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Absolutely Disgusting Shippy Starters
  • "I got you a little something..."
  • "You look adorable in that."
  • "Flowers? For me?"
  • "Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you."
  • "I know you had a long day, so I took care of dinner."
  • "I did a little shopping at the naughty store."
  • "Let's cuddle and be sluggish all night long."
  • "Did I tell you you're beautiful, today?"
  • "I already ordered pizza for tonight."
  • "Candles, rose petals and champagne? What's the occasion."
  • "I can't believe that you fell in love with me."
  • "What is the one thing you absolutely, positively wanted?"
  • "Time to bury ourselves in blankets and ignore the rest of the world."
  • "Gimme that phone. It's getting shut off."
  • "You did all this for me?"
  • "Normally I hate surprises, but you did good."
  • "You just made my terrible day not so terrible."
  • "I will protect you, no matter what."
  • "Let's get a little tipsy for science."
  • "Wow. You look amazing."
  • "If it wasn't for the fact that I am so happy I would be suspicious right now."
  • "I love you so much."
  • "Shall we climb into bed?"
  • "You tried and that's what counts."
  • "I just want to curl up into your arms and sleep for days."
  • "I just have one question for you; ice cream or popcorn?"
  • "We should go to the festival!"
  • "You're not going anywhere without me. Especially anywhere dangerous."
  • "How would you feel about getting married?"

Some Cinder in her coronation dress cause I’ve never tried drawing her, and it was so fun honestly!

I’m also addicted to saturated colors so let’s all have in count that the dress is actually silver and it looks purple cause I like messing around lol.

It’s Stupid

Request:  Would you be able to do one with Sean where you’re some how affiliated with other youtubers he knows, so you’ve gotten to know eachother and theres been some flirting going between them. You’ve gotten really tired & sad because you’ve been working so hard & drama has been coming out about you thats not true. He tries to talk but that doesn’t really work so he starts touching her and saying he can look after her tonight, so like kinda fluffy but hot? SORRY IF ITS TOO MUCH YOU CAN LEAVE SOME OUT

A/N I really hope this is what you were looking for, I had a hard time writing it.

Jacksepticeye x reader

word count: 371

Warnings: Drama

               Being friends with Felix, better known as PewDiePie, wasn’t easy. He was a lovely person, but it was hard to avoid the drama that surrounded him. When all the news about Felix being anti-Semitic and a Nazi started spreading, your friends decided you were too. Soon the only friends who would talk to you were the ones who personally knew Felix and knew it wasn’t true.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm not gonna wish you a happy birthday yet cuz that's bad luck but i was wondering if you could write virgil not feeling well and thomas taking care of him? I just wanna see Thomas's character interact with his anxiety and form some kind of platonic bond. If you're uncomfortable writing thomas, that's completely understandable though.

Title: Bad Day?

Summary: Virgil’s not feeling good and he’s reluctant to let anyone know

Word Count: 1,082

Notes: Written for the Birthday Prompt Bash

(I rarely write sickfic simply bc I’m squeamish and I suck. But heck, I tried and I hope this was good, sweetheart! I also hope I wrote Thomas all right. :P)

Tag List: @future-watcher @vladimeme @abstractedthinking @wilsonprs @the-sanders-sides @choco-latte-timtams @milk-withtwosugars @bossatronia @parkersanders @overly-analogical @ashrain5

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💐i made my first digital art thing💐

Fake Frank found some flowers and spray painted them black, (since they were way too colorful) then turned them into a flower crown for kōhe.

Asche: “W-What?”

“S-Scratch? Are- are you going to hurt me!?”

Asche: “Hey!”

Asche: “!!!…???”

<Asche is being scratched!>

<Seems like they like it>

<…Or not?>

<Well… no, they don’t>


At first this was going to be a little different, but it changed in the moment I tried to pet this little fucker:

Yeah that’s a tiny photo, my phone’s camera is shit

It’s always the same with him- at first he’s all:

I’m a good boy, I love you mommy :3

And then suddenly:


This post is for you.

Fuck you, Ringo.

Fuck you.


Through the Lens Mafia!AU Pt 5

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut (in future parts)

Pairing: Reader x Mark

Warnings: Some explicit language, some violence 

Word count: 1668

It had been a couple hours since Lisa had arrived and had been been in the medical room with Mark. The others kept trying to calm you down, telling you he’ll be alright.

After what seemed like eternity, Lisa finally came out, “Don’t worry he’ll be fine he just needs time and rest. I know how much of an important role he plays but please, let him take his time to heal.” All of the boys nodded in agreement.

