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A Little Christmas

Summary: Dean tries to make a day that doesn’t mean much to him mean something for someone special. 
Word Count: 1060
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: None. 

A/N: This is my entry for @torn-and-frayed‘s Songs of Season 3 Challenge. I got “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. 

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f(x) as gang members.

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Virgin (Calum smut) DAY 18!


Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: This is smut!

A/N: First time!Calum doesn’t seem to be around as much so I tried to do it as best I could! I hope you enjoy reading it! Check out Smutty September! 

Originally posted by mukenope

“My parents are out so I was thinking we could go back to mine and do something? Maybe watch a movie or order a pizza?” You suggest, rambling to your boyfriend as the both of you walk towards a car park.

“That sounds amazing, Y/N. When do they get back?”

With your hand laced into Calum’s warm palm, you’ve never felt so secure. 

The both of you met when you’d transferred into his school partway through the year. He was known as the quiet nerd with a small group of friends and not much of a social life whereas you’d developed a larger group of friends and got into the party scene. You’d been partnered together for a project and that was where it had all began, really.

“Tomorrow evening,” You say sweetly, leaning closer to his broad shoulders. Calum’s figure has always been something you’ve felt attracted to. It’s impossible not to, really. With his soft face, toned muscles and tall stature, it’s not hard for you to get lost in a world of fantasy, your dreams full of dirty thoughts.

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TITLE: Don’t make a scene
NOTES/WARNINGS: Finale chapter! Tried to make this as angsty as possible :3 I wanted to make it different to all the other fan fictions so I hoped I managed to do that haha

Part one

Part two

Part three

“Are you positive about this miss Y/last/Name?” Nick Fury asked as he leant forward on his desk, his single eye piercing into you as you sat opposite him. You nodded and handed him back the contracts you signed. “It’s not too late to return to the tower.” He said again, giving you a second chance.

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Mod: Sorry it took so long, but here’s the first update! The next part will come in a few days. 

Update under read more!

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Our Hometown’s in the Dark

summary: Dan and Phil find themselves waking up back in time, to the day it all began. (Or, in which 2009 and 2016 Phan switch places.)

genre: fluff

tw: swearing

word count: 2.8k

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One step, closer to being, Two steps farther from you...

When everybody wants you

Everybody wants you

Oh, baby I was there for you,
All I ever wanted was the truth

How many nights have you wished someone would stay?
Lied awake only hoping they’re okay?
I’ve never counted all of mine,
If I tried I know it would feel like infinity



thanks to my beginner crappy gif making, i am now able to make this gif set. 

so here is Merlin being carried away and Arthur not looking at anything else that isn’t Merlin.


GETTING FARTHER IN POWER OF MABEL WEEk!!!!! i had a super busy day so this is. really late BUT i tried and thats what counts right lmao

anyway! the prompt was best character trait, so i focused on her friendliness/openness/positivity! when i started watching gf as a youngin that was always a really inspiring part of her personality, and im glad they kept it throughout the series. keep being great mabel!!! ;;;;;;<333

I won’t lie, this was pretty challenging. I don’t think there’s enough jirachi in the mix, but I tried! Thats what counts right? XD I’m open to suggestions on names. I believe this one was also anonymously requested so I hope whoever requested it gets to sees it. If it was you send me a message to let me know what you think. :)

As always here’s a link to the suggestion box , and if you can’t get tnat working for you just shoot me a message! I love hearing from all of you!

Here is the present To-Do for fusions. I’ll do my best to do them in the order I get them and keep the list updated. :)

•Giratina x Darkrai

•Furret x Sableye

•Buizel and Scraggy

•Mr. Mime x Degong

•Flareon x Haunter

•Squirtle x Haunter

•Crogunk x Skitty

•Confragigus x Persian

•Blissey x Flareon

•Darkrai x Yvelal


If you answered ‘YES’ to all those questions, then this post is for you. If you answered ‘NO’, read anyway, because it might be handy dandy information.

[A while back, I made a post about the concept of this tag and if it wasn’t for @bramares, I probably wouldn’t have done anything about it. So thanks to them for pushing me to continue this idea.]

What is #indie para rp? Well, I feel like I should start by stating the main thing that it is NOT:

- #indie para rp is NOT an exclusive tag, meaning that everyone and anyone is allowed to tag their starters there. You do not have to role-play with me, follow me, or have any association with me to post your starters in this tag. It is communal.

