i tried and it only looked worse

“Some people don’t know what they have until it’s gone.”

“But what about the ones who do know? The ones who never took a damn thing for granted? Who tried their hardest to hold on, yet could only look on helplessly while they lost the thing they loved the most.

Isn’t it so much worse for them?”


lang leav

-her (MIS) i badly cherished those moments with you before it was taken away from us

minion-dar  asked:

Would Tris be interested in Briar romantically, or is he only a sibling to her?

He’s her brother. Whenever I get asked that at speaking engagements, I look at them and say “Do you have a brother?” If they don’t, I say, “Do you have a male cousin?” Almost always a yes. I then tell them to imagine kissing that person. 

Once they’re done squealing, I add that for Tris and Briar it’s even worse, because they’ve been in each others’ heads. Would you want your brother in YOUR head?

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Even with some of the sillier hairstyles, I think you always manage to make Roy look pretty good! Have you tried him with an undercut? (Keep on rockin with your art!)

noice 👌

lmao just kidding hahhaa here

We gotta keep his hair pushed back. That’s the only way to save these hairstyle things lol

In Sickness But Not In Health

Summary:- Jughead falls sick, but due to a variety of reasons, he tries to go brave his illness out in school. When he fails, he reveals something he didn’t want to…

In his defense, Jughead never got sick. The last time he recalled falling ill was two years ago, when he’d caught Chicken Pox from some guy at school.

Why did whatever virus or bacteria or pathogen have to show up now, of all times? And why did it have to progress so quickly?

He’d first felt symptoms when he arrived at school, when it was too late to go back. A splitting headache, throbbing in his head, annoying him to the core. He tried to drown it out by listening to music, but that only served to make the pain worse.

Ah, he thought. I’ve just been spending too many nights looking at bright screens.

Then, nausea in third period. He’d gone green within a time period of ten minutes, and tried to keep his head straight.

In lunch, Betty ambushed him.

“Go home, Juggie. You’re clearly not well. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you not devouring that cheeseburger.” She said, as she watched him pick on his food.

Jughead groaned. “I can’t, no one’s at home.”

Well, there was no one ever at ‘home’, per say, considering the fact that he lived alone in the back of a Drive In. But that wasn’t the point.

“Stop being stubborn, Juggie.” She insisted. “You’ll end up fainting during gym.”

Oh shit. He’d forgotten about gym. And as for the fainting part, he shuddered.

Nope, wrong thing to do, as waves of nausea attacked him.

“It’s okay, Betty, I must’ve eaten something bad.”

Betty let it go, though not without a disapproving pout.

Then in sixth period, biology, they had to dissect a frog, which normally didn’t disgust him, but now-

He closed his eyes and put his hand on his forehead. “Why today?” He muttered.

“What was that? Sorry, didn’t catch you.” Archie, his lab partner for that period, said.

“Nothing, just the-” he gesticulated towards the now- open frog in front of them.

Archie frowned. “You okay, Jug? You seem pale.”

“Nothing much. Must’ve inhaled some dust or pollen.”

He forgot that it was winter and blooming flowers were nowhere to be seen.

“Sure you don’t want to go to the nurse and go home?”

“Yep.” Jughead winced and tried to shove his God forsaken nausea down his throat and brave the dissection.

As the hour-long period passed, Jughead’s urge to throw up grew and grew. He tried to pacify himself by thinking about yay, flowery fields, and wow, scenic spreads of the ocean.

When that plan failed, he thought about the novel he was writing. Images of Jason’s body surfaced, and now, he was in trouble.

When the bell rang, he ran to the bathroom down the hall, shoved the stall’s door open and threw up.

It hurt so badly, every inch of him, and he knew that this was some terrible version of the flu that he definitely couldn’t handle at school. After emptying his stomach out, he leaned back and slumped against the wall of the stall.

A worried Archie and Betty were standing at the door, looking at him in sympathy. Archie moved forward to pay Jughead’s back. “Jughead, I’m taking you to the nurse, and please don’t protest.”

Jughead looked and Betty. “Am I in the girl’s toilet?”

Betty laughed. “No. But when you literally flew out of Biology, we had to follow you here. Even if guys are ogling me.” She threw a glare at a freshmen behind her.

Jughead threw his head back, now registering another symptom- a fever. He was wearing, what, four layers, and even with the school’s thermostat, he was shivering.

His brain muddled up, lost in a swarm of germs or viruses (or was it bacteria?), and without thinking, he unveiled the one secret he’d kept from them, one he was most ashamed of.

“If I go to the doctor- nurse- whoever, she’ll call my dad,” he paused to wipe his mouth, “-who’s currently biking with the Gang all the way to New Hampshire,” again, to wince at a pulse of pain in his head, “-probably picking up fights with random hipsters.”

Betty and Archie looked at each other. Evidently, they were confused.

