i tried being funny ok


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im too lazy to finish it so i may as well post it as is

ive been making this shit since easter and guess what easter was almost two months ago and it was mostly just lying around unfinished

have a bunch of classic shenanigans at karasuno

when i was ten my grandparents gave me $150 bc decades are a big thing in our family and they never get to see me so i took the money and spent it on a calf. this calf was called drifter and he was a highland cow like those big orange ones with the big horns. at the same time i had him, my sister was raising two lambs who had been abandoned by their mum, and in the paddock next to our house was where all the sheep were living so drifter spent a lot of time with the sheep and didnt know any other cows. one day i was leading him around the garden to practice for a competition and he stopped next to the sheep and wouldnt move so i was like tuggin on his lead like “drifter come on we gotta be good for calf day at school!” like the good farm child i am. then this fuckin bright orange calf looks up at me, eyes full of determination, and went “baa”