“Can we see him?” you asked, the worry kept eating at you, all you wanted was to see him. It’s honestly really surprising how fast you’ve come to care and fall for him. But it didn’t matter because all you wanted to do was protect him from anything that could ever harm him.

“Yes he’s awake, he was actually asking for you.” Your heart fluttered at her words. On the outside you seemed fine but on the inside you were squealing like a little school girl who just found out her crush liked her back.

You made your way into the room, there he laid, hooked up to a bunch of machines. The sight made your heart hurt, how did this even happen to him?

“Hey you, how are you feeling?” He looked so weak and so fragile that you felt his bones would break with any slight movement, his face pale, lips dry and parted.

“Besides the fact that I’ve just been shot, lost a shit ton of blood and almost died, I’m doing pretty well actually,” he said in a sarcastic voice, you playfully pouted and clenched where your heart is pretending to be hurt. “If this is how you’re going to act then i best be on my way,” you turned on your heels and made you way towards the door. You knew he wasn’t going to let you go that easily.

“Alright bye,” you stopped in your tracks completely dumbfounded. How dare he you thought. Turning around you placed your hands on your hips, “Are you seriously about to let me go Mark?” his lips turned into a slight smirk. “I knew you weren’t going to leave if I told you that, and look I was right.”

“For someone that almost died you seem awfully cocky.” you said while walking towards the side of his bed, pulling a chair next to him. While grabbing his hand you noticed how cold he had felt. How much warmth he lacked throughout his entire body. Would it have been too soon to ask him what had happened to him to even be in this position? You hesitated for a bit, but made up your mind.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did this happen to you?”

“Okay Jackson and Jaebum you two go that way and I’ll go this way.” Mark said while also signaling his fingers.

“Nuh-uh dude we’re not splitting up, at least not here, you know how it is here.”

“Yeah Jackson’s right we stick together no matter what.” Mark let out a defeated sigh as he agreed with the two other boys. “Fine, but I’m going to lead I’d rather have something happen to me than to have either of you hurt.” Jackson and Jaebum only nodded, knowing they weren’t going to be able to change his mind.

“Tell me again why we agreed to do this? We’re literally asking to be killed.”

“Oh for the love of God will you please be quiet? Someone could he-“ The sound of a loud gunshot had interrupted Mark, but what also interrupted him was the bullet that went right through the side of his stomach.

Both boys cursed, then turning to the direction to where the shot came from, successfully shooting the man down. Luckily there was only one, they picked up Mark’s body trying to hurry to their car. Jackson got into the driver’s seat while Jaebum had Mark in his lap, holding his head.

Mark’s eyes started to roll to the back of his head, “No no Mark stay with me we’re almost there please just hang in there.” He started to mumble words, unfortunately Jaebum couldn’t seem to make out what he was saying.

All he could do was apply pressure to the wound, hopefully stopping the bleeding a little bit, at least a bit.

As he finished explaining you hadn’t noticed how wet your eyes were, how there were tear stains on the side of your cheeks. Memories of Wonho flooded your head, seeing his blood covered body made your heart ache. It made you feel useless, sure you didn’t have any feelings for the man anymore but that didn’t mean it still didn’t pain you when you saw the life being sucked right out of him, that didn’t mean he didn’t hold a place in your heart.

Mark’s face softened when he realized you had been crying, he hated seeing you cry. His protective instincts led him to draw you closer, and he did so by reaching out for your arm and pulling you in. He didn’t ask why you were crying, knowing how he wouldn’t get an answer assuming from the amount of sobs you were letting out. His arm was kept around your waist, pulling you closer.

“Shsh it’s okay I’m here, let it out Y/N.”

“I already lost one person, I can’t lose another one.” you said in a whisper but loud enough for Mark to hear.

“I’m not going anywhere Y/N, I promise you I’ll always be by your side.” he said while kissing the top of your head.

You tilted your head to look at him, he gave you a reassuring smile, both of you stayed in that same position for what seemed like hours but had only been a few seconds.

Mark licked his lips while looking down at yours, your mind went blank as soon as your heart started racing, filled with anticipation, the butterflies in your stomach made you want to kiss him then and there, and just as soon as you had the guts to, the door flung open, a very concerned looking crowd busted through.

“We heard crying is everything okay?” you knew who’s voice that was, it was Youngjae’s. His voice was laced with genuine worry and concern. “Yeah everything’s okay, she just got a little emotional that’s all.” They all sighed in relief, thinking something was wrong.

“It’s getting pretty late, we should all let Mark rest.” Lisa was right, he didn’t look too well he definitely needed some rest. Everyone agreed and said their goodbyes to Mark, “I’ll come see you in the morning okay? Please go to sleep and get some rest Markiepoo.”