#indie para rp is a tag for people who want to search up, respond too and write hefty starters. As much as one liners are fantastic as are snapchat starters for when you feel like something easy and quick, I’ve always felt like there needs to be a tag for when you’re searching for something medium to long in length. As the occasional paragraph gets lost in amongst all the short starters in the indie tag.

The purpose of this tag, is much like the purpose of the ‘indie smut rp’ tag, the ‘indie lesbian rp’ tag, the ‘indie gay rp’ tag (tw indie, spn indie, twd indie). In those tags you’ll find threads that are specific to their namesake, making roleplaying quicker and easier. 

Obviously this tag will move a lot slower than the ‘indie rp’ tag, as less people will post in it, especially at the beginning. But I see it as a way for your starters not to get eaten up or not seen, it gives people a chance to go into the tag and reply to things that perhaps might be a week or so old but have gotten zero notes.

Obvious if you tag your starter in the #indie para rp tag, you’d still tag it in the ‘indie rp’ and/or ‘indie smut rp’ tags, but the added #indie para rp should increase the chance of getting more notes from people that are interested in responding to lengthy starters, with lengthy replies.

THE ONLY RULE: Please don’t post in the tag if you’re going to post a one liner, or a snapchat starter, or merely a gif. This tags purpose is for paragraph starters, everyones definition of what length a paragraph is may be different, but a good chunk of writing or more should make it a-okay to tag #indie para rp.

SIDE NOTE: There are a few old threads lingering in the tag, but slowly they’ll disappear as more people post using the hashtag. 

I believe that is all, not sure if this will be a total flop, but regardless hopefully something becomes of it. Any questions feel free to message me.

-An Animal Crossing Story-



October 2nd 10:20am

I’ve recently been given a new client. The last went off as happy as ever, feeling like a new animal. My assistant tells me this lad’s name is Darwin and appears to be having emotional issues. Of course, this should be no challenge for me; I AM the renowned Dr Shrunk, after all!

He was a relatively pleasant fellow. A human boy. Quite tall for his age and rather lanky as well. Adorned with dull blonde hair and bright, blue eyes. I suppose he could be considered handsome for his age to. But that’s not the point.

This Darwin fellow said he had problems with expressing himself. 

“Ah, you’ve come to the right place, young lad!” I said to him. His expression hadn’t changed. His face seemed to be stuck in what appeared to be a simple, calm smile. As serene as it looked, it wasn’t healthy…And quite off-putting as well. “Let’s start with a simple emotion: joy!” I smiled brightly as a small demonstration. His face remained the same.

“When do I express it?” Darwin asked, he genuinely sounded very confused and dumbfounded by this emotion. I laughed lightly and began explaining.

“Joy is when you feel upmost happiness, as in, really, really happy! Try expressing Joy when you do something that makes you feel happy!” I quickly glanced at the clock, noticing the time. “Well, Darwin, our appointment is over, but please come back next week so we can see your progress!”

He nodded, hopped out of his seat and went for the door. Before opening it, he turned to me and tried to grin. It looked so… strained and almost seemed to hurt him.

I’m sure I’ll make better progress with Darwin.


October 10th 9:50am

Darwin hasn’t made much progress, unfortunately… He says that no matter how many good deeds he does he feels, what he describes to be, bored.

But that’s not what worries me. 

“However, I picked up a few bugs I had caught and decided to eat them, that made me quite happy!” He grinned at me. I simply sat there, rather stunned.

“W-why would you do that, Darwin? I can’t say that’s an awful thing but, it’s very, very strange…” I sighed, “But, if that makes you happy, I can’t say that it’s a bad thing…”

“So, what should I try next, Doctor?” Darwin questioned.

“Maybe, you could try painting to express how you feel, I’ve had other patients like you and they say painting was an excellent form of release! Try practicing hobbies that make you feel happy!”

“Painting sounds very fun.” Darwin said, more to himself than to me. His voice sounded so flat and lifeless. “Goodbye, Doctor.”


October 20th 5:22pm

Darwin and I had a talk over the phone and we agreed that today I was to visit his house to see his works. All I can say was that it was very… foreboding? Nah, that can’t be the proper word for it…

Nevertheless, I made a stop at his town. It’s quite the trek from the city if one were to walk, so I took the bus.

“Where yer headin’, mate?”

“Ruber. Small town not too far from here, have you heard of it?”

“Aye, hop in, Doc.”

It was mostly silence for a majority of the trip, until Kapp’n decided to speak up,

“Ye know, there be a lad who talks a lot about you when I drive him to the city.”

