i tried brightening it


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Saw a few posts about this so I tried to slow it down and brighten it up (sorry for the sucky quality) but it does look like it could possibly be Kate. 

1) In the first gif, you can see someone’s forehead over Seth’s shoulder.
2) Red hair visible in the second gif
3) It looks like the outfit Amaru was wearing before she left Kate’s body.
4) Someone is holding that sword (?)

’Bubble’, huh Bill? Yer uh…unreality, right? That’s what y’did to Mabel.” Stan slipped the can off the shelf and cradled it to his chest. “You don’t…don’t have to worry about me, okay? I lived a lie for 30 years, Bill. I know how t’ pretend…’ve gotten good. …Gotten so good.”

He quieted, ears tuned to the scamper of small feet across the Mystery Shack hardwood. Small voices, laughter.

“Y’got me, Bill. …Y’got me. Th’bubble. Th’world. I don…care anymore, Bill. ‘m not strong enough without them…”

from this fanfic 

what is phantomrose96′s problem and why does she write things that make me sad

like i really wanna be that person that is full of light and positivity and makes everyone else happy and tries to help people and brighten their day but i’m just absolutely not like that and i’m super draining and bitter and mean and i wish my bizarre mood swings would chill and let the good person that i am deep down shine through once in a while because she’s always getting overtaken by the part of me that feels wronged by fate and wants to take it out on anything and anyone i can

finally got around to color the fran bow fanart I did a while ago. I’m proud that I managed to do it even though I did it on non-watercolor paper xD It was a pain in the ass but I survived… the colours seem kind of pale though even though i tried to brighten them a little =_= sigh.

hope you like it anyways, not sure if i can finish the inktober number 5 piece today ahaha.