“What? Juggie- are you home alone, then?” Betty asked, crouching near him. She clasped his hand. “God, Juggie, you’re burning up.”

“I figured,” he said. Biting  back some fuzziness, he continued. “I guess you could say home alone.”

They did the weird eye contact thing again.

“Okay, Juggie, you’re not making much sense.” Betty said. “But we’re taking you to the nurse.”

Archie hefted his arm up, pulling the rest of Jughead along. The dark haired boy’s limbs were jelly, and this curse of a disease that he currently had was only getting worse.

Leaning on both his friends, they walked through the now-empty halls, because everyone was in class.

“We’re missing class.” Jughead whispered, a flash of pain clouding his vision.

Archie shook his head. “We’ll be excused.”

They made their way through three hallways to the nurse’s office.

Once they reached, the bustly nurse firmly took Jughead, plonked him down on the bed, and examined him. She took his temperature.

All Jughead wanted to do was lie down and sleep, but neither the nurse nor Archie and Betty were having any of it.

“You have a temperature of 104 degrees, young man!” She scolded. “You might need to go to the hospital!”

“God, no.” Jughead whispered, wincing. “I’m fine, let me go back to class.”

The nurse ignored him. “I’m gonna go and get some medicine for you, young lad. Stay put.” She walked into an adjoining room. “I’m calling your parents.”

Jughead had no choice. She’d call home, only to find that it was a fake number, and on more thorough examination, she’d find that his mom and sister currently lived in San Francisco, and his dad was on his way to New Hampshire. He was now left with no choice; his addled brain wasn’t willing to come up with an adequate solution.

“I don’t have anywhere to go;” he said, closing his eyes. “That’s a fake number.” He told them the whereabouts of his family, falling back on the bed and curling up. “Now, please let me sleep.”

He drifted into a slow unconsciousness, addled with disturbed memories of the night his mom and Jellybean left; him opting not to go on the road with his father; getting a job at the Drive In and making it his home.

He woke up to the soft whisperings of a man, gently tapping his shoulder.

Jughead’s headache and now, soreness everywhere, persisted, and he had to put in every bit of effort to crank his eyelids open.

“Mr Andrews?”

He stared through his slit-wide eyes with confusion, wondering what Archie’s dad was doing here.

“Hey, bud.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I told the nurse to call him, Jug.” Archie stood behind Jughead. “You were sick, and when we called the number you’d listed, your were right. It was fake.”

“Now, I know you’re feeling like crap, Jughead, and we will deal with all this when you’re feeling better, but for now, we’re going to take you home and let you get some rest.” Fred Andrews said.

Jughead didn’t protest much, making up his mind to do so later, and slowly followed the redhead and his dad.

As they passed the nurse, she piped up. “Young boy, I will be asking questions later, but don’t exert yourself. I would recommend you go to the hospital if your symptoms don’t lessen in intensity by Friday.”

Mr Andrews laughed. “I’ll make sure, Dorothy.”

Jughead wondered if the nurse had blushed or it was just a figment of his imagination.

Archie accompanied them too, not really explaining why he’d been allowed to leave school. After falling asleep, Betty had probably gone back to class.

They reached the Andrews’ house, and Archie helped Jughead to his front porch. Jughead crashed on the couch, savouring the reduction of his symptoms when his eyelids closed.

If he wasn’t mistaken, he might have mumbled an incoherent “thank you”, and received a “don’t worry about it,” in reply.

When (if, his pessimistic and slightly dramatic side thought) he woke up, he’d have explaining to do- lots of it, to lots of people, but now, he could focus on just getting better.

You’re pathetic, he thought. You need to fall violently sick in order to admit that you’re shitty situation is, indeed, very shitty.

He yawned. Eh, he’ll cross that bridge when he comes to it. For now, all he could do was sleep.

And sleep he did.

I’d die for you

A/N: I was listening to Ride by Twenty One Pilots and I spat this out.

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Summary: You help Castiel muster up the courage to kill you for his trails.

Characters: Castiel x reader, Metatron

Word count: 1005

Originally posted by lacunatic

Castiel looked up to the night sky, watching every single angel in heaven plummet to the earth as they caught fire. Looking down at his shoes, guilt and sadness racking his now-human form, he gulped audibly and clenched his hands into tight fists.

“I’m so sorry, Y/n.” He whispered, falling to his hands and knees, letting tears freely fall from his eyes, mixing with the dry soil underneath his body. 

He tried his best to ignore his brothers and sisters screams of pain, attempting to block them out by thinking of you. Though that only made him feel worse.

The poor angel couldn’t believe what he had done. Heaven’s angels were dying at unknown rate while he stood idly by, inexperienced salty tears falling from his dark saddened eyes, dirt sticking to the palm of his hands and dress pants. 

He had killed an innocent nephilim for completely nothing. He killed the only love of his life because he had thought it was the right thing.

