily. (Proper moisturization actually helps cut down on oily skin in most cases.) 
  • toner (sometimes also called astringent) is a product that is usually applied after cleanser, but before moisturizer. It’s called “toner” because it tones your skin, as well as cleansing any dirt or grime that your cleanser missed. Not everyone needs to use toner, but if you have oily or acne-prone skin, I’d recommend it.
  • a face mask is any product that is made to be used occasionally to give your skin a little extra love. A lot of them are made to address certain issues, like acne, dryness, or dullness. Usually, you apply it and let it sit on your face for a few minutes before you wash it off. I personally try to use a mask on my face once or twice a week whenever I have the time, but they’re more of a treat than a necessity. (And you probably shouldn’t use them every day.) 
  • exfoliators or exfoliating scrubs are products designed to buff away dead skin cells. Usually, they have some kind of gritty texture to them (like sugar grains) that scrubs off the dead skin. Like face masks, they’re more of a treat than a necessity, but unlike with face masks, too much exfoliating can actually hurt your skin. You should never exfoliate more than 2-3 times a week, and never, ever exfoliate two days in a row.
  • pore strips are kind of like waxing strips for your face, but instead of removing hair, they remove blackheads and other junk clogging your pores. I would not recommend pore strips to someone who is new to skincare, and like with exfoliators, using them too often can really damage your skin. If you’re going to use them, you should never use them more than once every three days. 

There are other product names that you might see floating around online (like “essence” or “facial oil”), but these are the basic products that you need to know about. Honestly, if you have a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer (plus maybe a face mask or two for occasional pampering), then you don’t really need any other products, because those three will get the job done. 

how to build your own skincare routine:

  1. The first step is to understand your skin type. The three most common types are: dry, oily, and combination (in between dry and oily). Shop for products that are designed and labelled for your skin type. (If you have a lot of acne, look for products labelled “acne care” or something along those lines. If you have a lot of skin allergies, or if your skin doesn’t react well to harsh chemicals, look for products made for sensitive skin.)
  2. Go to the nearest Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, ect. with $20, and find the skincare aisle. Keeping your skin type in mind, look for a good cleanser and a good moisturizer. (If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you might want to pick up a toner as well.) If you can, look for generic brands (I know Walmart carries one called Equate) that make products with the same ingredients as name-brand products, but significantly cheaper. (If you’re looking for cruelty-free products, check out the brands Burt’s Bees and Yes To.)
  3. If you want to make things easier, you can buy all of the products you need in a pack. (Like this, or this.) These usually contain a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. 
  4. Every morning when you first wake up, wash your face with the cleanser and pat it dry with a clean towel. Then apply the toner, if you bought one – you do not wash this off. Then (after waiting a few seconds for the toner to take effect), apply your moisturizer. That’s literally all there is to it. If you’re a morning shower person, you can save time by washing your face in the shower, then applying toner and moisturizer after you get out.
  5. Every night before you go to bed, do the same thing. (Of course, if you wear makeup, you’ll have to remove it, either with makeup remover or with warm water, before you wash your face.) 
  6. Right before bed is a good time to use face masks/exfoliators/pore strips, if you want. I always wash my face first, then skip over my toner and go straight into applying the mask/exfoliator/strip, and let it sit for as long as the directions on the packaging indicate. After I wash it off, I use my moisturizer like always.
  7. Congratulations! You now have a skincare routine!

This post goes into detail of all the products and tricks I use in my own personal routine, if you’re curious. 

I hope this post was helpful! If you have any questions about specific products, or about treating specific skin conditions, feel free to message me and I’ll try to help in any way I can. 

masterlist (there’s more beauty/skincare tips on there, if you’re interested)