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Fuck Store Managers

Lets just say I fucking hate my Store Manager and wish she would fuck off. She expects way too much of her employees, and gets pissed when we cant be two people at once. Story below.

So basically I came in at 4 and was on a register for about an hour before I had to go to Uscan. Well i hadnt even been there for like 10 minutes when this lady came over there with a huge buggy full of stuff (😩) so im like okay. I notice she has a few things underneath her buggy, a 35(?) pack of water, a bag of charcoal and a 12 pack of glass beer bottles. Well i saw her “scan” the charcoal (i actually thought she had scanned it) and then i heard it say say something along the lines of “please place it aside and continue scanning” and her light is blinking, so i go over there, scan my card and look at her bags. Turns out she had taken one of our individual beers from the deli area and drank it while she was shopping, which is a definite no no. I went on to tell her that we cant sell them individually and that she has the buy the “make your own six pack” deal. She was like “well ive done it before” and i was like well we cant do that (we would loose our alcohol license!!) so let me grab my manager and see what we can do. Then she was like “oh ill just get the six pack” and then changed her mind and told me to get S(GM). So i did (i already planned on getting him) and when he came out i explained the situation and he dealt with it. So i figured she was going to get the six pack deal thingy before she finished scanning but she didnt, she paid for her order and went back towards the bakery, she didnt exit Uscan the way most people do which is past the register. While all of that was going on, this other lady only had a certain amount of money on her EBT card so im helping her at the register while keeping an eye on the other lady because S had left. I notice that she had NOT scanned the beer under her buggy, and as soon as she left the area i grabbed J(bookeeper)over and told her that if that lady goes through any of the lines to check her receipt and just then the lady and S come over to the service desk and he asks J to check her out and then i grab him over there and tell him the situation, and he went over there and literally checked everything on her receipt. She turned out to have two 12 packs of beer in glass bottles under her buggy she hadnt scanned, the charcoal hadnt been scanned, she had a cake with a coupon that she wasnt supposed to have, and she hid 3 candles under her purse. She planned to steal all of it. I know she ended up paying for the cake and two candles, and after she left she tried to come back in and say she had paid for the third candle, which she hadnt so we didnt give it to her. Well while theyre all over there taking care of her, im still trying to help the lady that didnt have enough money on her EBT and i finish with her and i had barely closed the cash drawer, the lady had barely even started to walk away from Uscan when L (SM) came over there and got mad that I wasn’t in the middle of Uscan like we’re apparently supposed to be. I try to explain that i was helping the lady with her EBT and she cuts me off and asks me whats going on over at the service desk, and I can barely even explain it to her before she tells me i need to be in the middle watching people and all that then she walks off. Then she grabs S and pulls him over to floral and they talk for about 5 minutes before S comes over to Uscan and tells me that C(coworker) and I have to switch immediately. I knew deep down inside she had literally no good reason to be pissed other than that we almost lost money. But guess who prevented it? Me. If i had not of known that she hadnt scanned the beer, nobody would have even looked at her receipt. No a single person. And she would have gotten away. I know I did the right thing, and she cant say otherwise because I will point blank explain to anybody who asks that nobody would have checked her receipt, not even L. We are told NOT to approach somebody when they are stealing and let the managers deal with it. Cant get mad at your own words, motherfucker.

TL;DR: Lady doesnt scan items at self checkout, I help prevent her stealing them, SM gets mad that i didnt stop the lady immediately, even though we are told not to approach somebody when they are stealing.

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|plot| girl next door au [jungkook x reader]

이사; good things were always other people’s things

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The world went silent and time slowed down. His arms remained still as if she was still in front of him, but he soon lost the strength to hold them up. She continued to talk, to move her mouth, but he only allowed himself to hear silence, trying his best to block out the pain.

He grabbed his coat, and walked out.

His mind went blank as he instinctively walked over to his apartment and tried to punch in his security code. But with shaking hands and anxiety filling his body, all the way to his throat, he pressed all the wrong numbers, four times over. He couldn’t think- he couldn’t get into his own apartment. All he could do was play that moment over and over again- her pushing him away. I have a boyfriend. I have a boyfriend. I have a boyfriend.

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Even Bad Boys Get Jealous (a Kylo Ren imagine)

I woke up feeling rather cold. I look at the clock beside my bed and it read 7:52 am. I turn to wake Kylo up but hes not there. I sit up and see my blakets at the end of my bed. I grab them and cover myslef with them to keep me warm.
He must have left awhile ago. But why didnt he wake me up. I would have wanted to say good bye.
I know our whole relationship is a secret and hw was probably leaving so he wouldnt get caught when the troops come and wake us. But he should have still woke me regardless..
i hear my door open and a troop walk in.
“its time to wake up (Y/N)” he says before turning and leaving out the door.
i get up and get dressed. When i finish i go out the door. I walk down the hall and stop infront of a large room with a circle table in the centre. The same place we’ve been meeting all week.
we’ve been mapping out a plan to find the droid.
i sat beside Kylo at the table. I tried to speak with him but he just ignored me and acted as if i wasnt there. He was to into his work.
bored i turn to the guy beside me and start a conversation. I had seen him around but i dont remember his name.
Kylo was still to into his work and didnt care what i was doing. So i decided to start flirting with him rather loudly. I could feel kylos eyes on me but i pretended not to notice. I glanced over and saw his hands in fists. I knew he was mad.
the meeting soon finished and we all started heading out. I kept talking to the man on my way out. But when we were about to leave he stood infront of the door. His face was red with anger. He turned on his lightsaber and put it under the mans chin.
“what do you think you’re doing” he says pointing his sword closer to his chin.
“talking to a pretty lady. Whats it to you” the man says. I shook my head knowing he shouldnt have said that. Kylo will kill him for sure.
“well the pretty lady happens to be taken and if you want to keep your face i suggest you leave” the man did as Kylo said and ran out the door.
“why the hell did you have to do that Kylo!” I practically yell.
Kylo didnt say a thing he smashed his lips into mine.
“dont ever do that again” he said kissing my forehead
“i wont..” i mutter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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