i tried but couldn't find the film


“There are days when I’m just kind of overwhelmed by all of it. And I think that that’s okay.”

Gellert Grindlewald was a brilliant and charismatic Nordic wizard in his mid 40′s/50′s, and they thought Johnny Depp instead of the obvious choice…???

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hey, i saw your reblogged about what fics you'd want to see as films and i was wondering if you could post links to the films? i just tried searching and couldn't find them ahhhhh thanks!

omg yeah of course!! 

happy reading!! 💙


David Tennant hosting the Friday Night Project (from the extended/unaired portion of the interview)

…in response to Alan Carr’s question on whether or not he was worried that Catherine would use some of her catchphrases such as “Am I bovvered” or “How very dare you” while filming The Runaway Bride.


The light during the darkness.

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Uh ohhhh, what did Briana do now?? I tried googling it but I... did not know what to google lmao. And I tried scrolling down your blog, but couldn't find it. :( sorry if this is annoying!!

You’ve probably seen by now but she posted a snapchat from a mall and she was filming a person in adidas, a denim shirt, jeans ripped at the knee, carrying the baby in a harness thing

🙄🙄🙄 obviously she knew how people would take it, people were thinking it was Louis but it was very clearly not him as there were no tattoos

then she posted a snapchat later and olivia was the person in that outfit

so like. think about that. olivia literally dressed up as louis so briana could freak people out into thinking he was with her. how pathetic is that like this is a new low even for them