If he had only realised a little sooner how wrong he really was, maybe he wouldn’t feel as bad.

If he had realised how selfish he was being, he might have snapped out of his dance with the scribe of God.

With a sharp breath, Castiel rose to his feet, fists curling tightly once again.

He was going to kill Metatron.

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NSFW, slight mature themes, certain lyrics are altered. 

Feel free to alter phrases & pronouns to suit your needs ♥

  • Daddy liked his whisky with his tea.
  • Beautiful man I know you’re lying.
  • Rest in peace, my true love, who I took for granted.
  • So what are you gonna say at my funeral now that you’ve killed me?
  • I tried to make a home outta you.
  • You can taste the dishonesty.
  • Tell him, boy, bye, middle fingers up.
  • I came into this world Daddy’s little girl.
  • Do his eyes close like doors? Are you a slave to the back of his head?
  • Here lies the body of the love of my life, whose heart I broke without a gun to my head.
  • He only want me when I’m not there.
  • What’s worse, lookin’ jealous or crazy?
  • You look nothing like your mother.
  • You look everying like your mother.
  • Why can’t you see me?
  • Sorry, I ain’t sorry, nah.
  • You remind me of my father, a magician. Able to exist in two places at once.
  • I am not broken, I’m not crying.
  • Am I talking about your husband or your father?
  • Teach me how to make him beg. Let him make up for the years he made you wait.
  • Daddy made me fight, it wasn’t always right.
  • You go to the bathroom to apply the lipstick. Somewhere no one can find you. You must wear it like she wears disappointment on her face.
  • Are you cheating on me?
  • I tried to change, closed my mouth more.
  • I’m not too perfect.
  • They don’t love you like I love you.
  • Your mother is a woman and women like her can not be contained.
  • Rest in peace, my true love, who I took for granted.
  • God was in the room when the man said to the woman, “I love you so much. Wrap your legs around me and pull me in, pull me in, pull me in.”
  • If this what you truly want, I can wear her skin…over mine.
  • I wore white. Abstained from mirrors. Abstained from sex.
  • Who the fuck do you think I am?
  • Nothing else ever seemed to hurt like the smile on your face.
  • You ain’t married to no average bitch, boy.
  • In the tradition of men in my blood you come home at 3AM and lie to me. 
  • Been fasting for sixty days.
  • When you hurt me, you hurt yourself.
  • Know that I kept it sexy and know I kept it fun.
  • I tried to change, tried to be soft. Prettier. Less… wake.
  • My daddy warned me about men like you.

Actually, I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it last night by wtf?

Rotten little me was just pleased that Gray wasn’t going to suddenly confess that he’d loved Juvia and just couldn’t admit it when she died, but now that I’m more awake and really thinking about it, this is so much worse. Especially if Mashima goes and advances the ship after bringing Juvia back. This is so much worse.

Like, first off, look at their reasons for attempting suicide. Juvia stabs herself because she can’t bear to hurt Gray, while Gray does it because he doesn’t want to hurt a comrade. I’ll give Juvia credit where credit is due and say she’s made sacrifices for comrades before, so it’s not like she would only do this out of love, but in this case her motivating factor was love. Juvia tried to kill herself out of her love for Gray, while Gray tried to kill himself out of a desire not to hurt his comrades. Does this already seem lopsided to you?

Then when Gray wakes up and finds her, he doesn’t realize upon holding her corpse that he loved her and should have told her sooner. His bargain plea to try and bring her back is that he’ll start taking her feelings seriously. Even when she’s gone and there’s no one else around, he doesn’t say he loved her. He says he’ll take the way she feels about him seriously.

Juvia’s suicide was motivated by love for Gray, and he didn’t even take her feelings seriously.




Ignoring everything else wrong with this relationship, this is messed up.

First off, the context that puts on every other moment where Juvia attaches herself to him. If Gray is treating her the way he would treat a comrade while Juvia is acting out of her version of love, literally every interaction they have is lopsided even before you get into the whole near worship issues.

But second, Juvia is willing to die for her love of a man who doesn’t even take her feelings seriously, and is only offering to actually consider her in exchange for her waking up.

The more I think about it, the more I hope she doesn’t wake up. Not just because i really wish we could get a major death to stick, but because if she wakes up Mashima is going to keep on pushing this ship, and there’s just no good way to move a ship forward from this. If Gray said he loved her in this chapter, I wouldn’t have been pleased, but I would have at least believed him. If their relationship is this lopsided at the point that she kills herself, I would never be able to earnestly believe Gray is sincere. Juvia has just died for him, and he still isn’t moved by this to the point of loving her. If she comes back and he actually enters a romantic relationship with her, it will always feel to me like something he’s only submitting to out of guilt over how this woman died for him. It’d be a step above staying with someone who threatens suicide if you leave them only because Juvia isn’t deliberately trying to be emotionally manipulative.