“Markiepoo? I could get used to that but don’t tell any of the boys you called me that, I’d get teased for as long as I’ll live,” he let out a slight chuckle and flashed his beautiful smile, “Alright I won’t, goodnight.”

As you made your way towards the room you saw rest of the boys sitting on the couch, however they were whispering to one another, why were they whispering?

“She’s going to have to take his place for however long he’s going to be out. We need 7 because if there’s not 7 then there’s someone that’s not doing their job and if someone’s not doing their job then that can put our lives at risk.”

“Jinyoung our lives are already at risk considering we’re in a fucking mafia!”

“Oh fuck off Yugyeom you know what I meant asshole!”

“Both of you keep your damn voices down she could walk by any second.” you were tired of hearing them bicker like 10 year olds so you decided to make your presence known. You coughed, a little bit too loud, as you made your way towards the couch and squeezed yourself in between Youngjae and Yugyeom.

“So guys what’s up?” they all looked at each other, all of them mumbling trying to come up with an excuse. Knowing they weren’t going to say anything you let them know that you knew about their plan, “I heard you guys talking about me and how I have to take Mark’s place.” Jackson let out a groan, “ See I told both of your asses to keep it down why doesn’t anyone listen to me?” he while throwing his hands up, you started to giggle at this whole situation.

“She’s giggling why is she giggling why are you giggling?” BamBam said with a confused look on his face. “Because it’s cute how you all started to freak out because I heard, did you guys think I was going to get upset?” all of them nodded, “well I’m not, I mean I’m stuck here aren’t I? Might as well make the best of it.”

They all stared at you with a confused face, not knowing how to reply. “Do you know how to fight?” asked Jinyoung, the question took you back but then started thinking about it. You hummed to yourself, thinking of what to say.

“Well this one time in highschool I fought this one girl i’m not sure if that counts?”

“Shit are you serious? What happened?”

“It all happened because my bestfriend at the time was having a problem with a girl she absolutely hated, so she decided to fight her and as she was fighting her the other girls best friend tried to jump in, and I couldn’t allow them to double team so my ass jumped in.”

“What the fuck thats badass, did you win?”

“Lets just say blood was spilled but certainly not mine.”

All of the boys started yelling ‘ohhhh’ and ‘ohhh shitttt’ hyping you up, BamBam even dabbed which made you cringe but you loved it at the same time.

“But that was years ago, I don’t know if I still have it in me.”

It was true, you haven’t fought in a while and you certainly weren’t as strong as you used to be.

omgfkgmdfjgsfbsdhjbd im so sorry i took forever to upload, also this probably isn’t the best chapter but hey its something \: ): anyways i hope you enjoyed part 5 <3

Straight as a Circle - Evan Hansen x Male!Reader

Authors Note: Hey hey! First fic so hhhhhh oops. it will likely be ooc (though i tried to ake it not ooc but ehhhh we’ll see) so my bad! I hope you enjoy ALSO this is a Evan x Male!Reader I will have more gender neutral stuff in the future I promise :DD

Word Count: 1113 (so smol! :00)

Warnings: Mild swearing? I think thats all. Lemme know if theres anything I missed please!!

Summary: Evan always thought he was straight. If you don’t know what you are, that makes you straight, right? So that made it even more shocking when he met you.                                                                                                                          —-                           

  Evan always thought he was straight. He figured, “if you don’t know what you are, they makes you straight right?” And that was that.
  He had many girl crushes to confirm this. Admittedly he couldn’t remember any of their names or faces but he’s sure that’s normal.
  And of course hes seen a guy or two, and turned slightly pink thinking “Wow, he’s so cute,” because everyone had those thoughts, right?
  Evan Hansen was a thousand percent sure he was straight.
  Which was why it was so shocking when he saw you. 

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f(x) as gang members.

requested by (x) | bangtan ver (x)

Coping (Warren x Reader)

Word count: 4277 (ish)

Request: anon- You said you were doing x men imagines? Could you do a warren imagine where the readers mutation is where if she touches someone she can see their past and memories and warren is usually really mean but when she accidentally bumps into him she sees his past and tries to talk to him and it’s all fluffy? Thank you so much💖

Warnings: swearing, long as fuck, um… I think thats it. Nothing too graphic, but there are brief mentions of Warren’s past. Use your judgement I guess.

A/N. This power is so cool and so fun to write I love it! This imagine is also super long and I’m super proud of it. ALSO, ~indicates memories~. ALSO ALSO, requests technically still aren’t open. ALSO ALSO ALSO, this has not been proofread. Please notify me of spelling errors or grammatical errors or anything else. I  hope you guys like it, and enjoy!

