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All the Sweets in the World Wouldn't Be Enough

Quite possibly the most enjoyable experience of the fine art that was desserts rest with a quaint little sweet shop in Daten City that the detective had become a great fan of in his late teens when he had solved a case in the nearby area.  Couches that were often used for two was taken up by his slender frame as he rested against a pillow in front of a large table of desserts and delicacies galore.  Though the attendants never knew his name, they’d never forget the face since the young man would often order numerous desserts and food that would often feed parties of twenty only to be consumed, much to the amazement and awe of both the chefs and waiters/waitresses, by him and him alone.

L rested his tired feet snacking on chocolate Pocky before digging in to the main course that was the cakes, donuts, assorted plates of cookies and various other sweet treats.  In his euphoria, despite the lack of outward expression, his keen senses failed to notice when a certain individual walked in from the outside world, someone that, though he didn’t know it yet, wasn’t quite like the rest.