(She will wake up though. One way or another, Mashima will almost certainly bring her back.)

Dead men tell no tales by Lecrit
By Organization for Transformative Works

Magnus looked up when Alec stopped in front of the rusty gate and quirked an eyebrow upon seeing him.

“Your Highness,” he muttered, deadpan.

“Don’t,” Alec sighed.

“Aren’t you afraid to tarnish your royal blood by coming to visit a pirate?” Magnus continued, his lips twitching with the beginning of a smirk, lacking the humor Alec had witnessed so many times before.

His mesmerizing eyes told a different story, though. They were defeated, tired and it only made Alec feel worse.

“I tried to explain it to them but they wouldn’t listen,” he murmured in a desperate attempt at defending himself.


In which the prince of Idris and an infamous pirate find themselves stuck together on a deserted island and have to face the consequences when they get back on land.

Imagine: Helping Dean shower after he got badly hurt.

“(y/n), i don’t need help i’ll be fine.” Dean’s voice was annoyed and he avoided looking at you as he tried to get out of his t-shirt. “Dean stop being so stubborn, you can’t even get your clothes off on you own, just let me help.” You and Dean had been friends for years now and you couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t let you help him. It was clear he was in a lot of pain, but he would only make it worse by trying to shower on his own. A sigh left your lips :” ok you know what, go try it on your own, but i’ll be right here, so if there’s anything you need just call out for me.” Dean nodded content, this was about more than being vulnerable or being to proud to let you help him. He wasn’t really sure if he would be able to resist you if you were with him in the shower. Only the tought of you all wet and your hands roaming over his body could make him come right then and there. But since lifting his arm, was hurting like hell, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to do it by himself. So after a few minutes of trying and cursing everytime the pain shot true his body. He called out for you. You smiled when you saw the silhouet of his body true the showercurtain. “See that wasn’t so hard. Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

Hold me Closer

A/N: I decided to write this fic yesterday after realizing that some people (including myself) might need a bit of comforting after the events of this week, and who better to take care of us than Negan? So, if you’re interested for Negan giving the reader some positive vibes then this fic should fit the bill :)

Word Count: 1576

Warnings: Negan’s potty mouth

Song I listened to on repeat to write this: Elton John’s Tiny Dancer

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

It had been a long day, a long week, and a long year. You’d lost your family and friends, more people than you could count on all your fingers and toes. Every time you turned around that number only seemed to become larger.

You always tried your best to keep your emotions under wraps because you believed that there were others who had it worse than you. How could you go to them with your problems when it seemed like they needed you more? People looked to you for stability and you needed to be that rock for them. Who could they turn to, if not you?

Far too often these anxieties swelled up in your chest from swallowing them back for so long. When you couldn’t bear it any longer, you disappeared from the cushy parlor that you and the rest of Negan’s wives shared and hid in the unused part of Sanctuary. There you could cry to your heart’s content without calling attention to yourself. It was foolproof, or so you thought.

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Imagine demon Dean kidnapping you because he wants you all to his own.

“Oh God” you groaned, placing a hand on your head that hurt terribly.

“Nope just me” came a gruff voice from next to you and your eyes immediately snapped open with your head turning to the voice’s direction.

“Dean” you whispered in disbelief. But you really shouldn’t be surprised because he was the last thing you saw before everything got dark. He was chasing Sam and you on the bunker as he had gotten free, but when you tried to protect Sam everything got from bad to worse and thus you found yourself here.

“Goodmorning sunshine” he grinned widely at you and even if you’d normally have smiled back you now only looked at him in fear.

“Where am I? What did you do to me?” you tucked at the cufs that had your one hand bound to the metal bed “Sam” you breathed out “What did you do to Sam?!” you snapped at him and he let a deep growl under his breath, visibly rolling his eyes.

“He’s fine. No need to worry about him” he grumbled, getting up from his seat and striding to you “Although he would deserve to be taught a lesson for even thinking of-” he stopped himself and you looked at him with a deep frown.


He smirked darkly “For even thinking he could get close to you behind my back”

You recoiled from him as he came to seat close to you. He smirked slightly, looking back up at you “You don’t have to-” he extended one hand towards you but you immediately closed your eyes and turned your head away from him before he could touch you.

He clicked his tognue between his teeth  “You know you don’t have to do that. I am not gonna hurt you-” he let a sigh.

“Look at me” he said in a seriosu voice and as much as you wanted to you didn’t.

“I said, look at me” he grabbed your face between his hand and turned your head so that you could stare deep into his eyes, his face only a few inches away from yours. If you could for a second just look into his eyes then you could pretend he was still the Dean you knew and had fallen in love with. In vain.

He sighed, letting go of your face immediately and moving back away from you “I’m not going to hurt you, no need to be scared” he said emotionlessly, looking away from you.