“Oh? Is he tall, blonde and-“ I was then interrupted by the driver.

“Aye, Darwin be his name. Said ye be his therapist, says yer helped him a lot with his emotional issues.”

I smiled, proud of myself, “Ha, well… That is no surprise; it was no challenge for me!” I thought for a moment, then asked: “What else does he talk about with you?”

“Arr… Well, I try to discuss the fascinating topic of women but the lad wasn’t at all interested in that. He said he found his painting a lot more interesting. And… I’m not sure should tell ye this but… Rumour has it that he threw a bee’s nest at Blathers, yer know, the museum owner?”

I was shocked. Utterly dumbfounded. Darwin? Throwing a BEE’S NEST at poor old Blather’s?! What would he get from that?! This was completely out of character for Darwin, I wouldn’t think of him as someone to do something so… Cold and ruthless! Whatever the case, we NEEDED to have a talk.

“That’s… Shocking!” I blurted out.

“Aye, the lad needs some counselling, he does…”

Later that day, I had arrived at the town of Ruber, a rather colourless little town. Holes everywhere, the beaches had litter dotted here and there, skies were grey and dreary, townsfolk were quiet as mice and barely talked to each other.

Eventually, I arrived at Darwin’s humble abode. It certainly wasn’t impressive but not disgusting. It looked well-kept, clean and actually, rather bland. Nevertheless, I knocked upon the door and was quite merrily greeted by Darwin. But… Something was off…

“Doctor! Thank you for coming! Please, do come in!” My, did he sound happy.

His visage almost said otherwise. Darwin looked like he hadn’t slept in days. Monstrous, dark circles around his eyes, he was twitching ever so slightly, almost unnoticeably. It was extremely off-putting. Regardless, I stepped inside his home.

The first thing I noticed was that it was pitch-black. Me, being the scardey-axolotl I am, especially when alone with Darwin, I shyly asked:

“Um, c-could you turn on the lights, please?”

“Ah, of course, my mistake.” There was a click before a dim lamp illuminated the room. I… wasn’t quite sure what to say about his room.

His entire house only consisted of this room and an attic of which he slept in. Why he told me that he slept in an attic was beyond me. Anyway, about this room…

It had stark, wooden floorboards and walls. No furniture of any kind, not even a sofa or any tables, just painting after painting filling the room. The paintings themselves were very… Obscure… They didn’t look like anything, just splotches of red paint and a few other colours, but mostly red. Hoping the red paint was indeed paint and not some other substance, I asked another question:

“This is red paint, correct?” I hadn’t realised how nervous I sounded. He nodded, smile brighter than ever.

“Yes, it is indeed red paint, Doctor.”

“So, why do you use red in a lot of your paintings? To represent your feelings?”

“The colour is bright and makes me happy.”

“Yes… Now, about what makes you happy…” I sat down on the floor, as there seemed to be nowhere else to sit. Darwin sat down adjacent to me. I gave him a worried look, he smiled brighter. This was going to be difficult to break to him… “Darwin, please tell me I’m wrong but… Someone told me you threw a… Bee’s nest at Blathers… That isn’t true, right?” I gave him a pleading look.

Much to my horror, he nodded. And smiled.

“I did.”

“W-why would you do that, Darwin?! That’s an atrocious thing to do!”

“It made me feel happy, Doctor. It was very amusing, watching him panic so much like he does with all the other bugs I hand to him!”

I rubbed my temples and sighed. The boy merely smiled his bright smile.

“Darwin, it’s one thing to laugh at comical things like watching people fall over on television and whatnot… But it’s an entirely different thing to assault someone in such a brutal manner, especially a poor owl like Blathers!”

“Do you have other suggestions, Doctor?”

“Well, carry on painting… Whatever those paintings are meant to be and try doing something different than hurting Blather’s! I know, it’s amusing to watch him overreact to the smallest of bugs but don’t attack him!”

He nodded. I sighed in relief and patted his arm.

“Good show, then! I guess I’ll see you next appointment!” As my arm made contact with the wooden floorboards when I let go of Darwin’s arm, a splinter caught my flesh. I yelped and he jumped. “Ah, my apologies for the scare, it’s a mere splinter, my boy!” as I pulled it out and let the blood congeal, I noticed Darwin’s expression.

His expression was so very strange…

He looked so fascinated, so very mesmerized by my splinter wound. At the time, I disregarded it, but when I look back, it was most certainly odd.