You were walking across campus when you saw him. Warren Worthington, the angel. He had an angry scowl on his face as he moved through the crowd, glaring at anyone who dared to get to close to him or his wings. Not that he had anything to worry about. The mangled metal appendages were enough to make any student keep their distance. And if that didn’t do it, his reputation certainly did.

Everyone knew Warren had worked with Apocalypse, the ancient being trying to destroy the world. He made no attempts to hide it, flaunting the tattoos and metal wings and glaring openly at anyone who tried to get close to him. You hadn’t even attempted it. Someone so full of anger and contempt was not someone you wanted to be around.

Unfortunately you were so wrapped up in your thoughts that you didn’t notice that his path through the crowd was leading him directly towards you, or that he was on no mood to wait for you to move. He shoved past you, his leather-clad shoulder slamming into you and sending you stumbling back. His hand connected with your bare arm, only briefly, but it was enough. The memories slammed into your brain, the same way they always did with a new person.

Blood in his mouth, knuckles slamming into another boy’s cheek, blond hair falling to the floor. Feathers. Pain. More pain. Inflicting it. Feeling it. Knives. Metal wings. Blood on his hands. It was exactly as you had expected, except…

~Fight! Or they’ll kill us both!


Please dad! Please don’t take my wings!


Be a man Warren.


Fight for us pretty angel.

Stop. Stop. Stop!~

You gasped and your butt hit the ground hard, snapping you back to the present. Your hand moved to your face, wiping away the tears there, but you didn’t take your eyes off Warren. He was standing over you, wings spread wide, larger then you’d ever seen, the metal feathers that remained quivering. His face was red, blue eyes hard, hands shaking with fury. His chest heaved as he glared down at you. If looks could kill…

He opened his mouth like he wanted to snap something, to scream something, but instead he turned on his heel and ran, shoving students who didn’t get out of his way fast enough. You were left watching as the most broken soul you’d ever seen ran from you.

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The Darkness

I wanted to write this for a week or so. It is just thoughts I had before bed, and I decided to post it on Tumblr. I’m also trying out a new style I hope you like it.  

At first there was only darkness in the night sky. No light, it was pitch black. I couldn’t see where the end or the beginning was. I was standing in a vast abyss of nothingness. Sometimes it was comforting. Nothing to think about. No worries or threats. But most of the time it was scary. I couldn’t see even 1 foot in front of me. Monsters could lurk in the shadows. Predators ready to pounce. Fun fact the unknown is my biggest fear. Yet here the unknown is everywhere. I was drowning in fear, so much I got used to it. Stopped crying for the most part. I sucked it up. The darkness wouldn’t break me.

One day something happened. Something I never even imagined could happen. It was beautiful. Stunning. Out of this world. A star appeared. A little star billions and billions of light years away, but at the same time it gave me hope. Hope on what could happen. On possibilities. That little star changed everything. It gave me light. Now I could see the outline of the ground. So for the first time my bare feet touched the soft grass. Each individual blade tickling my sensitive toes. And I stood, wobbling slightly. For a while there was only one star. But that was fine with me. I could see the ground and thats all I needed. 

Then another star appeared. It gave me more light. I could see the outline out my hands and body. I wriggled each of my limbs, memorized by the movements by their silhouettes in the darkness. I could see my long hair drape over my shoulders and hang near to my waist. Never before I could see so much of myself. Before I didn’t know if I was actually moving or if that was just my brain making me think so. But now I moved. I watched my feet as they tried to dance. I counted my strands of hair fall over my eyes when I laid down. I was happy. 

There where 2 stars lighting up my world as I knew it. And I was very content. I would settle for 2 stars. But more came flooding in by the tens of hundreds. Soon my darkness was littered by stars. I had enough light to see trees, and bushes. Enough light to see a house. My house. But most importantly enough light to see another figure floating in the distance. At first I was scared. I feared if it was another predator ready to attack. But then I noticed it was someone like me. Scared and alone. She seemed to still be stuck in the dark. So I leaped with all of my might to retrieve Her. She seemed startled. She fought hard, but She was weak from being scared all the time. She was still in her darkness, and I was to tired from retrieving Her. I carried her back to my house and into my bed. It was a sleepless shift. Her sobbing was heard through the walls. No new stars appeared. By the time the storm came She had calmed down. I walked into the room to find a unconscious lump in my bed. She was moving, and her breathing was uneven. When She woke up screaming for someone, I was there. I talked to her. I comforted her. I was Her first star. 

