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Sleep, my dear Chevalley, eternal sleep, that is what Sicilians want. And they will always resent anyone who tries to awaken them, even to bring them the most wonderful of gifts. And, between ourselves, I doubt very strongly whether this new Kingdom has very many gifts for us in its luggage. All Sicilian expression, even the most violent, is really a wish for death. Our sensuality, wish for oblivion. Our knifings and shootings, a hankering after extinction. Our laziness, our spiced and drugged sherbets, a desire for voluptuous immobility, that is… for death again.

The Leopard (1963)  Dir. Luchino Visconti

“Define Ethereal : Yoon Jeonghan”  ✧*。/ 2 /

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What’s on their playlist: this playlist is focused on everyone’s favourite troublemakers; I approached this one a little differently from my others, and focused on a broad theme for each marauder (as stated after their name). The themes can mean several different things to each of the characters, and I tried to reflect this which each choice; I tried to give each character set its own feeling/vibe as well. This morphed quite a bit as it was hard to find songs both Spotify and myself had (and I liked), but i don’t think it turned out too bad. It’s my first on Spotify too so if there’s any problems, please let me know! also excuse the lazy/cheesy track art. It’s been hours and hours and I want it done with lmao (8tracks) (Spotify)  

im cackling like. they tried so hard to insult egg and its not even a valid insult. “boring headcanons” ?? boring headcanons is having all white nt cishet headcanons. and obviously egg doesnt hc them ass as white nt cishet so uhhhh anon? i know ur trying hard to unsilt us all but ur doing a bad job just call me boring and lazy and leave nobody really cares abt u

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Imagine: when Kaneki and the gang escape, they lay low for a couple days. Touka decides to take Kaneki with her on her visit to the hospital. (for the people who speculate Hide being the one in the hospital that Touka was visiting)

 It’s kinda long so under the cut….and I didn’t really edit it and I haven’t written anything in a while and yeah I hope it’s not too bad o(-( XD

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I love you, Shion. I love you more than anyone.

(I was flipping through volume 8 the other day and I noticed that, for whatever reason, this page wasn’t in the online scans? That being said, this comes from my phone camera; I tried to do what I could, and this is the best I could get it quality-wise. But I wanted it on my blog because look at how precious. She’s so cute. )


tae’s glorious headband selfies, pt 1

i tried really hard to work around my pastel filters to not whitewash him!! please always try to preserve an idol’s skin tone 💕 (do not remove caption)

My word’s aren’t enough on how much I’m thankful for all y’all for making my dash alive and filled with wonderful posts and for your existence, you guys are amazing I just want to hug and kiss and touch your butt at the same time seriously, I love you.

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ahtao aidaneko aishbaek baek-me-a-cake baekaid-o baekhyeom baekwuns baekyun ballaydeer bhcys blssmjp celestyeol changsha-prince chantleman chanyeol chanyeolismysexualfantasy chanyrol cheeridyos cherrykais cloudmyst cumbaek d-orabell daenso dazzlingkai deerhans derpingwithexo di-yo dohdoro dokyugnsoo dokyung-s dokyunggie dokyungs dopehuns doresque dyodoroo dyokyeonsu dyoshite

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elaysium esexoeeryday eunoos eururongs ew-baekhyun exojuseyo exolicity exothebest flowermaknae flwrboy fnxiing hearteus henliilau hentaoui hhanseul hnngzitao holykyungsoo hornysuho huang-shit-tao hunsoo hunssi hyolights hypertone icelemontae imperyeol in-do-isle itsluhannie iuanfen jessicajungs jiyeolie jongdont jonginsertingenis jongkid jongout jooncherry kai-aholic kai-laydoscope kai-tastrophe kaicakes kaiiyeopta kaineun kaiseou kaisoohunter kaisore kaurasmatic khaenine kinksoo krisinsanity kysungsoo kyungaysu kyungdose kyungdyosoo kyungflake kyungfucious kyungmint kyungsol kyungsuhshi kyuongsoo

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levitaexeon luhan-s luhars luludeery luluest lunhan minshuo mrukel missdyodobi mnseok mysleepyprince oh-sehun ohsehx ohxing omgfishy onceuponakai parkcanyeol parkchny parksbaek pohroro purpleuhan 

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rapmonsterchan rlabinseoul s-enkaii sadakongsing-kit sasaerif se-huna see-you-tomorrow-hyung sehduce sehduces sehvns sehope sehuk sehun88 sehun8gfat sehuna sehunetc shunnie-is-my-oppa sehunnis sehunphobia sehunskin sehuntophia sehuntun selunoids seoulcty seuke seulense sexoality sexuna shimxing sighhun simply-exo sodonewithexo soegogi sooxiu soyeol suhoperstar

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tae-baek taecutie taehyunger taonificient temint trizeu v-dyo virusyeols winglledtears winterdust wubulge wufaquin wuyifanxing xehun xehuna xehunf xehunter xeuhan xingrens xiumania xiumin-oh xiupreme yeahluhan yeolonlyliveonce yifanology yodults yultra zaikaisoo zhang-yixing

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I love your Tokyo ghoul pixel game art, and I just wanted to ask how you made it! But its so great! Literally my favourite thing! Thanks so much!

hello, and thank you very much for liking my pixels ahhh ;o;

I mainly use this brush on SAI to draw pixel stuff (I sometimes use the bucket tool when I am particularly lazy; I use the default settings and uncheck “anti-aliasing”)

 I’m not sure how to go about explaining how I draw, so I tried making a gif of one of my wips… I hope it helps a little ;w;