For a second it did reminded you of the Dean you knew and you wanted to scoot closer to him. To comfort him just like you always did even if you were nto really his girlfriend to do that. There was an unspoken truth between the two of you, a deep bond nobody could explain. At least so you thought and hoped.

“But you did hurt Sam?” your voice was small and hesitant.

He once again growled under his breath and you saw his fists clench for a second “No, although on second thought I really think I should have” he looked at you with a serious face.

“Why? Why would you do that Dean? Why? He is your brother. What did he ever really do? And why are you doing this? Please this is not you” you pleaded in hopes that he was going to listen.

He smirked a little “That’s what you don’t get princess. It is me. Which is why exactly you are here where I can keep an eye out on you and who is around you”

You opened your mouth to speak but no words could come out.

“Don’t worry, though. I told you before so I am gonna tell you now as well. You are in no danger here. I don’t have any plans on hurting your pretty face” he ran a thumb over your cheek and even if you did not want it you felt your face heat up.

He smirked “But if something else happens then, oh by all means, I am not gonna say no”

In a swift move he opened the cuffs, making you let a small gasp in surprise “You are not a prisoner here” he said seriously “Just as long as you stick with the rules, I won’t feel forced to punish you.” he winked at you chuckling “I’m gonna go out now for beers. Be back soon- oh and don’t try anything sweetheart. I will know”

Teach me

Pair: Castiel x reader                                                                                   Warning: Kissing                                                                                           Word count: 1494

Dean was convinced Cas needed a girlfriend, or as Cas preferred to call it a lover. Sam however knew about your affection towards Cas and felt sorry for you. Dean had apparently set up a blind date for Castiel and had forced him to agree to it. Dean had just blurted it out during breakfast with all of you. You almost choked on your pancake when he said it. It was just so bluntly; “I got Cas a date.” Nothing more, just that. Sam had been sitting next to you and had looked at you with sympathy. He had put his hand on your thigh for comfort. That night you slept together (No, not like that, you perverts)

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edgeworthscravat replied to your post: “emeraldcitynative replied to your post “I’ll probably get shit for…”:

What stood out for me was the choreography, especially in the first song and in the Gaston song. It was such an enjoyable film, the only criticisms I had were Belle’s dress (which looked so much better when she danced) and the fact that Disney made such a big deal having a gay character when really you wouldn’t’ve known if it wasn’t for the 3 seconds at the end. The film itself was incredible.

I actually liked Belle’s dress and the way Tumblr was going on about it I thought it would have looked worse.

To be honest I tried to come into this movie without constantly comparing it to the 1991 original. To be fair though at least they didn’t make Lefou over the top and ridiculous. Tumblr threw such a fit over him and now people on this site love him. But the choreography was great and I have to say the Be Our Guest sequence was way better in the live action version. Josh Gad was great, IMO.

Can I talk about how attractive Kevin Kline was as Maurice though?

#Mauriceappreciation #Silverfox

Hey guys this is kinda crease but for like probably the last 5 years ish I’ve got the worst acne on my buttocks??? Like I think it’s either hormonal or food related bc it flares up randomly.. I’ve always been way too embarrassed to tell anyone as I’m worried it makes me look disgusting lol but in reality I shower like twice a day 😂 it makes me SO self conscious and like i have a fairly impressive ass but i never let anyone see it bc im so embarrassed! The scarring from it makes it seem much worse but yeah Ive only ever tried tea tree oil on it with no success :( any advice or should i just man up and go to the doctors??


why is this a trend?

Sportacus: legit horse leaped over five hurdles and jump rope for a minute

Robbie: ate cake as dinner, lunch and breakfest

Stephanie: Only danced with my friends b/c it was my favorite song

Trixie: stole something and hid it in my friends’ stuff so it looked like they stole it

Stingy: literally grabbed a friends pencil and went MINE MINE MINE MIINEEE

Ziggy: Licked a lollipop until it had no red swirl on it (that was my goal btw, it took a whole day tho)

Mayor Milford: tried solving a math problem but only made it worse cause like i had no hell of an idea what i was doing

Bessie Bussybody: Did nothing but shit talk and text to my friend all day

Jives: Tried drinking the Red Bull drink to blend in with the cool dudes

Penny: Pour out all the money i had in store just to be jealous of how much i had

Glanni: Tried out heels in a store and pretended to be a model

Ibuprofen: Being a show off because I’m the like the best volley ball player in my school ever

Pixel: Leaved my group of friends to go play ViDeO GaMeS because i just got a new game (it was like watch dogs or some shit)

Goggi Mega: Pretended to work on something cool and keep it a secret but was really just doodling on a sticky note

Keebler elf, the original sport: Hid in the bushes on the fourth of july to see the fireworks but away from the public


requested by anon

And then, whatever had been trying to kill you was pulled away from you harshly. Your eyes squeezed shut and you tried to block out the sounds of snapping bones and groans of pain and then… silence.