I shined for her, and She shined for me. Together we grew the night. More stars filled it than ever. We were happy. We were growing together. One night the stars stopped coming. But we were happy as it was. We shone for each other and thats all that mattered. We danced in the darkness thinking that we had reached our full potential. Little did we know when we woke up something would change us forever. 

When we woke up, from a shift of fun a beam of light blinded us.  We walked outside to see a big star in front of us. Together we had created the sun. We created night and day. Coming from darkness, we made light for each other. We still have pitch dark nights, but we also have blinding days. We helped each other grow, and we were happy. 

Thank you:

@obviouslyelementary , @dan-yuna  , @asexual-trashbag  , @liberalautisticnerd831 , @killerfangirl3  , @evelynbamfoconnall  , @shakespeareswag  , @karmana-stevens-569 , @idontevenknow-whatimdoing , @smolsanders , @pippa-frost , @littlebabyroleplay , and so many more for being my stars in the night, for being the day. You and so many more of the Tumblrs here inspire me. So for that I thank you!  (I hope this isn’t too cheesy!)  

One step, closer to being, Two steps farther from you...

When everybody wants you

Everybody wants you

Oh, baby I was there for you,
All I ever wanted was the truth

How many nights have you wished someone would stay?
Lied awake only hoping they’re okay?
I’ve never counted all of mine,
If I tried I know it would feel like infinity


  • Connie: Your... your wife, wasn't a Christian?
  • Jack: Not that I know of.
  • Connie: But if your wife wasn't a Christian, then why...
  • Jack: ...Did I marry her?
  • Connie: Yeah.
  • Jack: Same reason as Jason. I was blinded by love. I became a Christian when I was a teenager.
  • Connie: Teenager? But I thought you and Whit became Christians when you were kids.
  • Jack: Whit did, but I didn't. Oh, I went to church with him every Sunday, attended all the church functions, I even counted a number of believers among my friends. But I didn't come to Christ until my late teens.
  • Connie: Oh.
  • Jack: Yeah, I was the proverbial seed that sprung up on rocky soil. I sprang up fast, on fire for Christ, but because I didn't have the grounding I needed I soon withered and fell away. When I met Emily, my wife, I was straying from my new faith. She was a lovely woman, Connie. So kind, gracious, beautiful blue eyes. Anyway, shortly after we were married I had a profound experience that caused me to rededicate my life to God. Emmy was very happy for me, but that's as far as it went. No matter how hard I pushed, almost to the breaking point one time, she- she wouldn't believe, so I stopped pushing. Emmy ended up doing the same thing with me as I had with Whit. Oh, She attended church, went to all the functions, and even counted a number of believers among her friends. But she never accepted Jesus into her heart. We lived our entire lives and grew old together that way. Then three years ago, Emmy suffered a debilitating stroke that robbed her of movement and speech. I tried to take care of her, but she deteriorated rapidly.
  • Connie: How sad.
  • Jack: Yes, it was. The night before she passed away, I went to her and I told her Jesus' parable of the workers from Matthew 20. You know it?
  • Connie: Yeah, about the man who hired workers for his vineyard at different times of the day but paid them all the same wage when the day was over.
  • Jack: When I had finished I took Emmy's hand and I told her, I told her, "It's never too late to come to Jesus." She looked at me with those- those blue eyes, it was all the movement she had, and then a tear rolled down her cheek. She- she died the next morning.
  • Connie: So, you won't know if she accepted Jesus until...
  • Jack: Yes, until heaven. I- I don't want anyone, especially Jason to have to go through that. And even more importantly, neither does God.
Virgin (Calum smut) DAY 18!


Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: This is smut!

A/N: First time!Calum doesn’t seem to be around as much so I tried to do it as best I could! I hope you enjoy reading it! Check out Smutty September! 

Originally posted by mukenope

“My parents are out so I was thinking we could go back to mine and do something? Maybe watch a movie or order a pizza?” You suggest, rambling to your boyfriend as the both of you walk towards a car park.

“That sounds amazing, Y/N. When do they get back?”

With your hand laced into Calum’s warm palm, you’ve never felt so secure. 

The both of you met when you’d transferred into his school partway through the year. He was known as the quiet nerd with a small group of friends and not much of a social life whereas you’d developed a larger group of friends and got into the party scene. You’d been partnered together for a project and that was where it had all began, really.

“Tomorrow evening,” You say sweetly, leaning closer to his broad shoulders. Calum’s figure has always been something you’ve felt attracted to. It’s impossible not to, really. With his soft face, toned muscles and tall stature, it’s not hard for you to get lost in a world of fantasy, your dreams full of dirty thoughts.

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