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sterek au: after the extensive mental stress from 3b, stiles falls into a coma for a week and derek is the one who’s with him when he wakes up

He’d almost missed it.

Derek had been in the hospital every day for a week for as long as Melissa would allow before sending him home to get rest. He was pretty sure that the chair he’d been sitting in was now permanently shaped after his butt.

There was something so off-putting about seeing Stiles so still for so long. Derek was used to the flailing limbs and clumsy movements. What was even weirder was going so long without hearing Stiles’s voice.

He never thought there would be a day where he’d say that.

There was no one to call him a “dumb ass”. There was no one making consistent wolf-dog jokes.

There was no one talking to Derek.


That wasn’t true.

There wasn’t a Stiles talking to Derek.

He couldn’t tell you when it happened, when he fell in love with Stiles. He’d been sitting at Stiles’s bedside trying to figure it out for the past week.

When had this human become the center of his universe?

Derek almost missed it.

A slight groan that stirred him from his thoughts. Derek’s eyebrows shot over to Stiles’s face as he watched Stiles finally start to wake.

“Stiles?” Derek asked immediately, jumping out of his chair and leaning over Stiles protectively.

Stiles shifted a moment as his mouth moved before his eyes could even open.

“Hey Sourwolf.” His voice was raspy and Derek barely heard it. But he had heard it. Stiles’s eyes slowly fluttered open and Stiles glanced around his surroundings briefly before his eyes rested on Derek. His lips lifted slightly in small smile. “You miss me?”

Relief hit him like a two-ton brick in the stomach.

Derek released a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding as he fell onto Stiles, resting his head against Stiles’s abdomen. He inhaled deeply as Stiles lifted a hand and ran his hand over Derek’s hair, stroking it kindly.

Derek sighed before looking back at Stiles. “You have no idea.”

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ethamyplier coffee shop AU?

This really got away from me. I can’t do coffee shop AU one shots to save my life. I think it turned out a lil weird? Idk I hope you like it! Thank you so much for the prompt!
AO3: saramcm

Soft Spot

“He’s cute,” Mark muttered to Amy while she filled the order for the cute young man in question. “Name?”

“Ethan.” Amy turned back to her boyfriend with the worryingly strong coffee in hand, Ethan’s name scribbled onto the cup. She shot Mark a smile and he scoffed knowingly in response, before watching Amy sweetly wishing the guy a good day and handing him back his coffee.

It was on.

Amy and Mark had this – arguably bad – habit of starting somewhat of a competition whenever someone they found attractive dropped into their lives. Sort of a ‘who can charm them first?’ type of thing that Kathryn kept complaining about because it ended up affecting business. Sure, first things would go smoothly, the poor target would keep coming back (especially when Mark and Amy pulled out the big guns and started offering free drinks or pastries); then the reveal would happen. Most people just felt strange and deceived once they actually found that Mark and Amy were a couple to begin with, so they would stop coming by. So as soon as the blue haired boy left the shop, Kathryn marched over to the pair.

“Don’t even think about it.”

“Think about what?” It was honestly infuriating how innocent Amy could look when she put some effort into it. Mark was still looking out through the glass door at the mop of blue hair disappearing between the crowd. Kathryn felt defeated.

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EXP pisses me off for various reasons, but the biggest reason is probably the fact that this whole thing is a “thesis” devoted to further show the “double standard” of appropriation that exists in kpop. 

So Bora Kim defines this appropriation double standard as the Kpop industry appropriating its concepts from the west… but when this is/was reversed, “[it] was a shock for the Korean public.”

I’m sorry but since when did a group/country “own” a concept? even if that’s possible, aren’t the west’s “concepts” appropriated from Africa and other countries/continents? and for appropriation to happen, the group doing the appropriating has to be the dominant culture

It’s not a secret that the kpop industry uses a ton of the same/similar structure for songs or concepts but everyone does that. THEY MAKE SONGS THAT ARE SIMILAR TO SONGS THAT SELL WELL OR USE CONCEPTS THAT WORK FOR OTHER PEOPLE. WHY? SO THEY CAN ALSO MAKE FUCKING MONEY.

So let’s say that this double standard does exist. If it does, this is not the fucking way to go. This is NOT HOW YOU SHOULD BE DOING THINGS. This group is going the fucking chad future route. 

Teaching boys who are not korean and have not lived in korea to simply sing in korean and “act like korean boys” does not make them kpop performers. 

(just saying “act like korean boys” is insulting. more like act like what we observe to be a normal korean boy from the hallyu culture and kdramas)

It makes them an insult to those who have actually learned korean, learned the korean culture, and experienced the harshness of the korean trainee system. 

It’s an insult to anyone who identifies as a Korean citizen, such as Michelle Lee and Insooni, who have lived in korea for the majority, if not entirety, of their lives but suffer backlash in the music industry because of their race. 

But whatever, of course it doesn’t matter since koreans naturally get pissed when anyone not korean tries to make it into the kpop industry, since koreans get “shocked” at this “role reversal.”

Of course there will be backlash to this group of wannabes who operate in NY that want to be part of a project to break into the kpop industry, but I’m sure this Bora woman will write it off in her report as a normal, expected reaction because of course korean people and fans of kpop will get butthurt at anyone else trying to get into the kpop market because musical appropriation and hypocrisy is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Clint/Darcy hey takes her to a baseball game and he did not know she is a hugeee fan so when she stars yelling at the umpire and he starts to get a little turned on :P

Dear anon. I don’t really know baseball. But I yell at hockey games, so I took a bit of artistic license. I want to be very very clear here, I am not a Rangers fan. I am Canadian. For better or for worse, the Canucks are my team. But the Habs were the only horse I had in the playoff race… Goddamn Rangers.

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