Your heart was racing and the terror only got worse when you opened your eyes to see Stiles - well, not Stiles - staring at you. You knew it was the Nogitsune. He might have looked like your friend but those eyes… God, the darkness that lurked in those eyes.

“Come on, little dove,” he cooed, “you’re safe now. It’s okay. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

@gliitchiing || { cont ;x; }

ღ;; – Every worse case scenario played out in her head when she’d tried gone in to check on Vanellope only to find she wasn’t in bed. Oh, she could see that the girl’s backpack was gone. Shoes were too. Jessie knew what to look for, she’d done the same once. 

Oh she knew she should have watched the girl. That she should have just stayed up all night. It had been quite the argument and Jessie should have known better.

The moment she realized what had happened, even Buzz couldn’t calm her down. Now she didn’t even remember what Jessie said no to. It hadn’t been anything major, that she could remember. The cowgirl had just been ever so slightly annoyed and she’d let it show.

Jessie should have never let that show. Especially at this point in their family’s dynamic. They hadn’t been a family all that long yet in fact. 

The red head’s face was already so blotchy from crying. 

Buzz…we can’t just stand here waitin’ ‘round. We gotta find her! 

 Jessie, I know. But we need to think this through, and you need to calm down. We’ll find her, I promise. She couldn’t have gotten far. 

He’d pulled her into a hug and despite being taller, she managed to bury her face in the crook of his neck. Immediately his hand went up to her hair, stroking it gently. She only needed a moment to gather herself. And she had.

They decided to split up, to go in opposite directions. All night. She’d call Buzz or he’d call her. Nothing. And as the night progressed on and the sun’s morning lights began to peek up over the horizon, the read head was nearly beside herself. Fear. Panic. Was Vani hurt somewhere? Was she alright?

She’d nearly turned away from the long almost empty road when she saw a figure ahead. Immediately her body straightened from it’s slouched and tired position. Cautiously optimistic she kept going in the direction of the figure. Walking on the side of the road. 

Please be her. Please be safe. Please!

As she approached Jessie slowed and she would have let out a loud yee-haw had she not been so utterly exhausted. The seatbelt nearly strangled her as she flailed trying to get out of it. The door was already opened and she nearly tripped over herself trying to get out.

She’d called her name, told her that she thought she’d never see her again and before Jessie could even think about scooping her up, the girl’s arms had already flung around her. Tears sprang once more to Jessie’s eyes but this time they were of relief. It took little effort to pick the girl up, wrapping her arms around her and holding her tightly as if she were afraid to lose her again.

No. No no no, don’t…. ‘M just happy you’re alright an’ that I found ya. ‘M sorry too, I should never have snarked at’cha. 

She carried her back to Jessie’s truck, knowing well enough that the light was still poor and driver visibility could still be compromised. Now that she had Vanellope back she was not about to risk their lives by standing in the middle of the road.  But Jessie still wasn’t quite ready to let the girl go yet either. Tears still fell from her own eyes, mirroring Vanellope’s as well. She’d have to to get her in the vehicle sooner or later. Besides, she needed to call Buzz and let him know Vani was safe. Maybe he could get home before they would and get something warm prepared for them. Soup. Hot chocolate. Something.

You okay? Are ya hurt? You gotta be so hungry. We’ll get ya something to eat an’ we’ll get’cha warmed up. Look at’cha! You only gota sweatshirt on! Weren’tcha freezin’ out here? The truck’s nice an’ warm already. Hop in. Lemme call Buzz m’kay? Oh Vanellope, ‘M just so glad yer safe!” 

“Please don’t look at me” Alu trembled as she sat there, hands covering the places on her face where she was bruised and bleeding. “I deserved it” She whispered, sniffling as she tried not to cry. Flinching away from the others hand, she knew this wasn’t good. Knew that this would only get worse. 

“He didn’t mean it” She changed the tone. “He just…..gets mad. I make him mad….” She bit her lip, holding in the sorrow she felt. 

Bruised Wrists

A short fanfiction inspired by and (partially) based on this awesome post by @bmp-slbp-matchup

Katakura Kojuro x MC (Yui)

angst, physical abuse, romance 

Three months. Every morning it became harder to get up than the last. Every time my hand automatically reached to the other side of the bedding, just to find it cold and empty, it hurt a little more. Only my desire to protect Masamune got me moving. They say time is supposed to heal all wounds, but for me, time only made it more painful. There was no place without any memories of her, her smile, her laugh, her red cheeks when I complimented her. She’s gone.

I sat up in the bedding and looked around my as always messy room. I had tried to keep it clean to make her proud and able to smile upon me from where ever she now was. But if I were honest with myself, it only had gotten worse.