Nevertheless, I left, went home and slept soundly.


November 5th, 9:50am

Today, I was woken by the ringing of my house phone. Tired and rather irritated, I snatched the device up to my ears. I quickly calmed myself and put on my most pleasant voice,

“This is Dr Shrunk, how may I help you?”

“Hello, Doctor.”

Darwin… Again… I rubbed forehead tiredly.

“What is the issue, my boy?”

“No issue, Doctor, I have made a discovery!” At this, I sat up in my bed, listening intently.

“Ah, what might this discovery be?”

“I’ve decided to continue painting.”

“Oh! Good! What encouraged you to stick with it? Did you find a colour that interested you?”

“Yes, red.” Darwin stopped for a minute and then carried on the conversation. “I found a shade I really like. I can’t find this colour anywhere else!”

“Okay… Where did you find this colour?”


My heart skipped a beat, my mind clicked.

“Darwin… You don’t mean-“

“Yes, that lovely shade of red that came from you. I’ve never seen anything like it. I figured that, since you can make that shade of red by a mere splinter, can everyone make that colour as well?” I sat there shaking; I could have sworn there was an odd mumbling from the other end of the phone.

“Darwin, I’m coming over right now, I think there’s something very wrong with you!”

“Okay, Doctor. In the meantime, I’ll paint.” I could just feel his smile on the other end of the line. There was a clatter, probably the phone hitting the floor. I sat there for a minute.

I jumped as a harsh shriek came from phone, I threw it across my bed, but the noise carried on and on and on and… Gurgling began to erupt from the device, then silence. I jolted from my bed, not bothering to put the phone on its stand, dressed myself as quickly as possible. I made for the bus stop.

Darwin was in a deep trouble and so was the town of Ruber. 

Sprinting, I eventually came to the bus stop. Thankfully, a bus was perched there. Excellent timing, I thought.

“Ahoy there, Doc! Where ye be-“

“Ruber. NOW.” I huffed.

“Alright, alright, in a rush are ye?”

“Please, there isn’t time to explain, just drive!”

There was a painfully long silence on the bus. Kapp’n had noticed I didn’t seem in the mood to converse. Out of nowhere, my cell phone rang; I picked it up to look at the contact number.

Darwin. Oh god, what has he done now…?


There wasn’t a reply, just a harsh breathing on the other end.

I called his name again, “D-Darwin? Are you there?”

“I didn’t expect this, Doctor.”

“What happened?”

“There’s not just red, there’s all these other colours to. There’s… T-there’s…”

He stopped for a minute; a chilling noise came through the phone. It was some kind of twisted mix between laughter and agonised weeping. I gulped.

“Darwin. Stop. Stop what you’re doing right now and I’ll be right ov-“


“No? What do you mean NO?!”

“I don’t want to stop what I’m doing, Doctor. I’m happy now, all this time I’ve felt nothing but boredom, stress and in some cases, depression. I’m sick of looking at the grey, colourless skies of my town. Now that I’ve found the colour in me and my friends, nothing will stop me from making beautiful art.”

“What you’re doing isn’t healthy, It’s not right I-“ I was cut off by Darwin suddenly.

“I can assure you, Doctor, it’s all right.” He then hung up.

I sat in the bus seat, terrified out of my wits. 

Eventually, I arrived at Ruber. Giving my quickest of thanks to the driver, I set off for Darwin’s house. No one was outside; all the stores had closed up, nothing but dead silence. Finally, I arrived at his house.

I knocked once and the door opened. It hadn’t been locked. Again, the room was pitch black and almost immediately, I went for the lamp. I was met with a sickening sight.

A poor town’s member was strewn across the floor, the arms and legs torn hastily from the torso. The poor person was almost undecipherable. The ribcage had been ripped open, all the organs gone. The victim looked like nothing but a hollow shell. I couldn’t even tell what animal it was now. The paintings that Darwin had previously made were gone.

So was Darwin.

On the wall, there was a painting constructed what would most likely to be the poor animal’s blood, it was a fruit bowl. A very well done one, at that. At the bottom of this painting was Darwin’s signature.

Still, there was no Darwin.

Begrudgingly, I left the house, I left the town, I tried to continue my work, I tried to eat and I tried to sleep. I couldn’t do any of these. All that was on my mind was Darwin, the paintings, everything.

And now he was just gone. Darwin just vanished without any notice.

And I’m scared. I’m so very scared.