i tried but this looks terrible lmao


Before doing the genocide route, I spoiled myself the hp of Sans and Mettaton NEO. Thus, when I was playing the genocide route, I thought Neo would be the hardest boss (he’s supposed to have 30 000 hp let’s not forget) and sans the easiest (1hp lmao)….
I couldn’t stop laughing when I fought them the first time cuz it was like the biggest lie ever.

Sans’ only hp became my favorite joke for a moment. I couldn’t stop imaginating him dying in the most ridiculous ways and… these happened x’D same with neo.

These drawings are over 1 year old so they look terrible lol. I tried to change them a little to make them look like my current style but I didn’t try hard as I am lazy lol.

I named Sans’ hp Robert. Plz love Robert.

I also named Neo’s HP Emo the hp, Sans’ bike Jeannine and my Colorslive friends named his pet rock Kimberlie and his slippers Arial and Helvetica.

Ah yes we are very mature on colorslive :^) x’D

Aaand yes. Monster kid playing basketball without arms. Whatchu gonna do.


f(x) as gang members.

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a remake of this post, my trash celebration-for-finally-finishing-days post.

even tho this one is still trash tbh r.i.p

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okay i'm sooo excited for this wedding but watching big love declarations in front of everyone makes me so awkward i don't think i can do this.... i'm going to die

Hahaha it’s ok anon, I’m not a massive fan either, but ok… just think about how far they’ve come. They started off as this dark and terrible affair… Robert literally killed and tried to kill people to keep their relationship a secret (the height of romance lmao)

and now… we’ll, Paddy’s objecting and Rob is choosing to ignore him instead of drown him in grain (such progress) and they’re gonna state their love for one another in front of half the village. It’s amazing. They have come unbelievably far.

And if that doesn’t work, just concentrate on how pretty they look into it’s over.

Second Chance

So very sorry to the anon who requested this!
I know it took me forever to get this up lol

Title: Second Chance
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: “Steve is the girls ex boyfriend, but then they still somehow have feelings for each other and there’s always tension in the tower when they see each other but in the end, they confess and steve tries to win her back”
Word Count: 1,012
Warnings: Nothing lmao. Tony’s thrown in there though hahaha 

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           "I got those lab reports you wanted,“ you told Tony as you set a folder down on his desk.

           "Thanks darling,” he replied with a nod.

           You nodded back in reply before sifting through some other files on the counter. Tony had a terrible bad habit of making everything a mess, so finding anything was a nightmare.

           Once you finally found the folder you were looking for, you grabbed it, but so did another pair of hands. You looked up, only to see the last person you wanted to see.

           "Do you need this?“ asked Steve, glancing from you to the folder.

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Okay so, @daveactualstrider has a coloring book tag in which they let people color in their lineart. I thought I should try my hand at it, because I had not colored anything in a while, and plus their art is quite nice. 

I hope you like it. :3c