She still was the reason which kept me in line. Yui would have been hurt if I had neglected my duties because of her. She always got depressed when something happened to Masamune, and she thought it was because I was with her and not my Lord. Like the one time Masamune was shot, and she had tried to leave me out of guilt. Always ready to sacrifice herself for my well-being.  
With a groan, I got up to search for some of the clothing which were lying around on the floor. After finding some clean ones, I got dressed and made my way up to the castle. Without breakfast.

As I walked through the front gate, some of the other retainers turned towards me, but none dared to greet me, let alone talk. I always had the reputation to be strict and reserved, but ever since the attack it had gotten even worse, I know that myself. I could hear them start whispering when they thought I am far enough away, so I won’t catch them. Gossip wasn’t anything new in Yonezawa, and I couldn’t have cared less about them talking about me, saying I never smile or laugh anymore or being even stricter and harder while training the troops. Ignoring them completely I walked towards my office with a brisk pace.

My work proceeded without any interruptions until the late afternoon when Shiro stood in front of my door. “Lord Kojuro?”
“Come in.” The sliding door opened with nearly no sound, and Shiro stepped into the room with a small bow. “Lord Masamune requests your presence in his personal chambers.”
“I will be there right away.” I gave Shiro a short nod, and with a final bow, he left me alone again.

When I arrived at Masamune’s chambers, Shigezane was already there. They both looked towards me when I entered the room, Shigezane with a bright smile and Masamune with his usual collected look. “A clan full of lowlifes wants to make trouble.”, Explained Shigezane after I had taken my seat, handing over some documents. I took them and skimmed over them.

They’re over a clan at the border of the Date-territory. We were watching them for some time now. Our scouts had reported worrying behaviour, such as troop and resource gathering. I knew all the reports. They’d caught my interest when some possible indications were found which suggested actions against us. Among other incidences also the attack on Yonezawa a couple of months ago. The attack where… she… No, not now! I have to concentrate. All the trails had led into nothing, but we still decided to continue to observe them.

I looked up to face Masamune who begun to speak for the first time since I had entered the room. “They are planning something.”
“Agreed.” I replied, Shigezane nodded too.
“I want to send someone to them before they turn hostile. Maybe so, we can avoid unwanted battles.” Silence fell over the room for a moment.
“I guess, that someone is me?” Masamune seemed strangely uncomfortable about the question. Shigezane, however, smiled just as bright as ever. “Tell me old man, who of us has the outstanding negotiation skills?” Now it was my turn for the troubled look.
“Should I really go? Who will stay at Masamune’s side when I’m gone?” With that question, Masamune’s look changed from uncomfortable to exasperated. “I really can take care of myself. You don’t have to follow me everywhere. I get it, you’re worried about me, but it’s getting… too much.”

I overthought his words. I’ve always been protective when it came to Masamune. But when I thought back to the last couple of months, he might have been right that I had exaggerated a little. I sigh. “I admit, I maybe have been a bit overprotective. But still…”
“Maybe, a bit?!” Masamune interrupted me looking aghast.
Shigezane laughed at our bickering.  "If you feel better, I can stay at Yonezawa until you’re back.“ With that, we started to discuss the details for my mission.

When I got home, it was already late at night. Even though I was tired, I had to pack because we were leaving tomorrow morning. After finish packing, I changed into my sleeping robes, let my clothes fall to the ground. But after a second I thought better of it. “Yui will be angry if she sees….” I stopped in the middle of my movement. A dull pain was rising in my heart. “She won’t. ” I let the bunch of clothes fall to the floor once again. 

We visited them under the pretext to simply check how the clans at our border are doing. We stayed three days, negotiating over some trading route. We heard around, trying to find anything suspicious. But we still could see that something was going on. They sure had gathered some recourses, but whenever I tried to push the conversation into that direction they came up with an excuse or changed the topic. I was unwilling to give up. But we couldn’t stay any longer without arousing, even more, suspicion. So we spend the nights in the inn of a nearby town.

Some days later we finally got luck. We heard a rumour that preparations for visitors were made in the castle. So I send someone in to check if that gossip was true. And it was. We weren’t able to figure out who was coming, but I was sure it wasn’t anyone good. It took us some time to figure out a plan to infiltrate this meeting. It was a simple one, but these are often the ones who work the best.

Two of my fellows and I were hiding in the shadows in the near of the gate. The visitors were late, and our legs started to get numb from the crouched position. Hours after the sun had set they were marching down the road at last. It was a dark cloudy night, and it was probably going to rain later. When the last of the guards were about to pass us, we slipped out of the shadows, covered their mouths with clothes and pulled them back with us into the woods. Just when the last one of them stopped struggling, and I wanted to sigh out of relief, we heard a voice from the road. “Hey men, what’s going on? Where the hell are you? The boss will be furious if he finds out, you guys slipped away.”

The rough voice of the guard came nearer, and I could see my man starting to panic. If he would shout a warning, our whole plan was going to fall to pieces. I signalled them with a calming gesture of my hand to stay down. I leant into the shadow a bit further pressing myself against the tree I was hiding behind. The steps were now directly on the other side of the stem. “Are you there?” My plan to surprise him was ruined by a cloud moving and exposing the moon. The light was caught by the armour of the unconscious man at my feet.

“What the …?” The guard saw it too, drawing his sword. He sneaked around the tree and spotted me. He raised his sword for blow. I ducked under his arm away, and with a well-setted punch, I knocked his blade out of his hand. He turned around, trying to hit me with his elbow. I managed to evade the attack but got him enough time to draw a short dagger out of his belt with which he now aimed me again. He threw himself upon me which send me laying on the floor, with him on top of me. When he attempted to stab me in the face, I pushed his arm aside, sending his blade into the dirt where it got stuck. While he was trying to pull it out, I struck him to the ground next to me. Now I was on top of him and gave him a good punch against his temple, so he was just as conscienceless as his friends.

“What a mess.” I stood up looking at my scratched knuckles. Luckily the rest of the mysterious visitors didn’t notice our little fight in the woods. “Alright, let’s get changed.” Disguised in the armour of the guards we caught up with the group. So far, so good.

Everything went fine. We didn’t blow our cover and got into the castle. We also found out who the ominous visitors were. They were from a group of rebels which wanted to get rid of the Date clan. We sat somewhere in the back with a couple of the other retainers, trying to listen to the exchange in the front of the main hall. The few scraps of the conversation we were able to pick up, let us assumed that they were working together for some time now. I looked around, realising that none of the watchman nor the maids were the same as when we were visiting. Makes sense. It was much easier to hide something if none of the servants knew the whole story.

Just as I thought that we got pretty much all the information we needed, I noticed that the hand which was pouring my sake shook. Taking a closer look, the hand was clearly the one of a woman, but it was unnatural bony, and her wrist was also bruised. “You okay, Miss?”, I couldn’t help but ask. But when I looked up to her face, she hurriedly turned away. But that was more than enough. Even with her hair cut short and her cheek discoloured with a contusion.

My indifferent expression which I kept up the whole evening fell and was replaced but pure disbelieve. My precious girl. I let my eyes scan her body. But with every look, the sick feeling inside my stomach only got worse. She was way too skinny nearly looking anorexic. Not only her wrists but also her neck were covered in bruises. I wasn’t that stupid to actual need that many signs to understand what was going on. She was a captive, obviously abused and forced to work. She turned to face me again but when she saw my dark expression she anxiously glanced over to the guards. Looking back to me she weakly shook her head, but the fact that she couldn’t keep the tears from rolling down her pale cheeks stole the last bit of my calm control. My men, starting to recognise the woman in our middle, staring at her baffled. But I already was on my feet. Drawing my sword.

The fight was a tough one. We had the surprise moment, but we were outnumbered from the very beginning, and the enemies just kept coming. Our advantage was that not the whole hall immediately understood what was going on and the moment everyone figured out there was a fight, panic broke out. Maids fled screaming from the danger, tripping over themselves, blocking the entrances. We formed a circle to protect each other’s back. My anger and determination kept me fighting, putting out one after another. We were fighting for some time and most of the higher lords fled already, when suddenly my comrade on my left side screamed in pain. I turned to him, seeing his sword arm drenched in blood. My inattention nearly got me injured too, but I was able to block the attack at the last moment. With one of us not fully able to fight we got into trouble pretty fast. Just as I started to panic, I heard shouts and the sound of metal clash together from one of the grand entrances. The rest of my troop, waiting in the forest for our return, had noted what was going on inside the castle came to our rescue. We had luck. A lot of it.

Afterwards, I had to confess that it had been utterly thoughtless to start a fight like that. The floor was covered in bodies and blood, but I paid it no mind. I looked around us, searching for that one special face. Hearing that the fight was over, Yui came out of her hiding place and glanced around the main hall, spotting me she dashed towards me and threw herself into my open arms. “Kojuro!” I pressed her a bit more to my chest. “My precious, precious girl…” Clinging to me, she sobbed my name again against my shoulder. And with that sound of my name, even though it was muffled and her voice hoarse, my heart finally started to heal. “It’s okay, we are going home. Together.”

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Here is the promised Epilogue!

happy birthday @lilmikomiko

sakura bit her lip but sasuke didn’t bother trying to hide his laughter much less his judgement.

humiliated and in pain, naruto glared at his friend. “this isn’t fucking funny!” he yelled. “and why are you even here?”

sasuke scoffed, “i live here, idiot.”

“fuck you!”

sakura sighed. “perhaps, sasuke-kun,” she interrupted with a tone as sweet as the glaze that still streaked naruto, “you can, well, leave me and naruto for a bit.” she smiled. she tried to look comforting but naruto only felt worse. “i’m sure naruto has had enough to deal with for the night.”

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